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Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Rev. Devere Murrell, at the NUPW’s annual church service, made reference to allegations of vote buying in the last General Election, in the context where that union would be going to the polls on April 3, 2013 to elect a new executive. I understand his concerns but I think that his message would have been lost on NUPW President Walter Maloney. After all, where would Maloney find the money to bribe anyone? I would therefore like to suggest to Rev. Murrell that he need not worry on that score.

If Maloney had any money, I do believe that he would have avoided embarrassment and paid his $6,000 cellular phone bill; his substantial NUPW bar bill; and he would not have found himself in trouble with the union’s credit card. In this regard, I am therefore tempted to vouch for Maloney when it comes to any hint of vote buying.

On the other hand, Rev. Murrell should have concerned himself more with the obvious political bias emanating from the union. After hearing the positions taken by Maloney on national and particularly workers’ issues; anyone could be forgiven if they erroneously concluded that the NUPW policy script is being written at George Street.

Also while giving advice, Rev. Murrell should have advised the media to be fair to both sides in the presidential race, or ask them to stay to hell out of the process. The last time NUPW members went to the polls, Maloney was given preferential treatment in the campaign by the media particularly CBC. It is therefore not difficult to conclude that Maloney and his team had the Government’s backing based on how CBC manipulated the news in their favour.

This election will be crucial in the labour relations environment in this country. Government would most likely to be happy if the leadership of the NUPW remains unchanged. The union refuses to challenge them on any issue. For example, the Employment Rights Act, which would protect the workers at statutory boards, has been passed since May 2012 but has not been brought into force to date. NUPW has not said a word on the issue. It should not be in the Union’s interest to remain silent on issues that adversely affect its membership, but it has. Instead the Union found time to engage the Opposition on the privatisation issue.

It is time that the NUPW moves away from party politics and pay attention to its mission of representing workers. Under current leadership, it does NOT appear that its mission is a priority.

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  1. The following conversation took place on another blog and as you can see is relevant – David
    erice | March 15, 2013 at 11:36 PM | | Edit
    Caswell franklyn ,now that the NUPW elections are in the air will you please look at the rules and tell us who are responsible for the management of that organisation on a daily basis ,and also if the general secretary has the authoity to manage that fianances of that organisation —and can the council discipline any EXECUTIVE OFFICER
    Caswell Franklyn | March 16, 2013 at 7:13 AM | | Edit
    The General Secretary is responsible for the day to day management of the NUPW. The Treasurer is responsible for the finances but he must obey the instructions of the National Council. However, the Treasurer can refuse if he is asked to do something that is contrary to the rules or is otherwise illegal. Case in point, the former Treasurer Ken Dash refused to sign cheques even though he was so instructed by the National Council. He refused because the union was attempting to utilise funds that were part of the Government’s subvention for training, which could only have been used for that purpose. Dash quite rightly refused because the expenditure had nothing to do with training. Mind you, the Auditor General can cause those funds to be audited and Dash wanted no part in misappropriating the subvention. An illegal resolution was passed to suspend Dash and the Deputy Treasurer then signed the cheques as acting Treasurer.
    To answer your question about discipline of an executive officer, the rules are absolutely clear. Only a general meeting of members can discipline executive officers. To be clear, there is a general rule about the National Council disciplining officers, but there is a specific rule that deals with executive officers only which require a meeting of members.
    Even though you did not ask, what is Dennis Clarke still doing at NUPW after he has passed retirement age? He should have retired at the end of October last year. He well knows the retirement age since he made sure that the Watchman, Jordan, was force into retirement when he reached 65. Jordan like Clarke did not want to go into retirement but he had no choice. Why is Clarke given a choice?
    David | March 16, 2013 at 7:25 AM | | Edit
    Two issues are of concern to those looking on.
    Who are the alternatives to the present leadership? Are they credible?
    What about the membership that they are not able to discern the issues which have been articulated on BU and elsewhere?
    Caswell Franklyn | March 16, 2013 at 8:45 PM | | Edit
    Anything is better than what currently exists at NUPW. Over the last few years more than enough evidence of corruption in the affairs of the union has emerged. In addition to that the President appears to be a spokesman for the DLP. The interest of the workers has taken over the back burners of the NUPW in preference to party politics. We even had an instance where the President appeared to be attacking Dale Marshal. Not even the Combermere tie prevailed when he is seeking to defend his party.
    I understand that it is a two way race for the presidency: Danny Gill and Walter Maloney, aka Mamoney. Mamoney is still tarnished by the scandals involving money for obtaining benefits from the union that he was not entitled to receive. No one should forget that they illegally suspended the Treasurer and then signed a number of cheques that he had objected to signing. I will say no more as that matter is now before the Courts.
    On the other hand, Danny Gill comes without any corruption baggage. He is feared by both political parties. At one stage, he even ran against Billie Miller and he really put some telling blows in the BLP for which he has not yet been forgiven. But we will wait and see if the DLP wins this election or for once an independent is victorious at the polls.
    David | March 16, 2013 at 11:15 PM | | Edit
    We will see what the membership decides on April 3(?).
    erice | March 17, 2013 at 12:05 AM | | Edit

