Update~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XIII

Submitted by BWWR

updateI am attaching the Notice of Motion returnable December 2, 2008 and the decision in respect of that Motion. Out of deference to the Ontario Court, I refrain from comment. However, my lack of commentary (that is very likely to be a one-off) is my choice and not something that any foreign court can require of me, a Bajan resident in Barbados whose country is being sued. That I apprise my fellow Bajans of the course of this action against our homeland is my right as a Bajan, as indeed it is the right and due and responsibility of every Bajan to know what is taking place – and as we all know, forget about hearing it from the press. It is our tax dollars and foreign exchange currency that are going to pay the fees of lawyers in Canada and we have a right to know what is going on.

By the way, has the BU family noticed that Barbados Free Press has put in a cartoon of Sir David Simmons and the PM that suggests that the PM is playing along with Sir David and arranging to close down Graeme Hall at Sir David’s behest? Does anyone recall a fairly recent article from supposedly unimpeachable sourced on BFP – (September 21, 2008 Good Sources: Barbados Chief Justice To Be Fired… er, “Will Ask To Retire).

I see that BFP has even managed to obtain an interview with Almighty Allard for its latest Graeme Hall dirge to which this silly cartoon relates. However, one has to reflect that when the real Almighty (as opposed to this cheap, tawdry fake) spoke to Moses, he did so from a burning bush on the top of a mountain. It is (one has to assume) supposed to mirror/imitate and be an indication of great favour that Almighty Allard managed to tear himself away from his contemplation of the indigenous animal activity and speak to his prophets (Keltruth and BFP) from the bushes at Long Beach – without fire, of course – poor little Pete has not yet mastered the art of a fire that does not burn.

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Will Government Have To Compulsorily Acquire Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary? ~ The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XII


  • A couple of questions from the legal dunces in the BU household:
    – What is meant by the “credibility of the Barbados Deponents”
    – Why would a pro like Ronnie Carrington encounter the kind of failure to equipment knowing the scope of the job, we presume.
    – Why are the defendants electing to hire different counsel if this is deemed a frivolous case?


  • This case gets stranger and stranger.

    I get the feeling that the Hounourable Judge is getting fed-up. I get the feeling that the Hounourable Judge, is questioning why McKenzie wants the tapes/DVDs released and copied. I get the feeling the Hounourable Judge does not want to let those said tapes out of his courthouse for any reason. I wonder why?

    Is it possible the Honourable Judge has had dealings with McKenzie, et al? Or is it that the Honourable Judge is suddenly being made aware of the situation he is in?

    I take note that the Honourable Judge is giving the responsibility for the viewing of the tapes by the Plaintiff to the Defendants. To be done only at the courthouse. Says a lot to me.

    I notice the part about blogs and web postings. Interesting, no doubt.


  • David

    What it says is that MacKenzie intends to bring further motions disputing the credibility of the Barbados defendants examined in Barbados. Remember he had petitioned earlier to have the tapes copied and distributed. In fact, he wanted to hire someone to do it. It seems to me MacKenzie is telling the court that they are, in my opinion, liars. It appears to me that he plans to continue along those lines, with any future actions. He gives a clue to this in his request for motion.

    Dont blame Ronnie Carrington. This went on for several days of continuous filming. Those things happen with technology. Machines will break down and malfunction at the most critical times. Dont forget, he had back up CD/DVDs, so nothing was missing. You wonder if MacKenzie was at the examinations or no.

    I dont know if this is the father or son, but I knew the senior Ronnie when he was an associate of Willie Alleyne. Honest to a fault and very religious. Nothing underhand about the man. I could not even persuade him to place a bet on a horse when he was on assignment at the Garrison during the 60’s.

    Re the question of different lawyers, if I were sued and had a lawyer I had used before, that is the lawyer I would continue to use. Note that those who used separate lawyers are Corporations or those who have ties to Canada. Although I am not too knowledgeable about Mr. Simmons.

    That is the take from a layman. I will have to see what Juris and BWWR have to say on my mouthings.


  • The author of this article falsely gives the impression that BFP had an exclusive interview with Allard. In fact, they reprinted verbatim a press release from the nature sanctuary that went out to all media. Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter printed the release and Allard’s comments the day before BFP.

    The author of this article deliberately presented this lie to the readers, and many other lies and half truths.

    At the end of the day the court cases will grind on and those who have never had to testify in public about their actions (about anything at all) are being forced to testify under oath.

    They have fought for years to avoid this and it is happening.

    The truth has been a long time coming, but it is coming out a piece at a time.

    The author of this article reminds me of propaganda minister Gobbels during the final days of World War Two. With each “victory” the front line moved another ten miles closer to Berlin.

    BWWR proclaims “victory” with each and every article, but the trials grind on and the most senior people are having to testify in a foreign court and explain their actions.

