23 thoughts on “Proud To Be Bajan – Happy Independence Day Barbados

  1. Happy Independence, Bim! We getting older…may wisdom come with age, and ambition follow suit, so that prosperity may be the outcome!

  2. May the “love” that binds us be always stronger than any temporary lapse into discord; as unity in a mission of justice for all our people will give us strength.
    Happy Independence Day Barbados!

  3. I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados
    and to my flag,
    To uphold and defend their honor,
    and by my living to do credit
    to my nation, wherever I go.


  4. happy Independence my ass … What hypocrites. At the mercy of two obscene political parties for close to a century with no sign of meaningful change on the horizon… just a collection of stupid so called citizens and faith based opinionizers who would rather refer to the likes of me as a radical than to attempt something new (like Transparent Democracy with registered Political Parties that could be held legally liable to those who expect their campaign promises to be acted on). Independence … what a farce ..!

  5. I join with all you to wish Barbados, happy Independence. But honestly are we truly independent I will not dwell on that but after 45 years we pretend we are so with it.We have a bank oh pardon me we had a bank Barbados National Bank, now it has gone to the Trinidadians and we sit and accept every piece of crap coming from the mouth of the Managing director, who by the way is a Trinidadian, out of all our learned people the cannot or will not put a barbadia in the top spot. Whenever he opens his mouth the gullible press is thee to lap it up. Do you know that NOT ONE OF THE BNB MANAGERS CAN APPROVE NOT EVEN A $5,000.00 LOAN. The last MD, Lehunte used to talk down to them, belittle them in meetings, yet the idiots would try to make each other look bad in his eyes by reporting every little mistake or error they found against the other manager and even inventing lies about them and their own staff memebers. They are now messengers, since they lick the butt of the boss to report crap about staff to the boss lady, who is now leaving the island since her permit was not renewed by Immigration. Do you know that many “brown skin” young people were put in top positions in the bank over the “dark skin” ones who had more experience. No wonder BNB is in the trouble it is in now. Some of the “brown skin” ones had their positions revoked after the lady boss realized they could not handle the job. Do you know that many people have been actin in positions for over two years, and DO NOT GET PAID ACTING ALLOWANCE, the Union knows and does not do a thing about it. The morale in the bank is the lowest they have ever experienced in the last 20 years. At the last union meeting with the Managing director, they all agreed not to say anything to the press do you know that after the meeting the MD went to the Nation and blab all over his face about the work force and how he want to keep people employed and the less than realised profits, much to the shock of all at the meeting. He want to give the employees a 1% now he says a 2% but he is suggesting they get it in a lump sum which obviously would affect they pensions. He came with a made up graph showing that BNB employs 520 employees Scotia employs 420 yet Scotia employees produce more financially than BNB and they pay cheques are less than BNB. Liar he is , of course we know he is including the large number of Indians they brought in from India to help with the new system that is a loss fro the bank

    • Prime Minister Stuart’s Independence Speech in long form:

      Fellow Barbadians,

      It is that time of the year again when we pause to reflect on our independence. This year we celebrate 45 years of nationhood. Peculiar to this year’s celebration is that it comes a mere 42 days before the 360th anniversary of the signing of the Charter of Barbados in 1652. The signing of that Charter climaxed our first attempt to declare ourselves independent only 25 years after the English had settled this island.

      Significant in this 45th year also, is the fact that, for the first time in 15 years, Sir Clifford Husbands will not be part of our celebrations in the capacity of Governor General. I have elsewhere conveyed my thanks to Sir Clifford for the outstanding public service he rendered to Barbados. On this occasion, I place on record the debt of gratitude we owe to him for so discharging the functions of his office as to raise our nation’s gaze to impressive and very challenging horizons. We wish him well in a richly deserved retirement.

      Not to be ignored in our 45th year also, is the fact that the world in which Barbados has to do its business continues to be beset by challenges social, political, and economic which are both unprecedented in scope and startling in reverberation.

