The CLICO Saga About To Take A New Twist

The CLICO mess thickens

The following has been delivered from a usual reliable BU source. BU has taken the decision to publish in the interest of pursuing transparency  and truth in what can be labelled The CLICO Mess.

It has become public knowledge that the Judicial Management team has compiled its Report on the CLICO matter. However, BU has been alerted that this Report might not see the light of day because of a very fundamental legal obstacle. It has become known to Mr Parris’ legal advisers that one of the Managers charged with the production of the said said Report pursuant to the work it has been doing is MR PATRICK TOPPIN .

This is a very significant fact. Mr Toppin was a former employee of CLICO  until he was DISMISSED  by the Company then under the management of Mr Parris . It has also become known that there was a subsequent legal battle between the two. The informed view now being expressed is that against this background, Mr Toppin should have recused himself from acting as an official in ANYTHING to do with CLICO far more to act as a member of a judicial management team which could possibly pass judgment on the company . We have been advised that at the heart of the matter is the requirement for any such body like the Judicial Management team to observe the RULES OF NATURAL JUSTICE ; the particular rule being the RULE AGAINST BIAS .

Coming at this stage of the CLICO investigations, this revelation is of immense significance ; we have been advised that Mr Parris is instructing a team of competent lawyers who are well capable of exploiting this obvious oversight . Maybe the Judicial Manager Toppin in his zeal to get back at Parris , with whom we are told he had a very bitter relationship , did not instruct his legal advisers properly , because they could not possibly have slipped up on such a basic point to the extent that  would have allowed them to sanction his participation as a judicial manager . However, it does appear now that the work of the Management team will come up against a major legal hurdle . The public is advised to keep a close watch for further developments .

151 thoughts on “The CLICO Saga About To Take A New Twist

  1. @ David
    Another question is what if Toppin revealed the interest he had as a receiver of Plantations. should he have been allowed to proceed as JM in this matter?

    Think it was someone who raised last night Toppin’s accounting body’s (ACCA,CGA) ethical requirements of placing one self in questionable positions that involved fraudulent activities…(was it me yes). Accountants are required to avoid such, as may lead to punishable consequences.

    The legal fraternity also knows, what should be and what not….some professional people like they slipped up badly….(purposely ?)

    They should be made to repay all fees and relevant bodies informed.

  2. @ ac
    No charges were pinned to arthur and neither was DT or his law firm charged with any wrong doing.

    Not yet….

  3. The fact that GOVERNMENT SENATOR Peter Gilkes is the one seeking to discredit Toppin speaks volumes. The fact that the Ministry of Finance and the Office of Supervisor of Insurance had been notified of Toppin’s past relationship also shouts volumes. Deloitte seems prepared to fight. Seems like there’s much more to come out of the mortar.

    Ya fighting a lost cause on this one. Ya may argue legally but politically, ya wasting time. This alone, without any other issues, is enough to sink the DLP if prosecuted in the court of public opinion effectively.

    FS should have rung the bell earlier. give him some more recovery time. Hindsight better than 20/20.

  4. @ac | February 24, 2012 at 11:38 AM |
    “No charges were pinned to arthur and neither was DT or his law firm charged with any wrong doing. BTW wasn,MIA the lone vocal voice on the CLICO issue when the others in the BLP was distantancing themselves from her.”

    ac,True to form, You are one big lousy LIAR. When MIA made her most devastating speech on the CLICO matter, she was doing so, along with other BLP colleagues, on the platform of the BLP at a large Eagle Hall meeting.

    AT that time she spoke about the almost MILLION DOLLAR CHEQUE made to a Company called BRANLEE, of which I think DAVID THOMPSIN was a director, and she also spoke about that property in Martins Bay purchased for cash in the names of MARA and FAY (The Wives)

  5. When I read this sordid episode I think of Frank and Jesse James and their robbery of decent little women and I remember Jesse asking a ‘man’ who robbing this train ? You or Jesse? I remember AL Capone and Scarface Nelson and I think that these may more compassion than the present hoodlums. The continuous and repeated rape of the innocent is tear wrenching and to think that some would feel constrain to defend them is pathetic. This goes beyond politics , this is about decency and good taste. What you do to the least of these my brethren you do it unto me. To many decent poor citizens have invested their monies in this firm to be treated like this . This is an abomination and should be condemned by all Bajans irrespective of class creed or colour. We need justice in this world. I say let the beneficiaries pay . The queen should show empathy to the commoners and dole out some of the largesse.Think on these things

