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Submitted by The Peoples Democratic Congress (PDC)

PDC wants to be the voice of the people

The truth is that from time to time in Barbados as many as a hundred and fifty persons on average could physically come the PDC over any six month period wanting to know what manner of governmental system will replace TAXATION, whenever a PDC Government goes ahead and abolishes it.

And, so keen are these individuals on seeking out knowledge on this philosophy, that they – during the course of discussing with us this very fundamental question of the ABOLITION OF TAXATION – go on to pose several other related questions, like, how will the police, nurses, doctors etc. will be paid??

Sad thing, though, is that on innumerable occasions owing to the shortness of length of these discussions, the PDC is only able to little explain to some of them, the strategies and policies that will directly and indirectly make up such a governmental financial system.

On many other occasions, too, during the course of these said discussions, our party has had to direct many people, once they have internet access, to this BU blog site to read, as much as possible, the relevant articles and submissions that have so far been submitted to BU on this philosophy.

We are in fact satisfied that whenever a lot of them do report to us later on they say they would have gone on this blog site, and would have had a better understanding and acceptance of this philosophy.

But, the truth too is that only recently (as many as three weeks ago in Bridgetown) a seemingly very commonsensical, middle aged man on being asked by the PDC to tell us what happens to the relevant PORTIONS of his income after THE GOVERNMENT has wickedly stolen those portions of his income, responded nonchalantly that they are put to use by the government to PAY FOR THE BUILDING OF ROADS, BRIDGES, TO PAY FOR DOCTORS, NURSES, TEACHERS services, etc.

Pressed by the PDC to immediately provide evidence to back up his claim, or to provide an answer as to whether he or any one else could trace these portions of income after they were seized as TAXES, he could only answer in the negative, since he or nobody else would not know where they were and neither could they trace such.

Well, our response to him was that no one could provide any evidence of where those portions of his income were that were STOLEN as TAXES, since no one could never ever know where they were ( once they became part of the TAXATION system), and more so since a SICK, WICKED CULTURE OF LIES may suffice as to prevent some persons ( TAX VICTIMS and others) from knowing the TRUTH; that when these said portions of income became controlled by government, they so-called became government income, revenue, etc. ( what foolish trash), when in truth and in fact they are government and private records, receipts, bills that will clearly show, on the whole, that those portions of income that were stolen by the government had long existed as personal corporate income, payments, transfers right up to the time when, in retrospect, those said persons, corporations and others, were handing over those portions of their incomes to the government.

As such these natural and legal persons are simply to be seen as collecting actual monies to provide MONETARY BACKING for government’s check-writing exercises, and are to be seen as collecting and handing over such monies, under the entire FALSE pretence that they were so-called paying TAXES ( as if they were paying for a bottle of wine at a drinks store).

What another way for local economists in particular to continue to hoodwink our people into believing such trash!!!!

Anyhow, the focus of this particular article is to present theoretic and philosophic evidence in support of the above and other logical argumentation, THAT INCOME, ONCE STOLEN BY THE GOVERNMENT IN TAXES, IS NEVER PUT TO ANY USES WHATSOEVER ( we are about helping to destroy this diabolical myth once and for all), and to provide another ideological platform from which to CONVINCE AS MANY VOTERS in Barbados as possible, that with all of the information that the PDC has been assembling and providing to the electorate so far, the more the latter must come to the realization that the PDC is steadfast in establishing and firming up its policy on the ABSOLUTE REMOVAL OF TAXATION from the political landscape of this country, so that thousands upon thousands of people will become freed from this evil scourge of TAXATION.

But before we actually delve into the crux of the article we must commend the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry for conjuring up a duty-free Day last Friday, and, too, we must applaud the great number of people for their overwhelming customer response to it. That BCCI initiative showed, et al, how inept and backward BLP/DLP governments have been in relationship to the latter’s persistence with what are clearly failed TAXATION policies. The big response from the customers also greatly showed, et al, how much customers of goods and services in Barbados desire RELIEF from this evil and wicked TAXATION process in Barbados.

Nominal income is the digitized, divisible property value of a person, a business, or any other relevant entity. It comes about as a result of such a person, business, entity, etc. taking money/value and investing it into any business venture, such that at the same time of or after this initial investment, there is the constant exchanging of portions of the initial investment money value for resources, assets, etc. – some of which too once used for resale in the wider market exchange environment will bring about income revenue for the person, business, entity, etc.

