A Crime Whose ENORMITY Is Without Parallel In Human History

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Blacks Still searching for equal rights and justice in 2012


What do we tell our children about the cause for the shameful condition of Africans today? How do we explain our present dependency on other races to feed us, clothe us, and employ us? How do we continue to say that slavery is past and yet even in the twenty-first century SLAVE-TRAPPERS, CHAINS, AND PRISON CELLS STILL HAUNT THE PATH OF OUR PEOPLE? Can we afford to forget the past? or should we use it as a road-map to measure how far we have come today?

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  1. Until Blacks realize that as a Diaspora that we must engage each other and aim to establish ourselves along economic means, we will forever be paralyzed in this crux of uncertainty. We cannot demand rights for in the eyes of the Whites and Asians, we were only victims of BUSINESS. That said, it is time that we establish ourselves through economic means in order to make demands and place pressures where and when appropriate. Otherwise, we are just destined to be a people lost in the darkness as the World passes us by as we still CHOOSE to wallow in our own bitter sorrows. It does you no good if you have no clearly established goal of moving forward for the greater collective good. But one cannot expect to make political advancements if we as a people are lagging GREATLY in the economic arena. We must realize that We cannot have a voice without having a fully established economic foundation with OUR OWN financial resources. We will not receive any reparations until then.

    Otherwise we are forever destined to be in this senseless rut in which we EXPECT to receive handouts. Thus making us a race of once proud Emperors and Queens into a legion of beggars. Because in the eyes of the Whites, we were only a commodity. It is time that we prove them wrong and beat them at their own game. Until black realize this, we will forever remain in this depraved and confused state of darkness.

  2. @ Brudah-Bim | June 16, 2012 at 7:03 PM |

    Hey, young Marcus Garvey!
    Blacks in the Diaspora will always be enslaved mentally and economically as long as they continue to be brainwashed by religions peddled by the White man. Commercial religion is the biggest stumbling block to true freedom for blacks.
    But then again one can argue that they are all descendants of the Biblical Ham and have received the curse from the Old Testament Yahweh which has not yet been lifted. Until blacks recognize and accept the source of their skin colour they will continue to live in “darkness and folly” and not in the Light of wisdom.

  3. @ rubes | June 16, 2012 at 9:32 PM |
    “….. jews were slaves for 400 years ….”

    Where is the evidence to support your claim. Can you refer us to the source? Enslaved by whom and where?

  4. @ millertheanunnaki

    Brother Anunnaki, its been a while! And quick question, How did you know I was young?

    Nonetheless, what you posit is essentially the truth. It is a shame that soooo many choose to turn a blind eye and willingly move towards living at sub-standard levels because they have been brainwashed to think that what the white man says (ie. the US, Canada, UK, World Bank, IMF, and World Bank) as fact and don’t even bother to make moves for the collective good of our nation in terms of pressuring our politicians to set their sights on promoting the economic GROWTH of the nation on a SUSTAINABLE level as opposed to this half sighted poor farce of “DEVELOPMENT” plans that the fat-cats of parliament Shite out!

    We need new blood, FROM A NEW GENERATION, WITH A NEW VISION FOR BARBADOS! Its time that the Bajan realize that parliament has become nothing more than an over-sized social club filled with scheming worms who trot about touting their “credentials” with flimsy papers called ‘diplomas’ and ‘degrees’; while having no clear goal except filling the linings of their pockets at the expense of the average Bajan. Now I ask you brother Annunaki, does it make sense for BERMUDA; a British Overseas Territory still claimed by London with a population and land mass smaller than that of Bim have a national GDP as well as a GDP per capita that supersedes Bim’s (A SO CALLED “INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGNTY”) more than tripled the value of that of Barbados??!!!

    When will Bajans learn? It comes to a point in which I can no longer sympathize for my fellow Bajans for they CHOOSE to vie for a government that pedals nothing but short sighted ideas for building a sub-standard society forever destined to be under the foot of global hegemonic powers. When will Bajans learn that by not placing the appropriate pressures where necessary upon our government, that we are forever destined to remain emasculated as a country. Or worse yet, a nation of smiling black people eager to please the white man for an extra dollar. WHY HAVEN’T WE DEMANDED FOR THERE TO BE A FOCUS ON ESTABLISHING THE COUNTRY’S DOMESTIC INDUSTRIES SO THAT WE AS A NATION AREN’T SUSCEPTIBLE TO THE ECONOMIC FALL-OUTS OF THE WORLD?? WHY HASN’T OUR GOVERNMENT FOCUSED ON INVESTING IN OUR NATION’S OWN CURRENCY INSTEAD OF PEGGING IT TO THE DYING GREENBACK??

    It is things like this that gives me no hope for Barbados and her children, for they are nothing but sheep. No, even worse- they are the very SLAVES that they are so eager to disconnect from with ridiculously obnoxious concrete projects that obstruct our national landscape.

    • @Brudah-Bim

      It maybe a simplistic view but sometimes one has to hit bottom to give wings to progress.

  5. @ Brudda BIM
    all of what you say is so true but the fear of the unkown is the stumbling block that continues to keep blacks in “mentalslavery’ after many years of dependency on others the drug of luxury and its effects is not easyto be rid of as the dependency has already embedded itself in the brainafter so many years what is needed now are the tools and necessary medicine to break the addiction.i hear you time after time pleading for the people to create a new mindset one of self determination . when slavery was introudced the first thing that was taken was a people right to self determinatioin of their destiny and replaced with a lethal dose of dependency on others .

  6. @ David (B.U.)
    I fear that it would be all too late if that were to happen. God forbid our economy crashes (which is inevitable at this rate), we would find ourselves faced with a situation much similar to that of present day Haiti (perhaps even worse).

    @ AC
    I am afraid to say that sadly, this is the case. The people would rather bury their heads deep into dunes of the sands of ignorance rather than lift their heads in the wake of enlightenment. I blame that forsaken religion called Christianity (a tool essentially), our joke of an “education system”, as well as our perverse relationship with the crown (ie. that stupid title the gov’t touts around aka “Little England”), and our sell-out politicians who clearly lack vision and continues to regurgitate FAILED principles.

    Oh what a sh*t-show this blossoming abode known as DA ROCK has been degraded to. There is so much to do. When will our values as a nation shift from cherishing louses with papers that merely CLAIM “expertise” as opposed calling for someone who ACTUALLY has a plan that is sustainable, relevant, and feasible in context to the nation.

    What a bunch of label-hungry fools this society we have become, where one’s title speaks before his own merit. Indeed, we are a nation that is backwards.

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