Transform Or Perish!

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We must transform or perish,” Arthur warned yesterday in an address to the Barbados Association of Office Professionals at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre – Nation Newspaper

Leader of the Opposition, Owen Arthur

Today the corporate media has Owen Seymour Arthur mouthing the arguments that BU has made for several years about the pressing need for radical transformation in Barbados, as a cultural construct. But we think he means the economy alone. Any real cultural transformation, the type we have been calling for, must of necessity transcend the dubious arithmetic methods of the Keynesian, post world war two architecture, to which Owen Arthur is an avid devotee. He knows nothing else and this old dog cannot be thought any new tricks. He seems to have now awoken to the truism, which has been obvious to those of us who closely follow global events, that all of what we think of as Western ‘civilization’ is under threat – and may well collapse sooner that we think.

This is a man who whole-heartedly embraced the Washington Consensus Neo-liberal policies of his masters in American and European capitals for more than 30 years. This is a man who is known to have a close relationship with one of the most plutocratic ‘leaders’ in the West, Tony Blair. It was Blair who spearheaded an illegal war on Iraq to steal Iraqi oil. Arthur has no history of transforming anything, with the possible exception of his personal life. We well remember him shedding crocodile tears on the floor of Parliament in a public relations (PR) gambit to attract resources. That this kind of man would now want to present himself as an agent of transformation is an affront to all that is Barbados and more particular those of us who have been fashioning this argumentation for many years.

Arthur is no more than an imposter!

But is must be the responsibility of BU to call out this neophyte as a real and present danger to the development of a new form of people-centered or direct democracy for which BU is possibly the sole voice in Barbados. We must be very careful that this troglodyte does not succeed in compromising our search for a better way by which we organize our society. We must make sure that this ideological frame does not end up being the basis on which Owen Arthur again seeks to stage a soft coup in Barbados. We can be sure that if Arthur hinges himself to a populace rhetoric it will only be for electoral reasons because everything that he is anathema to the type of transformation we seek. After such an election it shall be business as usual and the historic moment for real transformation would have lost its innocence and its non-partisan nature.

Stand firm!

150 thoughts on “Transform Or Perish!

  1. Hants
    Marlins jumping over here…200lbs and up …wahoos break dancin..when ya comin ? Those 5-7 lb ers…we duz use as bait ……lol

    • Here is another policy issue for consideration. Why on a 2×3 island we have 25 year olds driving sport trucks because they live at their mama and can afford the monthly lease payment?

      Along with developing RE we can reduce our oil import bill by limiting the CC or type of vehicle we import.

      Now that would talk balls.

  2. @BU.David: “Why on a 2×3 island we have 25 year olds driving sport trucks because they live at their mama and can afford the monthly lease payment?

    You know the reason why.

    These big vehicles are rated as “Farm Vehicles”, and so have less import duties imposed.

    Can anyone say “stupid”?

  3. The former Chris Halsall;
    Do you know for a fact that sports trucks are now rated as “farm vehicles”?
    I suspect that there are still many other criteria that must be met to qualify pickups as farm vehicles, including the owner must demonstrate that he has a current farm operation and the concession is only given for plain or vanilla pickups. Not that some people haven’t found or can’t find loopholes in the system.

    I wonder how many of those youngsters own, live on, or operate farms

  4. @Checkit-Out: “Do you know for a fact that sports trucks are now rated as “farm vehicles”?


    I’m simply going with the empirical.

    Many young people are driving very large trucks.

    And yet it seems very few young people work on farms.


  5. @ Checkit-out
    …this is Barbados we are talking about….of course they get special consideration in purchasing those massive gas guzzling trucks on the excuse that they are ‘farmers’… Some may be too :).

    If we could create a government Department called “office of public sector reform” simply to create additional posts in the service for friends to fill …. How hard would it be to ‘qualify’ for the special rate on these “agricultural” utility vehicles? LOL

    Bushie guess you are forgetting the special tax free benefits for returning nationals on their vehicles…. Bushie heard stories of a fellow who ‘returned’ many times….
    …. We too sweet ’bout here.

  6. lets get back to the real focus of the article OSA ” Houdini Arthur” who squandered 14 years of the barbados economy and now acting as if he knows how to fix it ! afterall the magician along with his side kick the “MASCOT” mascoll have yet to say what there plans are expect to use buzz and code words like TRANSFORM and PERISH > i wonder what happen to RESTORE and REBUILT! and RECONSTRUCT! seem like OSA has trade them in for the latteri guess them not resonating with the public.