    May the ‘victories’ continue!


  • I dont see any testifying and I see no trials. This is a HEARING to see if Canada has jurisdiction over a Barbadian land issue.

    Justice Shaughessy said he saw no ‘merit’ in the main claim of the Plaintiff’s lawyer that several hours of cross examinations were missing and did not grant them permission to copy said tapes ‘to prepare for future motions’ or to ‘instruct experts’ etc. This is nonsense.

    The Honourable Justice stated that tapes must remain in custody of the court. That no parts thereof will be copied. The Plaintiff can view and play them in court under direction of a technician “chosen” by the Defendants. So, did they (the Plaintiff) win/get the motion they wanted? I say No.

    The Judge also chastised Counsel because a Juridictional Hearing has turned into a ‘jousting match’ to impugn the integrity of the affiants, Using blogs and websites. It was the Plaintiff who submitted pages and pages of of comments from the blogs as evidence in their affidavits. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Now go figure.

    Why, even my comments on BFP have been submitted as supporting evidence to an affidavit. Cheupse.


  • Dear Pat,

    If you are not a lawyer, then the Barbados Bar ought to make you an honourary one. You have answered all questions. I have nothing to add to what you have said and nothing to substract. I agree completely.

    But, how interesting that none other than the great Ian Bourne was the one to brave the bushes at Long Beach and interview the Almighty Allard. I wonder if he took his BFP partner, Jane Goddard with him? As our friend “Lies // December 4, 2008 at 11:25 pm” seems to know so very much about Mr Bourne’s interview with the Almighty Allard, maybe they will tell us about this. Did the bushes at Long Beach writhe announcing the imminent appearance of Almighty Allard?

    Seems to me, however, that any chance of Keltruth and BFP getting hold of the videos to edit, subjectively annotate and falsify and then post on Keltruth, BFP and U Tube has effectively been shot down. This will explain why our friend “Lies” is so aireated – as in flatulence, not as in a Ju-C.


  • By the way, oh aptly named Lies, I do not proclaim victory and have never proclaimed victory – but I have stated that K William McKenzie, a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, has stated that he knows he will lose the jurisdictional motion, but that he will just re-file in another province. Since you are clearly an insider and one of the Knoxettes or Allarettes, thank you so much for confirming the intent of Mental Madge, Pathetic Pete and Little Willy (I mean Billy). But, as Pat has pointed out, the defendants’ counsel will not be filing this blog, because it is unsupported and they prefer to leave those abuses of process to the plaintiff. Barbados has no intention of dredging the sewers like Mental Madge and the Knoxettes and Almighty Allard and the Allarettes.



  • Hahaha!

    What a laugh. Sometimes after reading the drivel posted by some people I am ashamed to call them Bajans. I picked up from the request for motion that this case would have no end. Those people intend to continue throwing good money after bad.

    I think they even have the Honourable Judge fed up to his eye balls. He should throw the book at the lot of them. He did not say who is to blame for the blogging, posting on web sites, etc., but while the Honourble Judge may now sit, I am sure he did not get to the Bench by sitting! lol!


  • BWWR

    I dont bother with Ian Bourne. I dont visit his blog and I never comment on anything he has to say. I just dont like the “brown noser”. Something about his attitude and his positions on issues turns me off completely.


  • The BU household hangs heads in bewilderment as the continuing mess unfolds.


  • My mind is boggled as well, David. I have to agree with Pat once again.


  • We as the public of Barbados need to investigate Jane Goddard and the rest of the Knox regime. If we see them in public we should all investigate record and report there every movement and saying. We need to stand up for ourselves and shut them up


  • People we need to make celebrities 0ut of Insane Jane and Mental Madges Knoxette’s. Let’s publisise them.We don’t need their lies to denagrate us anymore. Let’s make the feel real comfort


  • David,

    The sad thing about all this is that when you suggested ADR, the Knox camp said they were willing to come to the table. It was understood from another poster (maybe BWWR but I am not sure) that Classic has indicated long before this thing became a mess that they were willing to settle.

    Now, from the above, it is obvious to all that the Plaintiff’s statement about ADR “have no merit”, as the Hounourable Judge would say.

    Personally, I dont think the Knoxes are pulling the strings. I understand, that unlike her brother, Kathy Davis is one smart cookie.


  • Public,

    I understand that Jane Goddard vacations at Cattlewash. If you could find out the name of the bayhouse, I will see what I can do.


  • BWWR,

    Thanks for the compliment. No, I am not a lawyer. Never studied the law, never practiced it.

    I just read enough to get by and save myself legal fees when necessary.


