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  1. I saw him last night crawling around in my green house shi*ting and damaging my young seedlings. Rat bait fuh de he!

  2. This song is about a Rat! However Listening to it makes me think about the Voiceless. That is those people in society who ae looked down upon because they are poor. Some of whom who would make it if given a chance. There is a mesage in the song. The Rat is onlysymbolic of the way we treat others.

  3. In the picture we should see the reflection of a rat. We also see the reflection of familiar buildings in Bridgetown. Why is there a rat? Where is the rat?

  4. Recently an Anglican priest (Charles Morris) on a televised programme said it was ok to have pre-marital sex. He went on to say that one shouldn’t buy a pig in a bag, that one wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on.

    What is the rest of the Anglican church saying on this? What is the Bishop of Barbados saying on this?

    What is the bible saying on this?

  5. Ben was a mouse.Extremely clever and quiet too.He brings comfort only to the likes of Michael Jackson but he never lived to be a rat….Oh Bu! Lol. Lol. Lol

  6. There’s a reflection of a rat in the picture? Not seeing it…is this one of those Rorschach Tests? 🙂

  7. It is unfortunate that Prof. Hilary Bin Laden Beckles from UWI, Cave Hill would compare cricketer Chris Gayle to Dudus, and this coming in the wake of his own countrymen who raped Shanique Myrie at the Grantley Adams Airport in Barbados, and the other visitors that are raped in Barbados daily, which seems to mean nothing to this man who chooses to be a trouble maker causing regional bad feelings.

    If there were doubts in anyone’s mind that the forces in Barbados had converge to hurt our country in every way conceivable, here is the answer. If an informed person like Prof. Bin Laden Becckles can do such thing, what can one expect from people like Maxine McClean and Harry Beckles (name pun not intended)! O serpents of the Caribbean, with neighbors and CARICOM members like you, who need enemies!
    As for Redjet coming to Jamaica, not in a thousand years — not as long as it bears the Bajan flag. LIAT and Caribbean Airlines are welcome. Now, will the other JA haters and Al Quaiders have their say. This Yardman is waiting to hear from you.

  8. @Anonymous
    The Anglican fornicators who both of rectum and of vagina, should be ashamed of themselves. I bought my pork in a bag and I have never regretted it almost thirty years. When the Church starts of say things like this man is saying what does he expect form those who want to throw out religion totally.

    But, even if one were to steal a little piece of pork, what is that for him to be speaking about publicly. Such things should be kept secretly, not chatter about by blabbing one’s beak.
    Shame on this fornicator, Morris!

  9. Rat are supposed to be unable to climb up hard smooth material. That is why you will see a piece of smooth metal wrapped around coconut trees. How was this rat able to climb up the glass to get to the sign?

    Tell your source to go and take another picture to confirm that the rat is still there.

    I might be wrong but it seems as if the rat is part of the sign.

  10. Correct me if I am wrong and I will stand corrected, but I believe the stastistics will show that the vast majority of Bajans will not buy pork in a bag unless they can return it.

    In fact if they do buy pork in a bag, it is an unspoken rule that the buyer must at least be able to see said pork.

  11. Yep, I can see the rat! Now I wish I could “un-see” it!
    I only eat from one food outlet in town, thank goodness.

  12. The mouse is a reflection, use your cognitive skills.

    Professor Beckles is correct in his view, he is wrong to express the opinion as a director.

  13. The rat is not a reflection. the people at the bottom are, and it appears that whatever is on the inside of that window has caught their attention. My guess is that the outline of a Rat that I can clearly see, is what they are looking at. Is it real? part of the neon sign? or real and trapped in the neon sign?

    BTW David; I am a busy person and really don’t have the time to play these guessing games; tell me where de damm picture was taken and what it means. chuspe!

  14. Should that not be “Where is Benn?”

    David, why do you think Beckles is right? How can you compare someone to an international criminal and the hopeless WICB as the good guys. That observation was very stupid.

