Time For Political Change

Submitted by Charles Cadogan

I do wholeheartedly agree with what Mia Mottley said in the 18 August 2011 issue of Barbados Today in regards to political changes from the same old same old style of doing business. Both parties fighting and placing the blame on each other surely isn’t going to resolve the problems that Barbadians are having.  Instead a collaborative approach is required.

The problem right now isn’t going to go away because of who did what; collectively working towards a solution for the good of all Barbadians can and will make a difference, even in the minds of the followers of the different parties. Seeing UNITY will change the face of this political situation and gain TRUST.

PUT BARBADOS AND BARBADIANS FIRST before all other things party wise.

If you realise for so many years that you have been doing the same old things without better results THEN IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE! Remember that you were elected to do a job for the people of Barbados therefore coming together as one is still getting the job done to ease the burden in the interest of the people.   STOP allowing pride and glory to take precedence over the jobs that the people of Barbados elected, and trusted you to do. Each and every Barbadian deserves better.

There is an old saying:-“If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it;” Well sad to say it is broke and needs fixing. UNITY CREATES STRENGTH, DIVISION CREATES DISASTER. Both parties have to come together and correct the problem without waiting for another election to do what has to be done for the good of all Barbadians, RIGHT NOW.

During this period of who didn’t or haven’t done whatever is still causing much pain to and for the LITTLE MAN.

So PLEASE put aside your party differences and for once show all Barbadians and the WORLD how much can be accomplished collectively putting the WHEELS OF CHANGE IN MOTION. I remember my mother saying to me as a boy, “While the grass is growing, the horse is starving”. This is just what’s happening right now in Barbados unless you come together and feed the horse during the period while the grass is growing they will be a lot of hungry folks still fighting to make ends meet;  Each and every one of you elected officials are holding the lifes and well being of every Barbadian in your hands.

GOD BLESS BARBADOS and all that dwell therein.

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  1. Both the DLP and BLP must be sent packing from the parliament of this country within the next six years.

    For, this country DESERVES far better that these two monstrous factions!!

    In the eyes of a growing mass of people in Barbados, the DLP and BLP are a total waste of cosmic time and space and constitute disgraceful blocks to the further growth and development of this country.

    The recent budget presentation and the ensuing debate on it showed why the vast majority of this country’s people – in thinking about going forward – cannot be thinking too about going back to a DLP or BLP, to be either the government or opposition in parliament, at the end of whatever national electoral contests after the next six years.

    Those parliamentary events have shown that they have been mainly created by similar political minds to be followed by similar political minds and to be judged by similar political minds – in those regards mainly the preservers of this DLP/BLP parliamentary status quo inside and outside of parliament – rather than they setting the tone and pace – which they could not ever do though for very obvious reasons – for a far more enlightened far more progressive productive 21 st century Barbados.

    Outside of the fact that those events indicated – in the full glare of the listening viewing public – the most illogical nonsensical partisan positions on any political social issues that any set of persons in the House of Assembly of Barbados could have taken at times, the most bizarre thing therefore about those events is that they confirmed again that Barbados is fast on the way to becoming a second rate so-called Third World country in the next decade or so.

    And one only has to listen to the incoherent babble of a Kenny Best and the empty rethoric of a Richard Sealy to understand the intellectual depths to which the House of Assembly has sunken over the years, and to understand that there is a clear visceral connection between the quality of political inputs into the Barbados parliament, the quality of political outputs into the Barbadian society, and the level of so-called political development that will thereby be attained in Barbados.

    So, Down with the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP!!


  2. We had late PM Thompson inviting Arthur et al to meetings to discuss matters of state, it was rightly or wrongly politicized. Again we have the call from Arthur to establish a bipartisan committee of parliament, no doubt this will go nowhere fast as well.

    We currently have a conversation in the US about whether they need a parliamentary system that, in their opinion, will fast track implementation of decisions. In Barbados it seems like we may not be fully leveraging our parliamentary system of government.

