Westminster or West Sinister? Where Have All The Great Men Gone?

Submitted by Old Onion Bag

Acknowledged Father of Independence (l) succeeded by one who transitioned Barbados to the 'modern economy' (r)

Rather than have to think about my crime, I’d prefer to be completely unconscious – MACBETH

As once one of the more rapid evolving Third World countries, Barbados in past years has shown  the world (once envied by Singapore) its sustained economic prudence and masterful copying of the Westminster style Government and laws aptly earning the nickname Little England. This economic prowess which was conjured, was matched only by larger Caribbean communities the likes of oil rich, Trinidad and Tobago, and bauxitegold laden  Jamaica and Guyana.

Likewise were its leaders, who played the most important part of steering the ship through rough and uncharted waters, always finding safe harbour and never abandoning ship. Men the likes of Grantley Adams, Errol Walton Barrow, JMGM ‘Tom’ Adams and more recently Owen Seymour Arthur to name but a few have, all left a legacy of astute and celebrated leadership, that has borne fruit for this country.

Prime Ministers were looked up to for advice and direction in times of chaos. One could rest assured with the country in the hands of such men, that there would always be a solution to a problem and a phrase of  long lasting remembrance….”friends of many , satellites of none “.

How things have changed. We were always occasioned protection from the WOLVES who at many times came to our doors, with sinister plans and cohorts to disadvantage the Barbadian. With our then leaders, we could rest assured, that they would be right on hand to swiftly drive any such blackguards and bandits back to the shores from which they came, restoring peace and order to the country.

We long for the return of such days.

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  1. @ the Miller quoted with approval by Old onion bags.
    ” It is very difficult to trust a leader of a country who has a penchant for not keeping promises or taking timely decisions …”
    My dear friends the operative word in that sentence is ” TIMELY ” . Timing is a matter of POLITICAL JUDGMENT. The assessment , in my view is still to be made SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE . Careful and well thought out decision making IS NOT VACILLATION . I am looking forward to engaging you two on this matter IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME . Until then , Peace my brothers .

  2. Before you leave and my coffee goes cold…..”timeliness is next to godliness”…the horse is starving while the grass greening.”…”a stitch in time save nine”….Oh there are so many cliches to rebut my Ole friend on this one…TIMELINESS determines relevance in accounting circles….NO Observer we cannot wait forever, especially with lives…..the average man three score and ten = 70 yrs …Tell your good friend he cannot continue to act like Aeternitas….he must be timely, we the people demand it.

  3. I am yet to be convinced that this perceived slowness of action has put the State at risk in ANY OF THE AREAS where complaint is being made about tardy / slow / delayed action . Can you point out ONE such example for me? Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response my friend . Peace .

  4. David

    CBC pays 350.00 per day as I am told. I believe that Starcom could very well afford to pay this, but they would rather invest in an Audi and so on for the senior staff.

  5. @ an Observer
    “…put the state at risk ” When last was the State at risk ? Sydney Burnett Alleyne may be ? No my good man….to make a promise to the teachers “with dispatch”….leaves one hanging…pensioners would like a more speedily handling on the CLICO matter.. State on matters of importance to others livelihood is more appropriate.

  6. @ An Observer.. | March 27, 2012 at 7:51 AM |
    “Timing is a matter of POLITICAL JUDGMENT. The assessment, in my view is still to be made SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. Careful and well thought out decision making IS NOT VACILLATION.”

    How can one ever fault the truism even the triteness wrapped up in your observation!
    The problem in hand is with Mr. Stuart’s style of leadership. An approach to managing the affairs that has craved the indulgence and patience of the people since the passing of the baton to a lucky man of words with no track record of performance or ability to win in a consistent way the hearts of the people who are directly responsible for his political elevation. What do we have since his wheel of fortune has been spinning? A hand coloured or marred by his insensitivity to popular concerns (even too many of his own colleagues are ‘expressively opposed to his ‘que sera, sera’ style’, ‘suspended’ (in limbo) decision-making and general diffident and dilly-dallying modus operandi leaving so much to be desired.