    CASWELL –you spoke of a subvention from Government ,but do you know that the same thing you wrote about that is the using of the subvention for other purposes is being done by CTUSAB, and who is the PRESIDENT –CEDRIC MURRELL and who is the TREASURER—ANNE MARIE BURKE (yes the same ANNEMARIE who went behind the former treasurer ken,and signed the cheques for walter ,denis and denis son )
    erice | March 17, 2013 at 12:27 AM | | Edit
    CASWELL do you know that Walter ,CEDRIC and DENIS CLARKE and company has form a company to run the medicare with out permission from the general membership –and that the side kick GRACE before meals is supposed to have a major job in it and also that the side kick LOWE from St.Andrew is suppose to have a major job in it also –FRANKLYN CAN YOU TELL US HOW MANY CASES has been filed against
    erice | March 17, 2013 at 12:33 AM | | Edit

    CAS–can you tell us how many cases has been filed against NUPW and its president –can you tell us if the NUPW is still paying for a building in NEWTON that has not been occupied and can you tell us if the medical hospital that DENIS ,WALTER,and CEDRIC has spent so much money trying to get millions of dollars to set up has started and who is expecting to get a ten percentage of any funds as a finders fee
    Caswell Franklyn | March 17, 2013 at 2:00 AM | | Edit
    I am aware that the level of corruption at NUPW has not diminish: it has only taken another form. I heard about the company that was set up to handle the Medicare scheme. Again, it was done with stealth. Whoever formed the company did not get permission from any of the duly constituted decision making bodies in the union. The National Council was presented with an au fait accompli. My understanding is that Cedric Murrell is the Chairman. I don’t seem to get it, why is Cedric featuring in these questionable actions? He became president of CTUSAB when he was not even a delegate to that body. But no one questioned it, just like the docile council has taken no action against the perpetrators of these breaches.
    They will fight hard to retain control of the union after the elections because they have to be there to continue to cover up the wrong doing that is now endemic. Nothing but a clean sweep will suffice. By the way, Erice, it seems that you are close to the union so could you tell me who got all the Arawak cement free when building their bungalow.
    erice | March 17, 2013 at 6:04 AM | | Edit
    CASWELL–I AM A RETIRED civil servant and must go there to pay my dues –you need to ask DENIS CLARKE that question ,may be the HALL OF GRACE which can be found in and at kendal St.John about that cement also ask him who finance the wife trip to CPSA years ago by the way the other occupany of his home is employed at the ARAWAK CEMENT PLANT —and yes the staff at NUPW has been talking freely about the corruption that has been taking place there
    Lemuel | March 18, 2013 at 6:58 AM | | Edit
    I was reading with some interest the exchange between Rice and Caswell about the NUPW. To my surprise I opened the daily Nation only to see at page 3 the strategy by the Nation Newspaper, Cawmere and the DLP to attempt to keep Walter Maloney as President of the NUPW. Now Rev. Murrell qite knows that the “buying votes theme” is a red herring for BOTH sides BLP and DLP bought votes on February 21, 2013.
    What then is the purpose of this entanglement if not an attempt by Rev. Murrell to use his good office to influence the outcome of the NUPW April 3, 2013 poll. Now Maloney has an opponent by the name of Danny Gill, as indicated by Caswell, but where is the opportunity for Mr. Gill to get some media time also. And this is not strange for last election Ma Money was given all the media coverage he wanted. But at no time did the media or Rev. Murrell inquired into Ma Money infelicities at the NUPW. If Mike King is a past Cawmere man he should hold his head in shame.
    This why the chair of the electoral commission does not understand why we need the Barbados Underground. For where else can I go to express my opinion on such matters as these.

