A Boiling Cauldron

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Clyde Mascoll, promises the BLP will relieve taxes on the middleclass if elected

“capitalism gone mad ” ― Mighty sparrow

Things in Barbados today are like living in a boiling cauldron. It is hot hot and getting hotter. The people of this once ‘amiable and smiling faces’ land, have changed their outward appearances over-night and are real vex. When last you been to the supermarket or joined a paying queue,or the utility companies line? You don’t dare say  “good morning ” nowadays and expect a mannerly reply. People are feeling the burn deep inside and manifesting their bile outwardly.

Visited the gas station lately and observed? See the long dreary faces as consumers accept their plights. Gasoline is almost a necessity like food and the providers know it. The prices go up and seldom down, but the mean price of this commodity is always up. One often wonders how come this is so, as the price of crude had in the past, plummeted, and remain that way for awhile. It leaves drivers with ‘nothing’… but to accept a sense of hopelessness.

Water bills high, light bills skyrocketing, cell and telephone rip rip rip. Nothing to smile about, like a vice grip or pliers locking off your swallow pipe leaving one fighting to breathe.

What once seemed an obviously easy fix, somehow turns into maze. Headmasters .v. teachers, commissions to solve, all at woozy cost. Somehow and knowing where, good hard earned tax payer’s money being apportioned out loosely, while those who ‘don’t really seem to matter’, have to work really hard for theirs. Signs of the times my friend.

Just heard of the news recently about a minibus rumpus near campus, last week, a lady falls from a muti-storey mall, so much nowadays to contemplate,  nothing good, all to infuriate .

We hear of pecuniary transfers and swaps of the pejorative kind, poor quality drug replace, ups in  taxes, professional fees, of all kinds…..leaves one to wonder, are we really living in the last times?

Yes fellow Barbadians, times really hard to find a smile, with gasoline now a $1 a mile and we fighting like hell to keep alive. The living standards in Barbados are quickly regressing, and no one dare argues otherwise. Some families are at present eating once a day only, others next to none. What more could possibly happen to make our calamity worse? More taxes?, No way people could fathom the dress. True reasons for all this, people of Barbados are now overly stressed.

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  1. Onions, if you think things are bad now, wait a little longer and see. Capitalism is dead and the leaders have not even recognize this far less fashioned a strategic response. Until bajans wake up and lite a bonfire in the centre of Bridgetown and introduce the political elites of both parties and the other elites to this scene, we are unlikely to turn the corner.

  2. What is this foolishness bout a GREENING TAX…..that comin? More taxes to do what ? Pay for another commission? Or another $100,000 trip to a Closing Ceremony at the Olympics?…..what are we greening anyway…somebody else’s wallet ?

  3. @Onions/Visionary

    Did anyone ever tell you that you are trying too hard? People do get tired of hearing the same old tune, day after day after day.
    We get it, the whole country gone to hell in a hand basket since the DLP assumed power and Owen will deliver us to the land of milk and honey.
    Ya Basta!

  4. So Onions is a resident bloggist/ columnist/ contibutor now ?
    Again I ask , How come Onions gets to post and not me ?


  5. But Sarge,
    I remember before the last elections were called, Thompson, the DLP and supporters were begging Arthur to call the elections because it was “Time for Change”, and challenged him to call the elections. The DLP launched their election campaign before elections were called. Day in, day out, night after night (ad nauseum), campaign meetings, billboards, the call-in-programmes, blogs and the print media, we were told that it was TIME FOR CHANGE, and the corruption of the BLP; cheques were shown, and articles appeared in the papers on a daily basis charging the BLP of many crimes, and giving them a guilty verdict in the papers issued the day before elections.

    And while emphasizing a time for change, Thompson reminded Barbadians that the island was being mismanaged by the then administration, and if given the chance, the DLP would do by far a better job. His assertions were substantiated by a manifesto that promised us all “milk and honey”. At that time we thought that they would have delivered us in to that land you so eloquently mentioned. But to date……….., oh yeah, the mess the BLP left and the recession.

