0 thoughts on “Barbados Featured On NBC Today – Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?

  1. Great initiative by the Barbados Tourism Authority, well put together and excellent timing for the upcoming winter season.
    Also nice to see Peach and Quiet at the top of the ‘where to stay’ section
    ‘Peach and Quiet – Perched on the southern tip of the island, with breezy rooms and a fragrant garden with flitting hummingbirds – from $119’
    Thank You – AnneLisle Sorensen

  2. Very good publicity for Barbados on Today show. Right off the heels of the Rihanna concert. Perfect timing her ambassadorship and celebrity might have played an important role in promoting our island and culture.

  3. That was an excellent piece on Barbados and it will go far. I hope that every Bajan watching this will begin to see how important it is for each and every one of us to play our part. Playing our part means, keeping Barbados clean by not littering and not dumping illegally, cleaning up and maintaining the sides of the roads whether public or private, have a genuine friendliness to everyone including each other, develop a friendly service attitude to all and help root out crime by assisting the police.

  4. @ island girl

    When laws are enforced the way they ought to . the problems which we have with litter and dumping would ceased dramatically until then people would continue to be abusive to the island and the environment.The only way people understand is by enforcing the laws which are their to protect the environment, Heavy fines and penalties and eventually the people would learn.That is the job of the government.The first impression is always the last that stays in the minds of people when they visit any country and if they see garbage and junk first that is the only thing which the place would be remembered for,It is up to those in charge and are serious about bringing and maintaining repeated tourist to make sure that our island is environmentally friendly .

  5. Ac I totally agree that first impressions last forever but I wonder how many of the new Tourists will be staying at Sandy Lane and will be recipients of all that good treatment.

  6. David wrote “It is good to get the publicity, let us hope and pray that it translates into business!”

    This type of exposure to Americans usually translate into increased visitors.

    Well done BTA and the Bajans representin.

  7. Next June 21st 2012 Bermuda is unveiling a tribute to John Lennon in the Botanical Gardens at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art.
    John Lennon wrote his last 25 songs in Bermuda. A Lennon CD tribute will also be released and will include BAJAN singer BIGGIE IRIE who has performed in Bermuda many times! We have many friends in Barbados including The Merrymen, Spice & Co, Ivory and many other Bajan musicians there. We hope to see you in out island for this special event next year !

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