You Are Wrong Adrian!

Submitted by Philip Skeete

Adrian Loveridge – Owner of Peach & Quiet Hotel

I would like to make a correction to some misleading information which Mr. Adrian Loveridge has posted in his blog with reference to tourist arrivals in Barbados and St. Lucia. By his argument, St. Lucia has done 40 times better than Barbados for the four years 2008 to 2011. I wonder if he realizes that they have done infinity times better than the Bahamas using his poor logic. How on earth can these people using such logic, convince any government to blindly throw money into their businesses? The Bahamas attracted 5,503,733 stay-over tourists, Barbados 2,185955 stay-over tourists and St. Lucia 1,192,102 stay-over tourists during the same period 2008-2011.  Adding up positive growth, deducting negative growth and concluding that one country does better than the other is madness.  St. Lucia should be the leading destination in the Caribbean according to Mr. Loveridge’s illogic.

The member countries of the CTO outperforming Barbados in stay-over tourists 2008-2011 are Aruba, Bahamas, Cancun, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands.

The full membership is as follows :- Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cancun Cayman Islands Cozumel , Cuba, Curacao, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Vincent, Trinidad, US Virgin Islands.

Here are some figures quoting from CTO Statistics.

  • Bahamas 1 462 404 tourist ( stay over) arrivals in 2008 i.e -4.3 % growth from the previous year
  • Barbados 567667 tourist (stay over) arrivals in 2008 i.e – 0.9 % growth from the previous year
  • St. Lucia 295,761 tourist (stay over ) arrivals in 2008 i.e + 2.9 % growth from the previous year
  • Bahamas 1,327,005 tourist ( stay over) arrivals in 2009 i.e _9.3 % growth from the previous year
  • Barbados 518,564 tourist ( stay over) arrivals in 2009 i.e -8.7 % growth from the previous year
  • St. Lucia 278,000 tourist ( stay over) arrivals in 2009 i.e -5.8 % growth from the previous year
  • Bahamas 1,370,135 tourist (stay over) arrivals in 2010 i.e + 3.3 % growth from the previous year
  • Barbados 532,000 tourist (stay over ) arrivals in 2010 i.e +2.6 % growth from the previous year
  • St. Lucia 305,937 tourist (stay over) arrivals in 2010 i.e +9.9 % growth from the previous year
  • Bahamas 1,344,189 tourist (stay over ) arrivals in 2011 i.e _1.9 % growth from the previous year
  • Barbados 567,724 tourist (stay over) arrivals in 2011 i.e +6.7 % growth from the previous year
  • St. Lucia 312,404 tourist (stay over) arrivals in 2011 i.e + 2.1 % growth from the previous year

Further to the above, it was subsequently observed that in 2009 Guyana attracted 141,053 stay-over  tourists i.e a growth of 6 % over the previous year, whereas the Dominican Republic attracted 3,992,303 tourists of the same category with a growth of 0.3 % over the previous year. According to Mr. Loveridge’s argument, Guyana did 20 times better than the Dominican Republic in 2009. I hope that no other member of the BHA produces such illogic to any Tourism Minister of  any Government now or in the future. If Mr. Loveridge is their standard bearer, God Help tourism in Barbados.

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  2. @ Philip Skeete:
    “… If Mr. Loveridge is their standard bearer, God Help tourism in Barbados.”

    Mr. Loveridge is not the standard bearer of tourism in Barbados but the Ministry of Tourism and its executing arm the BTA.
    Do you understand or get that?

    Since you are not the standard bearer but the voluble mouthpiece of the Minister can you tell us why Virgin Atlantic is shifting traffic to St. Lucia while reducing its Barbados connections? Does that indicate to you that Barbados is still more attractive than St. Lucia as far as business out of our leading source market is concerned?

    • Can anyone give an update on what was promised as outlined in the article below?

      Changes at BTA3/18/2009By Shawn CumberbatchAFTER earning a record $2.4 billion from tourism last year, Government is giving the sector an institutional shake-up in the midst of a 7.7 decline in long-stay visitor arrivals.
      The Barbados Tourism Authority’s (BTA) board has been trimmed by seven and separate tourism marketing and product development companies are being created as part of a major restructuring exercise, Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy announced yesterday.

  3. tourist arrivals from main markets USA canada and other countries shows that barbados in 2011 had 567,724 St.Lucia 312,404
    cruise arrivals barbados 619,054 St lucia 630,304 including stopovers.

