Is Barbados An Overly Taxed Economy Or Not?

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

Chris Sinckler, the embattled Minister of Finance

“the quality of mercy wanes”

Exactly what is hoped to be achieved by these draconian tax measures? It is about time gurus in the Finance Ministry wake up and see the results of their  ploy. Can Barbados ever be able to recover given the prevailing circumstances and no projected new revenue inflows? Why what then is hoped to be achieved by these continued, less than auspicious ‘undertaken’ methods…. a quick death for some especially the poor, old and degenerate?

A stage now has been set for pensioners and the aged to falter, that is, if the pseudo drugs don’t take them first. There is seemingly no reprieve for them who lodged all their survival savings in CLICO or  BAICO, now that they have both gone belly up. Whatever happened to all the talk of assistance in the form of a structured payment program to assist these aged? Why how much more time do they have ? We are soon moving into the third year since the CLICO debacle.  Some Barbadian families have no recourse but to support themselves and the elderly from saving, that are hitting bottom fast. Yet some continues on this path of high intake thru taxes, with no consideration for the plight levied on the back of citizen Joe…Gran dad in the one hand…Jenny and Jane graduates with no employment in the other. How do they expect poor Joe to cope?

It is a well known fact that high taxes in a time of recession will retard further what little growth an economy may have mustered….Why then the 2.5 % increase in VAT tax in 2011? We were told THEN what we are occasioning NOW,… would come to being, yet  we went ahead. Now the situation is worse. Unemployment has increased from 9% to 11.8% in less than a year and the economy has slowed down even further? What now?Shall they then attempt to remove the VAT in an all out effort to revive the economy or increase it further to 20% ? Why tell us economic gurus at MOF, as your postulates of past, at most, have been most difficult to fathom.

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  1. @ ac | September 6, 2012 at 5:39 PM |

    How convenient of you to side step or step over the question posed about the leader you are referring to with some cock and bull story. Or should we say, in your case, jackass ( not ram goat) bring game cock lie.
    We need the truth from you ac. Or do you want to have a horse and buggy to run over you to squeeze the truth out of you or a dose of Glauber salts to make your mouth run like a sick ni***er backside?

    Confess or the blackbird will pick out your eyes. Lick she, Coachie, lick she, lick she ‘til she sh*t”.
    Just imagine you, ac, shouting and screaming to high heavens before you tell the truth.

  2. why would I need a gun? lol. I can’t shoot the ZR people. Anyway I guess I gotta man up and cuss for cuss right? Or maybe I should walk around with a bible and say blessed are thee thou fool or something…

    Where does this black n white thing come from? This is a social issue? We have bred a society of largely socially handicapped people who do not know what manners are anymore, or how to be decent and law abiding. Maybe the Queen got out while the going was good because someone tell she carry she ass one day and she knew from then time to go. Barbados isn’t the only one facing this issue, in England the idiots are called Chavs….and they are largely made up of immigrants, who again are given things free by welfare and etc etc etc.

    Anyway I don’t have any ideas to fix it, because as long as young stupid people continue to have children and have no idea how to properly raise and love them, they will grow up full of hatred and anger and lash out forever.

    I think you should have to pass a test before you are allowed to have children, or attend a two year course in parenting or something to get a license to have a child to ensure you are fit to be a parent. It might sound controversial but procreating is a fundamental element of our survival and if those pro-creating are full blown idiots raising a generation of monsters who are somewhat blameless as a result of that raising, then we need to regulate it 😛

    Same way as drivers license or other things, you fail, no children for you!

  3. OK David,
    Presumably you also watch and believe what they say about President Obama – a veritable object lesson in propaganda.

    Sure, there is poverty everywhere, even in the US where many Barbadians flock for every conceivable reason including life in the hovels of Brooklyn and the Bronx and yet there are poor and down and outs in the same USA.

    Nothing to worry about and all is fine comparatively in Barbados while in poor downtrodden Singapore there is nothing but misery yet there is an unemployment rate of ~ 2% – read the UN papers such as the ones I pointed to on here some time ago.
    To take in all those immigrant workers to displace the local populace and still achieve a low unemployment rate is nothing short of a miracle.

    If there is so much misery on that island there must be video showing droves of Singaporeans in leaky boats trying to reach the likes of Australia and Hong Kong as illegal immigrants or as legal immigrants in search of the jobs the Australians don’t want, like house servants, farm labourers, street sweepers and such – much like those we see fleeing poverty and degradation in other South East Asian countries.

    Someone else brought up Indonesia’s shortcomings as the reason for Singapore’s success, but Singaporeans are not Indonesians. Mr Lee was not “Bung Karno” (Big Brother) Sokarno, Suharto or his daughter.

    Look across the causeway at Malaysia, a prosperous country with ethnic tensions that boil over into violence because the Malayan Chinese are smarter than the pretty-boy Malayans, hence more prosperous and their prosperity is the cause of great enmity towards them.

    Slumber is sweet!

    Everyone complains of high taxes – just retrench from free schooling, free bus use by school children, free medical services and see a real uproar even if government reduced tax.

