The Letter: A Question Of Honour And Integrity

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The Letter

It is “alleged” that all eleven members had not seen the draft copy and it is speculation to conclude that the members concerned would have signed the final copy.  Therefore, it is not the situation as was reported in the Nation in their report of Sunday December 11, 2011 which stated:

“ELEVEN GOVERNMENT MEMBERS of parliament (MPs)- including seven cabinet ministers – yesterday affixed their signatures to a formal letter and immediately dispatched it to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart requesting an “urgent” audience.”

One could “speculate” that they would have signed because there was a conversation but that is just “speculation” the FACT is they did not “AFFIX” a signature as reported.

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  1. It appears – certainly for the moment – that Sinckler may have committed political suicide.

    It also appears the Nation will have to address this matter in The Courts.

  2. The political damage has been done. To go from a position of “there is no letter” to “there is a letter, but we didn’t sign it, and it doesn’t fully say what you said it said and therefore it doesn’t matter” may be an argument with legal merit, but the denials by the involved individuals suggest an intent to misrepresent the situation to the public. One question i did not see asked or answered in today’s Sunday Sun was what was the urgency in having a meeting of the so-called Eager Eleven before the PM travelled to New York for what was going to be a trip of only several days. This is one of the reasons why there was all the speculation about what the intent of the meeting in the first place. I wait to see if these legal challenges will continue against the Nation, which will likely just keep the matter in the news for a long time.

  3. I think The Nation wants the issue to be exposed via the courts. Imagine the political damage that would be done if the DLP actors are forced to defend themselves in a law court and have to explain all about the supposed intentions of those mentioned in the supposedly plot. It is very possible that the BLP friendly Nation newspaper threw out the bait(11 signatures) to catch the DLP fish. With an election within the next year, the DLP has all to lose from this affair.

    Also, who leaked the letter to the media. Did the PM have a mole amongst the 11, who was really there to inform the PM and help him counter the plot? Was it a plan all along to leak this to the media, thereby allowing the PM to bring down the hammer, so to speak?

    Someone, please help the Oilman understand!

  4. @ Oilman

    The incoming Minister of Finance might have played the roll of the mole.

    Sinckler is begging for his job, begging for his position on the front bench but it’s no use, the whole of Barbados can see this man wanted to topple the PM and was willing to go any lengths, including severely damaging the party in election season, just get his hands on Prime Ministership.

  5. @Antz
    You may indeed be correct. The mole would most likely be someone with something to gain. It seems to me that Ronald Jones is feeling some guilt. After being made acting PM whenever FS was out of the island, how could he allow himself to be involved in this mess. He really looks like the chief Judas. Now again I am speculating but I am not convinced that Jones’ hands are clean. He is behaving like desperate man in my view(writing these long articles in the newspaper).LOL!

  6. The parties that said that they did not sign a letter is fact. An intent to meet with the PM is fact the purpose of the meeting to discuss matters of grave concern regarding leadership is fact.

    The intent to remove the PM as leader is not yet clear. If the PM is saying that he suspects this based on concerns of those describing it to be so, the sources would have to be reliable beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Chris cannot say anything to me that will redeem him because an internal matter with his support (as leader) is in public. Then he has an exclusive interview in print before using the CBC or broadcast media to explain the contents of a draft.

    Yes, Chris wants to be PM regardless of what he says. He may not want Stuart’s job (Stuart is not PM/MOF) but Chris wants to be PM. He was very upset that he did not win the majority after the death of Thompson.

  7. @ David

    And I hope that political scientist is the one that I am thinking of although I am not sure about how integrity and credibility will be in the future come to be defined.

  8. On his platform or in Parliament – Chris once said ‘if greedy wait hot will cool’ Greedy with him certainly could not wait. Definitely for PM Stuart ‘hot will cool.’

  9. I am disappointed that there was actually a letter,I thought it was a hoax.These guys are really coming across as a second eleven.We need some bright people in our parliament and by extension the Government.Unfortunately government seems to be the place for misfits that can find a job otherwise.The Dems are doom at the next general election and probably were even before this present faux pas.They going be in opposition for ten years minimum.If it was me I would hold on as long as I could before calling an election.I really don’t see the need to do such at this time with time on my side.The wicket taking spin on day four,runs on the board,men in the pavilion yet to come out,the target though seeming in surmountable is within reach.What you have to watch for is the spinners.Make sure you keep your eye on the ball after it hit the pitch and watch how it spinning coming at you and try and stay in the middle..

  10. Its only a matter of days now to wait. The PM will deal with John Boyce, Chris Sinckler and Michael Lashley. The rest a just pawns if ever they were involved.

    Dear Former Minister of Finance,

    Law 1

    Never Outshine the Master

    Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please or impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite – inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

  11. What I find most nasty about this whole episode is the way the DLP bloggers sought to make this whole thing sound like the BLP and the Nation newspaper were a part of this political mess. The PM was quite right in the paper today when he said that this group did what the BLP could not do put the DLP on a front page in a negative light. I do not think that the PM shall do any thing. He can not afford to be too strong or high handed at this time. All will be forgiven. But the PM shall have the single honor of doing what this gang of eleven said about him in the first place: he is too weak to be a leader. If he takes that course he would have to live with that label. I think he should start a court case against Peter the spy man Wickham for spying on Barbados on behalf of the USA.