  2. To Caswell:
    Thanks for this piece. Only tonight someone called me and informed me that Dennis Clarke and Ma Money Maloney’s handlers have even incorporated David Ellis and Starcom net work to present Ma Money as presidential as possible, but alas all failed for Ma Money only resorted to stock phrases that he has picked from 2005 until present.

  3. Mike King is St. LEONARDS
    All NUPW employees/president /general secretary are living off the people in the Union that is why we nurses left long time ago

  4. Franklyn why should anyone even take you seriously?

    Also why is it in your every writing or posting everyone one you refer to, or comment on is corrupt or dishonest and you the prime leader in dishonesty and corruption never mentions yourself as corrupt or dishonest?

    Is not that more than passing strange?

  5. David

    This post and my comments on the QC post have really struck a nerve. When they start to abuse me, I realise that I am on to something. Anyway, its just water off a duck’s back.

  6. You are a self confessed crook Frankly and rather than spreading untruths about decent people you should be spending time behind bars for theft and corruption yourself and not on here writing the utter rubbish that you submit for posting here.

  7. @Caswell

    Expect the criticism to crescendo in a second term. It will happen to BU as well. Instead of responding to the issues rationally there will be an inclination/desire to destroy the messenger. Don’t you see some on this blog have started to belittle the Auditor General?

    The incestuous relationship at play in so many of our institutions need to be rooted out. The NUPW is no exception.

  8. Mr Caswell. it seems as though you spring into action criticising the NUPW at its time of choosing a new Executive Committee. Now i know that you are supporting Danny Gill for Prseident in this election, so not even the old combermere tie is strong enough for you to give Maloney support. Danny Gill is a “lesser evil” option, we need people who are not tainted, disgruntled, scarred by the past. Fresher thoughts and intentions.

    it is time that you come to grips with the fact that this strategy that you employ is a proven failure in unseating Maloney as President. Try something else. Nobody cares that Maloney has outstanding bar bills, abused the cell-phone assigned to him to the tune of over $6000 (which the monthly salary of a public officer in the S-scales), that Maloney uses the NUPW platform to seek support the DLP policies, that he continues to make false promises to public officers (early gratuity to pay for education/homepurchaes and improvements, housing plans, medical facilities and buying clubs. HE VOICE BIG AND HE DOES B PON TV!!! that is what we like.
    dont blame maloney for trying to get that all elusive appointment as customer service manager at the NHC. in the absence of academic qualification or competence a man must use all other resources available.
    Look at Cedric Murrell! He is more an agent of the DLP and himself than anything else, but he does it QUIETLY!!! UNDER THE RADAR. he sits on more boards under the dlp admin than a lot of people realise. a professional board member.


    When the NUPW keeps recycling deadstock in the Executive then what do we expect. why are there no more competent, younger persons coming forward to stand for leadership of the Union. time for change!!

  9. OOOPs Did not realise that General Secretery Dennis Clarke had reached that golden age of retirement. he has been in the trenches for so long! Kudos to him for wanting to keep in the fight even past his compulsory age of retirement. How is he overcoming his health issues??
    So who coming after Clarke? my Union is looking like the will go the road of the BWU and keep their GS until the 12th of Nevruary. The longer that Sir Roy and Clarke hold onto those responsibilities, the deeper the holes they will dig for their unions. What will their legacy be? THE UNION DIED WITH ME??
    Except for Maloney the NUPW gone silent. Clarke has not made a sound since the Alexandra School affair.

    I am going to have to get up off this blog and head to the NUPW Annual General Meeting for some answers.

    • How does Gill plan to kick Maloney from his Orange Hill stronghold at the NHC? What is the strategy? Time to give some others a chance.

  10. Joseph Coat made an important point. The members are the only ones who can “kick” Ma Money out of the NUPW position. No strategy will be of any effect until the members realize that the future of the union is at stake. The members must seize this opportunity to deal decisively with that entire executive that has supported Ma Money and his non sense. The replacement of Dennis Clarke shall be vital for the Union, and Ma Money must not be allowed to mess that up too.