  4. @ millertheanunnaki |
    When you look at the vagrants and characters in Bridgetown, you must admit that Bridgetown itself appears to be the biggest Parrow in town. Dirty, smelly, unkempt, seemingly broke , full of garbage , p&s in every alley way, and we want to ask the WH people to include Scotland District?.
    All the talk we are having reference wooing the tourist back to Barbados, no one, hotelier,tourism guru, minister or even the ordinary Barbadians do not seem to associate a clean environment high on the expectation of visitors.
    I’ll never forget when I first came back here and was walking along the Princess Alice Highway, outside of the Bridgetown Port to a hear a visiting Royal Navy Tar, remarked, ” gee mucker, there is more shit on the pavement than on the road” Has any thing changed?

  5. @Ac

    do u see why i was asking Mr. Loveridge some poignant questions? I was waiting on him to look at his argument about st lucia doing 42 times better than barbados,

    Mr. Loveridge has good intentions, but sometimes he get carried overboard. I am happy that someone intervene. As for Miller, he will continue to use diversionary tatics like he just used above. The issue Mr. Skeete raised is whether Mr. Loveridge largument is lllogical and thus we should be argueing wheter his deduction is correct or not..

    Stay focussed and dont let Miller distract you.

  6. @ ac
    It is not about the total numbers stupid!!!! Barbados always recorded more stay over visitors than St. Lucia. It is about performance: improvement vs decline that is what those + and – figures above refer to. Benchmarking!!!!

  7. The figures I quoted were comparing the performance betweem St. Lucia and Barbados. Not between a whole pile of other destinations. I have absolutely no idea who Philip Skeete is and his proven qualifications and experience in tourism. The figures I used can be accessed from the CTO website by anybody and if anyone reading this blog wants to question or doubt these figures it would be better to approach the Secretary General of the CTO – Hugh Riley at

    Again, I stand by the figures. In simple terms the current Government has experienced absolutely no growth in Long Stay tourism during its entire term. For the period 2008-2011 in fact, Long Stay visitor arrival numbers fell by an average of 1.1 per annum. For the period Jan-Aug 2012 this climbed
    6.8 per cent.

    It is OK for the MOT to state that average stay climbed by 7 per cent for the first three months of 2012, but then you have to compare this with average stay in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 to get a accurate idea.
    And I notice that he did not mention average spend.

    To me, this is not about tribal politics, but who can best direct our tourism industry and put the right people in place to redress what clearly is a crisis in this industry.
    Anybody that thinks we are doing well in tourism really needs to follow the facts.

  8. Loveridge cannot not manage a 10 room property furthermore manage an argument on tourism!

    The guy has an over inflated ego and over inflated sense of importance I wonder why he never had the mouth or tongue to say anything when the BLP had him bent over a barrel with Barney Lynch coming at him from behind.

    The guy is a solo act incapable of working with or in conjunction with anyone he is not a team player and thereby not one that can work within any arrangement to a positive result he is about Loveridge and Loveridge alone.

    No wonder David Rice never took him as a serious tourism partner and fought to have him removed from the BTA board.

  9. enuff it is not about numbers even with a drop which numbers would you prefer to have ST lucias or Barbados go figure! Dummy!

  10. Drunk Arthur,

    It really amazes me exactly how much misinformation is spread on this blog.
    Myself and eight other BTA Diretors had their positions revoked in March 2009.
    David Rice was appointed BTA President/CEO on 4 May 2009, so he wasn’t even in the picture during the revokations.

    It perhaps would add to your credibility if you told the truth once in a while!

  11. He was onboard before his official appointment my friend can you honestly say that you and he had any relationship before during or after you were removed from the board?

  12. enuff how about bahamas with i million plus tourist arrivals and st.lucias with three hundred thousand plus showing a gain and bahamas showing a decline which numbers would you prefer ? don’t answer it is not all about numbers. the purpose of the article is to show that a message is said enough it can be belivableand also dispels rumour and innuendo however the article gives more detail in comparsion to a onesided or loopsided opinion given so far by adrien. scary.

    • The issue here is simple. Has Barbados experienced growth in the tourism sector. How do we define growth show help the conversation. Growth for the sake fo this conversation let us define as any year where there was year over year growth in long stay arrivals for BARBADOS. Then do similarly for St. Lucia to explore Adrian’s position.