  12. The issue is not who sign or did not sign the letter: it is who knew of the plot and failed to inform the leader that there was a move afoot to oust him him. Freundel clearly cannot go into battle with those conspirators behind him. He would have to lead from the rear.

    If the DLP somehow manages to capture a majority in the next election, and assuming that Stuart wins his seat, he would be toppled at that point. He can’t trust them: he needs to be rid of them and find new candidates. He certainly can’t do worse than he is doing now.

    • Caswell

      We are dealing with several issues here.

      The unprofessionalism of the NATION by stating 11 signatories were affixed to a letter and that it was delivered to the PM was false and it’s editor in chief must apologize to Barbadians. It is an unyielding position which BU will chamoion from now till evermore.

    • @George

      The end justify the means will not cut it in our house.

      All wrongs must be dealth with, dealing with one does not preclude action targeted at the other.

  13. @DAVID
    “it appears – certainly for the moment- that Sinckler has committed political suicide.”
    Please David you must use the imagery given to us by the Prime Minister. As a perceived player in the failed plot, HE HAS FALLEN ON HIS SWORD.

  14. Sometimes it pains one to be RIGHT.

    I wrote on December 16, 2011 @ 3:52:pm On the thread:
    Fontabelle 7 Day Eager 11 Sales Plan.

    “It could be….and this is only a supposition that in the term “eager eleven” therein is the sub-text message. Who is eager to lead? is the Nation challenging the person responsible to come clean and fall on his/her – I had to use her to be fair – sword, and walk into the wilderness. Is the Nation saying I am taking you with me my friend”.

    It is so unnecessary and sad but as I have said before, if you ride a tiger it is difficult to dismount.

  15. Caswell to Davids point the Nation story of Sunday 11 December did say that the 11 had “AFFIXED their signatures to a formal letter and immediatley dispached to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart requesting an ‘urgent” audience”.So consideration must be given to the fact that the letter produced by the paper does not in fact reveal this but was a draft or copy yet to be signed.This does not diminish the other arguments about being complicit in all this.

  16. Oilman | December 18, 2011 at 8:50 AM |
    I think The Nation wants the issue to be exposed via the courts. Imagine the political damage that would be done if the DLP actors are forced to defend themselves in a law court and have to explain all about the supposed intentions of those mentioned in the supposedly plot.

    @Oilman ,this is Barbados not the USA or UK. Do you think that our MP’s have any hang ups about lying like a cheap chinese watch before the courts? Do they not do it everyday in front of 260,000 people?.Remember the gun pulling issue in parliament?.

  17. Should Sinckler alone be begging for his pick, what about the Min of housing or the A.G or any of the others who are yet to say something?

  18. @Colonel Buggy
    I guess you missed the point. Try to keep focused on the issue. Do you wish to tell the BU family that a court case of this nature would be of benefit to the DLP?

    • @The Scout

      There is a more than obvious reason why Sinckler is the one featured in the NATION interview today.

      His face was strategically position at the centre of the Eager 11 picture in the Nation.

      The Cadres poll and commentry from pollster Peter Wickham has Sinckler as the chosen one.

      Read between the lines.

  19. @ lemuel | December 18, 2011 at 10:35 AM |
    “What I find most nasty about this whole episode is the way the DLP bloggers sought to make this whole thing sound like the BLP and the Nation newspaper were a part of this political mess.

    I tend to agree with you that some bloggers (ac the archetpye) tried to make it seemed as if the BLP were in the thick of the plot to oust FS. You yourself should also hang yourself in shame by trying to link MAM to the whole attempted coup. MIA has nothing to gain by seeing a change in government at this stage. The time is not yet right. With the effluxion of time her star will rise as ordained. Sugar might be a sweetener but can also be a bitter and deadly enemy.

    “I do not think that the PM shall do any thing. He can not afford to be too strong or high handed at this time. All will be forgiven. But the PM shall have the single honor of doing what this gang of eleven said about him in the first place: he is too weak to be a leader”

    Give him until the new year and we shall see his true mettle. May your god guide him in his deliberations!

  20. @David | December 18, 2011 at 12:16 PM |
    We are dealing with several issues here.
    The unprofessionalism of the NATION by stating 11 signatories were affixed to a letter and that it was delivered to the PM was false and it’s editor in chief must apologize to Barbadians. It is an unyielding position which BU will chamoion from now till evermore.
    You can hold whatever position you want, but why would Kaymar Jordan bow to you when she hasn’t back down from the Eager 11?

  21. The NATION Credibility has been zapped . I haven’t even read the CHRIS SINCKLER interview because i know that editing can twist and turn people comments.However it is apparent that his readily giving into such an interview after all the misinformation that was given to the Public by the Nation and still has not been corrected by them that CHRIS SINCKLER knew that he had created a monster which was going to devour him if he did not come CLEAN.So anybody who thinks the Nation is scott free is fooling themselves they would feel the fall out and as long as KYMAR stays there she would be a liability in the same way Chris is to the party and the Nation Would have to give her the walking papers. No ifs and’s or but’s . Today she did her very best to recover but she like CHRIS reputation has been damaged and have lost the respect from the people .

