CARIBBEAN STOCK REPORT 21 May to 25 May 2012

Compiled by the Department of Management Studies, UWI Cave Hill – Click image to read in PDF

Minister of Agriculture David Estwick shouted his frustration while addressing stakeholders at the Savannah Hotel who participate in the National Consultation on the White Paper for Agriculture. He believed that successive governments, including the current government has not taken agriculture seriously.

The comfort level of previous governments to drive Barbados on the back of services has prevented the economy from absorbing shocks precipitated by global recessions. He had concerns about the economies of the EU and the United States of America and likely impacts on Barbados if we maintain a current state.

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0 thoughts on “CARIBBEAN STOCK REPORT 21 May to 25 May 2012

  1. Many maybe sympathetic to Dor. Estwick’s cry for more focus to be placed on agriculture but is now the right time to bray like a jackass with an election looming? To think that the government is felt to be behind makes it a nobrainer that the answer should be no. It is why despite his aspirations he is not perceived has leadership material.

  2. Estwick’s rattle was merely that and not to be construed agriculturally. One ponders the hidden agendas as well as the timing of his airings.Temperature as well as other possibilities may be RISING.

  3. Agree this has to be more than Estwick’ dissatisfaction with his 1% budget allocation. Still must be considered poor timing. Possibly triggered by the poll.

  4. @ David

    But one would not expect you to be sympathetic to Dr. David Estwick given your leanings and support of Mr. Chris Sinckler.

    Don’t think it has anything to do with the poll unless you referring the voting fiasco at the DLP for the post of General Secretary designed to maintain the status quo.

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