Rihanna Does Barbados Proud By Winning Best Favourite Female Artist At The American Music Awards 2007~Congratulations!!!


Click the image to see the Bajan Diva perform her big hit for 2007, ‘Ella’

2007 AMA Winners

Favorite Male Artist:
Justin Timberlake
Favorite Female Artist:
Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Favorite Album:
Favorite Male Artist:
Tim McGraw
Favorite Female Artist:
Carrie Underwood
Favorite Album:
Carrie Underwood/Some Hearts
Favorite Band, Duo or Group:
Rascal Flatts
Favorite Male Artist:
Favorite Female Artist:

Favorite Album:
Justin Timberlake/FutureSex/LoveSounds
Favorite Band, Duo or Group:

18 thoughts on “Rihanna Does Barbados Proud By Winning Best Favourite Female Artist At The American Music Awards 2007~Congratulations!!!

  1. Come on David, I for one want to hear you and your anti-Rihanna gang eating some crow…

    Class is class and some people’s inability to recognize world class talent is more a reflection on themselves that on people like Rihanna (and bush tea…LOL)

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  3. Oh how touching BT. I feel like cryin’ with those remarks. It just goes to show that we can discuss issues regardless to our different views, we must give credit and we must be critical, but in it all, we must show the public, we are fair.

  4. Congrats to Rihanna and her team, I hope she will continue to shine on the world stage for all to see. I also hope she will continue to do herself, friends/family, and Barbados proud. (In that order)

  5. I was waiting to see how long it was going to take you before you wrote something about this great achievement. I watched it live. Would not have missed it for the world.

    She was the toast of the evening. Fabulous. Rihanna haters eat your hearts out.

    I know that it must be pretty painful for DAVID to highlight this monumental award.

  6. We should all be happy for this international singing sensation. This award was not won in a room with a few decision makers who might have individual likes or dislikes, but was won through the love and respect of all sorts of people who give her the vote of confidence. Let’s judge her for her being consistent with her short career.

  7. yes my girl did it what you have to say ( MAUREEN BYRANT) YOU CANT TALK ABOUT HER DRESS NOW, go and get a life she will always have more money that we all the nagative talk must be going to stop now keep up the good work Rihanna you go girl they mouth shut now ha ha

  8. Ah good.

    Get accustomed to the taste, David.

    You will be yamming a lot more of the same when the BLP slams that FOUR LOVE in wunna backside.


  9. As a matter of fact, you can start eating some more of it from TODAY… check the demise of that idiotic promise to call a no confidence motion today.


  10. David:

    Does your current Lucky Poll question need rephrasing, or is it true that 78% of respondents are definitely not proud of our country’s achievements since independence?

  11. David,
    After some reflection I am sure that you will agree with Straight Talk.
    If you start with a negative question, then mathematically (and grammatically) it would require another negative to result in a positive answer.
    ..so a proud Bajan must answer NO.

    just take out the ‘not’

  12. i soo glad she won all those haters just want to bring people down where ever she goes she puts barbados on the map but rupee barely wears a barbados flag where u can barely see it but the thought does count but ill be always prod of mi gurl ree ree u go gurl

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