    • I don’t think that the Nation has anything to be ashamed of. They were given what could have been the story of the year, by someone that they felt was credible and they ran with. The story could not have come from anyone other than one of the persons listed at the bottom of the letter. You do not hatch plots in public. Personally, if I were involved I would not allow someone outside of the conspirators to type the letter. All of the persons involved were “Honourable” members of parliament: Why would the Nation have any reason to doubt the veracity of their story?

      Now that some of the plot has been officially acknowledged by Sinckler, can you really say that any of the plotters were defamed. And if they were still be foolish enough to go to court the judge should award them a dollar in damages.

      I was searching my lexicon for a word to describe Chris Sinckler, I came up with duplicitous but that seemed a bit mild so I decided to coin my own, “POLYPLICITOUS”

    • ac in the absence of all the fact what has happened so far is opened to all kinds of interpretations.

      If we are to believe some of the emails in our inbox God help us.

    • @Caswell

      Despite what you have written give us a Fourth Estate that will report the news as it is and not seek to embellish it.

      The story released by the NATION would have had the same impact of reported without the embellishment.

      To say the source is credible is fine but if subsequent events proves the source wrong then there is a consequence to be paid for the decision.

      C’est la vie!

  22. @ miller
    Politics is as you know is a dirty game . I wouldn;t be surprised if the bearer of the letter to the NATION was from the BLP. One hand washes the other, Remember self interest first. However that doesn’t get CHRIS a pass because somewhere he knew that this letter would be in the NATION.

  23. @ ac | December 18, 2011 at 3:11 PM |
    “Politics is as you know is a dirty game”

    Yes, I agree! Dirtier so when thieves and liars come in one package.

    With Chris’s pending departure from MoF what now would be the state of the NIS investment in the 4 Seasons?
    Another set back before Dr. D finds his footing and rearranges things. But if Dr. D comes to his “dream” ministerial portfolio which he prepared for since 2006 he must get rid of the DB rubbish in the marina and sink it in ST. Peter where it belongs.
    OSA you have failed to eradicate the parasite from room 53 or ( is it 56?). So the glory be NOT yours!

  24. @ David

    You seem more caught up with the Nation’s story than the actual revelation of the contents of the letter, and Sinckler’s confirmation that it exists. Now you are nit-picking about signatures. News media all over the world sensational news, what has the Nation done wrong? Your comments seem to suggest that you are a bit annoyed because the DLP is involved. Instead of confronting the situation and examine the implications of the actions of the so call “eager 11”, you attack the Nation.

    Is Kaymar Jordan responsible for the lack of confidence in the leadership style of the PM, and the letter that these concerned parliamentarians wrote? Maybe if the Nation had done what CBC and the Advocate continue to do, you and others who are sympathetic to this administration would be satisfied.

    • @Artaxerxes

      The fact you would trivialize BU’s concern at our leading media house embellishing news should concern us all.

      The excuse you gave that news houses all over the world do likewise boggles the mind.

      For the record if you read many comments posted by BU one can’t imagine how you would come to the collusion we are not concern.

      The episode has so frustrated BY we have referred to the bunch of them as Jackasses which is language we in the BU household have stayed away from over the year.

  25. @Artaxerxes

    Essentially what you are saying is that we should not demand better from our media houses. So we should not have a problem when news is maliciously twisted to support some cause or end? Man get real! I have not seen a Sunday Sun for the day cause I have decided to stop buying the Nation newspaper. I refuse to support such malicious reporting. Am I as a citizen supposed to encourage people who are in the media business to knowingly put erroneous information before me and just say give me more? You must be out your god damn mind! There are no 11 signatures attached and that was what was reported. It was simply a lie. There is no excuse. The Nation claimed to have a copy of the letter and knew whether there were 11 or 4 signatures.

  26. @ Oilman

    And what is your point exactly?
    There seem to be some discontent within the DLP, and Sinckler confessed that there was a letter. My dear friend, these facts remain if you buy a Nation or not.

    • Or was the letter sent to the PM has stated in the original report?

      By asking these questions of the Nation it does not preclude the issues for the DLP which we have all ventillated on.

      No free pass for yellow jornalism around here.

  27. @Oilman. I refuse to buy the Sunday Sun today as well. I depending on BU from now on. I feel safer and more secure with the information here.

  28. You can take a cow to the pond but you cannot make him drink.
    You can take a politician to parliament but you cannot make him think.

    There was a letter and there were eleven names affixed. that is not in dispute. I want anyone of the eleven to say Ii was not party to the letter. I was somewhere else and they are implicating me when I know nothing about the letter , the contenrs or the intent . I want any one to refute knowledge and then say the Nation impugn my integrity. These are not men of honour. They are invertebrates and slugs who slime and froth because they have political hacks who cannot see the woods from the trees. It is Sinckler today and someone else tomorrow. The truth will out. The truth is not always popular and pleasant but the truth is always right. Sinckler today did a Samson. He brought the whole house down with him and has given Stuart no options. He cannot fire one and keep the others. It would be an act of political inanity. Check mate Think on these things

    • @true to form

      Have you considered that Sinckler admitted in the interview with the Nation that only 2 or 3 persons saw the draft of the letter?

    • David

      I think that you are missing the point: it is not who saw the final draft. From what is admitted in the press, it is reasonable to infer that the eleven named MPs had a common purpose and that was to get rid of Stuart. If that were not the case all of the elected DLP MPs’ names would have been on the draft, with the exception of Stuart of course. It appears that the eleven agreed on a course of action and then one of them was delegated to reduced their intentions to writing for each of them to sign. The fact that some of them did not see the draft letter is unimportant. It is also reasonable to infer that one or more of the eleven was a mole and reported the conspiracy to Stuart, and thereafter the others got cold feet.

