One Little Piggy Went Rustic

Those who are not aware islandgal246, a BU regular, manages a quaint little blog my rustic garden which many use as a getaway from the hurly burly of political discussion. Her many postings usually centre around her beautiful gardens and highlights her interest in things fauna and flora. One of her recent blogs should be interesting for some, it was for the BU household.

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  1. Islandgirl you live in St Peter an’ din decide to call Andrew Bynah … dah ain’ proper at all at all ..! Andrew got me spoil now. I see that poor animal and all that I could think of is sous …!

  2. @BAFBFP

    I saw that pig and thought of COW.

    He got one as a pet runnin bout in he house. Saw it in the BBC interview Cow did with Trevor McDonald.
    Big boat, fast car,beautiful wife. 3 things that cost him nuff money he said.

  3. LOL …David it left in one piece and the next day it was back in the garden and then it disappeared up the road. The owner came by the next day asking if we had seen his piglets. I asked piglets? I told him
    that there was one in my house a few day ago and it came by twice to visit me, I asked if he raised house pigs, he said not at his house. I took his phone number and told him I will call when next I see them.

    Baffy … he was too cute to think of souse.

    Hants …..I thought of keeping him as a pet if he stayed and if no one claimed him.

  4. As a regular reader for the Great White North, I have to say that this post is the best in a long while. Sure beats reading bout Bs &Ds, and Four Seasons and Almond and Clico et al

  5. Oh what a bountiful little piglet…why I certainly would have gone bonkers too should such a sousy lil fellow graced my home on a Saturday. What a beaut.

  6. The owner came by the next day asking if we had seen his piglets

    Any organization in the area sponsoring an “excursion”? Livestock was known to disappear around “excursion” time:-).

  7. @ Sarge
    Boy excursions bout hay are not what they used to be (fun), playin Pirate Ship and ting….I remember my gran mudda always used to tell us wild boys… careful when sleepin all bout..lil boy if D dog fart in your eye..ya blind..thus we were always weary about puttin our heads in bush..or falling to sleep if the belly too full on outings.

  8. @David

    nice a little animal unit the bloggers on this site for the first time in the year that i have joined the blogging club. u must post most of these occasionally to bring some sanity to this club.

  9. Onions

    Only people of a certain age can remember the joy of “Excursions” which were a staple of the July/August period and we would go to places like River Bay; Maycock Bay and Belleplaine etc. Most of the fun was anticipation of the food and that you could see and talk to that special “honey” whose parents kept a close eye on her at other times but relented when it came to the Church “Excursion”. Who can forget the Rocklyn open buses?

    Nowadays everyone has a motor vehicle and those places are within reach in 30 minutes or less so the mystique is gone and Time marches on.

  10. Oh yes Sarge…I can reminisce with you…sweet breads, mac pie,puddin,red jucy and cheese cutters,bake pork…I salivating..
    Then following the gf bout for a smooch..or playing Pirate Ship .

  11. @David

    I have a special affinity for “Rocklyn”, those yellow buses were the first to traverse my area in Ch.Ch back in the day before the Transport Board took over.

  12. WHAT is “Excursions or whatever ???
    –Only people of a certain age can remember the joy of “Excursions” which were a staple of the July/August period and we would go to places like River Bay;

  13. A few years ago David started a blog about remembering, when Bonny Peppa was still breeving… It got over a thousand comments and lasted for months. Don’t do that again … please …!

  14. BAFBFP what you got against “remembering”. One of these days you will be a 60 year old rememberer like some ah we.

    Anyone remember thr Leeward buses that did the Bridgetown to Speightstown route?

  15. BTW

    If I found a piglet in my house, somthing as unusual as that, I would check it for eavesdropping devices … knowin’ this world as it is. Two weeks ago I noticed that in the whole whole neighbourhood, the only patches of new barber green in the road were to be found infront of my gate … hmmm. Islandgirl I feel that I should dig them back up and see wah it is dat some government official (dey is the onliest people with access to barber green) bury in dey … wah you think …?

  16. @BAFBFP

    Everything can’t be about politics, but I don’t know if it was coincidence but the other blog “The Nation” started to run a series along a similar line after people started to reminisce on this blog.

    Back to you if you can’t remember anything before 1990, lay off the tampee 🙂

  17. Dear Just Asking

    Excursions=large communal day long picnics. Everybody attended, old people, the middle aged, teenagers, children. Transportation by bus to some far away beach or park or both. Good food, drink, good music, good company.


