Factors Compromising The Growth Of The Economy

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

The PDC believes 'economics' has been made to be politically inverted and denuded by economists

Some months ago, in a PDC article on this BU blog site, we had promised that, in a later article – we would expound on the proposition that  the Agriculture Sector, the Manufacturing Sector, the Construction Sector, the Freight  Sector (which is the corollary of the Material Sectors), and any relevant sub/Sectors, are the ONLY sectors to have ever been constituting the political economy of Barbados; and that the Tourism Sector, the Financial Sector, the Government Sector, the Public Transportation Sector, the Wholesale Retail and Distribution Sector (which is distinct from the Freight Sector),  and any other relevant sub/Sectors, are NEVER  and have NEVER been sub/Sectors forming  part of the political economy of this country.

In addition to examining those propositions, we had also promised, at that same time, to look at some of the adverse implications of these circumstances for the integrity and functioning of the said political economy of Barbados, and for the further  growth and development of the country – given that – over the last 30 years or so – more and more of the nation’s resources and assets, and more and more of the skills and services of the multitudes of people in Barbados have been devoted towards those sub/ Sectors that do NOT form part of the local political economy .

So, such are the motivations for this present article!!!

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6 thoughts on “Factors Compromising The Growth Of The Economy

  1. There ain’t many people that can mean fully respond to this article…..Notwithstanding, we in Barbados have temporarily forgotten what is GROWTH is or looks like…its been that long. It’s the silly season so , pardon the expression” Buster”,….. certain people going be spending this year, like crazy…on signs, car parks,BNB manufacturing banks,offices, and the like. Growth fa now is a non issue.
    Operation : off load ..instead in full effect.

  2. Accepting that economics is a ‘soft’ science the issue must be how we efficiency allocate resources. One cannot help but wonder we are going with the flow.

  3. Nice rhetorical question David. I don’t think anyone really does at this juncture. Herein lies the problems when facing national challenges. What’s the vision, what’s the why, what’s the purpose? Plasters won’t work when bandages may be needed. Doing the expected and predictable won’t work when the whole status quo has changed. Kudos to Jamaica for not persisting with expectations and hope and instead tackling the issue head on. Let the chips fall where they may.

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