  7. The entity formerly known as Chris Halsall;

    Your logic totally escapes me as you seem to be saying;

    You are unsure if Sports trucks are rated as farm vehicles but they probably are’nt
    Farm trucks are subsidized by government.
    Many young people are driving large fancy sports trucks.
    Few young people work on farms (ie. are ineligible for the subsidy)
    The reason that many young people are driving large trucks is because they are rated as farm vehicles and attract lower import duties.

    Your theorem is not proven. Your illogic is.

    David’s implicit reason for the same phenomenon is that most of the young people driving those big sports trucks are living at their mommas and so have the monies to pay for the vehicles and presumably for the taxes on the vehicle also. It doesn’t need expansion into the very speculative area that the reason is instead that the young people driving such vehicles are doing so because they are getting tax free vehicles intended for farm use. Are you saying that everyone driving those fancy trucks in Barbados have convinced the regulatory bodies that they are farmers, including the youngsters.

    Of course some might get through but not all or even most, and in this case 2 or even 3 separate and distinct government agencies are probably involved in checking the credentials of the buyers. Chris Halsall is essentially suggesting that most of the young people driving such trucks are doing so because it is now a free for all subsidy. I refuse to believe that the current Government is so lax as to allow this loophole for the squandering of scarce foreign exchange at this time (with elections in the offing) when they are forcing pensioners to pay income tax twice on NIS pensions.

  8. Barack Obama says that the Republicans rejoice at any bad economic news and the sluggish recovery. It is clear that the BLP is also doing the same. Nuff Criticism, No Solutions!

    • @!

      Why not see it as feedback and be sensitive to it?

      Why go defensive?

      It is the right of Bajans to critique if they see fit.

      It is up to the government to communicate what it is doing to ensure nothing is left to speculation.

  9. 🙂
    Checkit-out. You like you got one of dem trucks yuh…..LOL

    Hope you not still at mom….

    Bushie thought that David was saying that such extravagance should be taxed into unaffordability…. And that such savings should instead be focused on productive investments…

    • @Bush Tea

      Correct – which is more important, to allow a free for all even if it compromises the financial health of the country?

      Why is it foreign exchange is so precious but we would not formulate government policy to act as an influence for individuals, macro aligned to micro.

  10. Clone | April 27, 2012 at 8:43 PM |
    Onions picking on Freundel will only take you so far, but Barbadians are fair people and will recognized that he is an honest, caring man running against a dishonest one for the country and constituency.
    You have not won the argument that the DLP don’t know what they are doing with the economy because this is going five years and the economy has not crashed as was predicted
    This statement we know now was made by you, in error while preparing for one of your acts, to which we were made beneficiary of yesterday at East Coast.It can therefore be excused ..(but will not be retracted) now you have dawned your costume, oversize red shoes, red afro puffed hair style and bulb-ed big red nose……you were a true clown, well worthy of your salt.
    Honesty ..Why according to you ,the Barbadian people need only recall the Deloitte Judicial Report that somehow fell off a truck which spoke of DT Assoc, and $3.3 Mill. of CLICO policyholders misdirected funds and the subsequent..HUSH by your party and all honest ‘en route’ cohorts. HONEST…we remember clown…10 got that one right.

    Integrity…..Why according to you ,the Barbadian people only need recall the Alexandra matter and the meetings held in private, long hours
    into the evenings..and a promised PHASE like attendance to matters.”Why I never promised anybody any running commentary”…”PHASE 2 ? I pass there long time since….those who may still be there needs to catchup.”
    INTEGRITY….we remember clown…9 points on this one.

    Caring…Why according to you ,the Barbadian people need only recall the CLICO policyholders awaiting medical operations and those with health problems …being told investments in the company are safe and monies invested have the blessings of this Govt as secure. Oh yes you too Mr.Barrack..we also got you back…plans are in motion now as we too have our commitment to payments.
    CARING….we remember clown…you also score a full 10 points here as well.
    As to the “DLP don’t know what they are doing”…we will let the PEOPLE decide on that one…. and rate you accordingly.
    No one in their right minds will want this country to crash…sadly, clown you got this one wrong ..FA REAL !

    Aside; Did we hear this morning.. the Governor of CB…..stating now his concern for UNEMPLOYMENT…? (fig .11.2%).. seems someone heard us.

  11. REPRINT>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Tell me if these figures seems right..Since 2011….from Barbados Statistical Department……

    Latest Socio-Economic Indicators
    Gross Domestic Product 2008 at Basic Prices BDS$ 5,675.90 (M)

    Inflation Rate at December 2011 9.4%
    Unemployment Rate for 4th Qtr 2011 10.2%
    Inflation Rate at November 2011 9.1%
    Inflation Rate at October 2011 8.7%

    We only has an increase of …. 0.8% (4th Qrt) since then…..til now 11%… many entities shut down since ? Nuff..How many layoffs ? Plenty.