      Those involved should now put their resignations at the disposal of the Prime Minister: they should not wait to be fired. They have caused enough embarassment to the DLP and this country.

    • @Caswell

      There is no disagreement with what you have written.

      Your conclusion further exposes Sinckler the interview as a sham.

      It was a deliberate act to fullfill a bigger plot.

  29. Caswell:

    If your employees met to discuss concerns and the one who said let’s meet was asked to approach you but did not imply at any time that he thinks that you should be replaced as Boss does that make all employees at the meeting privy to his intention?

    Industrial relations gurus cannot represent the employees that left without knowledge or inclination of the latter.

    • Brief

      I hope you are playing devil’s advocate because what you are saying does not make sense. Why would a member of the elected members of the parliamentary group select some of the members that group to discuss the way forward for the party unless there was a conspiracy afoot. The senators are also members of the parliamentary group but they were not in attendance as far as I am aware. Don’t they have an interest in the way ahead for the party? I could only assume that they were excluded because they don’t have a vote in selecting the person who would lead the parliamentary group. I hope you are aware that the leader of the parliamentary group is the Prime Minister. Why summon the group behind the PM’s back? I could only conclude that he was not to be made aware until it was too late for him.

  30. And asked those employees to apologize to management for plotting to over throw its leader.

    Eleven attended a meeting. My question is did eleven agree to the contents of the letter or even the drafting of a letter. We continue to ignore that.

  31. I am sure that is what I said earlier. Why a letter?

    Parliament does not run an election campaign the Party does. The group should have used the ‘party’ organs (General Council or Executive Council) to say that they want to meet.

    There is an underlying problem – I will agree to that. Haste came with Wickham’s poll. However, were the eleven in haste to even select the person they hope to push during next election? No!!!

    Some went with the understanding that they were discussing the way forward for the Party – Sinckler used words to imply leadership (PM) of the Party – all were not in that frame of mind nor with that understanding at the initial discussion/meeting.

    • @Brief

      Remind us what you think the motive is by the person who leaked this story to the NATION and mischievously promised a letter with 11 signatories?

  32. PM Stuart should hold a press conference to clarify this issue and to announce the firing of the ring leaders in this juvenile act of stupidity.

  33. @David you ae dwelling on the prepherial point. The eleven men had a meeting and came to an agreement. Eleven men cannot write the letter but eleven men can agree to the main points to be sent. if you sit down and agree you have to take responsibility as you are at the place.You know why you went there . You have opportunity You have motive and you have collusion. The fact that you did not sign your name cannot make you innocent at all so if there were two or eleven signaturres that is irrevelant You are maximising the minimum and reducing us to a semantic simplisity which is unnecessay. Think on these things

    • @true to form

      We have some things which are not as crystal clear as you are making out.

      Would like to hear the AG on this matter.

      There is a missing link to the story which we are trying to get to the bottom of.

      It does not mean as BU already posted on another blog that the DLP does not have issues.

  34. true to form

    Your comment at 11:04

    I could not have said it better. You are absolutely correct. I don’t know why others find it hard to understand. But I suppose there is none so blind as those who choose not to see.

  35. @David

    The motive in leaking was to show up the leader who would have been promoted as the real choice of the party. However, Kaymar printed the story and made him out to be whom he really is the one who will talk about the intent of the meeting. Even if indirectly.

    Unfortunately, others are being smeared because they were informed of a meeting to discuss genuine concerns – which now implies that they were part of a plot.

    At the time – the PM was preparing to leave – there was a haste a rush to meet with PM – the true reason was hidden – based on what I am hearing. But, we know the PM is not rushed not even by a rush.

    No I am not an insider.

    • @Caswell

      Let us agree that we all see issues through different eyes and therefore will raise differing perspectives as a result.

    • Brief

      You are really saying that some of the members who attended the meeting were duped. That is no defence: anyone that naive should not be in Parliament.

  36. All this talk and we are just spinning our wheels, in the end Stuart will not fire anyone he has said he intends to be PM for another term and he will need experienced hands on the tiller, he will not risk recruiting neophytes with no name recognition for the BLP to slaughter..

    Michiavelli wrote “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” or as Lyndon Johnson said about J Edgar Hoover “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in”.

    Stuart is a student of history, he will act accordingly

  37. Caswell

    If you know that we need to meet to discuss the way forward as a team, genuinely meet, and another wants your support to appear as the one to have the majority – even if it kills true friendship – that person only have to say to you in a heated moment – ‘leh we meet and discuss this thing before too late’ my words.

    The ten acknowledge to meet – a fraction had other intentions (undisclosed) – a list is made of those spoken to and agreed to meet. Does that make all conspirators? I only need to appear to have your support as a colleague who understands that we have to plan.

    Estwick, Jones and Thompson did not agree to any letter. The letter came afterward – upfront it was only discussion. It is true they did not even know of a letter. Next thing it was in Nation a letter sent to PM. Hey!!!

    It am still awaiting the Nation to print the signatures that were affixed – Can she do that – confirming they knew of the letter? Chris said all did not know of the letter.