  15. @Guest from JA | May 12, 2011 at 9:54 AM |
    It is unfortunate that Prof. Hilary ….. and this coming in the wake of his own countrymen who raped Shanique Myrie at the Grantley Adams Airport in Barbados”

    were u there? where is the evidence that she was raped? If she knew of certain proceedings at the airport and wanted to get someone in trouble, she would have chosen something else to lie about NOT that stupid incident. In time it will be proven that she is a liar. You Caribbean people cannot help being jealous of us BARBADIANS. what you should do is encourage your country folk not to come down here on the pretext of visiting then claiming to visit KNOW drug lords but when asked about who their visiting change the name. why not ask Shanique Myrie to call to witness the others that she came here with, who were NOT denied entry and ask them if at any time she was separated from the group. You can accuse as much as you like, cause many would like to believe that Barbados is decayed as Jamaica – it isn’t and God help us, if we end up like your lot and your drug infested lives. no wonder you have to get a visa to go the England

  16. the pic looks like it was taken along the harbour road, in the area of opposite the Furniture limited

  17. Calvin,

    Charles Morris is not representative of the Anglican Church and does not speak for it.

    When he speaks, he speaks for Charles Morris not the Anglican Church. He is not associated right now with any of our churches as every priest who takes him under their wings end up having to cut him loose. He is a law unto himself and his views on pre-marital sex are absolutely not the views of the Anglican Church. Abstinence is still being taught in all of our Sunday School classes.

    On the Hilary Beckles mouthings, this reminds me of when he was a Bussa boy raging a war against the then Mutual. I have a soft spot for Chris Gayle, so I am offended by his statement. I wonder how he would feel if Chris Gayle responded by saying “Well, I dont have a son who is a murderer!” How would Hilary feel to have that throw back up in his face!

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

  18. Me,

    Dont laugh too quickly at Jamaicans having to get visas to go to England, Britain is looking at introducing the visa requirement for Barbados as well.

  19. Barbados Hear me

    (received from a religious group anding out flyers in Town)
    Dont curse me please

  20. There is a rat circled in the picture. Is it a fake?

    @jack spratt

    I don’t know what they are saying, but i know what they are doing. lol

    I think the Anglican church should “divorce” itself from the comments made if they do not stand by them.

  21. We have a very timid Bishop who always seem reluctant to speak out and seems to abhor any confrontation. He is probably afraid of Charles Morris’ big mouth.


    Any particular time on the 21st? Barbados Local Time or GMT/UTC would be fine.

    I want to make sure my in-box is empty, and my bags are packed….

    • On the issue of what Beckles had to say about the DON, some things need to be stated.

      A hooligan element has taken root and we need to remove it out from WI cricket and society in general.

      It is a matter where we should be united but that would be a pipe dream.

  23. Guess from JA
    Hush ya krutch ya fcukin idiot. You have proof bout what ya talk or ya jus tryin ta air ya stink snout? stupseeee, go n bathe do.

    Mouse Rat
    I agree wid you. De goodly priest Morris is just saying out loud wah de uddas in he chu’ch doing. No sex befo marriage my big toe. Contrary ta wah sum a dem so called chu’ch followas would like we ta believe, de majority a dem does be already well-fuckt long before marriage. Foopin is a major role in any relationship, christian or sinna, so dem dat wanna believe edda-wize, fooling only demselfs. A frien a mine (not me, LOL) gih a lil chu’ch youngsta lil piece one time n when he did reddy ta ‘arrive’, de man cuss stink, stink, stink. He did shame fa weeks afta. (It was not me, a frien tell me dat story) LOL

    I wid you. doan mind de hig’runt khunt.

    My dear nevew Halsall
    I luv um badddddddddddd. ‘GMT/UTC would be fine’.

  24. David
    I don’t know why some persons just love to make ‘a mountain outta a mole hill’. stupseeeeeeeeeee. Mr. Hilary was merely speaking metaphorically.
    Some persons just love nit-picking.

    Talk ya talk do Mr. Hilary.
    Chris Gale is just another WASTE Indies cricketer. He’s not bigger than the game.

  25. Barbados have rats everywhere . Rats running wild every which way ! Rats and Racketeers!

    Yeah Chris gayle out dey playing softball cricket wid them small town guys and think he is such a big deal. Just can wait to see how he perform against the big leagues!

  26. I am watching Chris Gayle entertain in spectacular fashion in the IPL.
    I pay to watch cricket and be entertained.

    Stop hatin.

  27. ac
    N anytime I ga in town, it just mean dat anudda big rat in town. LOL murdahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  28. ”I want to make sure my in-box is empty, and my bags are packed….”

    Halsall must think ya mean the aliens are coming for us, he going be the first one on the passing ship…

    All aboard…..

    Supposing..just supposing, it was a passing spaceship on its millenium rounds…would YOU go?……..