    I am sure like here in the UK if you are rich enough you can escape paying tax and as I often have to remind people here in the UK, even the tax man has to pay taxes, when they complain about the amount of taxes the tax man takes.

  4. no barbados is not over is just 300% more expensive than Canada
    but you know they need the taxes for the up keep of our finely built .road system.

  5. Well ac,
    I may be removed from the average guy so I have different wants and ideas and as Shitting Bull says I’m blinded unlike the wise loafers who are not prepared to work hard.
    I have worked hard, loved it and prospered.

    If things there are so perfect I wonder why it’s necessary to go begging to the Chinese, why it’s necessary to depend on people who go abroad to do menial work and send money back, accumulate some and spend it on return, why the late PM was considering having jobs representatives in overseas embassies and High Commissions to seek placements for Barbadians on cruise ships and other similar kinds of jobs.

    Why Mr. Arthur when he was PM was concerned at the amount of money that was leaving the island and why the heavy dependency on so much that’s manufactured in the sweatshops abroad as someone mentioned.

    Barbados has largely prospered by exporting people, send them abroad, let them send money back – cuts unemployment and increases revenue.

    Even the University I wonder what its graduates contribute by way of using their learning to enrich the coffers of the island.

    Do you consider yourselves independent or independent dependent?

    Do you truly do any real introspection and assessment of where you stand?
    I have my doubts as most of the arguments amount to no more that I would hear in a rum shop on a Saturday night which are so far out of joint with the rest of the world.

    But if fat dumb and happy is the life, let it be so, make it so.

  6. Sir Sid Boyce esquire,
    Why don’t you forget that you ever knew a place called Bim,.. and call it a day….Baron Sid ……Is people like you who give a WI given a break a bad name…… Your highness Lord Duke …it cannot be contained….. but instead, now you are solution massa…. “all you lazy black ass natives wud be better if you ‘stole’ a glimpse of the ultimate pages of to success…..poor broke loafs….dumb fat and happy negroes….”

  7. While I am at it, remember the EPA and the great benefits it was supposed to bring and I knew and said Europe would be the only beneficiary.
    Light and Power is now a Canadian company to make large profits off locals and send them to Canada or whatever haven they can use to make even more money.
    Complaints recently in the press about a Chinese person buying land there and fencing it off so that the locals would not be able to use a path they had used for generations.
    None of the above bringing any benefits to Barbados or Barbadians – But life is sweet.
    I am not saying that this malaise is only a Barbados phenomenon, as much the same can be said of the good old UK and I say it, though the UK derives some meagre benefits from the deals.

  8. Old Onion Bags, I may take your advice.
    I don’t have to give WI a bad name, most West Indians do that well enough and it’s the likes of me who have to give short shrift to people who approach me as if I were some kind of half idiot when other West Indians think they are being paid a complement.

    I have had people including West Indians who have asked me what bus garage I drove from or what hospital I worked at – you know, the stereotypical. Many instances where instantly they think they know what you do, where you live and what you think.

    Imagine turning up at Sainsbury’s for an important meeting with their IT execs, dressed in a smart suit, driving a top of the range Mercedes and being asked by security if I came to make a delivery or at BMW where I stopped at an internal post to ask for directions to the IT centre when a Jamaican woman security operative had to slide carefully past the back of my car as she exited the hut and asked me where my car was.

    Even in California when asked and I told the guy I was originally from Barbados, immediately he mentioned ganja.

    Does any of those incidents suggest a high opinion of West Indians?

    It’s people like me who chew the ass off people who approach me in that manner because they deem us all to be dim wits and as the joke goes they think you call 144 West Indians gross ignorance.

  9. @Sid Boyce

    I hope you have some empathy for your fellow black west indians who have “grown up stupid under the Union Jack.”

  10. So wait you want a gold medal now ? Stop being such a visitant and buy back BNB or sum-ting worth the while, to show true commendation and virtue and stop being the horn blower….Success is relative my good man. Top shots like you know all about our lazy conferments but have no idea about true empathy ….Regardless, all cannot be an Earnhardt or Machiavelli… “some must falter for others to rein”…..Be a good boy and just say thank you Lord….before He changes His mind.

  11. I have all the empathy but most believe that my explanations and outlook should be the same as theirs, i.e that they are the downtrodden and helpless that have to settle for their lot and any attempt to show otherwise is baseless and that my mind has been taken over.
    “He tink he white” or the modern equivalent “coconut”.

    Try explaining that even those who were against slavery characterised blacks as people the same as themselves but lacking the capability and understanding they possessed which is arrant nonsense – in the words of one guy here – he didn’t like what I had to say.

    You are shunned if you do a job they think is above your station but no one will criticize you for being a shit house cleaner.

    My aim has always been to inspire our people to uplift their standing in the world in significant numbers so that as a people we can all hold our heads high with pride and know that we are in the thick of progress.

    I have a thick skin and I’ll always say what I say fearlessly, if they disagree with me they can kiss my *** and if they agree with me they can still kiss my ***, that has been my philosophy throughout life which I display to everyone on the planet I encounter. I’m not afraid to rustle feathers and I’ve done that countless times to people of all colours and races without the slightest concern about what they think of me.