    I would be disappointed in right thinking bajans who would deem PM Ag to turn his back on the PM in such a small country as Barbados – Jones would never have any respect in Barbados again for as long as he lives. Also, does Jones have such a heart to deceive Stuart who is a man of sound integrity and uprightness?

    My opinion.

  38. @sargeant

    Do not be stupid or naive. It is not what Stuart wants once elections are called. His days of being Prime Minister are numbered. Should the BLP win, he will not be PM. Should the DLP win he will not be PM — the majority of DEMS inside and outside of Parliament do not want him. You are close enough to the action to know that even better than I do. Do not seek sympathy for the DLP by talking about what Stuart wants. This is his time now and until he decides to call the general election (the sooner the better).

  39. Brief
    Re: your comment at 11:40 p.m.

    If the scenario played out as you suggested they had a duty to report the matter to the Prime Minister, otherwise they would be guilty of aiding and abetting. The problem is that they were relying on the stupid Wickham poll to inform their actions. The only person(s) to act honourably was/were the informer(s).

    How can Stuart or indeed the DLP trust them anymore? It appears that they would want to to be in power at any or all cost, even to the extent of joining forces with the enemy to form a government.

    Think on these things.

  40. @Caswell i noitce you are using my tag line., continue with permission.

    Let me put my spin on the Chris Sinckler interview with respects to his declaration that he no longer covets the Job of PM.. I exrtrapolate that the intention of some was to remove Stuart.. Some just wanted Stuart to change his modus and become more amenable to the political pressures swirling around him.Chris would have found out ot his chagrin that he is not as popular as he thinks and have now abandoned his interest in the job. It is ok for your friend to say you fit the job but when your colleagues reject you you have to hiold a corner. It think this is the stunning rebuke which Chris cannot handle and he thinks it best to collapse his bid .Where does he go from here. He is going to have some difficulty holding on to his seat marginal as it is. He is against one of the best young candidates in the BLP Gregory NIcholls who promises to bring hell with him and there must be some DEMS who will want ot punish him along witha swing of over 6% now. .He is on a difficult trajectory., but he is a fighter and a street smart individual. he will not lie down and play dead. I have always had a lot of time for Chris .I can only say to him you may be down but not out. Think on these things

  41. @true to form

    Yes, largely agree. However, there is one addition to what or who he will be up against. Nicholl’s campaign manager is hardly a pushover and definitely is not one to play dead. Chris is in for the fight of his life and each utterance he has made in the past, each utterance he makes now, each utterance he makes in the future, he has been served notice that he will have to account to the people of St. Michael North West. He may be an cheery guy, popular he is not; trustworthy he is not; and ‘forever’ may be his swan song if that campaign manager treats Chris as he deserves. Gregory Nicholls SHALL bring home the bacon for the BLP and for Barbadians with the valued assistance of the people and true friends of St. Michael North West.

  42. @ true to form | December 19, 2011 at 9:43 AM |
    “He is on a difficult trajectory., but he is a fighter and a street smart individual. he will not lie down and play dead.”

    Now here is a great opportunity for Chris to fulfill a burning ambition of becoming a priest. He has publicly expressed his “self-actualization” goal of joining the Priesthood. In this ministerial role he can exorcise the demons that possess the dlp body politic.
    CS, it’s time to tender your resignation from the broken cabinet and sign up to don a new set of robes and orders of a cleric.
    For once be loyal to yourself and live up to your word!

  43. Now who the f*ck is Gregory Nicholls, … Oh no not another George Payne protege. Wunna looking to hand Payne more power than a PM or a Party whip nuh. In any event where the hell was this young hopeful, or indeed Edmund Hinkson when the Barbadian public needed their input at a professional level as we fought to stave off the threat of an increase to our Light and Power Bill. NO PUBLIC RECORD, NONE!

    In any event how do you measure his performance as an administrator (remember the BCA and the number of times and manner in which the Bajan team get it ass cut?)

  44. As fah Chris, the man dat spin pun a coin on the EPA debate … I seriously hope that he continues to spin …. Spin, spin, spin on the same spot, in mud!

  45. @BAFBFP

    Again you show your naked ass that is full of SH and envy. Is every lawyer to speak on every issue because you engage your fingers and mouth in the same way that pigs frolic in their filth. If you are so brilliant, the expert on everyone in this world, why are you not running every agency, institution, and the Government of Barbados? Why are you forever so painfully stuck in the filth that you so despise Mr. Brains?

  46. Hey Mr. PhD-wanna-be … be careful who you pick your fight wid, I lookin’ fuh sport , I lokkin’ fah somebody who know how to share some lix ’bout hey, and dah person ain’ you ..(nor dah Trade Unionist neither fah dat matter)!

  47. @BAFBFP

    There was a time in my life when I would have requested kindly and in the most colourful language to go and f**e yourself. I have moved on and put such behaviours behind me, so today I ask that God will have mercy upon you and give you the blessing of love. May you have a wonderful Christmas.

  48. Oh go f*ck yourself, or as the English would say “Up yours” … the fact that such a thought would come into your head in the first place would suggest that your have not in fact moved on. I ain’ want nah mercy and I ain’ wan’ nah blessings, the thought the Gregory Nicholls or Edmund Hinkson could actually win a seat in Parliament is sufficient to guaranty me a horrible time this Christmas. You can be wishing me all these good things and want a future for me with these people in it yah hypocrite …! 🙂

  49. Listen be careful wid dat kind of a comment hear. Caswell convince that I still in the closet … and he speak as though he has experience in these matters… suppose he right. You still want me to get behind you this Christmas? It is after all a time of giving and receiving …!