  • Pat
    All we want is the media at her door 24 hours a day


  • Insane Jane is the mouth piece of how the world see barbados lets give her due diligence


  • Let put the press on her 24 hours a day


  • Media needs to survey her and her tribe


  • 24 hours a day


  • Public,

    Lets start by finding out where she lives and where she spends her off time. I can mobillize some people to get on her case.

    I think the whole clan is one beer short of a six pack.


  • These posts become more and more pathetic. The two of you old hens not finished squawking yet? Why dont the two of you exchange phone numbers or emails so you can “Pat” each other on the back as much as you want without subjecting us to it.


  • What if?

    Bee in your bonnet?

    No one is compelling you to visit…

    No one is forcing you to read…

    You like you dumber than bait!


  • Oh look finally the 3rd Stooge has joined in. Which one you want to be public; Curly, Larry or Moe?


  • Hi Pat,

    I agree. Let us mobilize a crew to overlook – PEACEFULLY – Jane Goddard and Mental Madge and John Knox. Here are the details.

    Madge lives at Bannatyne Cottage, which is in the same compound as Bannatyne Plantation House, but with a better view on the hill overlooking everything right down to the sea. John Knox lives there with her.

    Jane Goddard lives at the old overseers quarters at Hanson Plantation, which is in the same compound as Hanson Plantation House in St George. The house at Cattloewash is called “Hutto”.

    Jane and Larry Goddard are the proprietors of a business called K.G. Enterprises and they run it from their home at Hanson.

    REMEMBER – Like all Bajans – poor, peaceful and polite – and no crowds, just single individuals or two at most. The surrounding land is the property of Kingsland Estates Limited. If any official of Kingsland Estates Limited asks anyone to leave, do so peacefully and politely and with good humour. ONLY a Kingsland official can request that you leave – that means someone authorized by the board of directors of Kingsland and NOT someone authorized by Madge Knox, who is merely a shareholder and has no such authority.

    What if? // December 6, 2008 at 1:18 am . If it is all the same to you since I am a black woman and have never straightened my hair, I will be Curly. But don’t you think that since you are dealing with retired women that a better name would be the “Supremes” rather than the Stooges? – then, sorry Pat, I want to be Diana and I asked first. Otherwise, Curly will do for me just fine. Okay with you, “What if”?


  • Please note my new Moniker in deference to “What if”.


  • Final warning. Do not trespass on any land belonging to or in the control of any of the people whom you are observing. Do not go on to the Goddard property or on to the lands of Bannatyne Cottage. Leave a LOT of space between yourselves and the people you are observing – do not be in their faces and in any way intrusive. Do not seek to engage them in conversation and if they engage you, do not be drawn into any arguments. These are beautiful areas of Barbados and just to sit and enjoy the scenery and listen to the birdsong restores the soul. Always remember, a cat can look at a queen – so maybe somebody should go up Chancery Lane and see how the Almighty Allard is doing at the same time and, while there, form a neighbourhood watch so that Loveridge will be protected as well and have no further cause of complaint. The object of this whole exercize is that, not only can the movements of people be observed, but these same people can be protected from the violence they claim they are threatened with in our country and in Toronto, which is my view is self-manufactured. In many countries, this surveillance is done by CCTV cameras the videos of which are always available to the Police – especially in Canada, even in Orillia. We don’t have these to any great extent in Barbados yet, so we have to rely on concerned citizens in a sort of neighbourhood watch to ensure that the safety of all is protected, especially these plaintiffs.

    In World War II, Denmark was invaded by the Nazis, but the Danish king rode out daily among his subjects without any security guards. The Nazis asked him how he could do this and he replied that he did have guards – his subjects. Since Mental Madge and the Knoxettes and particularly Almighty Allard want to take our sovereignty unto themselves, then let us Bajans – all 276,000 of us, guard them as the Danish king was guarded, so that no threat to their persons or properties can be levelled at us Bajans. If in the course of this we happen to be witnesses to any behaviour that contravenes our laws, then we will report it as is our duty as citizens of a sovereign independent state dedicated to freedom and individual rights under the law.

    We are at a stage in our development and the history of our country where our peaceful ways and historic protection and advancement of the rights of indiviuals under the law has been questioned. Therefore, we must show that we treat all people the same, regardless of how we may feel about them – or how they may feel about us. Let us demonstrate that we are above the petty behaviours that made them leave their own countries and come to Barbados in the first place. Let us show them up for the liars and cheats they actually are. Let us protect them and their properties as we would ourselves and our families and friends.


  • David/BU

    I believe this time BWWR and Pat have gone too far and this with the sanction and complicity of BU.

    When you read their above posts giving out private information of private citizens and advocating the invasion of these citizens privacy,I believe this is now beyond the pale.

    I think it is more than enough time for you to shut down this thread and remove the offensive posts above.

    We are treading on dangerous ground here and to continue with this post will send a loud signal the you are tacitly encouraging this dangerous stage we have reached.