  12. ! | April 28, 2012 at 11:49 PM |

    Barack Obama says that the Republicans rejoice at any bad economic news and the sluggish recovery. It is clear that the BLP is also doing the same. Nuff Criticism, No Solutions!

    what rubbish. how could you ask for solutions from a party (the BLP) that you get on this blog and say ran the country in the ground for 14 years?

    i wish i was in position to advise the BLP, you jokers would be looking for holes.

  13. Barack Obama says that the Republicans rejoice at any bad economic news and the sluggish recovery. It is clear that the BLP is also doing the same. Nuff Criticism, No Solutions!
    A time will come when those bankrupt of ideas will have their questions answered, and solutions in hand…a time when the shoes will have changed for the good of the mean while why throw pearls to swine…do you think if you “can’t will give birth. ? “

  14. Staurt said that he passed phase 2 of the AX saga long long long time ago
    WHAT phase is Stuart at in the AX saga ??
    He says he will not say.

    Maybe the Eager 11 can answer—
    “Idiots !! ”
    to quote Debra from “Everybody Loves Raymond”

  15. @ David (not BU)
    i wish i was in position to advise the BLP, you jokers would be looking for holes.
    Keep your advise for Darcy, Jasper & co… should be welcomed.

  16. @Enuff
    Define ” indirect privatisation of aspects of Drug Service.” All this throwing around of words to sensationalize those who can be; bring the evidence to Barbadians who the facts!

  17. Having now heard …so many different opinions on the status of the economy…Saturday Sun back pg. ON SAFE TRACK… followed by GCB worried about UNEMPLOYMENT…cud someone kindly come out and say if we STABLE or falling off the table….or soon eatin callalou and trini crabs..
    More oustings at the NCF… seemingly now a political football camp ….500 on breadline too from tomorrow.

  18. @ David
    What’s happening with today anyway….this morning was a calabash tonight I can’t find not a DLP ite….to answer …..where is ac, Aarson cloxne,!, Hill or any of the other barn birds? Like they eat to many crabs…or they have come to grips of the true sorry state of things and can’t muster the strength to answer…..seeing that they are fighting a LOSS CAUSE….
    Well whenever they readi..I have more concrete for them to swallow….

  19. @onions The CBB is having open house I suggest you go talk to the governor of the Bank he is available of questions/maybe both of you can crunch them un employment numbers which seems to be driving you crazy.

  20. @ac
    Don’t you know by now….we are not welcomed or in for any air play …camera coverage or anything so ?…Play you don’t know..CBC every night we can see bare DLP politicians…eva night…Me go in church village ..for them to snub me…? Na boi got more sense than that. Besides everybody knows when some people Jonesing and regurgitating under estimated figs. to look good…But Bajans not stupid. They know that about 30,000 (27%) people unemployed and looking for work everyday….and hustlin and hustlin….these very same people will not vote for this Govt for they know 11% trite is just that……Fool them once (Ax-CLICO-Barrk)..”Cost of Living, Cost of Living” shame on you….(stupesss).. Fool them twice… that can’t happen.

  21. We all know that increasing gasoline prices in tandem with bottle gas prices is Govt’s way of finding monthly money shortfalls…..Have they not heard of planning and cash budgets. ?…Madness we must say.. just check..Going to China…up gasoline prices…bringing from China..up bottle gas prices…need a 14 Million sign….up gasoline prices…
    “Why if we can’t get it from VAT…we will from you some other way, especially when Bajans in love with their rides..By the way, try and pay your increased registration and licenses fees…cuz we need that too….don’t mind DT said it was for temporary (2 yrs)…”.By the way another increase due…let’s see now gasoline or bottle gas or all two …hmmm lost track “

  22. @ David et al
    Please forgive the delay in fashioning a response to those who requested that we articulate suggestions for radical transformation in Barbados. We promise a contribution soon.

  23. Barack Obama says that the Republicans rejoice at any bad economic news and the sluggish recovery. It is clear that the BLP is also doing the same. Nuff Criticism, No Solutions!

    The BLP after all the fluster cannot offer a specific solution to the Alexandra issue which they tried to sweep under the carpet when they were in power – Nuff Criticism , No Solutions

    I have not heard a BLP solution or policy on why Al Barrack was not paid when they were in power – Nuff Criticism, No Solutions.