  29. Hants
    dah game cricket kill many a men a’reddy, hear? I doan tek um too serius, so um cannnnnn kill me but a cousin a mine, dead from a heart attack many years ago watching one a dem nail-biting finishes. He dead n gone long n nevva kno how de game end. it was one a dem games wid one ball n two runs or sumting so. he ded n leff two lil girls. de cricketers would gotta gimme a heart attack not de game. LOL. Carl Hooper nuse ta mek me whet all ova. when he dun, i dun too. He so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  30. Crusoe
    ef de aliens look good like summa de menz i does see bout hay, dem would gotta beg me ta get offa de ship. na joke.

  31. Ben, whatcha doing in a store
    People watching you in the mirror
    Behind an even larger stoooree
    Next to a carpark, dont you knoooww

    Oh Ben, didnt you think we’d see
    Even the camerman is there’ere
    You see Ben
    We know Bridgetown pictures …you seee…

    I trying to remember the storefront though. Dont think there is a food place there….

  32. For sure Ben is NOT hiding in a cave, maybe behind it though..is that norman in the picture too…?

  33. De whole day gone and nuhbody in went down town to see if this rat still in de people sign?

    Now if the rat is in fact part of the design, who would have determined that this design was suitable to welcome patrons into this particular establishment?

    Is the proprietor aware that the average Bajan is not fond of rats?

    Is he making a statement that “rats” are welcomed in this establishment and patrons seeking “rats” should check inside?

    If the Blog owner knows the significance of the rat, why is he keeping the information to himself and allowing his readers to speculate and cast aspirations on respectable business places?

    I think this particular piece is not as “free of moral turpitude” as it could be. 🙂

  34. @Tina Roach | May 12, 2011 at 4:18 PM |
    Barbados Hear me

    no one is cursing you but why are you advertising for them? it seems that you believe them too but if you read scriptures, you will see that they are badly misguided. sad. i look forward to May 22 and their comments when nothing happens? aren’t they tired of doing this? this is not the first time. bunch of poppets. the most important thing is not that the lord is coming of May 21 but that you are ready to meet him whenever he comes. I am and he will NOT come on May 21

  35. @Prodigal Son | May 12, 2011 at 3:05 PM |
    “Dont laugh too quickly at Jamaicans having to get visas to go to England, Britain is looking at introducing the visa requirement for Barbados as well”

    i can afford to laugh it will not happen and if it does, it won’t affect me, my spouse is british

  36. @ Guess From JA
    Look idiot everybody even some of you all Jamiacans know that Ms Myrie is telling lies. Why didn’t she come back to Barbados and identify the person who “raped” her.Why hasn’t the other two people she came with who got into Barbados, come forward on her defence yet.How come she don’t know if it is a customs officer or policeman, when policemen in Barbados and Jamaica are dressed similarly. She is a blatant liar and by now we all know that. I know many Jamaicans living here and they are distanting themselves from her allegations, far from that what they told me that they have far more harrasment going back to Jamaica from Jamaican Customs officials than the Barbadian Customs. When these students go back to Jamaica your wicked customs officers ask them to produce along with their Jamaican passport their student Identification card. why would they do that.When they come to Barbados all they have to show is their passport. Next time tell the liar Ms Myrie, if that is her real name, to come with a better lie, and don’t put down no Drug Lord name and then try to change it. Peddle your drugs in Jamaica not bout here

  37. @Pretty Blue Eyes | May 13, 2011 at 2:58 PM

    my exact sentiments. At 20 years old, it is not expected that she had a modicum of common sense to investigate how things are done before she decided to fabricate such crap. she said she did not know if it was a police officer, customs officer or immigration officer. first lie… ALL police officers THROUGH OUT the Caribbean ALL dress alike. no ordinary officers can up and decide they are seaching, you must call your supervisor or you are asking to be dismissed from the public service, which public officer would purposely breech that knowing he will lose his pension? one may risk things where it is he say she say but when you have other officers present you will be gambling that they will abide on your side in jucking a finger in a woman’s cavity. she is a retarded liar. she came here to peddle drugs for the drug lord and was caught, plain and simple

  38. Sorry, i meant to say he came here to peddle drugs for the drug lord and was caught in a lie , plain and simple

  39. maybe you will send more civilized upstanding barbadians like Sir Hilary Beckles son. Who come into the country commits murder and escapes justice. I guess you are all celebrating another Bajan triumph.