    Call me an egotist if you will and no doubt you can – I can tell you that when an English colleague back in 1965 called me a self opinionated bastard, I smiled and jovially said “thanks Joe”.

  12. ac and Old Onion Bags
    If you guys got the impression I am some weak kneed and malleable creep, people who I have dealt with don’t thinks so.

    One colleague some years ago thought that he could cement his position by trying to show he was too vital to be moved elsewhere and tried to use me as his pawn, he got short shrift – my email to all UK employees asked exactly who he thought he was questioning my professional judgement and ended “Alfie, don’t be a prat all your life, have a day off”.
    When my manager called me I could hear a tremor in his voice probably thinking that a case under the grievance procedure would be brought against me for abuse and unprofessional attitude towards a colleague.

    Or like last year when months went by with me trying to contact the lady at Warwickshire County Cricket about why my timesheets weren’t submitted to accounts so I could be paid, occasioned me to email her good self, the lady in accounts and the chief accounting officer asking “What the hell is going on and that it was crap big time”.
    I promptly got paid and for another sum owed I got a checque with added interest.

    I don’t do soft soap.

  13. @SID Boyce”
    he thinks you can took only if you PULL YOURSELVES up by the boot straps while government tramples and big business stompes over you .Yeah sid i.ll drink to me at the rum shop where the uneducated and ignorant resides hey you might even run into a doctor or a lawyer or a wellanother sid boyce.

  14. Well ac,
    It’s not OK to accept the status quo, roll over and say there is nothing you can do or have an attitude that says the only way forward is backward.

    I’ve not met or seen a lawyer or a doctor in a rum shop but I expect if I did, the lawyer would be a client robbing parasite and the doctor would no doubt be the one who sawed off half of my great uncle’s right foot only to find there was nothing wrong with it and the problem was not a foot problem.

  15. Sorry sid YOU WAY UP THERE I DOWN HERE! not surprising that you have never met the average guy the rumshop ones maybe you can take up my offer And take some timeout of your busy scheldule quite possible you might learn a thing or two about how the working stiff work their butts ass for little or nothing Help the rich in places like singapore and china accunulate wealth.

  16. @ Sid
    As man doah…how much money you call BIG money doa? Wait you any where near Bizzy or Cow yet…..otherwise …..shhhhhhhhhh.Mercedes and Bima is common place pun this lil rock Sid.

    • Old Onion Bags,
      In a nutshell.
      I always thought our motto was Small Island, Big Ideas.
      It seems that’s no longer the case.
      Was the crash of the statue to “Pride and Industry” trying to tell us something of importance?
      I am not superstitious though, but it did give me pause for thought.

      I grew up with my old man regularly saying “We were poor but we were proud” and under my breath saying “There is no pride in poverty”.
      One day he spelled it out thus “We were poor but we always believed we could do better” and my response to that was a resounding “Yes, I now get you”.

      I have seen individuals in Barbados and Barbadians elsewhere who have made great strides way beyond anything early life suggested.

      I have an in-law who has relatives in Boston where she and her husband often visit.
      They also visit a surgeon when they go there.
      This now surgeon left school in Christ Church at age 12 rather than submit to a flogging by the headmaster.
      He sold slips to people for their rabbits, goats and sheep then added a few more minor items he also sold.
      He headed to England as a conductor on London Transport, went into nursing, qualified as a doctor and ended up as a surgeon in Boston.
      That’s a real Barbadian displaying both pride and industry and backing it up with whatever effort and dedication was necessary.

      Beat that and tell me he isn’t a real Barbadian.

      I could also tell you of other Barbadians who returned with the idea of contributing their talents, sadly only to find rejection and disappointment.

  17. Snip> per sid……. 10.12 pm
    “Imagine turning up at Sainsbury’s for an important meeting with their IT execs, dressed in a smart suit, driving a top of the range Mercedes and being asked by security if I came to make a delivery or at BMW where I stopped at an internal post to ask for directions to the IT centre when a Jamaican woman security operative had to slide carefully past the back of my car as she exited the hut and asked me where my car was.

  18. Be cool Sid one thing bout a Bajan.. we don’t disown we own… we glad for ya and proud…. just dat to fuc# wid Sing A poe as we like it so…agreed?

  19. Now you see this GREENING LEVY introduced by MOF at the last Budget….a magician trickery personified. More money being taken away in taxes ….when some just received a lil berry month before….How much will it be anyway?1% 2, 3 % but you can rest assured MORE will be collected ..that ever will be paid out by the magicians trick….nett result more taken from the poor “Work Horses.”….government right?

  20. Anybody with a modicum of common sense would see that poor Barbados heading for a disaster. Barbados in a bind with these Johnnyburgers and all these taxes. Money cannot or will not flow under this taxation regime implemented by these JOKERS. Like they believe people got money in a bag under their beds or something. Hear me nuh fellows things heading HEADLONG for a financial crash. Change nuh idle ways hear and soon!

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