    His current bout of convenient silence on controversial issues (e.g. CLICO forensic
    report ) is a sign that he is learning from the predisposition to get his ‘political knickers in a twist’. The gaffe made in his early show of arrogance and what Bajans would describe as ‘powful foolishness” by putting his foot in his mouth and his cocky nose in the ear would always be heard in his detractors’ ears: ‘The estimable gentleman is the best of the best of managers, and the finest financial captain of industry. He is a great pal of mine and he would not be shunned like a leper’.

    But to be fair to Mr. Stuart he has been elevated to a position that few men of commonsense would seek to envy given the economic, social and Bush Tea aware changing times. Fortunately for him he is not alone. Most leaders in small open economies dependent on North Atlantic Western economies for tourist arrivals and offering refuge and a haven to financial brigands and tax dodgers have been dealt a similar hand. Mr. Stuart, however, has an additional load on his ‘primus inter pares’ shoulders; too many jokers in the pack are stored in his cabinet.

    Mr. Stuart will never in a zillion years be like Mohammad Ali. Arrogance without ability to deliver is a sure sign that a knock-out punch is coming the man’s way.
    Your positive outlook for Mr. Stuart’s political future is defined by his ability to make clear and popularly acceptable decisions within the next 9 months. If not, this moribund political jack might have to imitate his fellow alma mater predecessor found in similar circumstances but with the shoe on the other foot: “Dem BLP people back-raised me!”.

  7. @ Old onion bags .
    The latest edition of BARBADOS TODAY carries the story , in a somewhat unobtrusive manner , under the headline : ” Dispute Settled . PM Brokers foreday morning deal between LIME and BWU . ”
    The manner in which the press has generally kept this at the level of a closely guarded secret does no justice to the efforts exerted by the Prime Minister in bringing resolution to this potential powder keg . This is just one other instance where the quiet , calm and assured manner of the Prime Minister in the decision making process stands out like a beacon. We were not treated to any grand standing , loud talk or empty rhetoric ; what we got instead was responsible , decisive action without fanfare . The story reports that the settlement came after close to TWELVE HOURS of negotiation and resolution was reached sometime around “foreday morning ” . This is very revealing as on another page there is published another report of the SAME PRIME MINISTER addressing a gathering on ” greening ” ON THE SAME DAY . Earlier in this very blog I gave , on invitation , a personal assessment of our Prime Minister . I am left in no doubt that his RESPONSIBLE , MATURE APPROACH TO PROBLEM SOLVING is one of his greatest assets which must redound to the benefit of this country in these difficult times . Peace my brother.

  8. @ an Observer
    We were not treated to any grand standing , loud talk or empty rhetoric ; what we got instead was responsible , decisive action without fanfare
    I pin point your words>>>decisive action…..HAS THIS BEEN THE NORM ?

  9. @ Old onion bags .
    Without answering your question , I would suggest a more relevant one : Can we look forward to more of this in the future ? CAN WE LOOK FORWARD TO MORE OF THIS IN THE FUTURE ? Let us wait and see . In the meantime , I expect that his robust integrity provides the perfect foundation upon which we may lay our expectations . Peace my brother .

  10. @ David.
    I am sure his intelligence and political savvy would make him acutely aware that blowing ones trumpet is a healthy exercise . But we shall see .

  11. @an Observer
    Can we look forward to more of this in the future ? CAN WE LOOK FORWARD TO MORE OF THIS IN THE FUTURE ?
    Such is our plight…..this new mode is most welcomed…however, track records are what we are accustomed…let’s hope and be positive…and look forward for MORE…..(Ax to start…should be a no brainer.)
    Peace and have a great day!

  12. @ Old onion bags .
    You have given very good advice …” let’s hope and be positive …and look forward for MORE ” . It cannot be better said ..
    Do have a great day as well , my friend and as usual , peace .

  13. This Budget day…lets hope ….we see relief….After the Wing wanged 13 going abroad spending a whopping….. $275,076.13….. in Rio de Janiero….doing the samba ..on the worlds most irresponsible vacation…..lets hope MOF does not feel gilted .. but gives us something of relief…of substance…and not what Ole Chris loves to offer

    … treated to grand standing , loud talk or empty rhetoric ; instead of responsible , decisive action without fanfare….