  3. How in the world will politicians put Barbadians first when their agenda is to develop Barbados by any means necessary so that they can put themselves first to receive their take. In doing this every aspect of Barbados’ development results in a politican becoming quite affluent and prominent in certain spheres. Enough said.

  4. Since my job took me out of town and on the road last Thursday evening and I never made it home until Friday evening,for the first time I got the chance to listen to the reply to the reply. There are those who claim that the C B C should be called D L P tv. Chris Sinckler’s reply should be shown every night in prime time for one week as a public service.If nothing else it tells the nation a tale of a tormented soul in repentant mode,the full effects of the coup d’etat that gifted him the lead,bringing to bear upon his weary frame the burden evil actions always bring.I challenge any of those who supported his take over to say here with clear conscience that he belongs at the forefront of that party.We saw Mia Mottley and we saw a confused flustered cowardly looking spent force,reduced from a raging pit to a pitiful pup. Time ,they say is longer than twine.Owen and his gang for sure now know this. They also tell us to beware of Greeks bearing gifts, Minister Sinckler’s question is this.What about prophets seeking profit? For the good of Bim lets all band together,disband that gang and work to protect the public purse.

  5. yes mr PDC, down with the DLP and down to the BLP but a resounding no to communism so you do not have a chance until you take off your blinkers and fight for freedom for the oppressed masses in cuba.

  6. barbadians have bevcome too politically institutionalised to embrace any other system than the twe prty one which currently exists.the system promotes paramountcy of the party thank GOD not carrying in its wake the violent fallout which was part of the GUYANA experience under burbham. PARLIAMENTARIANS should be selected from the bowels of their constituencies and go to PARLIAMENT to represent the intersts of their constituents. managing the affairs of the country would be left to the TECHNOCRATS ( as they do now) in the various MINISTRIES/DEPARTMENTS answerable to select oversight committees of PARLIAMENT suitably advised. A PRIMUS INTERPARES COULD BE SELECTED from among the PARLIAMENTARIANS on a rota basis to perform ceremonial functions.the post of GOVERNORGENEARAL could be abolished and save taxpayers some unnecessary expenditure.we did not always have functioning political parties in barbados exercising governance. developmental processes evolve according to the circumstances and the advent of poltical parties exercising governance was one such instance where it served its purpose. however, the system has outlived its usefulness and while there might be more who share my view, they will be some who will say if we get rid of the parliamentary governance as it now stands- what we gun do-

  7. Explain how on earth you will have both political parties coming together in this system of government. No one can trust the other. We must stop seeing politicians as the most intelligent people. The technocrats and consultants are. BLP and DLP have the same advisors in many cases. So Mia should come off of it and start identifying the best brains in the country and even outside of the country because the best brains are not politicians.

  8. The last time I checked the DLP had the majority in parliament, and under the Westminster system gives them freedom to implement their policies and programmes. The US is in the political abyss because of the same system we are advocating–one calling for input from both sides.

    The electorate knew what they were voting for and the DLP knew what their job would entail. If they can’t take the heat get out the kitchen.

  9. Balance,

    Whosoever you are, you are on very shaky and unbalanced moral intellectual political ground when in attempting to direct a few snide comments to the PDC, you managed to convey to a few uncritical readers of those comments some very comprehensively false impressions that the PDC are COMMUNIST, and/or that the PDC believe in COMMUNISM.

    But, what egregiously false assumptions!!

    Indeed, as a people centered nationalist party we strongly deplore and deprecate such wicked assumptions, as coming from a person who has sought to engage us ONLY on the basis of seeking to spread such irrationalisms about our party – the PDC.

    We hereby put it to you these particular untruthful characterizations – which you could never support with the necessary evidence – were primarily for the purpose of inviting a response from our party.

    Now, for you to say such though shows how ill-informed and uneducated you are, in the real sense of the term, when you impliedly accuse us of being COMMUNIST, or of being believers in COMMUNISM.

    Too, from the above non-sensical inexactitudes, it is clear that you do NOT know much about us, and that what you are writing about us as if you are some new kid on the block largely derives from a position of a lack of knowledge and understanding about our party’s philosophical objectives.