That is the only form of productive income (other than where a person(s) use(s)  their talent(s) to sing, act, paint, etc. in order to earn income.
A nominal payment is another digitized, divisible property value of a person, business or any other relevant entity. It is given by a business, government, etc. to a worker of that business, to a worker of that government,  as a result of the person, business, etc. helping to provide value-able commercial, administrative, social, or welfare goods and services to the person, business, or government. A nominal payment is paid out of business revenue, TAXATION PROCEEDS, loans, or grants.

A nominal transfer is another form of digitized, divisible property value. It is given by a person, business, or government, to another person, or to a worker of a business, or to a worker of government. It comes about as a result of work or business having been done by a worker of that business, or a person or business having done business for government. It is also given in circumstances where the recipient(s) is (are) the primary beneficiary (ies) of a social welfare program, a national/sub-national strategic policy initiative of a person, business, government, etc.

Therefore such revenue, wages, subsidies, grants are based on agreements entered into beforehand by the contracting parties who are either based here or outside of the country. They are also expressed in money or check terms. The major difference between revenue, wages, subsidies and grants, is that whereas revenue is earned, private sector wages are liable out of earned income of the business, or from out of loans, or from equity investments; public sector wages are liable out of stolen income (TAXATION), or out of local borrowings or grants from here or overseas; private sector subsidies and grants are given out of earned income from the business, or from out of loans or from out of equity injections; and public sector subsidies and grants are given out of  TAXATION PROCEEDS, loans, other local or external subsidies and grants.

Anyhow just as revenues, wages, subsidies, and grants are expressed in money, check terms, etc. or vice-a-versa, to whatever amounts, money, checks, etc. are used  to express digitized, divisible portions of TAXES, or vice-a-versa, to whatever amounts ( except from the point of view of the check process.

However, any amounts of these money values in TAXATION must be backed up by actual money (This is one point where fiscal policy of the government must meet the financial policy of the government and the financial system of Barbados), as that without actual money, there is no nominal TAXATION.

Also, nominal income, payments, transfers come primarily through persons, businesses, the government carrying or electronically transmitting or transferring money value within or without other persons, businesses, government itself and other entities.
So, just as there is no nominal TAXATION without actual money/value, there is no nominal income, payments, transfers, without actual money/value.

So, whereas portions of revenue, wages, subsidies, grants are TAXED, and those values are physically carried or electronically transmitted or transferred to the Treasury or the Central Bank of Barbados by the owners of such TAXED values, it is clear that this only happens under the threat of political legal sanction being used by the government against the owners.

The truth is that from time immemorial money has been around and shall be around until the death of this commercial system – which means that the concept of nominal income, payments, transfers, have been developed by Europeans to make it easier for governments following this European tradition to mainly ROB, STEAL portions of those personal, corporate incomes, payments, transfers (nominal), constantly consistently wickedly with what TAXATION systems have been known by many people across the world to have been over the years, ideologically, philosophically, psychologically, politically, sociologically (Say, from European Monarchs and Emperors of old forcing so-called subjects and so-called enslaved to work for them and forcing them to hand over crops to them in exchange for security etc.)
So, by putting more and more actual money into the financial system in Barbados, government’s primary aim is to ROB/STEAL more portions of the nominal income, payments, transfers of persons businesses and other entities in this country (given that these joke  BLP/DLP Governments are not able to do like those said old Monarchs and Emperors, and ROB and STEAL some of the productive value of the broad masses and middle classes of people of Barbados).

But, since every bit of money CANNOT be traced to the individual/enterprise that would have handed over such to the government ( as a devilish function of wicked evil TAXATION), even though they would have been stored temporarily, generally speaking, in the treasury of the government of Barbados, to be later used for whatever purposes within the money system, it still yet means that real theoretical numbers must be given and times recorded and names placed alongside the amounts of actual money/value ( EXPRESSED AS BUT NOT BEING THE SAME AS INCOME, PAYMENTS, TRANSFERS)  that would have been handed over to the Treasury by those persons/businesses and other entities.

So, what this information will definitely evince is the extent to which this so many people, businesses and other entities have been STOLEN FROM/ROBBED by the government, and, more so, the extent to which money is circulated among a given number of those same entities at given times in this country, sufficient for them to help provide for more criminal TAXATION in Barbados.

However, too, what this information will convey is that NO PART OF ANY PERSONS, WORKERS, BUSINESSES, ENTITIES’, nominal wages, income, transfers, is actually PUT TO USE BY THE GOVERNMENT, given that the amount of money value that is handed over to the government, is indeed actual money/value ( NOT ANY PORTIONS OF INCOME, PAYMENTS, TRANSFERS). This is so primarily because it is normal for actual money to run, so to speak, parallel to nominal income, payments and transfers, overall, and to those portions of income, payments, transfers that have been actually stolen by the government.

