What Is A Reasonable Time To Wait For A Government Department To Respond?


After reading an article published in the Barbados Advocate on Wednesday October 24th, 2007 headlined ‘Tourist arrivals for 2007 increases’, I emailed the Barbados Statistical Service to ask them to kindly forward a copy of the figures that had been quoted in the newspaper. The Advocate article stated that long stay visitors had ‘increased 61,946 or 18.2 per cent’ during the first seven months of 2007 when compared with the same period in 2006.

It also stated that Trinidad and Tobago and other CARICOM markets showed decreases of ‘nine percent and 22.6 per cent respectively’. The BBS responded the same day quoting a reference number 35, but up until the time of writing I still have not received the actual statistics from them. ‘Your request has been received and will be forwarded to the relevant section. You will be contacted via the preferred method as chosen by you at the time of submission’.

If they have been complied and made available to the media, what could possibility be the delay in copying them to a taxpayer?

Adrian Loveridge

30 October 2007

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  1. The Barbados Statistical Service is a government entity which should be concerned about its reputation. The Central Bank and many important organizations in Barbados and overseas quote information which is produced by the BBS. If they don’t respond you should send a note to the Shadow Minister in the Opposition party responsible.

  2. BU i cant beleive u r still printing rubbish from adrian (liar)loveridge ,,ask him about increases in his own hotel , oh dont bother he will lie about that too

  3. Tourism numbers supplied by the Statistical Department is not the only thing I would like supported, but what about the posted news that crime has substantially decreased? Only a few months ago the opposite was being said on the public record to be the case and especially when it came to serious crime. Not only that Dame Billie Miller as all should remember went on the Public Record about a month ago to say that drugs, gun running and crime were devastating the Caribbean Region, Barbados included and the UN was not giving the region enough money to deal with it. She said the Caribbean were getting the cents and South America the dollars referring to Foreign Aid. REMEMBER? Well now they (UN) do not have to worry because in a month the police according to Bajan statistics has reduced crime significantly. By year end there will be NO CRIME! Of course I am being facetious but no more so than the BLP and AL Gilkes is.

    Day in and day out these GOOD NEWS stories keep surfacing in various sections of the mainstream media and I suggest with respect that it is more propaganda to support a sagging BLP Government who has failed miserably in both areas Tourism and reducing crime.

    But here is another thought to ponder.

    Todays wire services are carrying a story that says that the Chinese Government have arrested approximately 800 Chinese in an attempt to stop
    the bad publicity they are receiving about sub standard food and toys being manufactured in Chna, along with other products being made many of which are counterfeit products. The latter has become a huge problem for the UK and North America. Batteries, toothpaste, electrical cords etc all so well copied that you cannot tell them from the real thing. Until you see a battery breaking down in a week, toothpaste that is chemically contaminated and exposed by authorities. And electrical products failing and burning down homes that in many cases cost lives too.

    Let us Bajans ponder these thoughts as to what impact all of this might have on us here in Bimshire.

    Why do you think the BLP has forged a relationship with China? Let me advance some thoughts!

    What products of consequence does Barbados make that would make China a viable trading partner? few if any except tourism.

    Because of distance alone tourism too is not a viable product. So why is Barbados cozying up to China?

    I say it is to enhance their corrupt off-shore financial sector for one. But here is an even bigger consideration. What better Nation than China and others like China could Barbados forge ties with that could solve the problem of the high cost of living in Bim? This is a one way street ALL IN CHINAS FAVOUR. And at the expense AGAIN of the average Bajan and their health.

    China can ship food and other products they make and which is rejected by other Nations because of their sub standard quality, chemical content and counterfeit origin to Barbados dirt cheap because of the laxed laws of protection in Barbados.

    Therefore China needs only give Bimshire a few bucks in Foreign Aid, promise the world to Barbadians but instead only deliver their garbage. What a deal!

    Look at the 400 or 500 Chinese working there now. How does that help Barbadians? THINK ABOUT IT!

    Barbadians have to be more vigilant about the sinister things going on their Nation and which is being engineered by Foreigners to benefit their own mandate. Who are the Chinese workers working for? Open your eyes!

  4. If they have been complied and made available to the media, what could possibility be the delay in copying them to a taxpayer?

    Adrian Loveridge

    30 October 2007


    Adrian, I assume that should be compiled and not complied.

    Adrian, I think you’re thinking that you’re in the UK!!! You’re not! Mind you, even over here things are n’t perfect, however, that does n’t mean that we should n’t strive for improvement. Good luck to you!

  5. Yum you crack me up. Maybe I will change “BS Service” to “BS NO SERVICE”! But YUM I have always said that statistics coming from this Department can be made to show whatever results the Government wants.

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  8. What is a reasonable time for the public to hear the outcome of the Franchise application made by Goddard enterprises ltd to operate the “Subway” franchise in Barbados?

  9. Why if the man cannot initiate the Pierhead Project, does the PM put the same chairman in to sort out CBC, and then blame the BS & T management for their lethargy.

    Either lethargy must be a requirement at CBC or the shareholder’s have rumbled Plan A of Sir Alan and he has has failed in his intention to move up from the parochial company thus Plan B must come into operation and so the petulant sabotage of the share price of his supposed responsibility.

    Is there ever going to be an enquiry by the BSE into all the amazing twists and turns of the BS&T saga?
    If not who could blame any potential investor for a permanent loss of confidence in local share equity.

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