Include Drinking Of Alcohol In The Drug Debate

Submitted by Charles Knighton

The August 26 article “Drug courts or drug treatment centers” hopefully signals the tectonic plates of the drug debate are shifting. Perhaps the appetite for spending millions and incarcerating thousands, in the service of pieties immune to rational analysis, is not limitless after all. Exhaustion is finally setting in with the enormous human and fiscal costs of attempting to eradicate the ineradicable. People have always used intoxicants, and always will, in ways ancient and new. The Bible tells us that no sooner had Noah planted a vineyard than “he drank of the wine, and was drunken.” We seem to be exiting the era when a focus on the harmful effects of illegal drugs excludes all consideration of the harmful effects of their hard-fisted prohibitions. The debate is becoming less susceptible to cheap rhetorical bullying.

Though tantamount to crying out in the wilderness, one final thought. In our censorious public discussions about substance abuse, drinking often gets a pass. But alcohol abuse kills far more people than powders, tablets, and vials. According to a recent survey, about 40 percent of the adult population of Barbados is either addicted to alcohol or binge drinks dangerously. Booze seeds and squires a broad range of diseases, from cirrhosis to various forms of cancer, and contributes to many deaths from shootings, stabbings, falls and drunk driving. Just as with other classes of drugs, prohibition would prove ineffective, but if we’re going to discuss the drug problem in Barbados with any honesty, then we shouldn’t edit drinking out of the picture.

9 thoughts on “Include Drinking Of Alcohol In The Drug Debate

  1. Drugs including alcohol are used very siuccessfully to keep the masses stupid and down.

    Imagine what could be done with the billions used by the masses (paid into wealthy coffers) to purchase drugs including alcohol, what investments could be made and how the masses could grow in capability and wealth.

    Enter the products drugs including alcohol.

    How about this advertising banner instead?

    ” Drugs and Alcohol……keeping a select few wealthy and in control and YOU stupid and poor!!!’

  2. @Crusoe ”Drugs and Alcohol……keeping a select few wealthy and in control and YOU stupid and poor!!!”

    I like it.

  3. WHY is it that there is no drunk driving test in Barbados ?
    WHY is this so, seeing that the big boys all have people to drive them ??
    IS it a problem for some boys who think they BIG but have no drivers ??

  4. @ Crusoe | August 30, 2012 at 6:05 PM |

    What you say is not entirely true. There is also a high amount of addiction among the so-called ‘elite’ whether in business, politics, music, academia of the arts, religion or academia.
    Their addiction is fueled by easy access to legal or illegal substances on doctors’ prescription or otherwise.
    Michael Jackson, Aimey Winehouse and a whole list of others cannot be classified as part of the “masses”. It is the governments who make billions out of the drug business both licit and illicit that is tacitly promoting drug addiction. The masses just happened to be the largest segment of consumers the easiest of suckers to hook.

    Ask yourself this question: If cigarettes are bad for people’s health and their consumption is banned in public places why not stop the importation and sale of the product?

  5. @miller etc. “If cigarettes are bad for people’s health and their consumption is banned in public places why not stop the importation and sale of the product?”

    Because I can walk 10 minutes form my house in any direction anf find tobacco growing wild.

    And as for alcohol bans are ineffective because it is so easy, easy to make alcohol,

    I make my own whenever I feel like it, using ordinary goods outta de larder.

    But regretfully I am only permitted to drink a tiny little bit (medical)

  6. @ Simple Simon | September 1, 2012 at 5:28 PM |

    What about the herb “ganga”? Can we grow it “wild” too in out backyards for personal use for medicinal purposes?

  7. but barbados is drinking that is all that most do here.tourist are almost made to guzzle it down ya know loosen up the ladies and ting so.
    barbados is beyond changing ,so no need to say much more.
    it has become a hole.for low class English mobsters and thieves.
    the lowest of the low visit our shores now.
    you see they fit right in.bunch of drunken low class people all together having
    a ball or two.bloody good a what.

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