Barbados Media Houses Failing The Profession

…But what else does the report show us? A need for some education at the local papers, I suggest. In the same article the paper talks about there not being any “KNIGHT” of long knives, meaning no recriminations. Now, I’m sorry, there is no excuse for misuse of phrases. The correct phrase should be “NIGHT of the long knives”, and refers to a purge that took place in Nazi Germany during June 30-July 2, 1934 when Adolf Hitler’s regime executed at least 85 people for political reasons (see Wikipedia). This is a schoolchild type of mistake (like “Gladly, the cross-eyed bear”) . If it were a deliberate malapropism or some other play on words (“Sir David, knight of the long knives”, he who wields the sword?) then I would say “how witty”, but I suspect that it’s just sloppy journalism. Tsk! If the editorial staff do not know what is right there is a problem. If they do know what is right and don’t catch these errors then their system needs to be reviewed.

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Public comments, including Doctor Don Marshall and a recent editorial suggest that our democracy is safe if our traditional media houses, with their well trained and zealous workforce is allowed to do their job without the intimidation of politicians in high places. Let us not forget the stricture of our unforgiving Defamation Laws.

We agree wholeheartedly!

Unfortunately talk is cheap and until we see an effort by the mainstream media in Barbados to visibly attempt to break free from the shackles of bondage which they allow their MASTERS to hold them ransom, we remain unconvinced of their commitment to live up to the journalistic standards of their profession.

We believe that our social commentators have become confused between what is the ideal position and what is the current state of the media in Barbados. We are well aware of what the Fourth Estate represents and its importance to facilitating freedom of expression of the PEOPLE. What we see in Barbados is a media which is shackled by the intimidation of the political directorate and obligations to their commercial sponsors, shareholders and other shadows which loom in the background. This situation continues to represent the source of enormous conflict and tension for our media houses. We say to the media on this Saturday morn, what mirror image do you have of yourself? Sounds a little corny we know but the point is made, we hope. Let us answer the question on their behalf.

The image is one of greed!

The army of journalists currently marshalled by the intelligentsia of our region remains committed to what? Do we witness our journalists practicing the basics of the profession, WHO,WHEN,WHERE,HOW and WHY?
We don’t think so.



Have a read of the article quoted above by a sister blog, Living In Barbados. The blogger offers a clinical view of the ‘sloppiness’ of our newspapers in the reporting of news.

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9 thoughts on “Barbados Media Houses Failing The Profession

  1. Most of the experience journalists are leaving the profession with no heirs apparent. The wise old heads remaining have decided not to buck the tide which is too strong. I know it is a cop out but what can we do? Our voices are too little.

  2. There can be nothing more pathetic than a society of people that feel that their rights, their safety, their democracy and even their safety should be the responsibility of someone else or some other ‘body’.
    We need Journalist to protect our democracy… foreigners to provide us jobs;
    Preachers to protect our morals; police to protect our safety and politicians to manage the whole racket.
    …Sounds somewhat like a flock of sheep or a collection of house pets to me…

    …what we need are some real men who understand what pride really is and who have the necessary intestinal fortitude to do what is right…

    What Journalist what?!?

    It was ordinary citizens who ‘stood up’ and operated, and contributed to BU and BFP to expose the nonsense that had been going on for years… did they sit back and complain that the ‘journalists were letting us down (..they complained but did not sit back…)

    I just wish that we would give up on the 19th century Press and even stop complaining about them… just let the people be…they will go the way of the dinosaurs and donkey carts.

    Our voices are NOT ‘too little’ – only our faith is too small…

    ..if only you all knew how frightened a lot of ‘big -up’ people are of these ‘small’ voices on these blogs who expose the truth….

    if only you all knew how many are needing to use the toilet more regularly than usual as a result of these blogs…

    ..many a crook will think twice now before putting the sticky finger in the cookie jar… and many a whistle blower will be emboldened to stand up and expose wrong-doing….

    welcome to the 21st century…

  3. Nice one, BT;

    Who needs these weak-kneed charlatans to reform themselves so they can offer us the proper protection of a vibrant scrutiny.

    They had their chance, with so many open goals available, and they blew it, preferring the safety of government press releases and powder puff analyses.

    I don’t think it is overstating the case when I say it’s the blogs which made the difference.

    The anal-ysts are only now deeming it safe to snipe, where were they when we needed them?

    The whole bunch of them should hang their heads in shame, apologise to their readership for their wilful neglect of the public interest, and revitalise a strengthened association of “professional” journalists

  4. I can remember a couple a years ago telling the folks at Barbados forum about starting an online News Paper, i am currently toying with the idea of an online alternative to the “Call in programs” I like to germanate the idea and leave it to others to bring it to fruition. 😀 Is there any such software an or online services that is geared towards this kind of activity? I find persons like to access instant chat rooms or IM’s and list servers. What about voice chat? I think this is doable. Any thoughts?

  5. …and i “gine” bet you that Cheese On Bread have not use one from him. That should tell you something. In fact when Albert was on vacation, in December i don’t recall anyone missing his column.

  6. I wonder if anyone notice the Stephen William’s article in the Business Authority today. He referred to the anti-BLP blog and named it bajan

    Was this purpose work?
    is Stephen Williams the man behind the BFPE blog and others?

    His line of work is IT you know.

  7. Hmmmmm indeed.

    You know you could be right,and guess who his father is ? – John williams.

    Guess where he worked for over 20 years – cable & wireless.

    Hmmmm indeed.

    Food for thought.


    But what else does the report show us? A need for some education at the local papers, I suggest. In the same article the paper talks about there not being any “KNIGHT” of long knives, meaning no recriminations. Now, I’m sorry, there is no excuse for misuse of phrases. The correct phrase should be “NIGHT of the long knives”, @


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