      We have all been witnessing with dismay the dramatic and, very often, traumatic events unfolding in North Africa, events which have won for themselves the label ”Arab Spring”. We have seen dictators hounded from office by an explosion of popular power and protest with consequential loss of life for civilians and, in one case, for a leader himself.

      By way of contrast, though not too sharp a contrast, in the Eurozone, we have been witnesses to the continued decline in the economic fortunes of countries on that continent. That decline has led to the voluntary surrender of office by two leaders, those of Greece and Italy, and has dimmed the hopes of thousands of households for a better quality of life. Thousands of young and not so young people, feeling threatened by this seemingly unstoppable decline, have been taking to and occupying the streets in eloquent appeals for an economic and social system that distributes burdens and benefits more fairly.

      In all of this, the most powerful country in the world, the United States of America, continues to be bedevilled by debt, deficit and unemployment.

      It is tempting, is it not, to ask, “is there no good news anywhere?”

      Here in Barbados, with a services economy, propelled largely by tourism, international business and foreign capital inflows, we have not been left unaffected. After all, our tourists come from abroad, our international business sector depends on attracting business from abroad, and foreign capital inflows are “foreign” because they have to come from abroad.

      We have had to face serious challenges in all three of these areas over the past year, with predictable consequences for our foreign exchange earnings, government revenues, and the creation of new employment opportunities.

      Faced with these daunting challenges, the pride and industry of Barbadians have not faltered. Ours has always been “a pride that makes no wanton boast of what it has withstood.”

      The government, therefore, has held fast to its commitment to protect jobs in the public sector; and our private sector, operating under enormous pressure and in very difficult circumstances, has been keeping faith with the population in that regard. Our Trade Unions have been impressive examples of social responsibility.

      Fellow Barbadians, the outlook for the world economy in the year 2012 is not bright. We are hearing dismal forecasts from our international financial institutions and from the International Labour Organisation. Here in Barbados, therefore, it cannot be business as usual. We must meet, with confidence and determination, the challenges that are facing us.

      As Prime Minister, I accept that government must set both the tone and the example in any meaningful national response. I bear in mind that government is the largest procurer of goods and services in the country and that the maintenance of jobs in the private sector is linked to that fact. That is no excuse, though, for the wastage so often evident in our Ministries and Statutory Boards. Every attempt will therefore be made to eliminate this scourge.

      Barbados cannot afford to respond to present challenges by disengaging from the world and retiring into itself. We have to be alert to the existence of opportunities we may exploit for the nation’s benefit. Our voice must still be raised in the councils of the world with a view to influencing the course of events.

      In that context, I will continue to approve ministerial and public service travel, only if I am satisfied that a clear link exists between that travel and the achievement of our national goals. Put frankly, government’s overall expenditure will be even more closely monitored and, where necessary, appropriate discipline will continue to be imposed.

      I call on members of the public to exercise a little more restraint than has, up to now, been evident during this economic downturn. You have wants and you have needs. We can do without our wants; we should not be expected to do without our needs. Place emphasis for yourselves and your children on what you need. Put on hold, unless you can afford them without inconvenience, the things you just want but can do without.

      I have the fullest confidence in your sense of responsibility.

      We very often discover much of the hidden creativity we have within us during times of great sacrifice and challenge. Look inward and draw upon those creative reserves that lie hidden there.

      Nothing I have said to you is intended to suggest that a long, dark, unending night lies ahead of us. This global downturn, like all those before it, will come to an end. But until it comes to an end, we have to be responsible; we have to be prudent; we have to be thrifty.

      In any event, in all of this, we can take comfort from the fact that:

      “The Lord has been the people’s guide for past three hundred years

      With Him still on the people’s side, we have no doubts or fears

      Upward and onward we shall go

      Inspired, exulting, free

      And greater will our nation grow

      In strength and Unity.”

      Happy Independence to you all

  6. @BAFBFP

    I am at the mercy of, not two but 5 political parties who continue to impede my radical desires for a BMW M5.

    Wishing you a day that satisfies your needs. At least you have two parties fuh dat.
    de white chick an de cropover chick.