  6. no technicality can change the perception of the bajan public, when an accused can’t face a matter and look for legal ways out, shows some level of guilt. Quite recently, we had the situation with the AX school, and the principal was bold enough to tell his accusers, “BRING IT ON,” to date nothing substancial has been brought forward, why can Parris an Company also say ” BRING IT ON.” As far as the BIPA is concerned, they did not appoint the members of the JM, therefore, they should not be the losers, hence, they are still entitled to payment. If they is nothing to hide, why can’t the executives of Clico come forward and clear the air . The end to this is still a distance off, and it can get more nasty, the longer it takes, the closer it gets to the next general elections and the more dirt the opposition has to throw at the DLP. This government is playing right into the ARMS of the BLP, they tried using poor Peter Gilkes as the informant but the pig has long gotten out of the bag.It’s like saying, it’s not that I didn’t do the crime, but you can’t witness against me because we don’t speak.

  7. Thius is leading right to the numerous full page , centre fold, half page, and endless electronic ads that the DLP were given in the campaigning leading up to the last elections. No wonder they can’t get sponsorship now. The public of barbados didn’t realise they might have been paying for those ads. THIS IS SINFUL

  8. @Caswell,

    Wasn’t Frank Alleyne appointed to the Board to represent Government’s interests, after the company got into problems? Didn’t he resign soon after?

    There would be a potential conflict if the FSC had to deal with something that occurred during the time he was on the Board, but other than that what is the problem?

  9. Is Professor Alleyne also the chairman of the FSC? How is the FSC going to investigate according to the JM’s recommendation when Professor Alleyne is its chairman?
    Oh what a web!!

  10. Just heard a news item on the VOB 4:30 news . It would appear that there was no effort by any Court Marshall to serve a document on Mr Leroy Parris as was alleged by Today’s Weekend Nation. The insinuation being conveyed by the Nation’s story is that Mr Parris , in an effort to avoid being served with court process , might have been hiding out somewhere out of the reaches of the Marshalls who were ” searching up to last night ” trying to find him . A lawyer has complained that the man has been going about his business as usual and no attempt was made to serve him with any process at his house or anywhere for that matter. Have we seen yet another instance of gross unprofessional misconduct being played out by the Nation? Are objective persons going to allow this to go without protest? Does Mr Parris not have an entitlement to be protected from this smear campaign? It would seem that our Courts are going to be very busy in a little while from now.

  11. Truthman why are trying to give credit to a party which showed little or no interest into the fall of clico and the devastaing effects on the policy holders . MIA was the only one who took a bold stance

  12. Dear ac
    With some remorse, I draft the eulogy of your doomed party and of the now inevitable trek to the wilderness. Sad as it may be, you are now looking at 14 more years of a life of sucking salt and a no further feasting on the FATTED CALF. Lichorishness (pardon the bajan) has brought about gout and has done you all in . A frenzy of GREED permeated the party as the then leader showed by example what lengths it was intended to perpetrate.Party Party Party, All “Hail a Grey Goose” a regular call after many a football match.

    Could one have been that daff to believe, the possibility of exposure being that remote or the present wouldcould never happen ? A better and more realistic proposition would be that of blinded by the sweet life. Millions for FAMILY FIRST,the true signature, of a king , rule and rule well spreading of largesse to only loyal subjects.May be it was a bewitching by LeBoy and the Godfather, that they were true, true (quoting the Market Vendor) >>GORILLA_PHANTS and nothing or nobody nowhere can touch this Caribbean Mafia.
    Be it as it may, EL party is doomed to a premature end, leaving a trail of wrecked pensioned lives and livelihoods, the results of selfishness and malfeasance.

  13. @ An Observer.. | February 24, 2012 at 5:02 PM |
    It” would appear that there was no effort by any Court Marshall to serve a document on Mr Leroy Parris as was alleged by Today’s Weekend Nation.”

    A question for you, Sir or Madam: Is there an actual document to be served on the man? If so, why aren’t the marshalls making any effort to serve it if the man’s whereabouts are known or can be established? What is the delay? Aren’t they being paid by taxpayers to work efficiently?

    What kind of backwater place is Barbados coming to? Are you sympathetic to the “no effort” approach to serve the Court document?

  14. @observer
    I applaud your constant call for restraint and objectivity, but reality (and to some extent you) have shown us that appearances often and almost always hold more weight than proof. Also, if the eager 11 was anything to go by, we know what to expect from the Nation’s reporting.

    I look forward to your comments about the substantive issue(s) underlying this saga when the legality and technicalities are removed.