  50. Everybody hates Chris but Chris shows that to love himself is the greatest love of all..Chris shows a political sagacity which will stay the PM’s hand and make him wonder or consider if he has any moves. If he believes Chris and the Pm believes that they are all involved and he futher believes some one who was there can say to all you were there any atempt to change one for the other would be replacing Judfas with Judas and maybe with who has no balls. That would be tragic.So the interview has backed Stuart in a corner. He cannot go to his backbench , There is none. He cannot reduce his cabinet without fierce criticism.and he can do nothing. He is in a Pandora’s box. He cannot be seen to ‘unfair’ one for the next, there is no ringleader. They are all ringleaders not that all would have got the same results but they were in it for same purpose or purposes. Can they say touch one touch all? Or can they believe they will go back to the bloodletteing and the back stabbing which characterised the DLP before?. I would say that we are going nowhere fast. Think on these things.

  51. When they were making a decision on the PM when David died, the consensus among the “old school ties” was that they were not supporting a garrison school boy. It seems that Sinker thought that he was adopted by that group for it seems as though they single handedly destroyed him politically.

  52. @GCB

    Do not be stupid or naive. It is not what Stuart wants once elections are called. His days of being Prime Minister are numbered.
    I asked you the following in another thread “Are you running for something?” It appears that way or you are auditioning for a pick when/if your BLP forms the Govt.

    As to your comment you can mark me as stupid or naïve or perhaps both but I don’t know if the majority of Dems want Stuart or not just as I don’t know if the majority of BLPites want Arthur or Mia but Stuart is still the PM and leader of the Party and has the “bully pulpit”. If he wants another kick at the can who is going to stop him? The DLP MPs realize that the letter was similar to a Tanto with which they almost committed political seppuku, they will not be going down that road again.

    • What resonates after reading the Sinckler interview is his lack of outrage at the NATION for going to print with a letter without signatories, saying the letter was sent to PM Stuart. Shouldn’t he have been a little upset in his use of language?

  53. Brief I agree with your assessment.

    “Estwick, Jones and Thompson did not agree to any letter. The letter came afterward – upfront it was only discussion. It is true they did not even know of a letter. Next thing it was in Nation a letter sent to PM. Hey!!!

    It am still awaiting the Nation to print the signatures that were affixed – Can she do that – confirming they knew of the letter? Chris said all did not know of the letter.

    I would be disappointed in right thinking Bajans who would deem PM Ag to turn his back on the PM in such a small country as Barbados – Jones would never have any respect in Barbados again for as long as he lives. Also, does Jones have such a heart to deceive Stuart who is a man of sound integrity and uprightness?”

    The PM seems to have much confidence in Ronald Jones loyalty and trustworthiness as he has acted as MP on the occasions that stuart was out on Business. I read in the Advocate Newspaper that Jones stated in a press statement after Tuesday last story that he never authorised anyone to put his name on a letter neither did he affix his signature to any such letter. I am aware that they would be much speculation as to why his name was included. I would want bloggers to consider a few questions.

    1. Did Jones support Stuart in October last year to be Prime Minister?
    2. Did Sinckler only garner a few votes in his quest to be PM?
    3. Would Jones have changed his views in the year under review?
    4. Can anyone see Jones supporting Sinckler
    5. How about the MP’s from St. Philip don’t they stick together?

    All the MP’s names from St. Philip were mentioned. That seems strange as they usually create a clan mentality. Touch one touch all. Something seems strange. Was there a more sinister plot. Was part of the plot to destroy the credibility of the mentioned 11 or some of the eleven? How many of that group supported Stuart and continues to do so. If you remove Stuart support are you not able to control him then. Wasn’t Ronald Jones not also a target of this activity. We need to think more on these matters.

    George Brathwaite and Causewell Franklyn are spinning their wheels as usual. Pay no attention to them. I await Brathwaite paid for by Government PHD to be completed. Maybe that will take another couple of years when the University he attends gets tired of him.

  54. @Samuel Morrison

    Not only do you not know of what you speak, but your waiting seems to be in vain. I only hope that you could do a little more to encourage other people. Do not worry about me, else the envy will eat you out. Good investment by the Government of Barbados, don’t you think? Now go feed at your trough!

  55. @Sargeant

    Stuart can lead the party into the next election. It does not mean he will become the Prime Minister according to our laws.

  56. Davis “Good Leadsership is why we are at this stale mate.and it is up to PM to demonstate to those in the Party who might have thought otherwise of him.Good ahead Stuart “strike while the iron is hot”

  57. Never once in the interview did he show any contempt towards the NATION. it is as if he was there to defend himself come hell or high water. He should be ashamed of himself for doing the interview in the first place. Mr Stuart must have lost total respect for that man. i don’t know how he is going to survive in an hostile environment one which he created and which he was very much a part of . Chris Sinckler is truly a work of “ART” Unbelievable!

  58. David;

    Really! Apples and Oranges!