    Too, we will NOT put it beyond you, that your ill-directed comments have largely emerged from your being caught up in the peddling by a few Barbadians of pure, erroneous hearsay about us.

    Furthermore, given what we have long been enunciating on BU and elsewhere, it is patently clear that either you have NOT been reading our information on BU or elsewhere, properly sufficient to know that we do NOT conform with your false ideas of what COMMUNISM is, or you have NOT been reading generally enough to know WHO or WHAT a COMMUNIST is.

    So, therefore, it shows how malacious or reckless you are when you INSINUATE that we are COMMUNIST, or that we are believers of COMMUNISM, WITHOUT properly outlining or suggesting what you know about these things.

    Too, it is clear that you do not have anything politically corrupt and venal and inappropriate to say about us so you childishly raise the COMMUNIST bogeyman for the distraction of a few on here.

    Moreover, we have seen the communist bogeyman used – esp. unwarrantedly undeservedly – against some otherwise well-intentioned political people in Barbados, and to their electoral political detriment.

    And believe it, we not going to stand idly by and allow you or any body else in Barbados to paint us incorrectly with the COMMUNIST brush to our electoral political detriment, when the facts are such that we are NOT COMMUNIST; when the truth is that we are NOT believers in COMMUNISM; and when the reality is that there are no COMMUNIST parties existing in Barbados.


  10. your longwinded defence pdc which amounts to no more than splitting hairs suggests that you espouse a doctrine of which you are ashamed. if you are anti- capitalism, then you are communist as your unstinted support for the communist regime in cuba and other left wing regimes elsewhere suggest. you have a right to subscribe to any doctrine that you believe in but it galls me to hear you criticising those systems of govt like ours where the people have the FREEDOM to pursue their own interests and call their representatives to account.

  11. Things that makes one wonder…

    “Let the punishment fit the crime!
    That’s the call going out from Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to the law courts.” from today’s Nation Newspaper.

    I wonder what Mr Stuart was thinking all those many years that he practiced as as an attorney and in particular the two years he was Attorney General? I wonder if Amused and the poster using the name Andrew Pilgrim have any comments?

    … and from Jamaica, I read the following:

    “He further pointed to a 1976 study, which showed that 20 per cent of the condemned murderers in the Gibraltar prison in Spanish Town at the time had psychopathic personality disorders.

    “So we are not talking with water in the mouth, we are talking out of the real research we have done. That is the psychological basis for the beheadings we have had. The people who will commit those types of crimes are anti-social personality disorders. They are psychopaths who really have no conscience and who will do it over and over again,” he said.” – Prof. of Psychiatry at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Dr Fred Hickling

    Read more: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/-Psychopaths-_9463455#ixzz1VlFhNUkX

    I wonder about those that campaign against capital punishment. It is the ultimate deterrent. It certainly stops the CONVICTED psychopath from doing it “over and over again.”

  12. It is amazing the impotence being shown by politicians to the glaring indicators which show that a different type of crime has taken root in Barbados. We hear the lament of Cameron in the UK, the surrender of Jamaica to garrison communities, now T&T.

    Do we think that Barbados is immune? Barbadians need to make ‘taking back our communities’ a big deal. The recent Chadderton walk is a good start. The fight back must begin with the people.

  13. What is amazing is that the scientific data on the nature of some of these murderers has been available since 35 YEARS ago. The red herring about capital punishment not being a deterrent needs to repudiated. We must stop conflating deterrence and punishment (and restitution; strange we hardly ever hear about that…). If we were to carry this no deterrence argument to a logical conclusion we would abolish prison, fines and all other forms punishment for assault, rape, theft, embezzlement, etc since these crimes continue to be committed even though such punishments are applied to those convicted of those crimes!

  14. There was an article in the local press yesterday which shed some light on the cash for gold as an example. A point to note is that the legit cash for gold business’ are the ones listed. The problem comes with those which are underground.

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