Horses Should Be Banned From Our Roads

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

An example of the damage and injury an accident caused by a horse

Horses should not be allowed to roam freely on the streets of Barbados. This weekend’s death of a 37 year old St. George man should never have happened as it is alleged the animal was unattended and slammed into his vehicle instantly killing him as well as itself.

This is by no means the first accident on our road with such animals. There are numerous reports of damage to vehicles by the equine. In many cases, as the animals are often untethered, the owners of the vehicle have no recourse to recoup damages. Many  times, I personally can recall near misses with the animal. The beach is also a favourite stomping ground for ex-race horses.

Could you imagine the irreparable damage done to tourism should a visitor be killed by an unattended horse?

Why are we seeing an increase in horses on our roads either running freely or ridden by young boys anyway?

For one, I am made to understand, some of these animals once they have served their useful purpose as racehorses, are cheaper to expend as gifts to grooms and help hand of the turf-ites than to continue feeding or putting down.

Should we allow wealthy turf-ites to avoid their responsibility by this disingenuous and selfish ploy to both the unsuspecting public as well as the animal?

Time has long passed for our laws to be changed to stop this malfeasance. Yet today on our law books, there is no law prohibiting a horse from being ridden on our roadways, would you believe? It is quite common to see an inexperienced youth on a 700 pound animal with no saddle, boot nor helmet, a piece of twig in hand as a whip, galloping uncontrollably as on a free range. What are we waiting on now? The death of someone in high places before laws are passed to put an end to this travesty? Heavens forbid…it may be a MP or one of his kin.Then and only, some may one see it fit to pay attention to this pending danger.

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  1. @Onions , have you heard of contributory negligence? I am not being facetious, but really man, let us be realistic and balanced.

    And why your reference to Turf Club getting their ends in here, no need to get so man, particularly as I am not and have never been a member of the Turf Club, Further I certainly cannot afford to keep a horse, far less a racehorse.

    But, I am trying to be balanced here. You are on and on, but how can you make an analysis and decision without the facts?

    At most, and fairly so, we can talk generally about what ‘should’ be legislation and not, whether re animals or road safety generally, but the specific case, we can be emotional and sympathetic, no problem with that, but it stops where we must make a balanced assessment.

    If indeed the car was travelling at or below the speed limit, then there could very well be a case. But that is another nest of problems, for example, how well does Government have the road lit? i.e. Surely demonstration as to a specific cause or not will be considered? A badly lit road could equally put the blame on Government, that the driver could not see far enough ahead….maybe.

    But, we wont know that yet, until the authorities do their assessment. That is the point.

  2. @ Onions ”@ Amused….but you know if all cloaks in here were dropped, I bet we would understand why….”

    Good gosh man, why so suspicious. I am telling you how it will be interpreted and you want to get antsy. And want to complain about people being emotional?

    One MORE time. You got to assess the specific CASE to decide liability or not.

    Everything else can be considered as general suggestions for road safety improvements, and very good too. No one is arguing that.

    But that is all.

  3. Why I wish you would stop putting words in where I have purposely left spaces….Have I ever said Turf Club…or was it Turf…you are the one who seems most peeved by my attempt to show that a law old and for a plantocracy minded society has no relevance in Barbados today.

    How can you expect a tycoon from Totloou bring in his $798,678.56 Lamborghini to BIM for it to be kicked to hell in Broad St. by a spooked horse horse? All i am saying stupid laws like these only lay in wait for trouble to present itself…and it did last week-end.

    Then is the obvious wrong to horse and new unsuspecting owner of taking on a ole retired ex race horse….like a loaded gun knowing the power and liability of the equine…by the self serving original owner….this is most unfortunate..
    For you approach me with this talk of balance….you reconsider….what about the dead man’s family? …Should we proport as with Brief..dead is a dead? Barbados is not the wild west nor in the days of 1765…..why should a horse have the same rights on our streets as a 2013 Toyoto…?