  13. david people are not stupid not to understand that markets would have its ups and downs in good times and especially in bad times , but the problem here is that adrien always seem to point out the most negative when it comes to barbados without comparing other markets that have shown decline , i meaning there may be a numerous causes and reasons for ups and downs not just a one sided simplified opinion. people habits and taste changes for various reasons and mostly when it comes to their spending habits and from what has been said about ST. lucia their marketing seems to send a message of one that it is less expensive, mind you that i might be working for them but the jury is still out and if it turns out to be different than expected in the long run the startegy might backfire on part because of deception

  14. Barbados earned the largest intake of Foreign dollars in the year 2008 than any other year since records have been kept and the largest number of arrivals with CWC in 2007 now we did not have matching records for earnings to match the record year for arrivals, then again Barbados again came very close to setting a new arrival record in the year 2011 it fell short of the 2007figures by merely a couple hundred.

    I find Loveridge’s, writing self serving and demeaning, as he tries to suggest that it is he is the only one who knows the answers to every matter named tourism, I say to the guy with your level of knowledge and expertise you should be running a full hotel 500 days a year and surely your talents are wasted on this rock you are more suited to be the tourism president of Alaska or the South Pole tourist board.

    What manner of man could be so ignorant to suggest poor performance by the sector when it sets two new records one for the largest number of arrivals ever, the other for the largest intake of Foreign Exchange ever ij the history of Barbados being a tourist destination and then to follow up in 2011 to have come within a few hundred persons of resetting the figure for the record number of arrivals to this island ever?

    Armed with this knowledge Loveridge what foolish nonsense are you trying to hatch here?

    If you are incapable of running a 10 room hotel and getting people to stay there maybe it has more to do with the management and the quality of the accommodation of your property than the BTA.

    Also maybe if you spent more time marketing your property that writing utter crap as you have done so often your property would now not be shut down. I

  15. Imagine St. Lucia our baby sister ..still in the CRIB….delivering some serious lashed in Barbados ASS…where is that Fraudson Richstone Sealy ? How does he feel? What is is his portfolio now….Min. of What ? Not one ASS happening in Tourism bout here..Rice n peas order up a Audi…and now GONE…yet you DLP yardfowls all bout here..pickin nose as we offer solutions to get out YOU ALL MESS..SHAMEFUL I say SHAMEFUL…THE WHOLE LOT WANT FIRING……EVERY LAST LAME ASS ONE…

  16. David,

    I will try but there are posters that are deliberately trying to mislead those that who have a genuine interest.
    David Rice was based in San Diego prior to his appointment and working for Welk Resorts. Prior to the appointment he had no influence on the Board.
    Finally CWC 2007 , despite its cost, increased long stay visitor arrivals by just 44 persons in the first FOUR months of that year. ‘We’ our children and grandchildren will be repaying the cost for decades including the $30 million plus arrangement fees and interest to charter Carnival Destiny.

  17. Symmonds, aka Onions sacks what part did you play to promote Barbados’s Tourism offerings if any when you performed the role of High Commissioner to the United Kingdom?

    Many say your stint of High Commissioner to the UK was noted by your lack of effort and your lack of performance you were more interested in what model of BMW you could get bought for you by the taxpayers.

  18. There he goes again it is only he that has a genuine interest in tourism how self serving and self opinionated does this man get ?

    Did 2007 yield the largest number of arrivals ever?

    Did 2008 not set new revenue earnings from tourism for the islands?

    Did 2011 not come extremely close to resetting an arrival record ?

    I think the answer to each of the above is a loud yes therefore Loveridge you claim is utter rubbish and self opionated and self serving and baseless we have no issue with opinions or suggestions but at least let them be with some degree of mature and honest sense.

    • Comment received by email from the author:

      @ Adrian
      Knowing who is Philip Skeete, is irrelevant to the topic. For your information, both of us are quoting from the CTO statistics but one of us doesn’t understand basic logic and basic mathematics. To state that St. Lucia has performed 42 times better than Barbados is outrageous and you should apologize to the other bloggers for misleading them as an ‘expert’ on tourism.

      Barbados and St.Lucia are two members of a 28-member organization which monitors the performance of a group of Caribbean and Central American countries. When an ‘expert’ can conveniently ignore the performance of the other 26 and makes comparisons between just two in terms of growth, the BU family should question that person’s credibility on the topic.