  40. Look anonymous you know very well that the Jamaican courts acquitted Beckles’ son.

    Are you saying that the Jamaican courts are corrupt?

  41. A quote from the newspaper ad
    The Bible declares that ‘ No man knows’ is describing the unsaved condition of mankind .if you (sic) are saved then we (sic) may know all things spiritually discerned in God’s word

    Read it for yourself in the paper

    There was a time when was in the paper was gospel

  42. The thing with this hold J’can rape by barbados immigration officer(s) would not have gotten this far if cameras were installed. In the abscence of such, the world has a right to believe this woman’s story and Barbados has right to call her a liar. The only ones who know the truth are the same woman, the immigration officers involve and the evidence to prove who telling lies (which gone thru the eddoes because of no cameras). What ever the outcome I hope Barbados start thinking new age instead of old age.

  43. The reflection in the picture shows the rear of Cave Shepherd where that Cloister book store is or was.

    The Anglican priest was very wrong to put it in the way he did, “buying a pig in a bag”. In his position he should be encouraging people to wait until marriage before engaging in sex, but what he should also have advised is that if persons find it difficult to wait until marriage, they should use birth control and protect themselves from STDs until they are really sure that they want to marry or be in a long term monogamous relationship with a particular person.

  44. Rats!! He is definitely singing about Caribbean politicians.,except those who are not in politics to make friends.

  45. The priest’s argument is that the bible doesn’t speak to pre-marital sex. I would submit that the bible does speak to the matter.

    The bible says that if you are unmarried and you are burning up with sexual urges and can’t contain yourself, then you should go and get married. For it is better to marry than to burn with urges.

    It does not say go and get a “little piece” and cool the heat until you get married.

    Maybe Charles Morris should read 1 Cor 7:8-9.

    The bible is so concern about sex outside of marriage that it says that if one looks at someone lustfully that is a sin (adultery) if one, or both are married. The bible therefore speaks to if neither party is married, or if either party is married.

    (Mat 5:28)

    This thing has caused such a stir, that CBC will be discussing it on The People’s Business. The Bishop of Barbados hasn’t said anything that I’m aware. Rev. Errington Massiah has said he does not agree with pre-marital sex, so there is a split in the Anglican church in Barbados. Firstly it was division on gay Bishops, and now this. One reverend is saying one thing, and another something else. This is why the bishop should disclose where the Anglican church lies on this matter.

    What is happening is that persons have entered the church to destroy it from within (Trojans). These people labelled themselves Christians, but are not interested in following true Christianity. We shall know them by their fruits.

  46. @Anonymous | May 14, 2011 at 4:35 PM | The bible says that if you are unmarried and you are burning up with sexual urges and can’t contain yourself, then you should go and get married. For it is better to marry than to burn with urges.
    Yeah, but realistically only a fool would rush to marriage for the sole reason of cooling sexual urges. Suppose the result is a marriage that is miserable and unhappy? There are many other expectations to be met in a marriage besides sex alone. Sometimes it can take very long to find a truly compatible partner who is available for marriage.
    So rather than being unrealistic, I think it is just important that people protect their health, and don’t get unplanned babies who may end up being deprived of having both loving parents in the home.

  47. Anonymous
    So in other words, if you can’t control your sexual urges and you’re a christian/churchgoer, you should get married just to satisfy that desire? Is that what marriage is all about? No wonder we have so many divorces. It really urks me when persons refer to scripture verses when making a case for morality. we’re living in a real world and we’re prone to err. If a couple decides to have sex before marriage, will the God they serve hold it against them n forbid them entering the Pearly Gates? And what does the scriptures say about divorce? Fornication, adultery are just as big a sin as stealing, coveting, lying etc. There’s no big sin, lil sin here.

  48. @Zack & Bonny Peppa

    The position I’m arguing is that the bible does speak out against pre-marital sex.

    As to marriage, one should not rush into marriage without first getting to properly know the person you intend to tie the knot with. This is the reason marriages are failing, probably more so in the church.

    If persons were to honestly sit and discuss what likes and dislikes they have before marriage, then a lot more unions would stand a chance.

    Whenever I hear couples who have been married for many years they often say that marriage is not an easy task, it is all about giving and taking, they also speak of being friends before, or knowing the person for sometime before the marriage.

    As to divorce the bible says:

    Mat 5:32 But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

    Therefore one can only divorce if unfaithfulness comes into play, otherwise you can’t divorce.