  • We definitely agree that the discussion as always occur on this topic is going nowhere fast. We urge both sides to consider that the country and the world is reading this matter.

    On the personal details we recall that much of the information listed above is included among documents saved on BU. But we do agree that some commenter are mashing the line.


  • Nonsense, Anonymous. Keltruth has repeatedly ITSELF provided precisely the information that I have and so has BFP. Look at the pleadings posted and articles and you will find that the addresses of Madge Knox and Jane Goddard are supplied therein – and you don’t have to go to the Court (which you can as they are public domain documents) just look through the documents posted by both BFP and Keltruth as well as those in the public domain posted by BU.

    Jane Godddard/Kathy Davis/John Knox through Keltruth have provided details of their addresses and directions and those of their mother. They did this themselves and they alone are responsible for breaching whatever privacy you claim has been breached.

    Your suggestion of closure of the thread is self-serving and very transparent and I recommend that you do like other BU readers and do a little reading and then vacate your untenable position.

    Never seen such rubbish in my life. Do you seriously think that I would breach the privacy of people who had not published details breaching that privacy themselves? I am not Mental Madge. I am not a Knoxette. I am not Almighty Allard. I am not an Allarette – nor am I Fishy Heaslett, who is welcomed into someone’s home and family and then contravenes every law of hospitality – and good manners – and seeks to entrap that very person on the orders of his paymaster, Almighty Allard.

    If I am privy to the private details of the Knoxs and Allard and the Goddards, it is because they – on their blogs – made me so. All Pat has done is asked to shortcut having to read again their vomitous and treasonable outpourings in order to arrange for the press corp to dog their steps as suggested by “public” and I am happy to jog her memory with information supplied me by these people themselves.

    Finally, what in Hades gives you the right to assume that we Bajans are as we are portrayed by Little Willy and his clients? Just who in hell are you to accuse us of having the intention to do other than peaceful AND LEGAL observation. You are way out of order, Anonymous.


  • I saw you more as Moe BWWR to be perfectly honest.

    You are advocating having people watch these private citizens every move and passed out the location of their residences so that they may do so and you see nothing wrong with that?

    You must be getting a little senile in your old age.


  • These two ole yard fowls scratching fuh corn again?


  • Maybe so, David. Maybe there is some mashing of lines, but I am not convinced. With the deepest respect as always and convinced as I have always have been of your bona fides, if the details have been provided, and they have, on Keltruth and BFP (as well as BU) and it is the Knox family itself that has provided details of their personal addresses and other details, then they have no reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of that information. http://keltruthblog.com/blog/?p=178 and keltruthblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/5/27/knox/01319981207AffidavitofJohnKnoxandJaneGoddard.pdf

    As for Peter Allard, well if you go to bajan.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/pmletter1015081.pdf you will find a letter posted on the Internet from Peter Allard to the Prime Minister of Barbados that Peter Allard himself released. It gives his address, telephone number and e-mail address.

    If this case were taking place in Barbados and it was Canada being sued, I would expect that the people bringing the action against Canada would have the Canadian press camped out on their doorsteps practicing the type of journalistic investigation that Pat and Public are suggesting ought to be accorded in this case – the type of investigative journalism so comprehensively excluded by people like Mr Babb.

    Why are we expected to change the goal posts just because it is Barbados being sued and not Canada?


  • Pat and BWWR wanna right!


  • Happy, “What If”? See above. “What is in a name,” as Mr Shakespeare said. He went on to say, in essense, that the name does not matter. I agree. It is the content and the truth of what is said. I may be old, but senility is not my problem, praise the Lord.


  • One last one.


    Look for the comment by none other than Kathy Davis herself. And guess who published the information – BFP.


  • @BWWR aka Moe

    We agree that the personal information is out there and that is why we have not deleted for the reason anonymous proposed. What we meant by mashing the line is the escalation in the rhetoric around the case. We understand now that this matter has gone pass the point of no return, ADR is out of the question for sure. Because the parties have deep pockets there is no telling on the present path where this matter will end up. One thing is sure, life was not meant to be life the way this case is playing out.


  • David, I do not disagree at all. This is surely NOT how life is meant to be. However, there are always the exceptions that prove the rule and regrettably this is one such. As this matter goes to trial on Monday, the escalation of rhetoric was inevitable.

    I posted this article simply because there was a motion brought before the court in Ontario on Monday and a written decision had been rendered by the judge. I ommitted all comment on the motion and the decision, as I have complete faith in the BU family to read and come to their own conclusions, one way or another.