    No more on goat rearing and chicken backs, pit toilets and blackbird soup…

    Where has all the GREAT Debaters gone ? It is time this admin steps up it game..as this will be their last Budget debate…..make it a good one do….lets hope

  14. To Miller ananki:
    I have seen or heard you in these parts for a while. It holds true for each society that memories bring a fondness to the point where truth can be hidden and smear over by sentimental thoughts or tugs of the heart. Most of the great men, as we label them, have been flawed. If the true be told about all of them, the nastiness would fill most of the newspapers worldwide. Let us then present their achievements in the use of their talents and leave their human nature which is vicious and nasty out of the discussion.

  15. corr : where have..

    @ lemuel
    Most of the great men, as we label them, have been flawed.
    We are all but human… no man is without sin……but this last crop….a catastrophe grandeur…..what has made matter worse is the audaciousness of some… thought higher than life…..now that is inexcusable …What then was his thinking ? It is believed, his example served as a catalyst for what followed.

  16. Old Onions:
    Are you suggesting from my response that “this last lot” have an ample amount of human nature and little or no talent?

  17. @ lemuel
    If they do have …..they have failed miserably in show. There was this lack of vision….lack of trustworthiness, and lack of principle..exhibited during their tenure that leaves one unable, but to say otherwise..

    (example to support CLICO, AX, BAROC)

  18. Rather than have to think about my crime, I’d prefer to be completely unconscious – MACBETH
    Suits this this lot fine……for even they.”We have nothing to be ashamed of.”..was a sure confession that they understood their blunderbuss plight…..BEST FORGOTTEN.

  19. Fa real doa….I can’t believe these people tek this smooth sailing country and PLUNGE IT DOWN IN THE DOLDRUMS……Oh bell ring fast.

  20. Mr. Sinckler…tomorrow we look forward to something ….real tangible relief if you please….. for the nxt 6 months before you and the cohorts bade us farewell….please don’t serve up no blackbird soup or seek to find money to pay for the just concluded Rio de Janerio fiasco.$275,076.13..the worlds most irresponsible retreat for a PM and samba dancing entourage…SEND US A FAREWELL BUDGET…that this DLP blunderama may not be remembered as the worst Jack Kenny Benny act we the unfaired CLICO pensioners have ever seen…..and a Gran Finale to the King Alibaba and all his entrails….we look forward…

  21. @ old onion bags | June 25, 2012 at 4:58 PM |

    The buffoon Sinckler will do anything tomorrow to win back the government. He would even give away the treasury to trick stupid Bajans into voting DLP. Only problem is that if by chance (1 out of 280,000) that the DLP wins with Stuart as PM, buffoon Sinckler would be relegated to the backbench. But Sinckler is also hoping for a DLP victory so that he can gather his “Eager 11” and march to Government House with a huge contingent behind to have himself declared PM. He, Sinckler, is quite au fait with this kind of backstabbing since he saw it played out in 1987 with Cammie taking Sandie to Government House with a few henchmen to have Mr. Lump it or Leave declared PM thereby cutting Richie’s political throat. The reason why Stuart put the current goal keeper in bars is to stop such coups. The buffoon’s goose is well cooked. This strategy would not repeat itself. If there is no patching up of differences between Estwick and Stuart the Country could really end up in such an awful predicament as to witness Jepter Ince, Mr. Physical Deficit, anointed Minister of Finance.

  22. Where have all the young men gone
    Long time pasting
    Where have all the great men gone
    Long Long ago…

    Boy fa real….this crop of DLP gren horns…..is a miracle we did not have more problems. As a recap…pick any month and do a search on BU….your head would grow….

  23. Now that the Dr. Hon Owen Arthur (will be installed soon ,mark) has signalled his intentions…Barbados up shoite creek wid no paddle just waddles…once more the only viable solution is now loss …that was here to get us out this mess….we shall soon be payin dearly…

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