China State Construction Involved In A Bridge Which Collapses In Vietnam~60 People Dead


BU readers know that we try to discuss international issues which we think may have some connection to what we are doing in Barbados. We read this story about a bridge collapsing in Vietnam and killing possibly 60 people. You may ask, why is this story of interest to BU? The bridge was being built by our friends China State Construction. Barbadians know that this same company is responsible for constructing several new buildings in Barbados over the years. We have no issue with China State Construction, but we have highlighted this incident because of the discussion Barbadians have been having about the quality of steel which is being imported from China to supply major building projects in Barbados. In a recent radio programme, we heard engineer Grenville Phillips III, expressing concern that the quality of steel being used to construct many buildings across Barbados is of the banned variety.  It was further confirmed that the steel which we import from T&T, and which it is alleged Mike Pemberton et al have imported from China, have questionable ductility and should be relegated to the building of roads and other similar structures.

We think that this is one of those stories which should encourage Barbadians to appreciate the importance of building standards.  


11 thoughts on “China State Construction Involved In A Bridge Which Collapses In Vietnam~60 People Dead

  1. ROMMELL MARSHALL GONE The prime minister is try to buy Dr Dennis low to cross over to run in rommell seat because he is to be charge before the court in barbados for not paying his workers national insurance this is what he get for backing Mia againts owen

  2. A goverment minister is very sick it happens to people that think there are high and mighty but god dont sleep as more info comes to hand i will inform the barbados under ground

  3. My father, passed on, lived and served in the 2nd world war, all my life told me two countries to ‘beware of’ China and Russia…….

  4. FROM THE ARTICLE: “A contractor with China State Construction Engineering Corp, one of the firms involved in building the bridge in the Mekong Delta, said 60 people were dead.”

    Get a life, BU.

    You don’t know the REASON why the bridge collapsed. Until investigations determine what caused the collapse, you have no leg to stand on.

    We at Barbados Free Press Exposed are watching you carefully even while we attack BFP. (Just like George Bush is watching Iran even while he destroys Iraq.)

    Do be careful.

  5. only me~ the thrust of the post was to highlight that Barbados has had, since 1991 a draft building code which has never been proclaimed into law. You should join us and call for this legislation to be enacted and avoid the irrelevant arguments.

  6. David,
    He who knows not
    and knows not that he knows not
    …he is a fool


    .. just something to consider when dealing with some of the comments you receive…

  7. a bridge collaspe in vietnam any one know the reason why ??and wat does this have to do with a building code in barbados maybe one in vietnam but we havent been told wat caused the collaspe i think the above is pointless i agree with ” only me “

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