    Since I also have great respect and admiration, tempered by my reservations about his nepotism, but NEVER about his ability, integrity or judicial goodwill, for Sir David Simmons, I also pointed out the contradictions of one of his chief detractors, BFP. Sir David is a fine public servant who is not a wealthy man, although as top Queens Council he could have been had he not given his life to public office – he was C.O. Williams’ top counsel and that must have been nuff bucks he had to give up there. Sir David, distinct from many other politicians, has never used his parliamentary position to enrich himself – he is not a wealthy man – we all know this. This case in Ontario I would think has been a great strain on his financial resources.

    It burns me to see an upright public servant maligned and defamed by anonymous jackasses who constantly pick at him and write articles to suit themselves regardless of any sort of consistency, proper verification or truth. It is a tactic that, if not opposed vigerously by people like me without any conflict of interest of any sort, will ultimately make fine public servants like Sir David ask themsleves why they ought not to do what they are accused of and “cash in” since they are going to be accused of it no matter what.

    I did not agree with Sir David (as an MP) over Greenland and I still do not agree with him – but it was he and not myself who stood for election and who was elected by my fellow Bajans. I did not agree with Sir David (as CJ) on some of his appoitments to the bench, but it was he and not myself who was appointed CJ. However, his personal record as CJ is above reproach.

    I am particularly disgusted by the suggestion that Sir David (who has never “feathered his nest”) is held up to ridicule because he went from being attorney general to being chief justice. The way this is portrayed by Keltruth and BFP, one would think that there was no precedent for it. Well, Sir Michael Havers (attorney-general of the UK) went straight from being attorney-general to being Lord Chancellor and thereby the head of the Judicial Commitee of the House of Lords – the UK’s head judge. I wrote to BFP and pointed this out – and what happened? MODERATION!!!

    About the time Peter Allard arrived in Barbados, we had the IMF camped out in the office of the then Minister of Finance (David Thompson). We had a prime minister who actually lost a vote of no confidence and, in fairness to Mr. Thompson, had landed Mr Thompson with his own mess. With relief, we welcomed Owen Arthur as Prime Minister and with joy we watched as Mr Arthur sorted out our finances. Do we see praise for Mr Arthur for the things he did accomplish? No. At least not from Peter Allard, because he would not dance to Allard’s tune, so we can expect only censure to be directed towards Owen Arthur for the excesses of his last years in office.

    So what happens? BFP and Keltruth set about assisting in the overthrow of Owen Arthur and the elevation of David Thompson. However, Mr Thompson will not dance to the Allard tune either, so they commence their calumnies and slanders against him instead of Owen Arthur. They cite his not having introduced integrity legislation – but when he does, they try to rip it to shreds – no chance to implement and work out the kinks, but a dismissal of his efforts and the fact that he did keep his promise.

    I have a problem with this constant negativity. Yes, we have areas in Barbados that need to be addressed – and Bajans are something else once they spot those types of things. But we will address these ourselves and we do not need resident and absentee Bajans who are deep in the pocket of some Canadian with an agenda and an ego several hundred times the size of his billion dollar fortune to go around denegrating us on blogs and suing us in foreign courts that have no jurisdicition in an effort to attract negative press publicity that might adversely affect our country. If they reap what they have sowed, as long as it is non-violent and their property is not violated and no laws are broken, they have no one to blame but themselves.

    I rest my case.


  • The so called “personal information” published here should have been verified first.

    This thread has caused irreparable damage to Barbados’ reputation abroad.

    Careless propoganda has made innocent foreigners, who are already concerned for their own safety and that of their families, the target of this systematic victimization.


  • Well, Anonymous,

    please quote me what I said that you think has gone too far.

    What is your problem? Cant you understand English? You go read BFP and Keltruth and come back and talk about damage to Barbados’ reputation. Who is suing Barbados in a FOREIGN court? It is not BWWR, it is not me.

    Where do you get off? Who started this mess on the blogs? Look, mister man, dont get my rass mad. Keltruth started it and that was followed by BFP. You have no analytical ability whatsoever and you and everything you have said, “is without merit” as the Honourable Judge would say.

    You can get off the po or have a chit.


    I may be an old yard fowl, but I can put you in my fob pocket any day – and have room left over for a watch or spare change.


    Seems like only three of us, are objective enough to see the BIG picture here.


  • Pat // December 6, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Seems like only three of us, are objective enough to see the BIG picture here.

    When staying up looking at a BIG picture on a wall always check the nail holding it up, particularly if the picture is bigger than you!!


  • Anonymous // December 6, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    When staying up looking at a BIG picture on a wall always check the nail holding it up, particularly if the picture is bigger than you!!

    That statement alone tells a whole story about you.

    You ALWAYS look at a big picture from ten feet or more away, for best viewing. For one as large as the ‘Guardsmen’ ( commonly known as the Night Watch) because of its size at least 20 feet.

    I wonder how many art galleries and museums you have visited and if you really have looked at any BIG pictures.