      This expert should be looking at the reasons for the Dominican Republic, like Barbados, switching from a sugar-cane based economy to a tourism-based economy and attracting almost the same amount of stay-over tourists as the other Caribbean and d Central American countries put together. Yes, they are late starters in the game but they are doing something that not even the Bahamas can match.

      If Mr. Loveridge had looked at the CTO figures objectively, he would have realized that the Dominican Republic attracted 16,402,949 stay-over tourists (2008-2011) i.e an aggregate of 8% growth or an average 2% growth. On the other end of the scale, Guyana attracted 582,662 stay-over tourists during the same period i.e an aggregate of 18% growth or an average of 4.5 %. By Mr. Loveridge’s illogic, Guyana performed much better than The Dominican Republic growthwise.

      I leave the BU family to draw their conclusions on Mr. Loveridge’s expert rantings. This is my last posting on the topic.

  19. See article on page 14 of Barbados Today

    With 12 days of “events” in Brazil it looks like Government, BTA et al are throwing all their limited resources at Brazil (and RiRi) while assuming tourists from UK, USA and Canada markets will continue to flock to the Gem of the Caribbean

    Seems like Brazil has a few of its own islands and beaches, to enjoy surf, sand and sun

  20. Very narrow minded whom ever you maybe posting above, the pomotion gives exposure to our Chefs from our hotels it gives exposure to our musical talent and is an event that we were invited to be part of not a promotion put on by the BTA.
    All it has done is expose our Craft, Arts, foods and our Chefs and our Musical talents young and old to those in the vast Brazil and South America, I would have thought you BLP people would be glads would be happy to see Barbados being showcased in far sprung places guess that is beyound you.

  21. I hope bloggers understand that the US has a GDP of 16 Trillion or so. Brazil, China, India and Russia have GDPs much less than that but because they were growing and 6 and 7 % while the US was at 0.5 to 1% It was universally acknowledged that the BRICs were outperforming the US.

    I’ll explain it differently. I have a million dollars I accumulated over 10 years and this year I earned $10,000 on it from investments. You have $250,00 you have accumulated over 10 years and this year you earn $125,000 on it. I have more than you. Any rational person would want to be me but it is indisputable that for this year you have outperformed me since your growth rate is 50% while mine is 1%. Your flow is greter than mine for this year and if that trend continues your stock will be greater than mine at some point in time.

    It is even more alarming in tourism statistics because the hard fact of the matter is that some of your growth comes at the expense of mine.

    It really isn’t rocket science. What can be contested is why they are enjoying higher growth rates. Are they using subsidies?
    Do they offer better value for money? Better service? Is it because we are a mature market?
    After determining that then one can take steps to recoup some of that lost ground.
    I have no opinion on whether tourism is being managed or mismanaged. I just know that like in so many areas of Barbadian life there are simple low cost things that we can do better to make life here better.

  22. @ Adrian

    Give up the fight my friend, Barbados has pulled the plug on the toilet water, let it and them go down the drain. Move back to the UK or Canada and enjoy a stress free retirement.

  23. I understand where Adrian Loveridge is coming from. Raw numbers do not really tell us anything.

    Look at it this way: St. Lucia has 350 hotel rooms and receive 300 stay overs; Barbados has 1000 hotel rooms and receive 600 stay overs – is there growth,decline or stability over the previous season?

    This is simplistic, but it may clear up some of the misunderstanding. St. Lucia, new to the tourism market does not have nearly as many hotels, guest houses, condos, etc. as Barbados. Yet, based on what they have are doing very well indeed. Besides, they have beaches, mountains, rivers, forests, etc. What does Barbados have – beaches and beach boys.

    Even I know that Barbados is in decline. Hotels have closed and others have let go staff, still others are on short weeks or rotation of staff. The industry is in the doldrums.

  24. @David

    I just read the response from the author. If Guyana had an average growth of 4.5% per year over the same period as the DR had 2%, of COURSE Guyana performed better statistically than the Dominion Republic. This Skeete person, I hope, did not benefit from a free tax payers education. If so, Barbados really needs help. He is a NUT! Just looking at GROSS NUMBERS! No wonder Adrian Loveridge got fed up with the BTA!

  25. Barbados recieves a quarter million more long stay visitors than ST. Lucia every year no matter how Adrian and the BLP pimps who praying for Barbados to collapse slice or dice it quarter million works out to $400 million in spend in BIM.