    To all Bajans except BAFBFP. Happy Independence Day.

  7. Hants

    The rain falling ’bout hey … We had thunder storms last night and are expecting more before the week ends. At least the Gods are honest with their sentiments. Good luck with your car ….

    Independence my ass …!

  8. Independence is being able to remove an offensive effigy such as that which resides at the top of Broad Street, one that represents the defense of the darkest period of our history, without having to answer to influential interests, both within and without …!

  9. As Barbados celebrates its 45th birthday of Independence, it is clear that Owen Arthur’s legacy of high debt, accumulated during times of plenty – is now killing our country. That explains why the announcement from the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) that he (Opposition Leader Owen Arthur) would have been addressing its luncheon on November 24th – became “big new” and for a number of reasons. That announcement was coming less than a month after Owen Arthur had spoken at his Party’s Annual Conference. Pray tell: what new or important could he possibly have had to say?

    Secondly! Given the topic he was expected to speak on, it would have been bizarre, to say the least, for a man who was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Barbados for fourteen years, to be now talking about “change” or the need to implement anything, especially when he would have had more than amply time and more time than anybody else in the history of this country, to restructure the Barbados economy; find new economic sectors as well as a new development model – but did not.

    Thirdly, his address was coming within days of what would be his Independence Address but since Mia Mottley (as a former Opposition Leader) would have significantly raised the bar, as regards, presentations by BLP politicians at such BCCI luncheons (September 29th 2010 being the new standard) it was foreseeable that Owen Arthur would have been under tremendous pressure to even come close, far less – better Mia Mottley’s performance, which for him, would have been: “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!”

    This is significant because, after he and his “gang of 5” had ousted her, it would be only reasonable for Barbadians to expect much better or even better! Unfortunately, it just is not happening, simply because it is not possible! Owen Arthur spoke for a considerable amount of time at that BCCI luncheon but by the end of his presentation – those looking for freshness or credible ideas how the country would advance under him – got absolutely nothing, except Arthur again telling the DLP to cut and impose austerity on Barbadians.

    At the end of his “warm-over-cold-soup-talk,” local academics were not impressed, neither were Talk Show Hosts. But they were when Mia Mottley spoke and they said so publicly! No Senior Reporter from the London Times was impressed when Owen Arthur spoke, either! Frankly, there has simply been no buzz, as was the case when Mia Mottley addressed the BCCI.

    Whether you are on-board the Owen Arthur geriatric brigade or the George Payne gravy-train, it is not difficult to notice that the BLP veered off-course some time ago and has since come to an abrupt halt. In August this year, Owen Arthur promised public meetings that ought to have started in September but have not. He had earlier, officially launched the BLP’s general election campaign but that too has been a false start. One can therefore expect a re-launch of the launch because the alleged launch – never got off the ground. What could it be that he wants to say, that CBC is preventing him?

    Since becoming Leader of the Opposition, Owen Arthur has been using that position to encourage the Freundel Stuart administration to introduce austerity measures and impose pain on Barbadians. He has suggested to the DLP that it should cause Barbadians to pay for health care, to even telling the DLP that it is spending too much on poor people. But week-after-week, Arthur keeps getting it wrong.

    Owen Arthur does not bother to go to Parliament now! He tables no Resolutions, he does not ask any Parliamentary Questions and yet he plays the role of victim (which he does well) by blaming CBC for not letting the public hear him speak. However, the high-point of his recent speech to the BCCI’s Luncheon was that the NIS Board should not invest the savings of Barbadian in Barbados to build productive capacity at Four Seasons. But no sooner had he said that than respected Ratings Agency, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) stated publicly that investing NIS Funds in that project is a good idea for the economy.

    Once again, Owen Arthur has found himself on the wrong side if the fence. But for him, this is the norm! He is against football, which he labels: “a distraction.” Yet the Stadium is packed nightly with paying patrons. He said Mara was “an affront” but she got the most votes ever, in any Barbadian political election. Owen Arthur is a very lonely man who is bored with himself.