    However, one would have thought, that with the extensive talk of corruption leveled at Arthur et al, about secret bank accounts and a forensic audit into Hardwood Housing, this new DLP administration would have used the new court and new prison they inherited wisely, by bringing those who they accused of corruption brought before the court and sentenced to the prison. Instead, they have chosen to criticise the BLP for wasting tax payers’ funds to build these two entities.

  6. Artaxerxes And while emphasizing a time for change, Thompson reminded Barbadians that the island was being mismanaged by the then administration

    and thompson was right

  7. @ ac

    Okay, accepted, but surely you must agree that in keeping with your party’s boast of “putting people first”, they would have shown us that they are serious by highlighting the atrocities of the BLP, rather than do so in innuendo, forward all information pertaining to corruption to the Director of Public Prosecution and the police for investigation, bring the perpetrators to justice, and let them be given the appropriate sentences in prison.

    After four and one half years your party did nothing of the sort, but having been singing the corruption song all this time, and YOU have been at the fore front on this blog with the same nonsense. Therefore, all this talk about “raiding the treasury, corruption, secret accounts, etc” is pure empty talk, and just the DLP’s way of throwing in red herrings to take the focus away from their incompetence and ineffectiveness. And talk about mismanagement, the DLP has done so with a passing grade, while trying to convince all and sundry that the BLP and the recession are responsible for their shortcomings.

    You are often on about debt, this administration, with the largest cabinet in the history of Barbados, has incurred more debt during their reign than the previous administration did in 14 years.

  8. @ Artaxerxes | September 24, 2012 at 10:11 PM |

    Spot on with your analysis of the deceitfulness of that damned lying party.

    You will notice that neither Sarge nor ac will respond with facts to counter your assertions that the DLP is a totally failed administration. Only continued pitiful references to some 14 years of alleged corruption, mismanagement and electoral abuse. Yet the electorate gave OSA 3 terms.

    Sarge and ac should really be questioning and condemning the intelligence of the majority of the electorate. The same electorate that pronounced judgment in 2008 and will do so in 2013.

    It should not be put pass ac to claim the OSA rigged the elections from 1994 to 2003. She might even claim that OSA also rigged the elections in favour of the DLP in 2008 to avoid the pending shit that was about to hit the fan including CLICO and the recession now labeled a “Depression” in Bim.

    @Ac: Yes Thompson was right alright in his famous “I will not lie, cheat or steal” oath. What can you expect from a liar; the truth? We must say though, that you have been his number 1 student learning at the Master’s feet while sucking in all the congenital serum from a pathological liar.

  9. @Miller
    I wasn’t making a case for or defending the DLP, all I was begging Onions for was “quarter” as we have surrendered. David seems to give him carte blanche to post his incessant ramblings masquerading as topical posts all saying the same thing
    Maybe I’m part of the silent majority who thinks that way.

  10. Time to say Goodbye Sarge……take all the quarters you like to the duke box…..this tune I will pay for your DLP for free…. Sanford and He Sons…prepare for the BIG ONE BABY….LOL

  11. @Sargeant

    Yoi have been in the BU family to recall that leading up to the last general election the DLP did the ‘dog’ on the blogs and the BLP surrogates with the exception Sylvan Greenidge stayed away. Four years later…

  12. @ What weighs two HUNDRED POUNDS, speaks Virgil fluently,and looks like a Grizzly……?
    Mighty sparrow again…..LOL….I just in for the song….

  13. “leading up to the last general election the DLP did the ‘dog’ on the blogs”

    lol. That’s putting it mildly David. You might be surprised that some of those who did the dog have resurfaced under different name shooting form the other side of the fence.. lol

  14. @BLPites who love to benchmark Barbados performance to other Caribbean islands, please comment on the following:

    St. Lucia unemployment rate reported to be 24%

    Standard & Poors revised Bahamas credit rating to negative

    Here is a quiz while we are at it:

    Who paid public sector wages in Grenada and St.Lucia recently.

