The Abolition of TAXATION in Barbados

Mark Adamson, Leader of the PDC

In this week’s PDC article, we continue to provide greater ideological philosophical and practical proof of the Abolition of TAXATION in Barbados, and of the unprecedented substantial growth and development that will be realized in the material production distribution and financial affairs of this country, with the removal of the said TAXATION, and the putting in its place of the right political material social structures and programs that will help to usher in such a magnificent transformation of this Barbados country.

So, we will continue to do what we have been doing in the last two or three PDC article on here, by again employing examples of the operations of this very repugnant cost of use of money variable.

This time, we will show how this variable exposes some of the underlying weaknesses and principles of this Multiplier Effect model that has been used in the so-called economics discipline in Barbados.
The PDC will in this present article use some of the aspects of this same model to show that TAXATION is primarily being used by successive joke DLP/BLP Governments to exercise near totalitarian Bonapartist control over other social groups and peoples in this country, and to show that by exercising such control it is just as fearful of cocaine dealers as much as it fearful of private doctors, lawyers, educators and others achieving a greater level of social market power at its expense in this country.

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