  11. @ David .
    What does BU think of a Union through its sole officer Caswell Franklyn getting invoved in the business of ANOTHER union NUPW ? Is this not improper?

  12. Caswell on any issue concerning Trade Unions……it would best for the sake of INTEGRITY that you keep your mouth closed.

    For you are one individual in Barbados who has sought to discredit any UNION (including marriage) just because you were denied from carrying out your RASCALITY and ILLEGALITY.

    You even tried the same tactic on your wife RHONDA !

  13. Fractured BLP:
    Why don’t you leave Caswell alone. When Caswell responds I hope you can take the lashing. It shall be worse than that two by three one on this blog.

  14. caswell dont mind Fractured BLP–THSES attacks on you tell that you have been making a strong case ,these corrupt persons will do they best to keep crooked Maloney –that high way crook -slapping nhc women on the bottom .refusing to pay depts —-i hope that the members kick him out

  15. @Just Wondering

    Is this not a free country to speak? Can you challenge anything which Caswell has posited on this matter? BU again observes with great interest how the traditional media has ramped up its airplay of the triumvirate Clarke, Maloney and Murrell.

    @Fractured BLP

    Why have you been commenting about the internal affairs of the DLP?

  16. Maloney vs Danny Gill; Six vs. half dozen. Check Danny’s associations over the past 15 years or so. Most recently the Ministry of Health.
    Fresh blood needed.

  17. To Checkit Out:
    Give me more on Danny Gill on “Danny associations over the last fifteen years”. If you have accusations to make make them, let the members know.

  18. Rate This -not all Combermerians are CROOKS,like WALTERand CEDRIC I went there too and my son and daughter went there ,and they are nice young children ‘,CASWELL and DANNY was there when i was there but i was a year infront Franklyn –yes caswell I see you every saturday in the market and i saw you last Wednesday coming out of NUPW

    • AC

      I would like to pick your brain, but it is difficult to locate. I have seen no evidence from all your post that it is used for anything other than life support.


      Mamoney has been president of NUPW for eight years, and so far, he has done nothing to bring any value to that organisation. He is a net beneficiary as a result of his position. It is about time that someone with ability emerge as leader. All he has done is to locate the development union policy firmly in George Street.

  19. To David:
    What is becoming more sinister about these elections is that I am reliably informed that Dennis Clarke has started to manipulate the elections. He intends to put the voting box as far away from the National Housing people because they intend to vote Ma Money out. He got his side kick Suzette Harper to add names to those who are running. I was told that people are now saying that they are running when their names were not read out from the list Ma Money was given by Dennis Clarke. Six people are running for 2nd vp when only three names were read out by Ma Money. Last time Clarke worked some magic and he expects to do so again. By the way as Chief Electoral Officer for the election, Clarke should not be promoting any candidate but he is blatantly do so. This is why AC is on this blog with these puerile statements about other people. This why CBC can have Ma Money’s candidate for 2nd vp on Morning Barbados while the other candidates suck salt. This is a crucial election people come out and vote for change; for any any candidate who is not associated with the Ma Money Team, the existing executive.

  20. Is Walter playing with a full deck of cards? I have been told he had some issues at one time required a stay at the mental.

    • The battle will have to be won in the trenches by mobilizing members through visits to the departments.

  21. To Ginger Bread Girl:
    I have heard about unpaid bills, non payment of loans, abuse of credit card but this mental thing is the first about Ma Money.

    • Noticed that John Downes who is running for for 3rd Vice President has gone Facebook to promote his candidacy.

  22. WalterMaloney tell us why you and the watchman at NUP W had a fight –over a woman that the watchman was working on at the UNION and your drill as you said cannot work without covers ,so she went to the watchman who was drilling some deep wells , when he found out he cuss poor AGARD
    Danny you have got to ensure that the fraud that happen at the last election does not happen again –ask DENNIS ,WALTER ,SUZETTE HARPER(who feel up the secertary BUBBIESand BOTTOM and dennis and CLARKE treatened the poor little girl to fire she if she push her case against HARPER)about voting for people after voting was closed –recall WALTER HAD 300 VOTED from the first five boxes and only end up with 5oo votes .

  23. To Erice:
    Apparently Ma Money and his team are determined to win by any means necessary. Poor Dennis has to get his man winning as he has no good excuse for lingering around the precincts of the NUPW. Dennis is a retiree!!

