The Method of Taxation, An Illegal Undertaking By Government

Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Flashback to The PDC demonstrating outside BL&P

Having in the last PDC submission illuminated, to some extent, the close relationships between the Taxation policy of the government, and the financial policy of both the government and the financial private sector in Barbados, we now take this opportunity to use this column, this time around, to effect the five following goals.

  1. To state categorically that government CANNOT TAX money (only INCOMES, PAYMENTS, TRANSFERS)
  2. To prove once again that there are many fundamental differences between money and nominal income, nominal wages, etc
  3. To attempt to convince as many people as possible in Barbados that there are definite casual relationships between TAXATION policy and increased mass suffering and misery that is taking place among the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country.
  4. To show once again that inflation is a bogus false economic concept
  5. To give BU visitors and readers and some members of the Barbadian electorate another opportunity to gain a little more insight and understanding of the very profound rationalizations and syncretisations behind this very liberating powerful political philosophy of NO-TAXATION

Under this virtually centralized nominal TAXATION process in Barbados the government of Barbados CANNOT TAX money – coins, bills, and cards. It cannot therefore TAX 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 5 dollars, 10 dollars, 20 dollars, 50 dollars, 100 dollars, either in themselves or altogether.

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  • LOL…am I alone in not being able to follow this? But would someone please tell me their thoughts on how government is ringing the changes still on the Canadian import, the Occupational Pension Benefits Act 2003, nearly one year after that Act came into force. Does the Minister actually understand it? Does the Financial Services Commission understand it? Do ‘big’ employers like UWI understand it. They all SAY that you can ONLY have 25% of a lump sum pension and that the rest must be put into an annuity..yet the Act doesn’t say that at all. It seems like the biggest con ever.


  • This is just heart-breaking in too many ways. It’s frankly sickening to watch the owner of a Bajan blog encourage and give public space to people who are continuing to hurt themselves so publicly. Shame on you, blog-master. Shame on you.


  • St George's Dragon

    A ridiculous article.
    Sadly, we will probably never know what the PDC is really trying to say. And I honestly do think its sad that we are unable to understand what one of the political parties in this country stands for.


  • Lets Forward with Jah Orthodox
    and get of the Income Tax
    Come lets stone the Devil
    Chase him on the level
    Lick him with a Pebble


  • @ PDC
    Would you also offer tax shelters at 0% for non bajans / non citizens
    no questions asked


  • @David
    I bet this probably is a new form of ergonomics from the era of the is the sure way to start total confusion in time for the return of the spirit of Zuekeldon, the orphaned son of Mazethtu. This scroll was probably unearth by a member of the PDC while on a visit to the South American Continent. Like David( who saw it fit to slot in) we are all ears Commandante Eureka.Maybe at least we can learn the significance of Dec.21.2012.
    And no bones about it. No C words either….


  • One more data point re. Miller


  • David / robert ross;
    Perhaps I’ve missed something important. Is there a proposal to force pensioners to put 75% of their gratuities in annunuities like the CLICO efpas?

    Where can I get the information on it?


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