    I am an aficonado and collector of fine PAINTINGS.
    Your analogy is pointless.


  • @ Pat

    You’ll figure it out sooner or later.


  • Unbelieveable. Barbados is sued in a foreign court by people who use the blogs and anonymous comments as their grounds and as grounds for a ‘security report’ that says that Barbados is a savage, uncivilized country with a rotten judicial system and a corrupt government and whose off-shore banking is not nearly as good as Panama etc. etc. They post their personal information on their own websites and make all kinds of scandalous accusations about people on the internet. And Anymous thinks that those of us who defend Barbados and love our country and object to this kind of treasonous behaviour are causing irreperable damage to Barbados’ reputation abroad? Interesting concept. I don’t think it will catch on.


  • Poor you, David. Seems BFP objects to your Christmas banner. Like the government, the former government, the RBPF, the CJ and every single thing to do with Barbados, including Barbados itself and its people, BFP doesn’t like your banner. Well, I like your banner. Christmas and Christ are both what we hold in our hearts, not trot out in an effort to score brownie points when it suits us or to use to bludgeon people with into making them agree with our views. Christmas and true Christians embrace everyone and all creeds and colours – they do not follow the teachings of the inquisition or follow the lead of the extremists of any faith, including their own.

    I love your banner, David. Let us leave BFP with its Thomson/Simmons-bashing banners and its message of hate for all things Bajan.


  • David,

    I like your banner!

    Seasons Greetings to you and Yours

    Seasons Greetings to the BU household

    Happy Eid

    Happy Hannukka

    This is one of the few times when major religious holidays fall in the same month.

    Have a Happy Holiday whether you are Christian, Moslem or Jew. There is only one Creator.

    Pat the old hen


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  • You know, Keltruth, you are full of it. Anyone seen the latest Keltruth? Seems that the two old hens, Pat and myself, are accused of putting the Knox family in danger by giving out their addresses. Look above and you will see that the people who gave out their addresses were – THEMSELVES on Keltruth and BFP. But they don’t think all of we can read.

    The next thing they pulling at is that I have documents that they say only a defendant could have. But I am a defendant. I am a citizen of the Country of Barbados and it is my tax dollars that are going to pay lawyers to defend this frivilous lawsuit that they have brought. We are all defendants and we have the right to see documents in this matter.

    What Keltruth is really complaining about is that THEY cannot control who sees what. They are complaining because THEY cannot subjectively comment and post parts only of documents that support THEIR contentions. In other words, THEIR noses are out of joint.

    Life is unfair generally and for years Keltruth contributed massively to this unfairness. Now, however, some of us have tried to redress the balance so that Barbados can have the justice owed it, not only in the courts, but in the news media as well.


  • I see that we are also accusede, Pat, of having prejudiced the safety of certain ex-patriots living in Barbados by revealing their addresses. I am assuming Keltruth is referring to Almighty Allard. If you look above, you will find as link to a letter in PDF format posted on the web by Peter Allard on the letterhead of which he gives his full address, telephone number and e-mail address. It is a letter to the Prime Minister of Barbados in which Mr Allard vaguely expresses his disappointment in Barbados and its people. The only solid information it gives is, in fact, Mr Allard’s address etc. He does not state what he is after to keep Graeme Hall going – he merely expresses his directions and disappoitment. Poor little Petey.

    But you know what is going on? What you want to bet the Keltruth article finds its way into an affidavit (but without their filing anything to show that they themselves posted their personal information, complaining to the Ontario Courts? Just wait for it.


  • Forgive me, but I am a little slow this morning. Couldn’t sleep and got up early. Keltruth has accused Pat and myself and Public of endangering the Knox family. Let us examine this claim.

    If Pat or myself were to make accusations of the type that are made against Barbados against Ontario or Canada, we could each expect to have the press corps camped out on our doorsteps trying to get everything they could about the case and about us personally. To quote our friend Loveridge and also the other one, Nostradamus, remind me just why the Knox family and Allard think they have the right to be different? Frankly it escapes me and if someone would like to point out to me what I am missing, other than their self-perceived divinity, I would really like to be instructed.

    If you bring a case like this and YOURSELVES post your addresses and telephone numbers, then you must expect people to observe you.

    What Keltruth imputes is that Knox and Allard are in danger and that Pat and I have called for that. We have not. On the contrary – we have called for them and their property to be protected and their rights vigilantly observed under the law. I have no truck with violence or intimidation of any kind and I am very sure I can speak for Pat on that too. However, if you sue a whole country and its people and if you set up two blogs whose overriding purpose is to denigrate that country and its people, you are not entitled to expect that the press and people of that country are not going to take a very personal interest in you.