    The BLP cannot tell Barbados where the thousands of UK tourists in recession hit England would come from and spend like crazy – Nuff Criticim , No Solutions

    The BLP talks about Government spending but cannot specifically tell Barbadians where they can cut 80 -100 million dollars RIGHT NOW without sending home thousands of workers / voters/ consumers,- Nuff criticism, No Solutions

    And now , worst of all ,Owen Arthur , the man who sat down and chaired cabinet for 14 years while the world economy was booming and did nothing to restructure the Barbados economy or improve productivity in the public service can stand up in public and talk about transformation. Only a fool would take him seriously.
    It is clear that all the BLP will offer is Nuff Criticsim and No Solutions!

  24. It is clear that all the BLP will offer is Nuff Criticsim and No Solutions!
    BLP = Nuff Criticism, NO Solutions!

    was this not the winning formula for the DLP 2008 campaign? ! you are a joker.

  25. I’m begining to see big cracks appearing in the DLP camp, quite recently James Paul openly told the government ministers to get up off their backside and go see what is hurting the people. Next it is Ronald Jones, who is vitter about the handling of the AX affair by the P.M; there are many other more serious matters that have not yet been grought to fore, that the DLP has to deal with.

  26. @ Scout
    Cracks ? No man crevasses…..When what was said to address the Ax matter….and by extension to the people of Barbados, that we all heard something else other than a phase-like approach to the problem….all confidence and trust went thru the door.
    Here was the redeeming opportunity of the century, being spurned in exchange for some capricious idea with an audacious time frame of 6 weeks offered to solve a problem.
    Scoutie boy implosions normally start at the bottom and very quickly find their way to the top .In this case we are seeing the reverse,top blowing out first and using all its weight to bring down the bottom. Either way, the building coming down….all sensible people have to do is avoid falling debris.

  27. What is it with these political humbugs Clone, Aarson Hil and !…these fellows reminds me of the long tailed guyanese lizards that running bout here nowadays……They could out when they hungry and then they run
    under a rock somewhere only to bushwhack a lil boney scrawny bajan lizard should one come along. But I got news for DEM….bajans declare war on all transgressors (including lizards) showing no mercy for bajan kinds….All ya try and show some empathy,caring and understanding in all your future decisions please.Bajans are coming to grip more and more of the wrongs. (Ax-Clico)….All this crap about …we find it so ..aint cutting it …all ya hear, so fix it ….Don’t complain bout no criticisms neither…. for if the people got problems…they going to the man collecting ALL of we taxes…not the past landlord….Bajan people getting tired of the same ole rants….Nor don’t look for us to tell you what to do either…Donville told us bluntly back in 2009…let you all have things your way….so we gladly oblige….Finally try and find some Capital Assets to put on the books, it look real bad that all you all could show in five years is marble and summer camps and one school…comprende ?

  28. It is clear that all the BLP will offer is Nuff Criticsim and No Solutions!
    BLP = Nuff Criticism, NO Solutions!

  29. The republicans in the US congress and the BLP are the same – Nuff criticisms and no solutions.
    The worst field of BLP candidates ever assembled in Barbados with ZERO solutions or proposals. Clyde Mascoll was given a shot as finance minister for 2 years as part of his “30 pieces of silver” and his biggest accomplishment was facillitating a couple million dollars of taxpayer money through Enterprise Growth Fund and blowing it on Hardwood Housing- that is his “legacy”.
    Owen Arthur while the US and UK economy was booming failed to restructure the Barbados economy but flooded the public service and sold land to pay the bills- an unsustainable formula.Mascoll spent almost 14 years saying that he is overrated. Is Mascoll a liar?
    Wuk Fa Wuk, Muscle Mary, Dale “bajan /us dollar prison” are all high on rhetoric and arrogance and low on performance.Check the BLP candidates one by one – Nothing exciting- downright pathetic.
    There is nothing new or exciting coming from the BLP. Our regional neighbours and trading partners are all experiencing sluggish growth and the BLP like the Republican opposition is offering Nuff Criticism but NO solutions.
    There is no silver bullet to many of the structural issues in our regional economies so the BLP will continue with the help of Pat Hoyos, Sanka Price and Albert Brandford to offer Nuff Criticisms and NO Solutions.
    This piss poor BLP group does not have the talent to do otherwise.

  30. @ !
    I know BajanFaLife……just up and gone hiding…but you sound a lot like him……yes the man that wanted to prosecute a dead man……You sure you not related to the same ?

    Man if you doing a lousy job….you will be told….don’t get tie up..
    As to solutions…..the only one we will offer is to call elections sooner than later …damm good advice too.

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