The Fight Is On For Top Posts At The National Union Of Public Workers – Are We Witnessing A Case Of Madras Crab Syndrome?

Submitted by NUPW Insider (name withheld by BU)


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Well the election bug has hit the NUPW and everything and everybody looking for a pick. Some old time “’tryers’ to some ambitious young ‘turks’ have thrown their pockets into the ling. It appears that the word is out that money is out for grabs.

I have one vote but believe that some order has to be brought back to the NUPW. In the 1st place Maloney has to go, he has outlived his usefulness and has become arrogant and extravagant and his alliance with the General Secretary is not in the best interest of the members. Who will replace him? I supporting Manasseh King, he can be a bit snotty but in this weather he is the best candidate. He will bring organization and order to the NUPW. He will bring fair play and sound leadership. Forde is a waste and Danny Gill not even interested. The best bet is King for President. The truth, anybody for Maloney, he is bad business.

At this time a steady hand and head like Murrell is welcomed. I am glad that he has accepted the 1st VP billing and believe that he will provide the balance needed to clean up the mess left by Maloney. I have little to say for 2nd VP or for 3rd VP and they are a much of a ‘muchness’. However I will stick with Dash for treasurer. It has been said that he was part of the happy group until he got left out of a deal but whatever the reason he has now set a standard that no expenditure without justification and has stood his ground. I will give him another pick and keep my eyes out. Six is half dozen for the deputy but the Burke girl’s behaviour when the Treasurer refused to give Maloney and Clarke money make her suspect so I will go with whoever else.

My pick for the 3 key posts:

  • Manasseh King, President
  • 1st Vice President, Cedric Murrell
  • Treasurer, Kenneth Dash

Clarke will not like this combination and will be forced to get in line and forget his indiscretions. These three appear to be strong enough to control that empty headed Clarke and demand the support of the others whoever. The important thing now is to go and vote and change the direction, image and fortunes of the NUPW. Failure to vote can lead to the retention of the confusion, threat to the assets of the institution and downright wastage. Go and vote. But once you vote make sure it is not for Maloney or his team.


Documents of interest received from another BU source which gives an insight into the struggle for power within the NUPW:

Documents: 1,2,3,4

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  1. Wow, this is a revelation into the mindset and workings of the Dems. And you have a blogger who has the audacity to talk about corrupt Bees. Is Farley Brathwaite still alive, Josquin?

  2. wow to all the comments made before , elections over , results in .
    I am a member of the NUPW for the past 35 years where i saw members withdraw their dues (membership) during this time ,now i understand why. I deliberately took time to read all the comments and i have come to the conclusion that none of the candidates who contribute to this blog were suitable to lead the union.
    I have nothing against blogs , but matters relating to an important institution such as the NUPW should not be discussed in this manner , then i am sure they would all say they LOVE the organization. I think personal ambitions superseded your love. The contributions were very close to the gutter. I pledge my continued support for this great institution , and i intend to play a greater role than just be a spectator looking in , i must admit i have never attended a AGM ,

  3. To all Bloggers and non-Bloggers.

    First let me congratulate the winners of the just concluded Union elections.

    I want to implore members of the union to snsure that they play a a meaningful role in its affairs. There is too much apathy among members of the said union.

    I joined it in either 1972 0r 1973 fresh out of school. At that time, it was considered an august body, but, overtime its standing has eroded in the eyes of the public and its members.

    In the early days WHEN I ATTENDED meetings, I would listen to the robust and muscular debate and all of that was considered as a part of Unionism. As I grew in confidence, I later participated in discussions/debates from salary increases to the concept of a proposed buying club which was mooted between 12-15 years ago. I think at that time consideration was being given to involve the BPWCCUL, but honosetly I dont remember my position on that subject, which I would deal with in another blog.

    The recent elections have brought out a number of things, but, foremeost is a need for meaningful reform of the union at this jucture in its development. It can’t operate as it has done over the last twenty-five years, else it would be left behind.

    The decision making process must be able to stand up to scrutiny. We are insisting that Government adhere to the rules of decency and fair play in managing it affairs and we should also do likewise.

    The first order of the day for the new Executive is to lead the charge towards reform; that is the Rules and Standing Orders need to be re-visited and the role and function or its organs clearly enunciated.

    Persons SELECTED to serve on Council should have an interest in the overall growth of the institution, not just to say that ” they are councillors”. They should aslo have an uderstanding of and appreaciton for the role of the Trade Union Movement in Barbados’ social development.

    The Union must be a part of the move to introduce Corporate Governance if it wants to be a force to be reckoned with in this 21st Century. This is a world wide phenomenon which has started long before the crash of the World Economy and this has led to the intensification of corporate reform.

    The NUPW is considered one of the leading trade unions in the Region and it is revered by it sister unions in this hemisphere.
    What I am further concerned about in my union is the reckless spending of our money without its use being sanctioned, and it is hoped that the new Treasurer who works in the Audit Department will ensure that the Generally Accepting Accounting Principles are pursued.

    I want to inform bloggers that I am the one who moved the resolution to increase the dues from $20 to $26, because at that time we wanted to ensure that the challenge the Union was facing did not impact its operation.

    From what I am seeing and hearing, it would appear that the Union is now awash with money and does not know what to do with it, and it would further appear that some members of the Union and staff have become pilots as they are always in the air. I am awaiting the Statement of Accounts for the last two years to make the determination whether there is excess liquidity. And, if it is so, we should be reaching out to the commnuity by supporting sporting and co community projects in the area.

    It was unfortunate that politic was iintroduced in the just concluded elections, but what do you expect from the bloggers who have a political axe to grind.

    I had planned not to comment on a statement on this blog under the guise of one Lemuel Ariel, but I am reponding to him as follows:

    I had never had a discussion with Dr. Estwick while he was Minister in my Ministry or after he had left concerning who is a B , D, C, E, or F. That statement was allgegedly attibuted to one of the candidadates making such a statement about me, when I heard about what was being said I raised it with the said individual and suggested that it not be repeated. Naturally, I was annoyed at the time, but I have recognized that the devel will cite the scripture for his own purpose.

    As a Public Officer I will continue to serve the people of Barbados to ensure that optimun use is made of the resources.

    Let me say to bloggers and non-bloggers, that the recent experiences have clearly identified the lack of knowledge some members have about their union, they do not understand that the Executivee is elected, while the GS is a salaried employee.

    While visiting the offices and engaging persons in discussions about the union. I was able to glean that some members dont seem to understand that the Executive was not responsible for the day to day running of the orgnisation. Some dont know what role the GS plays in the functioning of the Union. This is very sad.

    On the issue of the proposed Wellness Centre, If some of the experienced members were honest upfront instead of quietly saying that it is a waste of time so much energry and time would not have been wasted on it.

    Does anyone think that doctors or specialist will operate in a centre and charge less than the going rate for its services, if we beleive that doctors/specilasts are going to undercut their colleagues we are DEAD wrong.

    The St Joseph Hospital property is to be converted to a health fcility. What the Union should be doing is encouraging younger members to join the group medicare instead of encouraging them to enter into to a three year contract to obtain a free blackberry and be committed to wasting their money on cell phone bills. what an irony.

    I gone

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