    I think the Knox family and Loveridge and Allard are disappointed BECAUSE no one has breached their rights under the law – like they might do in less safe environments like red-neck Orillia. They are complaining through Keltruth simply because they have NOTHING to complain of – so they may try to manufacture something like they did with the much bruited blog about Mental Madge – and we, the Bajan public, will be there to ensure that when they try to harm themselves, they fail.


  • All I see is BWWR panicking. If he (and he is a “he”) or anyone else is stupid enough to harass private citizens going about their lawful business, may they get a couple of rotweilers up their royal backsides.


  • David, this is terrible that you are allowing your blog to be used to identify the home and vacation addresses of people that already have been threatened with rape, murder etc.

    Not only identify the addresses, but you allow people to exhort others to stalk them at their homes and vacation residence.

    Is this the Barbados we want to show the world? Is this the type of nonsense that defines our country?

    Please rethink your position.


  • Hear, hear “Passin’ Through”. If these people are as confident as they sound, would they be advocating this kind of activity?


  • It is not panic you sense, but OUTRAGE! I have just been able to read the Factum of the defendants and believe me if I had permission to post it to BU now, I would. However, I must defer to the condition that it not be posted yet, otherwise I will not be able to get any other documents from my source.

    However, trust me for this, in the days to come I will get the go ahead and then I will immediately post the Factum. And if you think the odium and contempt with which Mental Madge, Insane Jane and especially that jackass John Knox and Almighty Allard are held at the moment are anything, just wait till you all read this document.

    Stand by, David. I am going to be giving you the ultimate story on this series. As soon as I get permission.


  • To BWWR

    What exactly have these people done to cause you to despise them so?


  • Anonymous // December 8, 2008 at 1:15 pm. Sued my country, idiot, sued my country.


  • To BWWR

    Who sued your country?


  • We have tried to be middle of the road in this matter.
    We are on record as as expressing sympathy for the old lady in the pasture of her years while at the same time annoyed that the court case continues to soak up resources that can be given to charity or even the poor BU household who can find good avenues to spend it.
    We have reread the comments posted by Pat, Public and BWWR aka moe and verified that the personal information was already in the public domain.
    We also have read the comments beseeching Barbadians to look out for members of the plaintiff in light of information filed in earlier affidavit which listed Barbados as an unsafe jurisdiction for them.
    All in all we understand the political machinations being engaged on both sides and see no reason to delete comments at this stage. We take this opportunity to urge both sides in the spirit of the season to relax.


  • David,

    Thanks. That shows that you are rational and objective as I have always credited you.


    I guess things are worse in the Plaintiffs camp than we had supposed. I guess not being able to lay their hands on those tapes and use them dishonestly, has them hopping. What a pity!

    On another thing, I wonder if they would be so foolish to go and file more comments from anonymous blogs in the Canadian or other courts after the chastising they got from the Honourable Judge Shaughnessy?

    Passing thru,

    Just go to BFP and you will see what defines “our country”. Denigration of our political, judicial and policing systems. Castigation of our leading citizens and more. Then, come back and give us your opinion. Right now n0 one is listening to you. cheupse


    I know all the bayhouses at Cattlewash, from “Bella Vista” to “Box-by-Box”. I used to know all the owners too, and those who rented. People at Cattlewash like to gossip. All one has to do, is ask anyone which house the Goddards are at. Friends of our family own Sandy Crest. The aunt of a friend owns “In-and-Out”, and on and on and on. You new comers to Cattlewash have nothing on me.

    If you want to sue me, go right ahead:
    Pat the old hen @ Barbados Underground Blog. lol!


  • Pat ya tooo sweet lol!


  • Pat you are a delight. Most of us old girls, as we get older, we get worn down and tired and conform. Not you and me. They know who you are, but me they don’t, so they say I am a man simply because I, like you, insist on the same advantages as a man. In some quarters this is called “thinking like a man”. I think like myself – an old woman who owes no one anything and who REFUSES to believe that any man is my superior – equal, yes…superior, forget it. That, dipstick Anonymous // December 8, 2008 at 11:42 am, does not make me a man. It makes me a woman who can stand up to any man. Like Pat.

    David, I will be away over Christmas staying with family overseas. However, the magic of the Internet is such that I will be checking in from time to time and as soon as I get the go ahead, I will send you – WITHOUT COMMENTARY – the document I promised.

    Oh, by the way, can anyone check for me and find out which members of the Deane/Knox families keep Rotweilers? And remember that Rotweilers can be put down and their owners criminally charged if they incite the dogs to violence – maybe even given the chance to view first hand the prison facility at Dodds about which the Knox family and Charles Deane are so excited. But I pity the poor dogs having to put up and be reared and trained by some redneck (probably red man/woman) like Anonymous.



  • Does this mean that every person involved in this matter may have their personal family information aired on a blog?

    I hope not.