  18. David

    It was mainly based in the Northern parishes but Mrs. Rock did have a Ch Ch route to Gall Hill.can’t remember if she also had the St. Patricks route.

  19. Onions

    Oh yes Sarge…I can reminisce with you…sweet breads, mac pie,puddin,red jucy and cheese cutters,

    Man Onions I now pick up on you taking cheese cutters to Excursions, you could buy “cheese cutters” along with “cut drops” at any shop. Anybody who take cheese cutters I would have to avoid, the only thing that anyone had with white bread were corn beef “sanguages”.

    Onions you like you had a deprived childhood.

  20. @ Sarge
    Why you doan cah …….look U like u want me tell ya bout….ya deprave waatless nigger man….corn beef nah…ya eyed IslanGal pig eva sense nah..but it dun gone back to D owner….Blk rock wild boy

  21. @BAFBFP

    Here is the connection: “The owner asked if anyone had seen his piglets”. The context was that at Excursion time if you had any livestock you better keep them under wraps as your “neighbours” may not have a “fowlcock” to take with them as part of their Excursion meal so they would “borrow” yours. This was the days before you could go to a Supermarket or KFC and buy chicken and pork was only sold on Saturdays after the pig was “engaged” (Oh Lord I’ve confused him some more).

    So if the piglets were missing it may be “Excursion” time, but if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth this wouldn’t make much sense.

  22. I remember (ignore dat man Sarge) when granny used to tell you tings to frighten don’t lye down in the bush ..because the dog would fart in your eyes and blind ya..reason>>>she did not want you to roll in the grass and dirty up the excursion clothes …or…. may be go wandering off in the cane fields and get left when D Bus move off..then they can’t find ya, ..and ya got to sleep up River Bay wid the duppies…lol

  23. At Sarge
    Play u din eat cheese or ham cutters.. doan mek sport boy….a red jucy and a cheese cutter duz pull LOUD….

  24. but islandgal you treat de pig better than you treat ole onions. thats only my perception ! what de hell is a Rockley BUS! can some one download a picture! i remember dem new ones

  25. Rocklyn NOT Rockley.

    Yellow and red “board” buses owned by a Mrs. Rock.

    I think that only Banks Brewery owns a “Rocklyn”” bus now

  26. Onions

    I never said I didn’t eat cheese cutters, I said we didn’t take them to Excursions, Red Juc and milk or coconut water (that was for a Sunday meal)

    Onions I’ve heard a variation of a fart in the eye but not from a dog and de person got a “cock eye”. Did you ever hear the joke about the woman who was pregnant and said that her partner only looked at her? And the Doctor replied well he must have a “ C..k Eye”

  27. @ ac
    Thanks girl friend …but all is water under water now…doan dig up nah duppies….is all bout D pig tonite and which dog fart in who eye and blind d pirate. Excursions to River Bay..and who fall sleep (Hamilton Hill) and get left by the busT….Who cud afford cheese cutters and who could and had to thief neighbor FOWL Cock…ya dig babes?

  28. @ Sarge
    And the Doctor replied well he must have a “ C..k Eye”

    GOOD ONE……ac I got D look fa U..ya betta behave in hay tonite

  29. man dem buses looked like death traps ! and nobody like dey really gave a hoot about getting on dem things .the good ole days. BTW that pig look like he had taken a bathe won;t put dat past islan gal!

  30. AC

    We were hardy folk, we didn’t worry about “death traps”. The folk who took those buses are the ones who de Governor General always visiting to wish them Happy Birthday, de young ones who didn’t take the “death traps’ succumb to everyday things like Diabetes.

    Did you see the green tarp at the top of the buses? That was to keep out the rain.

  31. i wunda if the country folk used to transport their live stock in dem. can imagine going up horse hill in one uh dem things.

  32. @ onions

    No bosey i ain’t got no pig even though mine can be compared to pork but a lot sweeter and yes dat gets lots uh bathe! and yuh wont find it rummaging around in nuhboy garden ! Too domesticated for dat!

  33. @ac
    That joke only talking dog…I only submit to political articles…at present there are only 2 active..the others…nobody responds…is it my fault there not active…? There are about 5 others…he cud respond to, should he care to …the problem is some don’t like my political slant….he seems to be one

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