  15. @Peter Wickham

    BU should not be compared to the Nation newspaper. Our target is not mass although we have a following which is growing. However, many of our policymakers and other opinion shapers visit BU. Our discussions are rich but like the talkshows there is the rubbish which has to be filtered BUT all are welcome to contribute here. Quantity is not quality, our value here is the unfiltered views of ordinary people those in a position to shape policy can benefit.

    Since the blogs have been established many politicians who operated in the dark now have to think twice. The effectiveness of BU and social media cannot be dismissed in the flippant way you have. Six years we have been going and getting stronger all the time.

    The politicians like some we know can ignore the views expressed in this forum at their peril. Hope you do not continue to let Bush Tea run you away from BU. Defend what you do if you believe it is right.

  16. Wait is this the same cldye mascoll who say the govt broke. i wonder how much he planned on giving back the tax payers and what plan does he and OSA and Mia have in mind to replenish. CLdye mascoll is a goof ball . Annuda one them BIG LIES

  17. @ Artaxerxes | September 24, 2012 at 10:11 PM |

    Spot on with your analysis of the deceitfulness of that damned lying party……………………………

    I agree with you miller on your analysis of Artaxerxes’ post. Do not forget the dead king also “took up his bat and ball” and “dun play”, refusing to go back to Parliament and said…… if you dont like the game, you could pick up the ball and dun play! The lies he told……

  18. Now we got Casino gambling on our waters…..George Hutson after doing nutting to hold the International Business…now wake up …and allowing gaming to be legal in the B’town Port. If we don’t get these buccaneers out soon we gine have in the HOTEL too as well…then legalized prostitution then organization international gansterism the likes of the Godfather movie.
    George Hutson I know you grand mudda she used to mek sugar cake which i bought as a laddy…..you think she would approve of this move Georgie?You would get a cut ass for this….

  19. People running from this trade for fear of what follows Georgie…..wait you don’t follow d news…..or you just don’t CARE….

  20. Onions
    David made this quote
    On BU “there is the rubbish which has to be filtered”

    He did not say you but since he gave you so many posts I am telling you that your posts are mainly rubbish.

    Now go make a comment on the questions David asked about St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent to bring up the richness of the discussion that David said BU was known for.

  21. Onions
    Stop being hypocritical about Casino gambling. There is more gambling in Barbados than in Las Vegas without casinos.
    There is no big sin and small sin

    If you can have a child outside your marriage you can have casino gambling.

  22. Clone
    Go watch the last two videos in particular..then come back…..you like you also losing it…..WE TALKING BIG TIME GAMBLING …not lil LOTTO….

    David Eliis answered David’s questions adequately…l not one to repeat…fool ya self if you think unemployment ent 24 % bout hay……you are the ones needing a reality check…but ya still my friend even though ya doan like my subs…..they working doa got ya thinking…nxt one on GAMBLING….Ha Ha

  23. Onions
    I am convince you do not know what is going in Barbados.
    I have been told that women in the arcades pull one hand bandits until they brek and then step outside and do anything a man wants done for twenty.

    The social fabric of this country was broken down by one hand bandits and lotto Onions. Old people gamble out their pension and then complain about government.

  24. @ Clone | September 25, 2012 at 5:08 PM |
    “Now go make a comment on the questions David asked about St. Lucia, Grenada and St. Vincent to bring up the richness of the discussion that David said BU was known for.”

    So you have now decided to compare bananas with plantains. A reality check after all! You have now done the right thing to compare Barbados with those other islands instead with UK, USA, Greece, Spain or even Singapore.

    Thanks Clone, keep it up, fuh real!

  25. @Onions

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You used the comparative numbers when in your favour. If you do you lose credibility. This of course does not preclude the debate about whether government’s economic and social policies are appropriate.