  24. It would be sad if the results of this election go the way of the courts and poor Dennis be caught squarely in the middle. I hope he has some funds put aside as Pat Cheltenham is the lawyer for the NUPW not his personal lawyer.

  25. David–while at the nupw on monday night it was stated that the external auditor has tender his resiginasation , can we get caswell to check this out –Danny it was being discuss but as soon as you got in reach ,the follows shut down the discussion but Suzette did confirmed it ,

    • @erice

      The change will come only if the foot soldiers get into the different departments and spread the word.

  26. To David:
    More civil servants read and come here than people think. You need to invite all candidates to send their campaign flyers to be posted on BU.

    • David


      Danny Gill Masters in Community Health with a concentration in Health Planning, Policy and Administration.

      Walter Maloney Bullshitter.

  27. David i am a retired government officer and i only pay medicare and half union dues ,but i can do with paying them because my two grand children are in the Medical field and they take care of me amd the wife –it is the current civil servants who must realised that this team at NUPW is distroying the Union ,and get ride of them –WALTER,DENIS,MURRELL ,SUZETTE,GRACE are all telling the workers lies so that they can live on the hog and they SEX relations —i will do by best but it the youth who must take the lead —-we need to stamp out this corruption

  28. @ David
    The issue has nothing to do with it being a free country and a right to speak . Surely you know better than that . It is a matter of a rival unionist openly interfering in the other union’s business . DOES BU CONSIDER THIS PROPER ? Let us not forget while you are considering your response that the same rival unionist Caswell Franklyn was twice fired from the NUPW .

    • Just Wondering

      Why don’t you leave me alone? Go back to begging for your QC. I know that you were thoroughly disappointed since you went to England and bought your wig and gown five years ago. By the way, I was fired from NUPW three times. The first time is when Elliot Belgrave (now Sir Elliot) and Major Daniel ruled that my dismissal was wrongful, and I was reinstated.

      By the way, I am not trying to destroy NUPW. If you look at the rules of Unity Workers Union, you would realise that one of the aims of Unity is to amalgamate with other unions. Why therefore would I want to destroy NUPW. I get request for assistance from many trade unionist from other unions when they run into trouble. I assist them all: they are my friends. Unlike you I don’t bite the hand that feeds me.

  29. Just Wondering:
    I do not see the interference. This blog had its opinion last election and the members went out and voted accordingly. Why should Caswell shut up or be silent. He has not endorsed any candidate. Was it very proper for trade unionists to be involved in politics before the people got rid of Bobby Morris and Leroy Trotman from our parliament? If I for once thought that Caswell was improper I would say so here!

  30. To just Wondering:
    Was it right for the trade unionists to abstain and let the DLP pass the 8% cut by one vote.Was it right that these trade unionist ran under the political banner of the DLP and are ardent members. You mention my logic but I thought we were discussing interference. However, you seem bent on discussing Caswell. Are you saying that the NUPW membership should role over and let that nasty set of affairs to continue at its helm?

  31. @ Caswell Franklyn | March 20, 2013 at 8:28 AM
    “I know that you were thoroughly disappointed since you went to England and bought your wig and gown five years ago”

    Funny, funny indeed! One wonders what colour is the wig. Maybe it is ‘blonde’ and with five more years on Just wondering’s body clock he probably would look like aged black monkey parading as a “white haired” legal buffoon.

    BTW, is it true that the Auditors of the NUPW submitted their resignation in the true sense of the word? That is, severing all ties with that organization and will not be offering themselves up for reappointment.

    If that is the case then there is something seriously going on with the finances and accounting. Maybe the Auditors want to distance themselves from another mini CLICO scandal.

  32. Miller:
    If the external auditors have resigned, then this should be discussed at the coming business section of the NUPW annual conference. But I think the question is did they go or were they pushed?

  33. To Just Wondering:
    I told you to leave Caswell alone, but you would not hear. The two of you sound like old lovers that have broken up so I shall not get into it. However, if the wig and coat were bought five years ago, are you still on a diet plan of some kind to maintain the five years ago weight and look. Just wondering !!

  34. To Just Wondering:
    By the way, congratulations on your QC appointment as a member of the BU family you deserve it. Or else Caswell is loosing a screw or two.