  26. “Barbados recieves a quarter million more long stay visitors than ST. Lucia every year no matter how Adrian and the BLP pimps who praying for Barbados to collapse slice or dice it quarter million works
    out to $400 million in spend in BIM.”

    This is the most assinine statement uttered here on this blog! How can anyone count into the future? The tourist Industry is on its last legs FOOLBERT! With the economic problems in our major market the UK, rest of Europe and the USA, the lack of airlift, the lack of rooms due to hotel closures you have the GALL to come here and spout this nonsense. No wonder our education system is failing this country you have convinced me of that!

  27. @ Pat
    It is not technically correct to say that St Lucia did “BETTER”. You can only say that they had a better GROWTH for the period.
    Doing “BETTER” (which apparently was the original claim) is a more complex statement which may well be true, but that cannot be supported only by quoting growth rates for a limited period.

    To be ridiculous, if 100 new tourist visited a country which previously had only 2 tourist annually that would represent growth of 5000%. Would this then be the BEST tourist destination on earth….?

    Even your politically correct “performed statistically better” is a bit too general to be supportable by the facts given.

    …just saying!

  28. islandgal you braying jackass what “the future” got to do with the statement look haul arse to Warrens for an eye check and change of animal feed. What a mule and poppit you are!

  29. Finally CWC 2007 , despite its cost, increased long stay visitor arrivals by just 44 persons in the first FOUR months of that year. ‘We’ our children and grandchildren will be repaying the cost for decades including the $30 million plus arrangement fees and interest to charter Carnival Destiny.

    Rate ThisFinally CWC 2007 , despite its cost, increased long stay visitor arrivals by just 44 persons in the first FOUR months of that year. ‘We’ our children and grandchildren will be repaying the cost for decades including the $30 million plus arrangement fees and interest to charter Carnival Destiny.

    Rate ThisFinally CWC 2007 , despite its cost, increased long stay visitor arrivals by just 44 persons in the first FOUR months of that year. ‘We’ our children and grandchildren will be repaying the cost for decades including the $30 million plus arrangement fees and interest to charter Carnival Destiny.

    how pathetic and condescending- are you invoking the sins of a previous administration discarded by the electorate over four years ago to deflate the vicious criticismand demonisation ths DLP apologists are heaping upon your head – take your licks like a man ; do not ressurrect the dead

  30. There has been a lot of speculation about my most recent Tourism MATTERS column, so just want to re-establish the facts.

    During the 4 years (2008/2009/2010 and 2011) Barbados averaged 546,533 long stay visitor arrivals per year.

    During the 4 years (2007, 2006, 2005 and 2004) the average was 558,632.

    A reduction over the previous four year period of 48,396.

    YES! there has been a global recession, but if this truly has had a negative effect, then it would also be affecting our competitors worldwide and especially with the region (Caribbean). Likewise with the APD.
    Clearly it is NOT in many cases.

    Discussion has also taken place that figures are not everything and that average stay has risen. A figure of 7 per cent was quoted for the first half of 2012.
    But to be totally objective, you also have to include average spend. According to the Central Bank of Barbados ‘tourism value-added January-September 2012 declined by 3.7 per cent’.
    The CBB is now also reporting average stay in terms off DAYS rather than nights, which also could make a substantial difference.

    I have absolutely NO partisan policital interests, but we clearly have a major problem with our tourism industry and ‘we’ need to implement solutions.
    Currently these possible solutions are not being discussed with the industry and the silence is deafening.

  31. adrien your submision always seem to be so negatively based and i believe they give a onesided view and not a true picture in comparison to ST. lucias . St, lucia is growing in numbers can’t dispute that and barbados has shown a decline . that we can agree on but your submission always seem to give the impression that ST, lucia has outperformed Barbados when it comes to the number of vistors and have surpassed Barbados and that is not True try putting things in their true context could possibly avoid conflict of interest on any ones part.

    • We are nitpicking here. The bottomline is that Barbados tourism numbers have declined even the MOT confirmed and has to resort to measuring performance based on ‘output’. The CTO numbers show that other countries in our peer group have had growth. It is a hard global arena to compete for tourist but compete we must and we must benchmark to the competition; it is what companies do. If Adrian has to be the one to crack the whip so be it.