  15. @ old onion bags | February 24, 2012 at 5:33 PM |

    Why not call for a petition for the resignation of the queen and the return of the ill-gotten gains stashed away by the late King in order to help the unfortunate CLICO pensioners and the persons with life insurance, even if not the speculative investors in the EFPA’s?

    Under the traditions of the Westminster form of governance it would be expected that a scandal of such infelicitous proportions would trigger an immediate resignation.
    Or maybe this is Freundel’s way of getting back at a specific number in the gang of eleven. Naming and shaming by association!

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  17. @ miller
    Why not call for a petition for the resignation of the queen and the return of the ill-gotten gains stashed away by the late King ”

    I am all ears……but you may have today also moved a little too close to that bottle of The Grey……I doubt the Mona Lisa would even bother to fart at your proposition.

  18. HARTLEY HENRY???? THE KINGMAKER and QUEENMAKER HAS RESURFACED!!! He is at this moment being afforded far more minutes on CBC (Colossal Bull Crap) DLP TV, than our country’s Official Opposition can ever hope to achieve. I heard him being described today on VOB NEWS, as the Political Strategist for The Democratic Labour Party.

    Is Henry still actually the political advisor for the DEMONS, (shortened form) …. DEMS? I thought that Freundel had fired him. I hope he is still not receiving that $155,000.00 annual salary that the departed one organised for him! Yoiu all remember that when THOMPSIN turned up at Bay Street for his first day of work as P.M, Hartley was already there sitting in the PM’s chair!

    I wonder what Hartley saying now after the JM’S exposures of all this villainy and greed. Uh can’t help but wonder about that when I recall that tearful eulogy at Kensington Oval, gushing with praise, plaudit and honour for a man, who all along, was seemingly, in cohoots with GreenVerbs et al, stashing away real loot!

    BUT WAIT!!!!, Here comes the QUEEN NOW! We know the Earl of Wessex in town, but here is the real queen of St.John!! SHE ON Prime Time CBC DLP TV TOO!! Somebody like dey spray the woodwork that all of these creatures suddenly crawling out?

    WAIT SOME MORE COMING! CBC now , at last, mention something about the hottest topic in town. They just announced that LEROY’S lawyer has denied that Mr. GREENVERBS is hiding from the court marshalls.

    WHEWW! Just had to type real fast to keep up with that flurry of news about missing personalities.

  19. HARTLEY, where you been man?? Can I hear something from you about the REAL THOMPSIN, the one for whom you have been desperately trying to create a legacy? WHAT YOU GINE DO AND SAY NOW? You gine help the Queen again in Sin John, and what will be your strategy when FUDDLE STROKE call de snap election?

    Lemma hear from yuh man. Glad to see yuh pun TV, but I already know your story about your stint at your alma mater St.George Secondary. Don’t want that story again. We want to hear you on THOMPSIN!

  20. @onions
    Man, I give you too much credit – of course you cannot literally prosecute a dead man- ya joker!
    My statement yesterday was to reinforce the point that as you wallow in your speculation and innuendo,you will spend the next 10 months “prosecuting” or cussing (if you prefer the vernacular) the late PM in the court of public opinion as you do morning ,noon and night on this blog, you are the judge, jury and executioner.
    According to you and the other Affa minions there really is no need to investigate anything further- You have already made uo your minds on everything and anything. You ready to condemn anybody or anything associated with the DLP –
    As you continue your daily quest see if you can bring the spineless poor excuse of an opposition leader to take the lead on this matter.
    Keep shouting because the best voice the BLP had in this fight has been silenced. The DLP might ultimately have to thank Payne , Marshall and the other backstabbers for bringing back Affa because the thiings that MIA could have said on this issue, Affa cant say without being laughed at from St. Lucy to St. Philip- Why you think he so quiet- I hear that he at the Pegasus in Jamaica ,any truth to that?

  21. Wait Bajan …who write THIS for you. ? Come clean…cuz you could not have gone school in a day and learn all these BIG WORDS…like discredit, and wallow and speculation and innuendo,…….this coming from a man who wanted to prosecute the dead is a major achievement……. and now, to try to ridicule poor ole onions ….the ethicist…Oh losss man…lemme get a glass of water and my glasses and read some more…Oh boy !

  22. OSA is true to the goldenrule “silence is golden” anything that might implicate him in wrong doing he would say nothing about. it is astounding that when MIA was day after day talking about CLICO he said very little words to support her i always found that strange. But as the story unravels one would be surpurised or maybe not as to how much campaign money was funnelled into the BLP for the past 14 years by Clico Lerroy Parris has become the fall guy but there is a lot of dots that need and will be connected in the weeks and months ahead.