  26. @ David
    St. Lucia unemployment rate reported to be 24%
    Standard & Poors revised Bahamas credit rating to negative
    Here is a quiz while we are at it:
    Who paid public sector wages in Grenada and St.Lucia recently.

    1. David Ellis and yours truly have answered this one adequately.
    2. S & P Down grade ? ….Is this meant to be some kinda new joke?
    3. I don’t know what the hell you talking about….. quiz master pray,..tell me more.

  27. The plan is to open up that BIG ATRIUM LIKE building they planning in the Port as a BIG CASINO eventually …… Do they know the amount of international regional whores and gangsters that will be comin here on weekend and the amount of dead bodies we will be finding in the waters and even mt .stinkerooo….mornings after.?….Clone is this how you want your Barbados to fall prey to these vices..? Where is Senator HAROLD CHRICHLOW NOW ? ….. NO NO NO…DOWN WITH GAMBLING…..DOWN WITH THE VICES….Wufflessless to the nth…..I SAY NO..THE ELECTORATE WILL SAY NO ALSO……

    • @Onions

      Have you ever visited Bahamas or any of the other islands where casinos exist? If so what you saw reconciles with your last comment?

  28. For those interested this is Part 1 of a 7 series…feel free to follow on U-tube…..BIG Money brings Big Problems….Lives destroyed , drugs, whores and moral decays..WHERE IS Sen. HAROLD CHRICHLOW?

  29. Yes David
    I have been to LA, NY Board walk and Aruda…..there had high class whore houses on a farm like estate there….you pay and walkin for the weekend….open doors for a VISA card entry….wufflessness and sin grandoes..Sodam and Gammorow all over…No I say no….we don’t need it !

    • @Onions

      The comparative here is about operations in the Caribbean. In those places you named, it’s a free for all.

  30. Isn’t Aruba in the Caribbean?…come on David…..when you get time view the 7 videos…..they are good…people you too…

  31. Onions
    You are so simplistic
    Every vice that you project will come with casino gambling is already here.
    You dun know already that big time whores come in here every day and illegal strip joints are all over the place

  32. onions all your comments are typical of the Doom and gloom and fear mongering the BLP is using to win, the election. how about talk of improving the economy coming from wunna,Now that the DLP is trying to find solution all the BLP is doing is spreading fear . LOOK the casinos coming no matter what now wunna say .HA! HA! look how freundel got wunna squealing like young pigs.

  33. onions yuh sound scared ! datswuh yuh called a “big foot move ” DLP style. i think yuh might have to wait a lot longer before PM ring the bell. “but you could always ring mine!no on second thought i;ll pass!

  34. Barbados is already one big gambling Casino for locals. Slot machines in several locations.
    Then there are the Lotteries again played by locals

    It is inevitable that Barbados will get gambling casinos.


  35. I can’t believe how some of these Bu people I did always see as got good sense like Clone and Hants could fall for this?..I just saw George Hutson face on TV cuz I know him..he got good up bringing….the look on his face was too sad…Oh George, I know the ax fell in your domain …but I know a fellow choir boy like you hanging your head in shame….George resign Do..leff all DEM to their own sword…get back to your business….your clients are still there and will respect you for it…its been an experience….

  36. @David
    Yoi have been in the BU family to recall that leading up to the last general election the DLP did the ‘dog’ on the blogs and the BLP surrogates with the exception Sylvan Greenidge stayed away

    So Onions is the new Sylvan Greenidge? I thought that the BLP was upgrading their product, in an IPhone age they send a Carrier Pigeon.
    Onions like he didn’t get the memo about Casinos so he is against it for the time being, Onions yuh better keep quiet yuh see how many lawyers in yuh Party?

    Wait doh, wah kind of selective morality Onions preaching? A little over a month ago he was defending the right of toddlers to wuk up against big hard back women behinds now he is against Casino gambling.

    Onions ah tell yuh, yuh blogging too much!

