American Eagle To Suspend Its Service Out Of Barbados To Puerto Rico

Adrian Loveridge - Hotel Owner

I WAS SURPRISED to read in this publication last week that American Eagle will suspend its service to Puerto Rico from April 15. Especially as according to the American Airlines website, a twice-daily service five days a week and once daily on the other two days of the week will continue from St Lucia to San Juan. Grenada also retains a thrice-weekly direct flight.

St Lucia’s minister of tourism was recently quoted in the media as saying that his government was negotiating with American Eagle to resurrect the St Lucia to Barbados route, so this may represent some sort of alternative link to Puerto Rico depending on flight schedules.

Otherwise it will involve a minimum travel time of four hours with a change of aircraft in either Dominica or St Lucia and Antigua with LIAT.

The loss of at least 280 airline seats per week must be a concern to our tourism planners as San Juan was frequently used as a hub to connect passengers from other United States cities.

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  1. It seems Caribbean Airways will be cutting jobs which will affect the large Air Jamaica group of employees. If Barbados as the major shareholder in LIAT were to do the same it would be bloody murder.

    • Perhaps someone out there can clarify if the deal with Air Jamaica and Caribbean Airlines has been consummated, BU was under the impression that it is an outstanding matter.

      How can CA be cutting staff if the deal is still on the table? Obviously we are missing something.

      Also the fuel subsidy as far as we understand should be of concern. The new ATR72 aircraft will prove to be competition for LIAT know?

      LIAT as we know too well continues to haemorrhage money by the millions annually and appears not to have a subsidy.

      Whither our air transport strategy?

    • @BAFBFP

      By your comments should the BU family believe you are against a person’s right to freedom of expression?

      Also for someone who prides on being logical do you accept that because a person used the initials BFP it does not necessarily mean the obvious?

  2. David ask Loveridge if he saw on tv the signing of an agreement last week to bring thousands of Scandanavian tourists to beautiful Barbados this year he may have missed it while distracted by what empty boaster and mouth giant Chastenet was saying.

  3. Second Man (also seemingly posting under God don’t sleep).

    I would hardly describe ‘thousands of Scandinavians’ as six rotations of a 288 seater B767 – 300ER starting December 2011.

    If every ONE of the 1.726 seats are full thats a subsidy of over US$250 per seat and that is also based on the premise they are staying at a registered property on Barbados.

  4. David, NO! I had not seen this presentation and am not sure who the target audience was intended to be. Perhaps the recently concluded Caribbean Conference on Sustainable Tourism held the first week of April in Bermuda?
    As you rightly said, its a presentation and foolishly printed all 18 pages in case I had missed something. What waste of paper and printer catridge ink, clearly not sustainable.
    Nothing new and still after more than 3 years ‘we’ are still talking about a Tourism White Paper, Master Plan and selection of a Consultant/consulting firm to prepare the Tourism Master Plan as the ‘NEXT STEPS’.
    The choice of a ‘consultant’ will be interesting!

    • Sent to Facebook fans today:

      A Message from CEO Ian Burns

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      The Management team and staff of REDjet are pleased to announce that as of Wednesday 13th April 2011 REDjet’s low fares finally go on sale! Our first flights will launch from the 8th May and will feature frequent trips to our first destinations, Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad. We know that so many you have all been eagerly awaiting our launch and the feedback has been massive. We promised not to disappoint and not only are we launching with fares from US$9.99 one-way excluding Government Taxes and Charges, but we are also launching 250,000 seats for US$49.99 or under! This truly will be a REDvolution as we aim to lower fares even further and open more routes across the region. Join us on our mission to end high fares so that Everyone Can Fly!

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  5. I know where I aint gine at dis time and I know who aint coming here at dis time too. I gine south pon red jet!

  6. FAA downgrades safety rating for Barbados



    The US Federal Aviation Administration has downgraded the safety rating of Barbados after determining the country fails to comply with ICAO safety standards.

    FAA has assigned a category 2 rating to Barbados, which means carriers from that country cannot serve the US. Currently no airline from Barbados offer US flights, and the category 2 rating prohibits those carriers from establishing new US service.

    The civil aviation authority of Barbados is currently conducting certification on an air carrier with the goal of serving the US, says FAA. Barbados-based upstart REDjet, modelled after Ryanair, previously expressed an interest in serving the US, but on 11 April stated it would launch 8 May serving Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad.

    The downgrade results in Barbados lacking laws or regulations necessary to oversee air carriers in accordance with minimum international standards, says FAA, or that its civil aviation authority is deficient in technical expertise, trained personnel, record keeping or inspection procedures.

  7. @david

    The declared plan is of course to start after 1 or 2 years in operation ( when it was in jamaica i think that was one of their launch goals) so they can show growth and grow the fleet. So while it is a set back if they were ready to go to the US today they current are not doing that so there is still time to get the category 1 rating for it not to effect redjet future plans.

  8. David,

    In a word YES!

    With the withdrawal of American Eagle from San Juan it would have been a natural for REDjet and also maybe Fort Lauderdale where the landing fees/charges are much less.

  9. Now let look at it via the two via points.

    either jack trying to shaft redjet as it has caused cal to lower fares across the region. I think last year they made a loss even with the fuel subsidy so i guess if they go to fare war it not going to do well for the bottom line.

    redjet overstepped its boundires and using the recent approval in barbados to force thru approcal in short space to jamaica, guyana and trini if they don’t have permission already.

    The timing of the statement does seems a bit weird. As it was announce since monday they launching. So it took him 3 days to catch up on news? Overall just sound fishy either way.

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