  32. ““Barbados recieves a quarter million more long stay visitors than ST. Lucia every year”

    Croaking….you are the JACKASS jus read what you have just stated! So which time frame are you referring to? The past, the present or the future? “Every year” means that this will happen this year, next year and the year after IDIOT! Whew ! Your writing skills are piss poor! FOOLBERT!

  33. look the global recession CRACKED THE WHIP Adrien is entitled to his opinion but must be fair and balanced if not he comes across as disgruntled the submitted article is more objective and one can draw a holistic and realistic conclusion than the doom and gloom opinions of adrien.

  34. Yes Adrian is entitled to his opinion and don’t you forget it!

    Whether he comes over as disgruntled is irrelevant. The simple point is that the numbers/data support Adrian’s point, our tourism has been lagging counties in our peer group.

    When he asked for the Master Plan is he disgruntled?

    When he asked about why we have closed our Office in the mid West is he disgruntled?

    When he asked for the government and the MoT to speak to the people is he being disgruntled?

    When he asked about airlift and the need to sustain airlift is he being disgruntled?

    When he asked for greater allocation to small/intimate Hotels is he being disgruntled?

    When he asked about the finalization of the split of the BTA Board to bring focus on product and marketing is he being disgruntled?

    When asked why we don’t have independent tourism players involved in managing the BTA instead of political hacks is he being disgruntled?

    A people get what they deserved.

  35. You know many people prefer to pretend that all is well in the Tourism sector and prefer to be oblivious of the challenges and the facts.

    It is sad when they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and say that others are negatively pulling down this island. It is sad when a constructive conversation is impossible to have without political lackeys trying to defend their parties.

    Do we have to reach the point of no return when people will ask how we got here and how can we fix it? What Adrian is doing is trying to wake up the present players that all is not well in the industry and asking what are we doing to address it and how do we go about trying to fix it.

    We cannot exist without knowing what our competitors are doing, knowing what they are offering and comparing it with our brand. Remember we are part of the Caribbean and not the only island in the tourist’s eyes.

  36. So David perhaps you can explain why Adrian would expect our management of tourism to be any different from EVERYTHING ELSE that we have managed to mess up?
    ….of course you have already answered by reference to the fact that we get what we DESERVE.

    Bushie’s point therefore is that the REAL solution is to make the kind of changes needed so that we can DESERVE BETTER…..for tourism management, justice, governance, sports, health, education, agriculture, water management, energy, law and order, culture, public transport, enfranchisement, …….and all of the other areas of idiocy that we have created over the past three decades or so.

    Perhaps THAT is the key critical topic to be discusse…..why we are deserving of such CRAP.

  37. ac,

    I truly apologise if you think my comments come across as negative. I ensure you that is not the intention. I really believe ‘we’ can do a lot better and feel these issues have to be discussed if ‘we’ are really going to address them. More proactive rather than reactive.
    I will try and be more positive in the future (after next Monday’s Tourism MATTERS column).

  38. @Bush Tea

    In much the same way no US President who wins the White House based on its current ‘flawed’ system ie. lose the popular vote but win in the Electoral College the same for Barbados. Those who can make the change feed off the flawed system. The people are sheep.

  39. Adrien not some much of a matter of been positive but a more balanced approach like at times you are being defensive of the sibsudies when people discuss the issue of subsidies as an outsider looking in one does not see the benefits gained on behalf of the country there seems to be some kind of an imbalance as if the cart is pulling the horse

  40. Adrian be who you are i.e. share your observations and don’t bother about offending. We (the blogosphere) defended you when you were disrespected by VOB when they placed in a separate studio in 2007. We defended you when this government removed you from the Board because you challenged the status quo. No one can accuse you of being a party hack.

    Share your observations which have been cultivated out of years of being in the industry. You are not an armchair critic!

  41. @David

    I agree with you do mot allow anybody to direspect Adian, I dont always agree with his prespective, but he is never disrespecful you either agree or disagree with him and give your perspective for so doing.

    I have challenged him on a number of point of views and he would either agree with you and give reasons for so doing.

  42. @ David | November 16, 2012 at 7:05 AM |

    Wow, David!
    Hot, hot, hot and I like it like that.
    You are my man and Adrian must be defended to the hilt on his current position.

    @ Adrian: We the fair-minded people on BU have your back. Don’t despair we will be there until the bitter or sweet end.

  43. David, To the Point, Miller and to all who believe we can share views and opinions in a fair and democratic world, a BIG Thank You.

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