Barbados Wikileak Cable

Dame Billie Miller, former Minister of Foreign Affairs

“Summary:  Foreign Minister Dame Billie Miller and members of her staff held a candid question and answer session with Barbados-based Ambassadors, revealing Caribbean views on Haiti, trade, and UN reform.  On Haiti, Miller encouraged the U.S. and Brazil to remain engaged, while committing to a greater CARICOM role in rebuilding Haitian civil society.  She also promised greater Haitian involvement in CARICOM after President-Elect Rene Preval’s inauguration.

On trade, Miller said she would push hard for a waiver from the WTO so the U.S. Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) can continue (reftel).  Other MFA staff then elucidated Barbadian positions on trade in services, security requirements as a trade barrier, and CARICOM trade agreements with Costa Rica, Cuba, and Venezuela.  On UN reform, CARICOM remains divided. Some member states support only India and Brazil for Security Council membership while others support the full G-4 slate, including Germany and Japan. “

Extracted from Barbados Wikileak Cable

5 thoughts on “Barbados Wikileak Cable

  1. Assange will be in the news shortly again given his sabbatical from the front pages of our broadsheets and newsreels…

    Some of us are still trying to read the mind of USAG Eric Holder on this issue and whether Assange is really worth the semantics and the political and judicial theatrics…

    OFF TOPIC>>>>>

    BLOODIED* Blatter has been RE-elected FIFA* Prez amidst an abstention from the English FA and an almost ceremonious coronation of the embattled leader whose organization is still rife with allegations of CORRUPTION*, LIES, SHENANIGANS & outright BRIBERY* on the part of crooked CASSAVA STICKS like JACK* “be nimble” WARNER & the Qatarian deep-pockets (now in the dust-bin Hammam)…

    Roll on Julian – we miss your “LEAKS” and look forward to more diabolical revelations of what the so-called “great and the good get up to”…

  2. Interesting final summary from Kramer about Barbados.
    Wonder if the present ambassador holds that view too in this current time?

  3. If left up to Billie Miller, Barbados would be right in line for requesting statehood from the US, even ahead of ahead of Puerto Rico. She represents everything that hate about the strangle hold the members of the legal Jackass community have on Barbados. They would sell us all for a few pieces of silver …!

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