    Would an apology AT THIS STAGE help Kaymar and the Nation if the 4 or 5 threateners bring court cases with potential millions in damages against the Nation? Wouldn’t it be accepting some sort of liability to apologize now? Wordsong has an agenda. I don’t think you have one.

    Again, Why would the big Nation Shareholders, through their Board of Directors, not have reined in Kaymar when she was apparently setting them up to pay huge damages which would almost certainly kill the Nation? The only reason could be that she held the trump cards in bullet proof undeniable facts. Sinckler’s unbelievable interview that defied all logic suggests that in spades.

    Sinckler’s interview tells those who can read between the lines that the Nation had the provable hard goods on the 11 and was, unfortunately, playing cat and mouse with them, all with the prior knowledge of the BoD.

    Those MPs can’t win no court case. I suspect that this is a very convoluted case with several wheels within wheels. Nothing is as it appears on the surface. I suspect there were 2 letters and there were at least 2 and possibly 3 leakers. I suspect the original draft with names was leaked to FS soon after it was drafted. CS is, I suspect, also not being entirely honest in his portrayal of the events in the Nation interview.

    What is now of the utmost imprtance is what FS will do and when he will do it. If he forbade Cabinet to meet last week as is reported here on BU and if he indeed held an extraordinary Cabinet meeting yesterday at ILARO COURT and if some Cabinet members appeared very uneasy after that Cabinet Meeting, all coming out of BU posts only, that should be telling us something of where FS is heading. He is playing his own Cat and Mouse game. (perhaps following up on tangential involvment in the Nation’s cat and mouse game with the 11 last week)

    The next few hours should have major developments. Not days, not weeks but hours. If it lasts into hours, next year will be very choppy, politically, for the MPs as well as for all of us in Barbados.

  59. Of course I have an agenda. The agenda is this: respect the tenets of the Fourth Estate. Did The Nation Newspaper lie or not lie. This story could have been running without the current discussion about the lapse in ethical standards if Ms Jordan had seen it fit to wait. For that she and the Nation owe the public an apology. @Check it Out : Do you not see that the story would have been far stronger without the manipulation, that the Nation would not have to seek to redeem itself. And, please speak for yourself. The agendas here are many. At least mine is non political. I merely want the Nation to acknowledge that it should not have come to the public with an untruth. That is not done in journalism, not if you respect the public, not if you respect yourself. BTW, I am speaking for many people including some inside the Nation newsroom. What can the Editor in Chief now say to her junior staff ?

  60. @Check-it-out

    You are intelligent, discerning, and almost completely accurate. I say no more. You have spoken and persons should attempt to understand what you have said. Well written!

  61. @Wordsong

    When anyone claims non-political I know that I am hearing wrong. The only non-political persons are in the grave, the sea, or ashes. To say non-political is to pat me on the back and say we are friends; empty rhetoric.

  62. @David

    There is more than meets the eye. The nation will do no such thing as to apologise and the MPs will hardly go to court while they still form the government or are interested in recapturing the government. They have been emasculated and left the Queen to replace the Jack.

  63. @David and BU

    All we need now is for the Prime Minister to expose the Joker. He has the information and details; and I am confident he will act in due course.

  64. Ok George C, I concede, everything can be deemed political and certainly my thoughts carry their political weight. I am just arguing more in favour of respect of the code of ethics in journalism. Anything else is mere coincidence or accident. Do I have my own views about the various actors and would be actors in the imbroglio – yes. But that’s not my main interest. Its that Barbados journalism is worse off for what took place last week, not better.

  65. Nodymoes,

    I ain’ comin’ after you again, but I will say to you that there IS a thing called “non-political”, particularly when members who form the leadership of the party compulsively play to the audience (the lowest common denominator) while serving the interest of big business in the background …

  66. Why is Kaymar Jordan being asked to apologize when no effort is being mounted by Word Song or his other pseudo plotters to ask the dastardly eleven to apologize to the people of Barbados for bring the Nation of Barbados’ good name into disrepute. Word Song, you and your crowd who want the PM gone have to wait until the outcome of the next elections. Stuart needs to get rid of a lot of political bar flies from around him.

  67. @ BAFBFP

    Thanks for the reminder. Be at peace. I respect your views even if I do not agree. No disrespect intended. Forgiveness not necessary, maybe I shall run a new race with a more valued baton and things would go better than they did back then. All in the name of progress.

  68. @ lemuel | December 21, 2011 at 11:19 AM |
    “Stuart needs to get rid of a lot of political bar flies from around him.”

    Bar flies only stay around when there is sweetness from the rum and corned beef. FS needs to vomit up all the bad apples from the DT tree that he has been putting up with for the last 13 months. Rearrange his cabinet to a smaller size and show Bajans that sacrifices begin at the top.

  69. David; By simple deduction. FS has no option but to call an election soon.

    If Antz’s post about him forbidding a Cabinet meeting in his absence is true, it is clear that he can trust no one, not even the one who acts for him in his now frequent absences. That suggests that there are, as hinted earlier in several posts, a large majority of DLP MP’s who are not particularly enamoured of him as PM. Most other PM’s would either have stayed put or allow the Cabinet meeting to go on while ensuring that their trusted people would report names and their contributions to relevant discussions at that meeting for later action and, also to scuttle any overt attempt at the cabinet meeting to dislodge him. But FS didn’t do this. He can’t trust anyone, if the report is true.

