22 thoughts on “Lillie McCloud of X FACTOR Fame Shows Age is Only a Number

  1. the truth is that she doeshave anoutstanding voice.it is a pity it took so long to be exposed, well certainly for once simon the adulterer got it right anybody heard the story of simon impregnating his best friends wife, wuhloss, really thought he was gay but maybe bi sexual ;

  2. Lily is a throw back to the seventies era .comparsion wise vocals similarity to Mille Jackson. BTW simon has eyes for black woman on the first espiode of american idiol there was this beautiful trini who he would swoon and fawn all over.

  3. How about that. Lillie McLoud, the stunning, 54 year old R&B singer hasn’t really been sitting around raising a passel of kids and grandkids as her video package would have us believe.

    Lillie’s daughter outed her, more or less.

    A google search on Nicole McCloud turns up a wealth of information on the singer. She was a dance floor diva in the 80′s and 90′s charting a slew of hits, and performing alongside some of the greats. She was signed to Epic records. Via Wiki

    Nicole J. McCloud (born in 1960 in Rochester, New York) is an international singer who has performed with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the group Kool & The Gang, Bruce Springsteen, Mick Jagger, Timmy Thomas and other artists. She has lived in the United States most of her life where she has recorded four albums. She now lives in Košice, Slovakia.

    Well, the bio info said she lived in Orlando. But did you notice the white man who accompanied her and her daughter to the audition? He wasn’t introduced, but…

    In the mid 2000s, Nicole moved to Košice, a small village in Slovakia, to live together with her partner, the football trainer Günter Kronsteiner. Her first Slovakian performance took place at the prestigious Košice International Jazz Festival 2006, where she unexpectedly performed with jazz legend Peter Lipa.

    In 2010, Nicole provided the title song for the Slovakian version of Britain’s Got Talent, ‘?esko Slovensko má talent’.

    There’s even a Simon Cowell connection there!

    She’s had hits, yo.

    Nicole first appeared on the US Billboard charts in 1985 with “Always and Forever,” which ultimately peaked at No. 66. Her breakthrough single “Don’t You Want My Love” reached Top 10 in the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. Ten of Nicole’s singles landed the US Billboard charts. So far, her biggest hit has been the 1994 single “Runnin’ Away” which peaked at #3. In 2002, Nicole returned to the Top 10 with “Search’n” (#5). That same year she received a nomination for the International Dance Music Awards, along Craig David and Shakira.

    “Don’t You Want My Love” reached number 10 on the DANCE chart in 1986. Still. That’s pretty good. It also charted in several European countries. (US R&B #66 Belgium #7 France #18 Germany #20 Netherlands #9 Sweden #8)

    “Runnin’ Away” peaked at number 3 on the US Dance chart in 1994. There are a ton of remixes on You Tube

    I thought she seemed a little too put together and skilled to be a newbie! Oh producers. Why do you lie to us when the truth always comes out? I would hazard a guess that the name change (maybe the singer’s real name, or a middle name) was to downplay her experience.

    This is Stacy Francis all over again. Minus the extreme crazy.


    • During the audition she stated quite clearly she use to sing but gave it up to raise her family. Does anyone believe Simon did not know the history of this lady? Let us see how the X Factor responds.

  4. Fraud? Is she a fantastic singer and performer or not? And if she was so famous how come hardly anyone recognised her?

    Appears to me that she is just one those exceptionally talented persons, who for whatever reason didn’t become a superstar.

    If you can have people saying you sang a Cece Wayans song better that CeCe thats amazing. Especially a song that many people dont seem to known.

    • Yes she is a fantastic singer especially when compared to some of the dribble we have to tolerate including Rihanna.

  5. far out haters
    I lived in the states worked the music industry didn’t have a clue who she was and im music aware
    too all the haters look around you or even think about when you were 54
    as we say the tall poppy syndrome active in usa as for simon dick & xfactor owners you should be really really fkg disgusted that she is not in top 10
    power to you Lillie

  6. xfactor doesn’t have any pre qualifications other than getting pass auditions
    to qualify why do you wingers like the kind carson cardigan appear here
    GET A LIFE silly wankers its a open talent show stupid
    don’t knock someone who trying keep a family afloat and 3 kids
    we should admire people who try to do well not sit on their asses complaining oohhh shes a fraud
    if you don’t like her get off your fat ass and turn the tv off

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