  • If they themselves provide the information on the blogs, they have no one but themselves to blame. So the answer, Anonymous // December 9, 2008 at 9:44 am, is don’t put your personal details on the web. Simple enough?


  • @BWWR,

    They know who I am and still wasting their time blowing bubbles? In the air? Then they really dont know me.

    I was checking the internet cafes in Jamaica, fairly expensive, but I will try and check BU while I am there. The place I am staying at in Port Antonio has the internet available to guests. I am not too sure about Ochi.

    However, I am not leaving until the 21st, so you may get the stuff up before then. I will post comments as necessary. Feel free to tell me where I am wrong, etc. No problem.

    I cant discern whey they are so intent on finding out who you are. Why dont they just tell themselves that you were the head cook at Kinglsland, or some such and be done with it.

    Hey, it just dawned on me, maybe they want to add us to the list of defendants. lol!


  • I agree, Pat.

    Keltruth and others, I was the head cook at Kingsland. Happy now?


  • I was planning on bringing my family to Barbados on holiday this year. Everytime I type Barbados into google to search Keltruth and BFP come up. My wife won’t allow me to bring my family over because of it. Can you post somthing to assure her it is safe their.


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  • @ Anonymous
    @ Passin thru

    Would the two of you like to reassure the tourist above whether it is safe to bring their family to Barbados or not.

    Can you, at least, start to repair the damage done to Barbados’s reputation by the two blogs mentioned in the tourist’s post.

    The WORLD is waiting and watching.

    How many more tourists have been turned away because of the hateful postings which, it seems to me, you both support.


  • • Pat

    • Would the two of you like to reassure the tourist above whether it is safe to bring their family to Barbados or not.
    Guess what? I typed Barbados into Google and BFP and Keltruth didn’t come up but I didn’t go out of my way to locate them, nor for that matter BU. As a matter of fact the first site that came up was the official site of The Barbados Tourism Authority which was followed by other official sites all showcasing Barbados. The anonymous nature of blogs ensures that anyone with ulterior motives can post misleading information to support a particular viewpoint. What damage to Barbados’ reputation? If blowing the whistle on government corruption and ineptitude damages Barbados’ reputation I say bring it on. Tell the faux “Tourist” to take his wife to Mexico or Colombia two tourist paradises with pristine reputations.


  • Sargeant try it outside of barbados you liar. Actually lets let the public try


  • Tourist,
    Why don’t you reread the above posts from BWWR, Public and Pat, advocating stalking, and then decide for yourself if Barbados is safe. The above posts don’t make Barbados look great, but if it’s any consolation, “they” are white male(s) living outside Barbados anyway. Their misinformation about addresses shows that they have not visited the area for a very long time. BTW, I was extremely well acquainted with both cooks at Kingsland, and I can vouch that their favourite members of the Deane family were all named “Knox”!


  • Pat, chile, it appears Kathy Davis has weighed in. However, as both the cooks at Kingsland are probably dead, there is no testament to say if their favourites were named Knox. All I can say for sure is that Knox never paid their wages. We also see from Kathy that you and I, Pat, are white men living outside of Barbados who never visit Barbados. I have to conclude that Kathy is either (a) trying to get a definitive “fix” on who you and I are (for reasons of her own) OR (b) she has forgotten to have a “fix” of those meds the psychiatrists in wherever she lives would have ordered for her. Poor soul – in old age she beginning to remind me of Mental Madge and that the apple done fall far from the tree.


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  • BWWR,
    Both the cooks from Kingsland are still alive, but the Knoxes are probably the only family members still in close contact with them and with many other of the past non-management employees.

    Yes, Kingsland Estates paid their wages up to a point, and Mrs. Knox, as a shareholder, would have theoretically paid one-seventh of the wages. However, she paid appreciably more, since she was instrumental in getting a lawyer to help a past employee to recover severance pay – this employee had worked from the age of 14, and the management of Kingsland actively tried to prevent the severance payment.


  • Kathy, as I was only at Kingsland about twice in my life, I have no idea who the cooks were. As for the rest, I am delighted that Madge did something decent for once. But maybe you could paper that as you seem to have the expectation of the citizens of this country whom you have sued in Canada without any evidence whatsoever that we ought to just accept everything you say. Little reality check here. We now accept nothing you say and you need only read the latest documents filed here to see why. So, if Madge did as you say, please paper it for us. You have no credibility.

    Otherwise, I find it interesting that poor, impoverished Madge who relies on her chickens and their eggs for her income managed to pay one seventh of the wages of two cooks at Kingsland, plus presumably all the other Kingsland Estates staff (this seems to me to be what you are saying) and to pay legal fees for one such cook – and all out of her egg money? We have all heard about golden eggs, but I had no idea that Madge’s were so valuable.


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