A Role For NCC To Control Jet Ski Operators: Is This A PSV Like Culture In The Making?

Submitted by Harry

Jet Ski

Can there be a discussion on how the National Conversation Commission (NCC) handles the beaches in Barbados? I observe jet skis operating on beaches that are unauthorized for vessels with motors.

For example, on Accra Beach yesterday jet ski rentals and rides abounded. They were sighted taking people from Accra beach at the very end of the boardwalk out through the waves at fast speeds bumping over the waves with tourists of all sizes hanging on for dear life. I have seen tourists fall off on the rocks from these jet skis but the  NCC and life guards may own the said jet skis!

Payola and corruption in Barbados as usual as the honest man trying to follow rules gets crushed.and the ones breaking all the rules succeed because their family or friends are employed by the NCC or they have paid money to the rangers…I suppose a tourist will have to die before this is looked at. In Hawaii jet skis are confined to one location and can only be used there.

Driving over the head of a tourist with a jet ski will surely happen as night is as day. These jet ski men are ruthless criminals for the most part but they are out there breaking coast guard laws every day of the week.24/7.
and  it goes on and on.

Recently I was snorkelling with the turtles in Paynes Bay where a 2 propeller boat came next to me with propellers spinning and the Rastaman shouts out to me snorkelling that I should move quick before they run me over. By the way true Rastafarians are peace loving and non violent people. The hair style worn in Barbados does not reflect a true Rastafarian. Not nearly, they eat pork cutters and are nasty and violent.

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  1. A related matter. The following was received by BU.

    GERMAN COUPLE WORKING at Side Surf Bar and Restaurant
    Rockley (South East end of ACCRA Beach .

    –  How is it that German man can come in Barbados lease a bar and

    restaurant and walk about like he owns Accra beach , harassing a guy

    that has been going to Accra from the age of 10- years old and a

    Barbados national  !!!

       People call him to rent his Kayaks ! Now NCC are also harassing him

       cause German want that area to do water sports as well !! Calling

       Jet-Ski (illegally for guests) Kayak Man has Video evidence of this

       )Accra is not zoned for motorized water sports .One this man is parkd

       with his kayaks 100 ft from high water mark It is legal  and could

       even put up his sign .

       Some Immigration inspectors need to look at this before things get out

       of hand , this German man is payoing off and cozing up to NCC and

       Accra life Guards , who are also ganging up on this Kayak Jack , who

       has applied for a NCC license . His brother has Video Evidence of NCC

       Harassment from 2007 and  has played it for Thompson at NCC head

       Quarters and Thompson offered him a NCC license Immediately .

             Let Foreigners know that Barbados is for Barbadians first , I
             wonder if this guy was black if the German man  and his buddies

             could do this .

      As far as I know The law says 100 feet from High water mark and beyond
      is Barbados and Not under the control of NCC ! Unless there is a hotel

      or Residence there .

      These people are in his face invading his space and coaxing him  and
      provoking him to do something that they can use against him !

      Do they not know that provocation s as a threat ! and can be meet with

      Self Defense !

      I expect this matter will be looked at before it ends up in The News

      Paper and The Underground Barbados site .

        Sincerely A Barbadian of 9 -12 generations history

  2. Recently I was snorkelling with the turtles in Paynes Bay where a 2 propeller boat came next to me with propellers spinning and the Rastaman shouts out to me snorkelling that I should move quick before they run me
    Just a point of correction Jet ski don’t have propellers .They work by water in and jet propulsion out . Also hard working bajan men are not ruthless criminals….they may just be too eager to make a dollar hence toooo attracted tourist….your article stretches a thad Harry.The jets ski industry needs more policing that’s all ..policemen on Jet skis….might do it…as the netsbouys are not working.

    • We all go to the beaches around Barbados and we know that these wave runners do as they please. Even if we think Harry’s submission is a stretch it does not change what we know.

  3. for world cup 2007 the police asked for and got 2 jet skis,but very and i mean very or ever used them

  4. @Harry next time u out so far that u could be with the turtles it would be wise to use ah diving flag to avoid getting run over

  5. old onion bags. read again where i said a boat with 2 propellers.2 engines with propellers not a jet ski.