    FS can’t do any piecemeal changes to his cabinet and expect to survive till 2013. The committed forces against him are too numerous and he doesn’t know for certain, besides one or two MP’s, who is for him.

    In such a situation he can only call elections very soon, perhaps politically injuring a few beforehand by demoting them and labelling them as traitors.

    Any piecemeal rearguard action now is likely to be futile in so far as the ultimate objective might be to soldier on to 2013 when the economy might be arguably better.

    Oh that FS had met with the 11 and taken by far the best route out of this debacle for the DLP and perhaps the Country by resigning gracefully on the grounds of ill health with no one in the general public being aware of the machinations behind the scenes.

    of course, the BLP would wish fervently for him to stay on but the playing field has now been levelled and whoever leads the DLP into the next elections will have a tough row to hoe. All forecasts on the state of the economy say so.

  70. @checkit-out

    As always you are out front in providing analysis :- )

    Cabinet meetings require minutes be generated.
    A request to reschedule the meeting could simply mean the PM wanted to control the narrative at the meeting in light of what has passed in the last two weeks. Especially with a Xmas greeting to deliver.

  71. Firstly I have no agenda political financial or otherwise, neither do I owe favours or others owe me any.

    Neither do I have any inside information and I do not wish to give that impression.

    I believe that the Nation obviously has cards yet to be played, my reasoning being that an organization of that size in Barbados has access to legal advice and there would not be cavalier in adopting a position which was unsustainable over time with their readers.

    It is individuals who must be concerned because they know what they did and at the moment of doing they never expected their actions to see the light of day….that has now been blow away.

    It is possible Prime Minister Stuart had an idea of what was a-foot from inside the camp. He reasoned that what was decided when he was away should not have the “authority” of a cabinet meeting.

    It was best in his absence for them to meet where they wanted, but not in cabinet. A wise move as it proved they can thus be seen as “plotters” without authority therefore little credence….and therefore the backing away we have seen.

  72. @ Lemuel

    There is nothing I said that suggests I am of the opinion that the PM should be removed. I rather respect the PM far more than I respect the 11, whose cravings for high office and power have gotten the better of them. I will say no more on that score. Furthermore – why do many assume that this forum is for men only?

  73. Dear David:

    Here is another story about honour and integrity (or lack of the same)

    Yale Coach Resigns After Rhodes Scholarship Claim

    Yale’s senior quarterback, Patrick Witt, the most productive passer in the program’s history, was wrestling with a decision that generated national attention and debate. Should he play in the Harvard-Yale game one more, final time, or should he attend an interview in Atlanta as a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship? Because of the schedule of the events, he could not do both.

    The quarterback’s dilemma had an unlikely twist. His coach, Tom Williams, said he had faced almost identical circumstances in 1992 when he was a linebacker at Stanford. Williams said he had chosen to pursue a career in professional football at the expense of a possible Rhodes scholarship — and never regretted the decision. Witt leaned on his coach for advice, and eventually decided to play in the game. Yale was crushed, 45-7.

    As it turned out, the shellacking of the Bulldogs by their storied rival in the Yale Bowl on Nov. 19 was far from the worst of it. The appealing back story — Williams’s providing counsel to his talented quarterback based on his own experience — turned out to be founded on a LIE.

    The coach had never been in Witt’s position. He had never been a Rhodes scholar candidate or applicant, let alone a finalist, as he had let the world believe. He had told Yale he was a candidate with an entry on his résumé. His biography on the Yale Web site said the same thing.

  74. @David | December 20, 2011 at 4:39 PM |
    “What resonates after reading the Sinckler interview is his lack of outrage at the NATION for going to print with a letter without signatories”

    i agree but while reading the interview, i got the deep impression that it was staged and that it was CHRIS SINCKLER himself who gave the draft to Keymar. think about if, if something is confidential in government, it remains confidential, absolutely confidential. ‘Confidential documents’ are only leaked when they are intended to be leaked or when it is supposed to be confidential in name only. anytime ‘confidential’ matter gets to the press etc, it’s because it was meant to be that way. what happened here is that the players involved had underestimated the back-lashed. but i have no doubt whatsoever that Chris himself gave that letter to keymar. his Ex. Secretary did not type it, her computer may have a password but u can’t take chances. his constituency secretary probably typed it, she walks with her laptop. himself acknowledged that only about 3 saw it. which means that any one of those 3 including him could have copied it. since keymar was absolutely sure of signatures, it suggests that he convince her that they would be forth coming and she ran with it because, it came straight from the horses mouth. i feel sorry for the PM but as i see it anyway now, the BLP will win next elections. i am hoping somehow that a third party made up of some of u members here on BU and those of SURVIVING HARSH ECONOMIC TIMES-c Malcolm grant’s wall on FB, would think seriously of changing our situation.
    South Africa under white rule never expected to see a political prisoner and a black one too, become president of that country but the Sharpeville incident, the killing of Steven Biko, the uprisng of the very young black children in Soweto caused the black parents to finally decide enough was enough – today we have a new South African. Could all that we Bajans, experienced with the DLP and the BLP not cause us too not only cry for change but demand it?

  75. To Word Song:
    To the contrary we have men here, women here, she she men here and men women here. I normally ascribe a gender based on the tenor of one’s writing and yours seemed very masculine at that time. Maybe you need to say Word Song female so that most of us stuck up men here do not get it wrong.

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