  35. Miller -The external auditor W.S HUMPHREY &CO has resigned , this was confirmed today by WALTER MALONEY —Humphrey has his business to protect and hisETHICS and intigerity–that move has say alot

    • Within the last hour, someone came to my home and delivered copy of the NUPW council minutes for a meeting held on January 31, 2013 and the “budgeted Statement for 2013 with Unaudited Actuals for 2012.

      The minutes confirm that the Maloney led Executive without the consent of the National Council or a duly constituted meeting of members, went ahead and set up a company to carry on the union’s Medicare scheme. After the fact, they sought the council s approval. But what is particularly troubling is that the minutes went on to say that Cedric Murrell advised that the matter should not be placed in the open. Why the clandestine move? Surely, the union must be aware that they, as a union, are not bound by the provisions of the Insurance Act and could have set up their brokerage for members only.

      Also, as far as I am aware, there is an item of Loans/Executive in the financials for the first time in the History of the union. It shows an actual of $6,500 for the year 2012. Again, as far as I am aware, the rules of the union do not provide for such. Who is this executive member with the loan?

  36. Caswell Franklyn on March 20, 2013 at 11:36 PM
    Within the last hour, someone came to my home and delivered copy of the NUPW council minutes for a meeting held on January 31, 2013 and the “budgeted Statement for 2013 with Unaudited Actuals for 2012.
    Caswell, you should have sent that same person to go and bring you the details about your outstanding car loan to the Government of Barbados. At the same time ask them to bring the Birth Certificate of your baby with the Guyanese girl . Do it for the sake of UNITY.

  37. Fractured BLP

    I know who you are. Why do you consistently worry about my child. It is not my problem that you can’t get your boyfriend pregnant.

  38. By the way, is the AX matter fully resolved? has those theacher, who were still on sick leave turn up at their new school? Has Mary Redman left the country or did someone show her the directions to get to The Lodge school? The only one coming out of this smelling like a rose, is Jeff Broome, he has willingly taken up his new posting and reports are, he is doing VERY well with the staff, pupils and their parents/ guardians. He has shown a great level of maturity.

  39. To Fractured BLP:
    Are those charges by Erice true. Did the external auditor resign and why. Why don’t you leave Caswell alone. Which executive member got that $6,500 loan and what for. Are the ordinary members aware of this mis behavior? How culpable is the entire executive and Dennis soon to go home Clarke.

  40. @ Caswell Frankly .. Take note ” AMUSED ”
    For some time now you have been using the blog and other media under the cover of anonymity trying to malign some lawyer on behalf of some person/s equally as nasty as you but less courageous. On another posting you went so far as to state that the person was not worthy of elevation but was highhandedly elevated through political intervention. You were then challenged by “AMUSED” to identify that person from a list which he published and indicated that all among them were very worthy of the honour . When confronted in this manner you ran away. Your principal/s will be very mad with you that in your zeal like the typical lapdog to do their dirty work you might have blown their identity . You have chosen this blog on trade unionism to get back at this legal person . You come out swiping like blind elder and make a link between this blogger and your QC target . Maybe you are not sensible enough to appreciate how many people in this country you offend day in day out . You will only be left alone when you stop these personal attacks on people . I have no intention of engaging you at this level but since you are so sure of my QC identity you should do the honourable thing which AMUSED challenged you to do : identify the person(ME) from that list of lawyers that he published as the one who got elevated by political intervention and “begging” rather than merit . By so doing you would probably have achieved the purpose which your masters have enlisted your help to achieve ….destroy him in the eyes of all Barbados and people from elsewhere who read this blog . GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND THEM . I however think that if that person is one of those named by AMUSED he is very capable of defending himself .

    • Just Wondering

      Your comment shows why you are too classless to be made a QC. Learning is not the only criteria for such high office. I am reminded of a saying that I will adapt for you: when you put a pig in a palace, you do not get a king: you get a shitty palace.

  41. To Fractured BLP:
    When Caswell tells you he knows who you are be sure he knows who you are. Why don’t you stop this attack. Or is this a strategy by you to stop him commenting on the affairs of the NUPW. By the way, even Sir Brandford Taitt’s “out side ” child was at his funeral. If you had information real information you would know that Caswell was divorced 1997 and the his child was born in September 2000. Why don’t you stop this foolishness. Do you want wife to find out bout you!