  23. Bajanfuhlife i feel your pain. you get hit with a rock and don’t know what to do?

    if i was telling the BLP what to do, i would tell them don’t have nothing to say on the matter. the facts are coming out slowly but surely.

    i wonder if it is so that FS will ring the bell in June?

  24. @ ac
    Hi gf, cant find the regular of you but while ya here…
    I have noticed of recent that you and the school boy, (Bajan) have seemingly tagged up and taken a liking to attacking poor ole onions in tandem. I have no problem, especially when 1 +1 = 1…..What I have also noticed as well, is your acquiring the bad habits of using his vernacular” AFFA” as well now regular fibbings instead of speaking the truth.
    Need I remind you that your party the DLP is (all but now destroyed, internally as well as externally)…. due to the potent news of the recent association of your once king to money laundering and racketeering of pensioners’ savings.
    Rather than attacking the old onions, don’t you think that time may be better spent taking your sidekick Bajan aside, and teaching him a few courses in voodoo economics to which you subscribe… you also could, while you at it ..stop calling out OAS every chance you get like a witch hunt horn blower proffering nothings to nobodies..
    Take my but humble advice, when one is but holding on to the ropes, one should lay silent to avoid further head blows.
    Think of these things.

  25. Hey Bajan Fa ?
    While ya in this blog….Truthman
    ONIONS, muh boy, man you is one serious dude! Yuh got me laughing “till ah cry! “carry the Constabulary wid handcuffs to the tomb up in St.John Church Yard” and “cuz he musse smell like D cost of living ..”

    Wait Bajan, the teacher talk to you dis morning right ?……bout the nonsense you did talking ? She name ac right ?

  26. old onion bags wrote “Need I remind you that your party the DLP is (all but now destroyed, internally as well as externally)”

    It will take a lot more to destroy a political party in Barbados.

    It is the good fortune of the BLP that the voting public will be distracted by the Clico scandal.

    There will be no Dictatorship in Barbados. The DLP will fight the next election with a cohesive team and the people will exercise their democratic right to decide which party will win.

  27. Quoting David
    OH Hants…..”You too partisan ” ……and this scandal just amplifies the nonsense we in Barbados were occasioned….(you in Cdn)…so ole friend this Clico scandal like the Alexandra scandal….like the next upcoming scandal ( what ever that is ) is just a manifestation of the DLP……they don’t need any help at self imploding…..You’ve been just need to sit back and watch them…..square pegs in round holes

  28. This entire CLICO fiasco, deceitful rangglings. etc, etc, can only be understood, at the CORE* of mankinds ‘corrupt’ heart, which our Creator, Almighty God speaks to in Jeremiah 17:9

    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

    World English Bible

    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt: who can know it?” (Jer/ 17:9)

    Young’s Literal Translation

    “Crooked is the heart above all things, And it is incurable — who doth know it?”
    (Jer. 17:9)

    Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

    “The train of thought is apparently this: If the man is so blessed Jeremiah 17:7-8 who trusts in Yahweh, what is the reason why men so generally “make flesh their arm”? And the answer is: Because man’s heart is incapable of seeing things in a straightforward manner, but is full of shrewd guile, and ever seeking to overreach others.”

    Desperately wicked – Rather, mortally sick.
    Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

    “The heart is deceitful – עקב הלב akob halleb, “the heart is supplanting – tortuous – full of windings – insidious;” lying ever at the catch; striving to avail itself of every favorable circumstance to gratify its propensities to pride, ambition, evil desire, and corruption of all kinds.”

    “And desperately wicked – ואנש הוא veanush hu, and is wretched, or feeble; distressed beyond all things, in consequence of the wickedness that is in it.”

    “Who can know it? – It even hides itself from itself; so that its owner does not know it. A corrupt heart is the worst enemy the fallen creature can have; it is full of evil devices, – of deceit, of folly, and abomination, and its owner knows not what is in him till it boils over, and is often past remedy before the evil is perceived. Therefore trust not in man whose purposes are continually changing, and who is actuated only by motives of self-interest.”

  29. “The DLP will fight the next election with a cohesive team”

    when i read stuff like this, it tells me you don’t have a clue what is going. these guys are planning against each other like it was the BLP. Hants you have no idea how much damage some of those people are willing to do to get the power they want.

    and they don’t care if they cause the DLP to lose the next election once they could get them hands on the leader role.

    you really have no idea and it truly sad.

  30. Quoting An Observer at 5:02 “A lawyer has complained that the man has been going about his business as usual and no attempt was made to serve him with any process at his house or anywhere for that matter”

    Lawyers say many things on behalf of thier clients. We are under no obligation to believe the lawyer, nor his client.