Furthermore, no one has does, or will ever know whether it is the same money (actual) that is being used by the same or different persons, businesses and other entities, to REPRESENT nominal income, payments, and transfers – countless portions of which will time and time again be stolen by government to so-called settle 5, 10, 15 or how many different amounts of TAXES that have at whatever times been imposed by government on those persons, businesses and other entities.

Since, it is almost impossible for persons to see the government SPENDING ACTUAL MONEY/VALUE ( REALLY IT IS!!) – which is a point where government fiscal policy comes close to but does not touch the financial policy of the financial system),, and since it is a fact that the fact the government DOES NOT PUT TO USE ACTUAL MONEY FOR THE PURPOSE OF GENERATING INCOME FOR ITSELF – these scenarios do provide greater indications that actual money is MAINLY there to be used by the personal, household, the financial and non-financial private sectors, and NOT by the government sector, even though this latter  sector benefits directly and indirectly from its uses by many others.

Furthermore, it is manifestly clear that, given that the government HARDLY makes use of actual money/value, it has to do 2 main things, as it seeks to or does conduct it general business: (1) it has to go and foolishly borrow local money value from locally based banks, credit unions and other financial institutions in order to clear its debts and those that it has guaranteed ( where it goes and borrows international capital, it does such mainly to boost the foreign reserves); and (2), it has to make sure ( by EVIL WICKED TAXATION) that enough actual money is in the financial system to pay workers, or to remunerate businesses for work or business done.

Hence, when government seeks to illegally violently extract money from the nominal incomes, payments and transfers, ONLY ACTUAL MONEY VALUE goes back to where it is normally stored – in the core financial system – via money/value being deposited via checks, or into bank and credit union accounts.

So, what it must is that the core financial system is where a future PDC Government’s focus will be in relationship to its having to access money/value in order to do government business.

Therefore, a future PDC Government will force the government to make greater use of actual money value within the local financial system; and will force government to make greater use of the functions of money and of the actual money system itself as a means of properly and efficiently growing government business and by extension the business of the country.

Also, no longer will persons, businesses and other entities, generally, in Barbados be forced to collect and hand over actual money to the government, when it is already clear that the government has developed a recent historic tradition of principally dealing with electronic money.

And, no longer will government continue to use checks and such like as a camouflage for NOT earning far greater amounts of its own income.
Finally, such a government will make sure that it makes GREATER PRODUCTIVE USE of the people’s money from out of the core financial system, esp. via the establishment of a NATIONAL NON-REPAYABLE INSTITUTIONAL PRODUCTIVE LOANS SCHEME – which shall make sure that once the government, as well as citizens, businesses and other that qualify, seeks to borrow money/value for productive, public or administrative purposes that it will NOT have repay such money/value – which will be revolutionary approach that will completely REDUCE the debt levels of the Government of Barbados as well.

So, VOTE PDC Next Elections!!!

30 thoughts on “VOTE PDC Next Elections!!!

  1. PDC, if you want anyone other than the inmates of Jenkins to vote for you next time around, you really have to find a way to convey your message.
    If anyone can enlighten me as to what this article means, please tell me.

  2. Did someone say that Maureen speaks only from the perspective of what is a common view but there is no real analysis? I am not a Peter fan or a DLP fan, but I guess judging from the overall morass of CBC any and everything is acceptable.

    • The PDC has been told to keep their submissions to 600-700 words to entertain the interest of the readership but instead Adamson and co prefer to wax lyrically.

      The result and conclusion is that they seem to be thinking more about themselves than the readers in the process.

      What is the sense of writing a submission which will not attract interest?

  3. David? in true politician style, they care about themselves. i think they are well on the way to becoming leaders in this country.

  4. i respect mr commission’s tenacity in trodding a dead horse socialist philosophy in a country where freedom to express one’s views as he is free to express his is entrenched and sacrosant. if he wants to be taken seriously he has to denounce the antiquated communist regime in cubawhich denies their people the same rights of freedom and expression to which mr commissiong is entitled without fear of persecution.

  5. I once saw one of them outside Woolworth they asked why did I not look to carry their essays, so I told them their diatribe is too long, be like USA Today plus they give no viable alternative to taxation – they were annoyed as they started comparing their works to Plato? I have since surrendered questing for logic with them…

  6. IF you come over as sounding foolish would one expect your ideas to sound brillliant. Hell No!! Foolish is as foolish does. The PDC will never be taken seriously, although they have said a few interesting things. if you are able to get to the end of their long whining writing road.

  7. He has not spoken publicly since he was identified as one of the plotters. The only thing he has done is to send the Nation a three page letter. Dont you think that he should have said something after the comments made by the magistrate in the Bjerkham case??