  42. @ Caswell Franklyn | March 21, 2013 at 9:13 AM |

    Don’t let Just Wondering scare you with his tactics and threats of suing.

    That is the MO of these pigheaded “powful-foolish” inept incompetent lawyers we have in Bim who feel they are above the law and can rob and exploit ordinary citizens with impunity.

    The state of our justice system is enough evidence to support my contention.
    Just give us the initials of this crooked QC and some idea of his age and where he practices and we can get a better handle on this blasted liar and crook.
    Tell JW to piss off with his small island mentality threats to silence people for exposing the filth and corruption in Bim of which he seems to be deeply involved.

  43. Caswell from what I’ve read today you are an insufferable little man.

    We all see that you get comfort from attempting to destroy people’s characters.

    Should we all forget that YOU even went on national television and said that Mia Mottley is a liability to the party.

    Why do you attempt to continue to bring confusion to the NUPW?

    You were FIRED Caswell, you are NOT a MEMBER. Didn’t you in fact run and start your own union?

    We should all find it interesting though, that someone who is running for President within NUPW would have as his manager a person like you, whose interest is in destroying the said union.

    This shows very poor judgment on your Candidate’s part. I sympathize for Him.

    Caswell, WHEN is union elections due in YOUR union?

    That is what i thought…

  44. Listen,

    Walter Maloney is the only person who is capable of running this union (NUPW) and I will vote for him again!

    I will also support those two young persons that are running with him, Akanni Mcdowall and Margo Bannister and i encourage you to do the Same!.

  45. Sorry the poster before me and i are using the same computer at work to read your blog. We didn’t know it would not work properly.

  46. Sandra:
    You have your right o support your man Ma Money, but please do not use the best and Ma Money’s name in the same sentence. It is offensive. Ma Money has NEVER been best at any thing. I know his very very good friend.

  47. sandra—are you one of thoses who has benn begging Walter to help you with a house ans all you was was Nature

  48. Lemuel, Erice,Caswell You Put things on this blog and answer them yourself
    …So Answer this:

    You are the General Secretary of the Unity Workers Union. Can you please inform us:

    1. How many members do you have?
    2. Who are the Executive Members?
    3. How much do they PAY?

    And since the Salary of the Secretariat of the NUPW is known could you please enlighten us to YOUR Salary? You continue to show interest in the NUPW although you were FIRED by the said Union.

    You have said nothing but negative about this organisation spewing erroneous information about the hierarchy of this organisation especially on your VENOMOUS acts on it’s president Walter Maloney.

    Lets not forget that 2 Years ago, the members of NUPW rejected your disgusting and venomous attacks on the President, the General Secretary and brother Akanni McDowall.

    What they voted for was decency,integrity,honesty and equality.

    It is unfortunate that Danny has chosen such and insufferable LITTLE man to manage his Presidential Campaign. I sympathize for him deeply.

    For this and many other reasosn i will be voting along with my Friends and Family in the Public Service for


    On April 3rd 2013!.

    • Sandy

      When did Danny Gill appoint me as his campaign manager? I admit that Danny is a friend of mine and I wish him well in any thing that he sets about. But he has never broached the subject of me managing his campaign.

      By the way, most of the people who join my union do so because of the actions of either Clarke or Maloney. When are you coming?

  49. Heat in this blog. By the way Sandra, walter maloney does not run the Union. The job of running the Union is the General Secretary Dennis CLarke. Unfortunately the opportujnities for mouthings by Maloney has resulted from the marriage of convenience between Clarke and Maloney.

    the funniest part of that marriage is that both Clarke and Maloney have accused each other of incompetence at various times over the years. Maloney cannot even represent his colleagues at work (NHC) so I dont see how he can represent people at the national level. My Union”s standards heading down the 6 inch drain pipe.

    The nupw needs real change. clarke as GS is proving inadequate to “lead”. the longer he continues in that same mode of operation the deeper the hole/grave the union is falling into will get.

    this bashing on the BU will only hurt the Union. members have to go to the AGC and ask questions/challenge decisions and vote on issues of real substance. Imagine what the ordinary citizen is thinking about the Union. If all of you claim to have the interest of the Union at heart, then you should understand the collateral damage that you are causing. Shame on all of us for sitting back and allowing the rot in the only real institutipn that we can call our own.