    I don’t believe this lawyer.

  31. More to come… when all the information is out about all the trouble a certain Prime Minister getting from all the dishonest people inside the camp…and how much money those fat cats got in de bank — at that stage they won’t even be a party… and a lot of people real, real quiet. Lord help us!

  32. @ An Observer

    Maybe the Nation likes the idea of rushing to the public; but it is factual that Leroy Paris should be relaxing in jail for the rest of his life. I wish you knew half of it but I know that one day is coming soon.

  33. @An Observer.. | February 24, 2012 at 6:54 AM. “You are obviously learned in the law”.

    You may be correct. Therefore, lassuming that you are correct, et me say that the Pinochet case has nothing to do with it. I am well familiar with the Pinochet case in which Lord Hoffmann failed to advise the Court that his wife was an officer of Amnesty International (which was deemed to have an interest in the outcome). Pinochet lodged his objection within one week of the House of Lords panel of judges having been announced. On behalf of the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords, Lord Browne-Wilkinson vacated the decision (rendered within DAYS, not years and decades like the Barbados courts) which was then referred to another panel, with effectively the same result.

    The salient point as to why the Pinochet case is not relevant here, lies in the fact that, by timely objection to the panel on the basis of conflict of interest, Pinochet could not be accused of excessive delay in asserting his rights. CLICO and Parris CAN!

    Further, An Observer, your information on laches is not correct. I find the definition provided by Wikipedia to be full and accurate and recommend it to you and whichever “legal” practitioner advised you. And to that “legal” practitioner, I can also recommend a few refresher courses in law, which I urge them to take as quickly as possible.

    “Laches ( /ˈlætʃɨz/; f. French, lâchesse, lâches) is an “unreasonable delay pursuing a right or claim…in a way that prejudices the [opposing] party”. When asserted in litigation, it is an equitable defense, or doctrine. The person invoking laches is asserting that an opposing party has “slept on its rights,” and that, as a result of this delay, circumstances have changed such that it is no longer just to grant the plaintiff’s original claim. Put another way, failure to assert one’s rights in a timely manner can result in a claim’s being barred by laches. Laches is a form of estoppel for delay. In Latin, Vigilantibus non dormientibus æquitas subvenit. Equity aids the vigilant, not the sleeping ones (that is, those who sleep on their rights).”

    So whether anyone worked for CLICO or was fired by Parris or not, is completely irrelevant. The fact that CLICO and Parris knew full well for many months the composition and members of the commission and the fact that the commission was in full operation, means that CLICO and Parris are estopped due to laches and acquiescence from seeking now to complain of a conflict of interest.

    Pinochet did not sleep on his rights. Parris and CLICO did!

  34. @Onions -“The ethicist” – you – cuh dear
    Then the “ethicist” and the spineless poor excuse of an opposition leader need an exorcist.

    @David (not BU) – I also feel your pain as your party leader cannot join you and cannot be seriously brought before the public as a credible alternative on this topic. He is in hiding,poor fella!

    Onions,Thompson gone and you have already cast your verdict and no amount of investigation will be of importance or make a difference to you and the BLP bloggers.
    But after your daily lambasting of the dead man, you must still show the way forward and how your candidate will be the first to put all the necessary regulations and integrity legislation in place regarding disclosure , etc.
    He has a record – Freundel – Did not enact Integrity legislation in 16 months as PM.
    AFFA – did not enact Integrity legislation in 160 MONTHS as PM with large Parliamentary majorities(26-2).The man does not care about that!plain and simple!
    Where is the credible alternative?.
    . Day after day , you will continue and the man that you are pushing as the alternative must remain silent. This is truly astounding onions- Remember the attacks on the current PM for not engaging on major issues. What is the difference here?
    Is this not a major issue for you!
    Where is Sanka Price and Patsy Hoyos and the other choir members pushing him to speak? Surely they and Albert Brandford cannot do all the shooting on this one.
    Affa aint saying nuttin,Affa aint saying nuttin.- Mr. Affa- give us hope that you will “restore integrity” but alas nothing because he has no plans to address this topic.
    Maybe ladies and gentlemen when all is said and done- maybe, just maybe people have realised that if it is integrity we want we need to keep Affa out of Illaro Court.
    Identifying the problem is one thing- finding the correct solution is another.

  35. @ Bajan Fa undertaking

    Wait all this coming from so early from a man who did wanna prosecute D dead.?….stupesss, I gine and get my cup of Tea Tea…stupeeess doah pay he nah mind ….so early in the morning

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