    He should be replaced if truth be told, he is the worse AG in recent memory. There are two names that should have never been on that list……………. his and Ronald Jones’. But there are cliques in the DLP. He belongs to the Donville Inniss clique and he allowed DI to draw him into this mess even though he was kept on as AG by the PM.

    What loyalty?? DLP style!!

  8. @George

    Besides the fact Maureen Holder can be a little verbose at times she came over as well researched and delivered well last night in the humble opinion of the BU household.

  9. “Sad thing, though, is that on innumerable occasions owing to the shortness of length of these discussions, the PDC is only able to little explain to some of them”

    Let me translate: Due to our inability to articulate our views in a manner which producing some semblance of sensibility, we have been unable to physically engage individuals in a lengthy discussion.

  10. David you MUST insist that PDC keeps their submissions to 600-700 words.

    In person PDC/Adamson is a charming fella. But he economic/financial philosophy got ma he’d kafuffle.

  11. Quoting Mario wjo is quoting PDC on | December 30, 2011 at 9:39 AM | “Sad thing, though, is that on innumerable occasions owing to the shortness of length of these discussions, the PDC is only able to little explain to some of them”

    Let me translate: Due to our inability to articulate our views in a manner which producing some semblance of sensibility, we have been unable to physically engage individuals in a lengthy discussion.

    Let me translate further: PDC won’t keep it short and sweet, so people don’t listen.

  12. @Random Thoughts

    Yes we can exercise control but would it not be better if the PDC personnel were to take the feedback from the BU family onboard? Let us hope they make this a New Year resolution.

  13. Wunna ent sure eff PDC ent T Blackett? Dem got problems wid too many words. I ent able to read dis long piece of Cr@#.

  14. While I hope it won’t be too boring for readers who have seen it before, I can’t resist the temptation of re-posting a comment I made in response to a PDC submission last year for the benefit of current readers who are having difficulty in understanding the PDC’s policies.

    “Since PDC refuses to do it, I will do my best to explain some of their announced policies for running the country after they win the next election.

    1. ABOLISH TAXATION. Boy, things gine be sweet. No income tax, no VAT, no road tax, no land tax. Cost of living come down by 50%. Government gine provide all the services, free secondary education, free medicals, fix and build new roads, pay the civil servants by printing money with the new printing press they ordering from the New Nighted States. (How they paying for it explained below).

    2. INTEREST RATES. All interest rates getting abolish. The new interest rate gine be 0%. That mean that when you deposit you savings in the bank, you getting 0% interest rate. But since inflation also getting abolish, that don’t matter. If you borrow money from the bank, they got to charge you 0% interest rate. No, that wrong, if you borrowing money for productive purposes, you getting 0%. Wait, they can’t LEND you money for productive purposes, they have to GIVE it to you. I forget, you don’t have to pay back a loan, (which is really a grant) which you use for productive purposes. Wait, I getting confuse, since nobody aint depositing nuh money in de bank because they getting 0%, the bank aint got no money to lend (give). No,no, no, that wrong, we gine mek them lend (give) their own money. We passing a law for that. Better yet we gine let them import their own printing press from the New Nighted States so they can print their own damn money. Solve that problem.

    Let me skip to number five, since three and four are so simple, any idiot can understand them, and number 5 is really the one that got people confuse.


    Now, dis is de biggie. Doan mind all dem foreign countries wanting to sell we tings in Euros or Pounds Sterling or US Dollars. All o dat we abolishing. Let me explain how it gine work as I promise in Number 1. to tell you. When we order the printing press from the New Nighted States to print the money to run the country and they tell we it cost $250,000 New Nighted States Dollars, we telling dem. “Right, doan tell me no shite, we paying you in Barbados dollars, 250,000 of dem, and if you will wait until after we get the printing press, we will pay you IN CASH. You can’t want it better that dat.”

    You see, We, PDC have all the country problems solve.

    Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!


  15. I don’t think there is much chance of the PDC sweeping to victory in the forthcoming election on the basis that last time they received a total of 45 votes in 2 constituencies.
    Having said that, they can console themselves that Mark Adamson, with 38 votes, got 14 more than David Comissiong.
    Maybe that should entitle Adamson to a weekly column in the Nation and the Advocate!

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  17. Qouting Inkwell “No income tax, no VAT, no road tax, no land tax. Cost of living come down by 50%. Government gine provide all the services, free secondary education, free medicals, fix and build new roads”

    Thanks Inkwell for explaining PDC’s manisfersto.

    I like it, so next election

    I voting PDC, I voting PDC, I voting PDC.

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