August 2007, The Month Barbados Will Always Remember


August 2007 will be a month known for the tragic and catastrophic events wrought upon Barbados. The BU household have experienced many years on this island, and try as we might we are unable to recall events such as the ones which have unfolded during the past few weeks. It started with the horrific crash into a wall on the treacherous Joes River, Horse Hill road on 29 July 2007, and which spilled into August. This accident resulted in the death of 6 people and to this day, several remain in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital seriously injured. The Barbados society suffered that day of sadness even as the revelry continued at the NCF sponsored East Coast wuk up Party. We know that history will record this state of affairs very harshly in years to come.

Bus Crashes In St.Joseph Intransit To The Party Monarch Finals Held At The East Coast~A Time For National Mourning


Almost in the wake of Joe’s River there was the tragic death of a family killed in a motor accident along Mullins Road in St. Peter. The vehicle was driven by the boy friend of the deceased woman and her three children also killed in the accident. We subsequently learned that the driver did not have a driver’s license. He has since been arrested and remanded to Harrison’s Point prison.

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In mid-August Barbados was informed of the arrival of a strong Storm named Dean.  As it approached and Barbados readied itself, the question on many lips was__could this be the big one? Barbados has been so fortunate over the years that there is always high expectation that weather disturbances should veer northwards as it gets within 100 miles of our Northern coastline. Dean has since passed Barbados and gone on to wreck havoc up the island chain. Another bullet dodged but not before there was anxiety and fear drummed up in the minds of many Barbadians.

Hurricane Dean – Barbados Warning… No Direct Hit, But Don’t Stop Praying Just Yet

The last tragedy occurred this Sunday when Barbados awoke to the shattering news that part of a building had collapsed into a cave in Britton’s Hill taking a family of five almost 100 feet below in the rubble. After almost 36 hours of search and rescue, the authorities were finally forced to admit that the hope the family of 5 would be rescued had become very slim. Everywhere in the country the sadness of a nation was evident as we prepare to mourn the passing of the Codrington family.

Update:The Rescue Effort At Brittons Hill In Barbados Continues…NOW Changed To Recovery

Barbados known as a God fearing country has had its faith rocked big time in recent weeks. Now is a good time for leaders in our country to lead at a time when for the first time in our post independence history Barbadians have loss the swagger which has made them the envy of neighbours.

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  2. Growing up in the area as a child, I always knew of the gully. Not going back there for the past almost forty years I am still in shock that anyone would be allowed to build over or near that gully. Is this what greed is doing to our country?

  3. It has indeed been the worst August that I can remember.
    Filled with sadness, my best wishes to all those that have lost family and friends in all of these disasters.

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