UWI, Cave Hill to LEAD the Charge to Revive Agriculture Sector

The press report did not list minister of Agriculture David Estwick as among the officials present when the announcement was made this week by Professor Eudene Barriteau.

Professor Eudene Barriteau, Principal of the UWI, Cave Hill campus committed the Cave Hill campus to developing 30 acres of land that was donated to the university by the Edghills of Dukes plantation in St. Thomas a couple years ago. According to the report USD34 million will be spent to develop an agri-business creating 1500 jobs, a break from the trend of planting concrete on arable land in Barbados. Further, the entity will be designed to facilitate training and research for the Caribbean region. One could hear the enthusiasm for the venture by Principal Barriteau as she shared details about what promises to be a transformative project.

The project is to kickoff mid-next year!

She said the project, which is expected to take about two years to complete, would also accelerate the thrust towards greater self-sustainability in food production and food security with a significant portion of the almost 30 acres of land being set aside as agricultural parcels for farming. In addition, the park will accommodate agro-processing and meat-curing facilities, a chocolate manufacturing and training facility, cotton processing facilities, a food standards laboratory, a sewerage plant treatment and recreational spaces…

The project is being funded by the Government of Barbados through its bilateral aid programme with the People’s Republic of China.

Barbados Today

This is good news indeed to observe the premier learning institution in Barbados leading the charge to resuscitate the agriculture sector. The economic pundits have all slammed the door of Barbados pursuing agriculture because of high production costs. We will monitor the debate with interest.


  • David

    Slightly better than Haggats.

    Yes Ag. has lost its sting…..from the Halcyon days of Vernon Sargeant who came back from Jamaica in 1962 with the idea of spreading ag. amongst the youth through the 4-H programme, as he saw it in action in Jamaica,who had copied it from america.

    Vernon and Brighteyes Sealy with 20 odd Ag. stations and many field officers at their disposal started both community and school based clubs which served as the engine for keeping ag. alive.

    Ag. will rise again like the Phoenix in Bim…….a sounder,technological driven one…..the youth are into aqua-ponics and solar greenhouses already……..we will get there.


  • Hants October 14, 2017 at 12:58 PM #

    @Hants, it is a mind set. Our key decision-makers focus on white collar professions – accountancy, law, medicine, etc – and not on trades and crafts or agriculture. A good symbol of this is that we replaced the Barbados Foundry with a white elephant of a court building, leaving the old court building dilapidated. The same with the Central Foundry.
    It is the mindset that allows Sir Hilary to talk nonsense about a graduate in every home, but a graduate in what?
    We must reconfigure our national ambitions.


  • @Islandgal

    Thanks, I had never noticed one before and that one had been around a long time, I like to look for unusual plants/trees whenever I’m in Bim. I also saw an unfamiliar bird and was told it was a wood? Pigeon. Those birds must be a new import they weren’t around when I was growing up, but I was told never leave your car under a tree where they are roosting.


  • @ Sargeant ,

    A few years ago I discovered this “new” pigeon.

    They eat clammy cherries and my car got a few splatters of their sticky excrement.


  • Could this be it…

    Black belly sheep semen?



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