  49. There you have it, the puzzle is solved. The reflection is indeed Cave Shepherd, the last piece of the puzzle should be easy from here.

  50. Anonymous
    We’re on the same page regarding fornication but there are also other ‘sins’ which we commit and are forgiven so why some persons are raising hellfire because Rev. Morrison made a remark regarding ‘sex before marriage, is beyond me.

    Another thing, persons marry for all kinds of reasons hence the high divorce rate worldwide. And about not knowing your partner well enough before committing in marriage; I strongly believe that the same way we fall in love, we also fall out of love or it probably wasn’t love in the first place, but rather lust. Lust and love are closely related and can easily be mistaken one for the other.

    How does one go about proving ‘unfaithfulness’ for the cause of divorce? And to prove unfaithfulness, wouldn’t one have to be caught in the ‘act’? How easy is that?

    Another thing, a lot of these old married couples, sleep in separate beds/rooms for over 30yrs but still claim to be a ‘couple’, especially if they’re regular church-goers. Guess it’s just to keep up the ‘image’.

    I doan ga in town so you gun hah fa spell um out fa me. De buildin opposit Cave Shepherd is Bata Shoe store or Kirpalani’s? Tell ma nah. stupseeeeeeee

  51. Can anybody tell me at what age on average people married in Biblical times?

    Isn’t it true that in conservative the Middle Eastern societies then and now girls were/are married soon after their first menstrual period appears (and some then and now were married off even before the first period appeares)

    Think how difficult sex must be for these pre-menarche virginal young wives.

    Isn’t it true that it is real, real, real easy to abstain from fornication between birth and menrche (the first period)

    And isn’t it true that it it is truly difficult to abstain from sex between menarche (the first period) and menopause (the last period)

    So isn’t it true that when the Bible speaks about abstaining from sex before marrige the CONTEXT was a society where virtually everybody was married by 16?

    Isn’t it true that when we read a text we MUST NOT strip the text of its context.

    Isn’t it true that if most of us had married before our 16th birthday our first sexual experience would have been within marriage?

    I have a dear friend who worked in Saudi Arabi for many, many, years. She saw (yes in this 21st century) a good number of cases where middle aged husbands brought their wives to hospital because she was “infertile” When the young wife was checked medically her “infertility” was because she had not yet had her first period (but she was a married woman for those of you who feel that married sex is always a good thing; and that unmarried sex is always a bad thing) the medical staff then had to beg the husbands NOT TO HAVE SEX with their wives until after her first period.

    So I agree with Charles Morris.

    Married sex is not always a good thing.

    Unmarried sex is not always a bad thing.

  52. @Hants

    A few but most of them struggle for content. In fact most Bajans seem to prefer the facebook platform to exchange views.

  53. @Random Thoughts

    What is also true is that whether we travel by camel, caravan, or concorde, the sins committed 2000 years ago are the sins being committed in 2011. There is nothing new under the sun.

    The Anglican church has always tried to justify sin as time advances in order to suite the “times”, hence the acceptance of gay bishops which the bible speak against (homosexuality).

    Hence our own enslavement under the banner of Christianity, because it suited the times, men and women were needed to work the plantations.

    Today, this church (Anglican) is again metamorphosing by speaking as to the CONTEXT of a sin. I will humbly submit to you and Charles Morris that a sin is a sin, and there are no big sins nor small sins, and these sins are unchanging, same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

    The Anglican church continues to change, by moving the goal post, whereas Jesus remains the same.

    Churches operate by faith, and if today you say to someone let us hold A to be true, but then come tomorrow and say no, no, let us hold B to be true, as A instant in keeping with our agendas. How will faith be strong in such context?

    Because the faith isn’t strong is the reason that church is sleeping with so many different partners in the hope of finding the right fit.

  54. The problem with the church it has fallen short and has succumbed to being of “the world. The church should and must be grounded by moral and ethical codes givento them that is founded in their “Blueprint ” called the Bible.remembering “Be ye in the world but not of the world”

  55. To: ‘Guest from JA’. Isn’t Hilary Beckles a Guyanese? And furthermore it is the reputation of Jamaicans that you have to worry about. Where were you when you wrote this post? In Jamaica? It is a shame that you are so narrow minded. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! Prof. Beckles has a right to his opinion and did you consider the context in which he made the statement that has so riled you?

  56. @Adrian

    Don’t you realize that David is taking the blog to a higher level? Did you read the post about “Quantum Mechanics and Proto Consciousness”? Soon from now he will venture into the field of Existentialism on a fulltime basis and his first task is to find out whom he will be taking with him on this new adventure.