    All over the world, there is overwhelming evidence that the gold or first-place, sometimes goes to the less deserving contestant. Mia Mottley, as former Leader of the Opposition – is therefore a constant reminder to Barbados Labour Party supporters that – banking on a 3% swing to topple the DLP will not be enough, hence they must not settle for less than the gold, especially when (WITH MIA MOTTLEY) much better is possible; much better has been placed on the table for national discussion and Barbados can be a winner! For: how can the man who ran-up millions in debt during times of plenty, be now calling on the DLP, in the worst recession in our life-time, to reduce his debt? Call us “wild boys!” Allege that we “do not know what we are doing” but we will not send home Barbadians from the Public Service, neither will we cut spending on poor people.

  10. true to form
    @ Arthur legacy
    The Dems must be running scared now .Everyday they see their castle tumbling around them and they have no answer to the encircling gloom.. the only thing which is descernible is that they are incompetent and have no become unelectable.
    Imagine Owen have a debt of over 1 billion in 14 years and built roads, schools ,Kensington,, houses ,prison, hotels, and the others things you care to mention. The DLP has over a billion over four years and not a pang to show. Where then is the legacy of debt. It isot the debt per se but what is done with the debt. Just let me state what you know . It is the investment in human capital and borrowing on the capital account which would give the country a chance to grow. This govt is borrowing to pay salaries thus borrow on the current account. and running up debt on the most unncessary things, , eg football and summer camps. Take your pick. This inanity is ludicrous and prespostrous.

  11. This is over two month now since The game show network channel on the stv network CBC cannot be seen, heard properly or enjoyed by consumers who are disconnected for late payments. Will committed viewers of this channel that are denied their choice on Multichoice be reimbursed for this two months inconvenience? Is anyone affected like me?

  12. Scout
    All of the talk about the DLP being this worst government. Since 2008 when this Government came into office Barbadians continue to do the things that they were doing all the time that is living above their means. I cannot believe that the gloom and doom naysayers of the BLP who predicted a collapse of the economy are still around predicting the Government would collapse the economy. Things are still being done and Barbadians standard of living is still years ahead of some of the worlds richest countries. The economy is still going along slowly although under tremendous pressure from the international downturn.
    Anyhow scout here is some good news, in today’s news; Barbados is 16th in the world on corruption index. It has improve since 2005 under the BLP where it was 6.9,2006-6.6,2007-6.9,2008-7.0, 2009-7.4, 2010-7.8
    What I am seeing is that the DLP government has lowered the perception of corruption occurring in the country over the past three years.
    Once they introduce the Integrity legislation and FOI; Owen Arthur will not want to be Prime Minister again.
    I cannot understand why they would not want to introduce legislation that would move the country even higher on the list.
    Some of these BLP bloggers would cry if that legislation is passed. I hope that the DLP members of Parliament recognize that no one in these times have a safe seat. Make a 360 and do the things that the people want done that do not involve large sums of money. Pass the integrity and FOI legislation before you call elections.


    To all sincere and loyal bajans around the world!
    Bad leadership is everywhere and people are rising up against it everywhere, the powers that be remove who they want to remove and put something worse in their place. Its happened time and time again and each time they use new words to throw you off track – same game, new name!!!
    Listen people, you can’t just rely on one type of business ie tourism. We need something new and fresh specific to Barbados. Hold competitions in schools, colleges and universities and see what the young minds come up with. Say to them thus-
    This is the land of your birth and your forebears and if it is to be here for the future of YOUR children, we need to improve, spruce and purge. Throw out the garbage and things that don’t work and never have no matter how much money has been wasted on it. WE will not support bad business or bad FOR business!
    Nobody is better than us and we no better than them BUT we all must make a start for ourselves personally and as a nation, then as a collective we will thrive, no matter what times we’re in. People have lived through worse, its no excuse.
    Drive and Trive, We need a centre that shows all the great bajans that have come from Barbados and have done great things and accomplishments.

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