    I never saw a 2013 Toyota with a mind and will of its own….if it hears a fire cracker ..spook and crush , kick, who ever child , cat, that is in its way ..when it has one thing on its mind…TAKE OFF HARD. Toyotas cant do that.

  4. @Crusoe. Agree with you. Also want to go on record and say that I am not a member of the turf club or a turfite either and, like you, I neither have nor can I afford to own, a horse, far less a racehorse. But I love to see them run pon the Garrison.

  5. I see, Onions, now horses are associated with what you choose to call “plantocracy”. So the poor people with their donkey and horse carts were plantocracy. I didn’t know that. I thought that when they used to give me a ride on the donkey and horse carts that they were poor people barely scratching a living with the help of their animals. And I noted that when the rich people (the ones you would certainly call “plantocracy”) drove past these donkey and horse carts, these expensive cars would slow down and make sure they gave the donkey/horse cart and lot of room and generally show consideration and MANNERS!!!!

    Now we have you. A man who condemns what he calls “plantocracy” but proposes to replace them with another “ocracy”. That of “a tycoon from Totloou bring in his $798,678.56 Lamborghini to BIM” and, with your leave and permission, expecting us to forego our traditions and manners and all that defines us so that you can kiss his backside and tug your forelock and say, “Yes Massa”.

    “I never saw a 2013 Toyota with a mind and will of its own”, says Old Onion Bags. Clearly then a 2013 Toyota and Old Onion Bags have a great deal in common.

  6. Again…why am I not amused……a donkey , a mule ? Miller was right all froth and no substance when under pressure….Amused a mule….an ass ?
    Cuddear….where is the substance or should I say for you,… comparison ?

  7. @Onions,

    Man, dont be disingenuous, you did ‘say’ Turf’ and meant Club, clearly, let us not play games.

    Maybe if the 2013 Toyota had a mind of its own, it might be safer, on account of my having to cower dialy while same ‘wild west’ as you say, in motorised rather than felsh, mode of transport, barrels through our roads with nary a care for fellow, chick, child or horse.

    And of course we all sympathise with the dead man’s family, who said we did not.

    As I have said before, what about the families of the dead cyclists, the dead South Coast tourists etc, who suffered at the hands of those who do’have a human mind’ at the wheel?

    And I will say, it is about balance, I will say it, because Sir, it is.

    If it starts raining heavily, you are going to shut the front house windows only?

    Maybe…..but I then I would think that you have a few screws ……

    All ststements in the best of discussion, you understand, Sir?

  8. Crusoe
    Ok since you wanna play….I find your indifference totally appalling.
    Heaven sake man……a father, brother, son, lover and income bringer was snatched away by the Grimreaper…all because of a musty stinking sissy horse ? Horses tend to have flees, mites and is a carrier of rabies and even jaundice…..Man where is your sense empathy ….is mankind we talking about. You remember a louse called Adolf Hitler? He suffered from a similar indifference..his was the Jews.He saw his people and their horses and lands as more important than another human being.. and burntgases the latter to manure the fields. Used Jews as human ploughs, at time relieving the horses….But I dun know we got people bout here who see nothing wrong wid dat.

  9. @Onions”You remember a louse called Adolf Hitler? He suffered from a similar indifference”

    So, because I think that your assessment is shallow and does not solve anything, you liken me to Hitler??????

    That is not only really obtuse, it makes me wonder (and bear in mind, till you mouthed such ludicrous insult, I have been very civil), as to your sanity.

    If you read what I have said, nothing can be inferred that I am indifferent. Nothing.

    My position has been one of finding facts and assesing these, this indeed is the basis of any system of justice in a civilised world, not racing off screaming profanity like a nutcase.

    Indeed, my worry as to your approach, began with your statement ‘you are the one who seems most peeved by my attempt to show that a law old ‘…..

    which is actually of complete irrelevant to points of discussion. Because someone approaches a discussion in a fullsome way, rather than agree with a narrow minded and frothing approahc, and disagrees with you, you target them as having a motive and probably beloning to a specific group, ‘because they disagree wtih you’.