  50. Heat in this blog. By the way Sandra, walter maloney does not run the Union. The job of running the Union is the General Secretary Dennis CLarke. Unfortunately the opportujnities for mouthings by Maloney has resulted from the marriage of convenience between Clarke and Maloney.

    the funniest part of that marriage is that both Clarke and Maloney have accused each other of incompetence at various times over the years. Maloney cannot even represent his colleagues at work (NHC) so I dont see how he can represent people at the national level. My Union”s standards heading down the 6 inch drain pipe.

    The nupw needs real change. clarke as GS is proving inadequate to “lead”. the longer he continues in that same mode of operation the deeper the hole/grave the union is falling into will get.

    this bashing on the BU will only hurt the Union. members have to go to the AGC and ask questions/challenge decisions and vote on issues of real substance. Imagine what the ordinary citizen is thinking about the Union. If all of you claim to have the interest of the Union at heart, then you should understand the collateral damage that you are causing. Shame on all of us for sitting back and allowing the rot in the only real institutipn that we can call our own.

  51. Sandra, Sandy and the rest of dem network:
    You accused Danny Gill of being a BLP. You attack the team that is working with him Charles, Kathy, Volta, Manasseh. The you appointed Caswell as the campaign manager. It is not their fault that the members are finished with MA Money.

  52. I have often said that the biggest problem in this country is that of political interference. The politicians think that they must be in control of everything. As a result, they infiltrate every other organisation, civil, military and paramilitary in order to achieve political party control or influence. Everything is then subjected to the will of the party and so far, for the most part, that party is the DLP. While the Government is working hard to control NGOs, the country is falling apart.

    The NUPW has long fallen into the hands of the DLP. The last operative to fall to make it complete was, Dennis Clarke. In the early days, he did not show his political colours and saw everyone moving ahead, so he became a supporter of whichever party forms the Government. He could not beat them so he joined them. Members would recall that he was most viciously opposed to Derek Alleyne when the Dems were in opposition. Now he and Derek are on the same team.

  53. Frankly Franklyn you have reached in new low in blogging some one like you who has set up a one man Union and that Union if I get it right would be if it had a membership it would be set up to represent the Working Class of Barbadian society, you can seriously come here in the year of 2013 in Barbados in a country that has on this day a Prime Minister, from a Working Class background, a Chief Justice from a Working Class background, a Governor General from a Working Class background, a Governor of The Central Bank from a Working Class background and you can really come to readers of Barbados Underground and tell people that they are Classless you are a disgrace and you are despicable individual add to that you are a crook you must be totally sick in your head and over grown in arrogance and ignorance for you to think you have the right to call anyone Classless you are the only Classless one around.

  54. LOL re Caswell…
    “……overgrown in arrogance and ignorance for you to think you have the right to call anyone Classless you are the only Classless one around.”
    Either that or he has hit the nail directly on the head with his analysis of the situation.
    …don’t go and crucify Caswell now ….and make him feel that he is in the same league as the disciples….. 🙂

  55. @ Look into the. Mirror Franklyn | March 22, 2013 at 6:44 PM |
    “you can seriously come here in the year of 2013 in Barbados in a country that has on this day a Prime Minister, from a Working Class background, a Chief Justice from a Working Class background, a Governor General from a Working Class background, a Governor of The Central Bank from a Working Class background”

    It seems you, “mirror, mirror on the wall” are carrying a very large social chip of broken glass on your working class shoulders.

    FYI all black Bajans are from the WORKING & POOR CLASS!

    And if you want to really go back to class to learn their real backgrounds they are all products of the sugar cane fields slavishly hanging on to a system that has brainwashed them into believing they are the modern aristocrats of colonial Barbados.

    As Caswell pointed out you can put a pig in a castle but instead of getting a knight we just get a King Pig. Class is permanent form is temporary.
    If you want to see a true aristocrat from the Bajan working class just look to the Knight Sir Garfield and see a true king of the realm of magnificent achievements not groveled for but earned through pure excellence.

  56. But wait, does anybody notice that Lemuel, Caswell and Erice are all the same blogger? (Maybe even MillertheAnnunaki)

    Caswell puts up questions and answers them himself like the true fraud he is.

    Well Franklyn, do you intend to answer the questions i posed about your union? In your quest for recognition and significance you have gone from the ridiculous to the sublime.

    What an insufferable LITTLE MAN!

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