  6. the laws of the sea are that bigger vessels give way to smaller vessels and human beings.just as supposedly the laws of the roads and vehicles.

  7. Jet-Skis been doing as they like bout Barbados for years and there have been many casualties !Most Tourist hate them and are bothered by them .
    NCC Rangers are corrupt and Coast Guard as well I believe.
    I have a Boat license and operate a Boat with a ‘H’ number but now International Transport is said to be saying that even if a boat has a ‘H’ number but cannot reach 30 mph speed , you DON’t need a boat license !
    That is not what I remember on my Test and Regulations ! I have Skippered many speed boats and to reach 30mph in our waters is quite difficult in many con

    Tourist DRUNK and driving Jet -skis STUPID ! A while back a woman and daughter hit the side of Tiami and nearly died cause they could not control the jet-ski !!

  8. @equal rights and justice (Equal rights for MINORITIES???)
    Yeh , So lets make the Tourist take Flags as well , So the Jet -Ski men and The reckless boat drivers can do as they like !
    Boats carry Flags that means Jet-Skis should not come within 100 ft of Vessel! My Tourist are warned to stay within that perimeter but still jet skis and other boats IE. Glass bottom boats /jet-skis and speed boats do as they like and encroach on MY SPACE !

  9. well i am so happy that a fellow bajan has noticed my plight.
    thank you!
    i suppose these foreigners do not realist although i an 52 years old.
    i am a 4 Dan black belt trained in Canada.also a sword and weapons expert trained in Canada.my father was friendly and respected with most of the rich Barbadian before my father died.
    pit bulls are small and thick but once they get you by the neck they don’t let go.

    pertaining to the jet skies and speed boats– as i do my tours on kayaks
    i am helpless against jet skies that pass close to my guest. they pass close and cause wakes that can nearly turn over a kayak when they could easily go a bit farther away.
    and speed boats also do this to my tourist on kayaks.
    KAYAKING is a Olympic sport and may be Barbados should get their Olympic committee in to this sport as we have plenty of water.
    i have no other comments on the matter..
    my answer is”is that a so ?”

    • @kayakjack

      With the wake caused by the jet skis close to the canoes maybe it is a good opportunity to teach your students how to ‘butter’ the waves :-).

      Interesting to note in today’s press that several new life guards, rangers and other NCC staff received their certificates yesterday.

  10. thank you David.i do explain the buttering of the waves to the customers.
    but would it take so much for these boats and jet skied to give me a bit more room?
    may be i will dream on.
    thank you.

  11. Kayackjack

    Understood! Was pulling your lead.

    Please write to the Chairman of the NCC and copy Minister Denis Lowe and Chairman of the BTA Adrian Elcock. If you don’t see improvement send us another note.

  12. Like everything else on the island we allow situations to get woefully out of hand and are then , either unable or too gutless to recover the situation, writing it off as part of the burgeoning ZR culture. The Minister of Transport in the last few months has levelled what I term penalties against the majority of law abiding motorists, yet he and the authorities have not seen it fit to address the ear splitting noises we have to suffer all hours of the day and into the early hours of the morning from motor cycles with the baffles of their silencers removed. We have over the years given priority on our roadways to the bicyclist,allowing them to do as they like on the highways with impunity ,now the motor cyclists are following suit, and we are now seeing scrambler type motorcycles , with a blanking plate fitted in place of the mandatory head lamp , speeding and overtaking on our roads at nights with no other lights on it.
    The present PM ,when he was AG ,personally complained about the excessive smoke we all have to endure from back yard burning. The Minister of Health made a promise, months ago , that ” sooner, rather than later ” ,he was going to parliament to address the matter of backyard burning. We are still waiting.
    So what’s new?

  13. interesting and sad.the German man that was trying to take over Accra beach
    has sent his wife away and is now with a crack whore it looks like to me.
    4 weeks later yesterday morning the German man “lutz” dropped dead
    in front of his bar.massive heart attack or crack or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MDMA%5B“ecstasy” ] related death?

  14. We are Bajans and we comes first,what the tourist need to do is follow rules and instructions,snorkel with a marker,stay in the swimming area…Some of the comments make me sick,go home and take care of your gun toting drug dealing gangsters and then come back to Barbados lets talk about jetskis.

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