    Now, THAT Sir, is Hitlerite if you want to go there. A wish to cancel and attack someone who has differing views, certainly is an unbalanced and very strange approach at thought.

    As an example of ‘most peeved’, David of this blog can vouch that on this blog I was the one ‘most peeved’ by the approahc used to remove both Saddam and Gaddafi, I would have preferred a Hague solution, for trials, which was supposed to be the accept international law.

    So, in a similar way as you accuse me here, you would naturally assume that I am a Libyan or Iraq sympahiser, rather than one who believes in a legitimate and fullsome approahc to issues.

    Absolutely obtuse way of thinking and completely against any rational and fair way of assessing an issue.

    Hitler indeed, no Hitler quashed views of dissent, as you wish to do.

    Mr.Hitler Onions. Nutter Extraordinaire.

  10. Why am I smiling….
    You need a course in Use of English…go enroll up the Hill….
    I called you ?….just like I asserted Tuft..right ?..Oh my good man or woman get real
    “Man where is your sense empathy ….is mankind we talking about. You remember a louse called Adolf Hitler? He suffered from a similar indifference..his was the Jews”
    Guess you used a glue stick here…….I write.. you choose to interpret….
    other do as well……But only you know the inner self.

    You can have the last word.

  11. @ Onions, No, you wish the last word, that is why you replied. Again, stop being disingenuous. I am very good at the use of English, no worries there.

    The good thing about the internet is that the words are there for all to see, including the context.

    Your reality is shown here ”Crusoe Ok since you wanna play”.

    I never said ‘I wanna play’ , but you obviously took it to heart, you have an ego to satisfy.

    Then, you wish to insult and obtusely pretend you did not. The words are there for all to see.

    Obnoxious in the extreme. …just because someone disagreed with you.

    Bit of an ego, huh? Just like your reference…Hitler.

  12. .Addenda ; old onion bags | July 12, 2012 at 8:18 PM |

    …….he suffered from a similar indifference….OPERATIVE WORDS…

  13. Horses should be cared for… books by notary Cherry Hill….I wish Mr. Norville of the RSPCA….would weigh in and describe the atrocities being occasioned here on these poor animals. Once we heard of an ex race horse found dead on a pasture leg off….How could anyone with any bit of humility do this to an animal? But they will be punished one good day….just remember the original culprit too…for heshe put the act in motion……Love my horse ? Where is the love ? When did it turn to hate ?

  14. The authorities in Barbados are toothless bulldogs when it comes to dealing with people in this society. Less than 10 minutes ago I passed the spot where this tragic accident took place, and on the eastern side of the adjacent abandoned unfenced canefield, are a number of horses, all appeared to be untethered.
    Who cares about the safety of the public , with crop over and a general election in the air?

  15. PS. My previous post should have read, “……dealing with certain people in this society. “

  16. I saw where the blood and glass was on the road.

    I realise that if the car was travelling from South District to St. David’s there is a dip in the road.

    If that was the direction of travel the driver would not have seen the horse until he started to descend the dip.

    I lost a friend in similar circumstances in the dip on Highway 2A by Bennets.

    A car coming from the north overtook a line of cars.

    The driver could not see my friend on his motorcycle because he was in the dip and my friend could not see the car approaching him over the rise.

    It makes a difference which way the car was travelling.

    I have been assuming the car was travelling to South District.

    Since the repairs to that road removing the numerous potholes, resurfacing it and making it a road conducive to speed, I have always reckoned that dip would claim lives.

  17. Yesterday
    I saw with my own eyes..young boys no older than 16 riding horses on the roadway….at probably 20 MPH…now that was in Holder Hill area near Shopsmart….

  18. For those who did not hear VOB just announced …two horses running wild in the Culloden Rd area..BEWARE !

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