  37. @ Sgnt. Slaughter
    Where is ex Dean Harold Crichlow?….I want him to butt in on this too. Pity how party support cud impede on some morals….Sarge you like dat Bushie done know onions said…No to the inclusion of the lad…..but you ( like him) sought to discredit Onions…but its all there on thread….I made my position CLEAR..watless negrocrat you….IT WRONG…..we gine stop it watch !

    Is this the man of Integrity you all were boasting about? Just like Sin John..dun kno..WE WILL FIX IT PEOPLE…they lost their way..


  38. onions i know yuh must be in shock .yuh didn’t see this one coming. dis one hit yuh smack in the cahoonas. OUCH. dat really hurt don;t it. wuh happen to yuh sidekick miller maybe he can buy yuh some ben gay to rub on them. but fuh real onions i see sarge got uh on this one hypocricsy and all. why uh call ing the dean a couple weeks ago yuh couldn’t find a kind word to say about he.

  39. Look ac
    Be honest now…..all jokes aside…do you really want to see Casinos on these shores?…. this is awful timing?….Why do you all keep making these magnificent blunders? More than 80 % of Barbados is against Casinos….we been this way before..this is not the first time this issue was raised…Let common sense prevail man….Casinos bring drugs, prostitution, guns racketeering and Govt corruption..why bring this to our shores…Why? …it seems so non nonsensical given at this 12th a party should be trying its best to get re-elected….a most stupid move…what would incline you all to do this to yourselves, it boggles….Is this part of the Heads gine Roll Plan?…then that would explain things…

    • @Onions

      Perhaps we all mised it but wasn’t the law changed to permit cruise ships in harbor to allow passengers to gamble from 6pm till 6am? The change therefore permits passengers to stay onshore a little longer? Normally passengers have to rush back to the ship in th evening therefore curtailing ther visit.

  40. come on onions . fuh yuh to be using morality as a reasons is laughable. better if you use the political spin we all used to. however to say that casinos brings drugs is ridiculous then the same reasoning can be used for alcholic see wuh i mean you now going have to defend alchol and gambling just don’t try.

  41. David
    Oh please don’t come with that school boy tonk trick ….Such —just an introductory first step….What else can explain the structure, in the Sunday Sun front page… The planned new Port terminal… a magnificent glass structure estm cost $400Mil…would you have us to believe that such is coincidental to the cause?we wanted to know how it was planned to be paid for ..NOW WE KNOW …Were we to assume that business (same ole same ole ) in the old terminal would have been that expeditious by the extension of 6pm to 6am…Since when does tourist SHOP AT THESE HRS any way?iT IS A FRONT PLAIN n SIMPLE…

  42. old onion bags wrote “What else can explain the structure”

    Ask any Architect in Barbados and you will get your explanation.

    It might have a little to do with the history of the port and sugar bonds.

  43. The introduction of gambling into a community has various effects on communities. In a lot of cases crime and drug trafficking to support a vice causes higher risk of robberies and attacks and homicide.

    Supporters of legalized gambling feel that the casinos increase tourism and causes growth in the retail sales industry, and restaurants. They do so without considering the horrifying social cost as a result. Unfortunately, while problem gamblers are very lucrative for the industry, their addiction leads to child neglect, crime, distressed families, suicide and bankruptcy. And, it is the non-gamblers who are left paying the tab for these costs through higher taxes…..we don’t want this here in Barbados. Give gambling on our waters a thumbs DOWN !

  44. Onions why uh sound so …so early in the moring wuh happen yuh belly hurt you .Cud god it is ony offshore casino wait wuh happen bout all the talk bout wanting foreign exchange .yuhsee wunna talk nuff shite all the time about DLP doing nutting now that they put a plan in place to help the tourism industry wunna belly hurt..but i still waiting to hear the BLP plan

  45. OK Einstein…. Forex right ?….watch this now..answer me this ……which 1. Which bajan shops duz be open 6 pm to 6 am presently ?
    2.Which tourist does go looking for souvenirs at 3 am.?..(of the tangible kind of course)
    3. We stand to charge a ship a TAX for this 12 hrs…lets say $50,000.. Enuff to pay for the $400Mil terminal right?
    4. Even if a visitor wants to go off the ship for entertainment (taxi get something)..how many you feel will leave FREE entertainment n FOOD on the ship, to go St.Lawrence…..given this calibre of tourist history?