    That’s the reason for the cryptic question and the photo, it is a “Where is Waldo” for the eggheads on the blog .Everyone who can be locate “Ben” or can answer the question will be taken along, all others will be part of the “left behind”.

    I rest my case 🙂

    • Good one Sarge.

      The picture story was a simple one but we created a little mystique around it to expand the debate.

      From the reflection like Zack observed we fingered an eating spot which is adjacent to Cave Shepherd.

      The rest is down hill from.

  57. Please be advised that Charles Morris DOES not speak for the Anglican Church.

    Those are his personal views, his and his alone! Charles Morris is not even assigned to a church, I dont even know where he worships. Any priest who took him under his wings got burned by him and so no one wants to touch him with a ten foot pole. So Charles is just looking to stir up trouble and make the Anglican Church look bad.

    The Anglican Church still teach its young people about abstinence and that their bodies are the temples of God. Among other things we teach them about AIDS and other diseases that one can get from being promiscuous, we teach them to live godly lives, we also have sessions with our young people about using their finances wisely and the importance of a sound education.

    So Charles Morris does not speak for me nor the Anglican Church, he is as good as being ex-communicated/

  58. The Bishop of Barbados has now spoken to this issue, and the comments made by Charles Morris are not supported by the Anglican church, nor the bible.

    I would reiterate that **1 Cor 7: 8-9** speak to this issue by saying if you can not stand the sexual urges then seek to marry. It is the only verse which speaks to pre-marital sex if your definition of fornication does not include pre-marital sex.

    The bible does not say have sex outside of marriage.

    • A week is a relative short time especially if they were moves to discuss with Morris first.

      Have to admit the Bishop was very forceful in his language.

      On the CBC program last night it seems Morris’ former student a young SDA pastor equipped himself well.

      Also the fact Rev Morris was dressed in all his robes was not lost on the BU family.

    • The controversy was not about Holder responding but getting Morris to recant. We can agree to disagree. The controversy will not pick up because Morris will not go away quietly if we know the man.

  59. A week isa long time. Rev. Holder if he is fully convicted by his teachings and that of the Bible could have supress the controversy a lot sooner and should not have allowed the church to be drawn and drag around into the public domain .

  60. What if Morris is right? There is some condemnation from the holier than thou set who have indulged in premarital sex but when a priest pronounces his support for it all hell breaks out.

    History is replete with priests who have run afoul of their Church’s teachings Morris wasn’t the first nor will he be the last and it is his opinion which people should accept as one man’s opinion and not get their knickers in a knot.

    The Anglican church has tolerated homosexual unions, the Catholic church has denied marriage to its priests, Muslims tolerate marriage to multiple women.

    Who is right?

  61. The controversy surrounds Morris and the teachings of the church .If one is to believe the church is a body united as one . Then It is incumbent for the leadership to as quickly as possible to repel and and repair any further that can damage the church.The fact that Morris would not recant made the issue more volitile and quick action should have taken before the story took on a life of its own.

  62. Sargeant
    I wid you. All dese preachers, pastors, Anglican, Methodist, Adventist, Catholic etc, etc. is a whole bunch a hypocrites. Dem does phoop anyting, anytime n den cum spouting a lotta crap bout ‘mekkin dem body holy temples’ n a whole lotta shoite afta dem run thru de whole congretation both male n female.
    Hell in gun got room enuff fa all a dem. stupseeeeeeeee.

    stupseeeeeeeeee, de Bishop is just anotha man. He sayin exactly wah de ‘Godly’ people would expect he ta sa. Dah is all. A bunch a jokers, all a dem.

    Tell ma sumting, afta dese young church-goers dat you teach about abstinence and all de STD’s etc, etc, you believe dat any a dem still contract STD’s or better yet, become promiscuous? stupseeeeeeee, doan ansa.
    Sex is one a de main tings dat keep any relationship afire n if ya partner cannnnnnnnn fulfill dat need, christian or no christian, abstain or refrain before marriage, dat couple gun get some ‘help’ in dem relationship. Maybe from de same Rev. in de chu’ch. fa real. I kno bout Revs n Pastors dat breed women in dem chu’ch den run n beg fa fagiveness. Dem din get de same teaching too? Humankind n sexual desires is one a dem intricate tings dat does mek strange bedfellas. Telling me.

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