    It just does not add up……there has to be more…this Act was just a door opener to further HOPEFUL plans…but we gine stop DEM. No casinos coming bout here to finish wreck this place…..do sum research….its not worth it in the long run….the winners will come from overseas and corrupt govt officials with bribes ….(Bahamas) that is all.

  46. old onion bags | September 26, 2012 at 7:45 AM |
    The introduction of gambling into a community has various effects on communities

    Dont see any terrible effects from the Tom Adams dictatorship era. Tom was the biggest gambler in the western hemisphere. Fantastic stroke by GOB to incentivise cruise ships to stay longer. Taxi drivers, restaurants, Pelican shops, night clubs, bars, attractions stand to benefit. Speightstown even Limegrove and the Flower Forest will see more action. Why knock a move which brings forex. In Bahamas at night the bars are filled with cruise passengers not departing until midnight. I was there crowd so thick couldnt get to the bar.

  47. Thinking
    Even in the daytime…ask the vendors in Pelican Village…ask the store owners in Bridgetown…..what sales are like from Cruise ship tourist?…..ask the taxi men….they rather walk. You need to investigate these things. I know I live here….

  48. Onions you got one problem and that is you are trying so hard to discredit the govt that you have become unreasonable in doing so and as much that you have approached this issue twirling the baton of “fearmongering” without even giving it a chance.

  49. And you like IsalGal…….Did you not hear PM get married? Did she mean Patrick Manning. Peter Millington,Percy Millar, Peter Mark, Presilla Millar, Pansy Megis,or Peggy Mustor….which one nah ?

  50. Tom was the biggest gambler in the western hemisphere.
    True dat if you doubt it ask his lapdog Glyne blind Murray. Poor Eric Fly pass he would know. You could test Lammie and Clyde Griff left to Tom Adams casinos would be licking down Barbados. Tom for you who dont know is the father of the modern BLP.

  51. Onions
    Your leader went in front of the business leaders and gave them some ideas of how he would conquer this problem.

    He said that he sold the BNB and that it created revenue and more employment. He would therefore look at the other statutory Boards to see what economic benefits he would get from them.
    Onions to tell the truth I did not hear more of the speech as I took that from VON news.
    Onions where are the creative plans He is back to sell sell sell sell everything in site. Onions do you feel we should sell our only oil company to Trinidad?
    I am now fully convince that Owen Arthur is not the person to take us forward

  52. David
    I think you will have to stop giving onions any articles let him just post his collection of YouTube videos.
    He just does not lift the debate on BU.

    • @Clone

      As you know all kinds post on BU. We have to be tolerant to the views. It is something the BU household has had to cultivate 🙂

  53. LOL LOL…the best part …the woman hollaring fa blue murder……and a man down……gone head first …..DOWN IN THE HOLE…LOL…whalosss

  54. Clone | September 26, 2012 at 8:57 PM |
    Your leader went in front of the business leaders and gave them some ideas

    I saw the clip on CBC those were not business leaders every Blp yardfowl from Gail to Martinez to Barker came out the woodwork to full up the place.
    I saw one “businessman” Tan Abed.
    Who Owen think he fooling?
    If Thompson was alive that vertically challenged coward would’ve finished with politics left Rugged grand daughter in peace and gone picking peas and drinking rum in the Whim almost said Tobago but they already have their own dark shadow.

  55. Anom 1
    Pity …you did not see me too?… I was the one next to the beautiful bomb shell in the exec suit with the long flowing hair……my wife of course….but there again ..you were too busy ‘malaciousing’…and pimping for the Ossie Moore Parade.

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