Operations Free Flow (Flyovers) Stinks ~ No Tender Issued For Flyover Project!

THE COST OF OPERATION FREEFLOW, the project aimed at easing congestion along the island’s main traffic arteries, cannot be regarded as an “over-run”. Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Clyde Mascoll, said yesterday on Brasstacks SundayVoice of Barbados that the highway project had become “a hot political issue because the impression had been given that there has been a major change in the cost resulting from inefficiency”.

Last month, an executive of Structural Steel Solutions (3S), the company contracted to build the traffic busting fly-overs, said that the scope of work on the multi-million dollar Barbados Road Network Infrastructure Improvement Project had increased three-fold – hence cost would rise. “What has happened is that the scope of works on the ABC Highway has been changed, so therefore it has adjusted the project. Initially the Government was only contemplating having four lanes at the entry to the roundabouts and therefore the entire highway was not supposed to be a four-lane highway,” Mascoll said.

Source: Nation Newspaper

gclarke.jpg We continue to examine the amazing revelation by Junior Minister of Finance Clyde Mascoll on a radio program on Sunday (16 September), when he reacted to the controversy about the 200+ increase in cost of the flyover project made public by 3S at a press conference recently. Mascoll in a rebuttal made the following statement, “3S Barbados said that the work has increased three-fold and that was interpreted to mean that the cost is three-fold but that is not so…snip.”  At BU, we have resigned ourselves that this is an issue which will be discussed only in the blogosphere; traditional media remains hamstrung to discuss the issue. We include Her Majesty’s Opposition which appear to be smittened with laryngitis. The only official statement which we have had from government so far in the form of the Mascoll statement should force conscientious Barbadians to ask some probing questions.

We do not intend to debate with Mascoll whether the BDS120 million dollars increase in the cost of the project should be labeled as overruns, or increase cost because of expanded cost of works. This is a red herring argument which is being tabled to distort the issue. We prefer to focus on the process which led to the scope of work of the Operations Free Flow project being expanded. It would have been well known to the Minister of Transportation and Works, Gline Clarke and the government that many people including the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers (BAPE) had serious concerns about the decision to build flyovers.  It therefore borders on arrogance that our government would approve the scope of works of the flyover project that would translate to 100% increase in cost, and no effort to inform the taxpayers of Barbados. Barbadians had to find out about the change in the scope of work from the contractor 3S.

Truly Amazing!

Prime Minister Arthur is on record as describing his government to be transparent and one which he intends to hold his colleagues accountable for their actions. This is an opportunity for the Prime Minister to stay true to his promise; until he does we will view the Operations Free Flow Project with suspicion.

Here is a response to BU’s request from Mabey & Johnson to comment on the Request for Proposal from the Barbados government on the awarding of the Operation Free Flow project. It stands to reason that one of the leading bridge builders in the world, Mabey & Johnson, would have been invited to participate on the Operations Free Flow project!


We are not aware of any tender for the Barbados flyover project. We certainly did not participate in one. The earlier RFP, as far as we know, involved only road improvements, not flyovers or bridges and was therefore of no interest.


Name Deleted


Mabey & Johnson Ltd

Against this background of concern, BU request that the government make the following information available to the taxpayers of Barbados; it is our blasted money!

  1. The Request for Proposal submitted to potential vendors by the government of Barbados to widen the highway and build eight flyovers

  2. The Letter of Justification which supported the final selection of the vendor 3S Structural Solutions LLC

  3. The document which outlines the rationale to amend the original scope of works

  4. The April 2006, 3S drawings of the project

  5. The size of the guarantee issued by the government of Barbados since the 100% increase in the project

  6. The procedure for tendering of large capital projects

We will continue to revisit this issue until a satisfactory response is received from government. If the lack of communicationview_45277.jpg about the project revolves around Minister Gline Clarke being on leave, then we will wait until he returns. Amazing that Clyde Mascoll would insult the intelligence of Barbadians by intimating that the late response by government to the speculation about the increase cost of the flyover project had to do with Minister Clarke’s absence from Barbados; amazing! For those of us who listened to Mascoll, he spoke with fluency about all areas of government policy except when the flyover project was introduced.

Surely the Democratic Labour Party intends to strike with this issue before the trail goes cold!

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50 thoughts on “Operations Free Flow (Flyovers) Stinks ~ No Tender Issued For Flyover Project!

  1. BU

    In your 3rd paragraph you made reference to a 120 million barbados dollars increase – I believe that should be 120 million US dollars increase.

    This is what happens when the local media insist on following government lines – it confuses people.

    The flyover was estimated initially at $120m bds – then went to $140 bds ,then to the newest figure of $360.00

    In gov’t currency -it started at $60 ,us,then to $70m us – and fimally to 180 million US – hence the $120 m is us currency – for us wqho have to pay it back from our taxes – the increase is $240.million Bds.

    You notice the ease with which this government uses figures of hundreds of millions of dollars as if they are actually talking about a couple thousands dollars.

    This is why I insist David that once they leave office criminal investigations must be started immediately and if convicted they must be sent to jail.

  2. Anonymous:

    Mascoll has made the latest guess in this round of The Price Is Right and he has chopped 3S’s bid by 33% and has indeed come in at “around ” BD$ 240 million.

  3. In you request for information from Government in item 4 you omitted one very important word. This item should read ” The April 2006 3S drawings of the project”.

  4. “Surely the Democratic Labour Party intends to strike with this issue before the trail goes cold!”

    What are the DLP doing?

    They are like football team sitting on a one goal lead!

    They MUST look to score a few more to secure the victory!

    (All the BLP needs is ONE good scandal against a DLP candidate and the whole advantage is lost.)

    Get your scoring boots on DLP or prepare for a penalty shoot out!!!!!

    Sporting analogy over.

  5. Since expenditure belongs and comes to/for/by/ with and from we the taxpayers, it is a sorry time when we Bajans, the shareholders of Barbados, cannot be allowed to know how and why our dollars are spent.

    We are not shown plans.
    We are not shown a plan of tenders for projects
    We are not audited
    and so on

    Airport ,prison, roads, supplies for government and lots more to boot.

    I know, because I was given some common sense when I was born, that a price of 360 million dollars one month, 2 month ago….cannot become 240 million now. UNLESS something is seriously wrong.

    Now who am I to accuse the government of lying and stealing? Only one small sharehoder in this island.

    And this small shareholder’s common sense tells me that I am being ripped off. Whether I can prove it, ,stop it..or not. I know this is true.

    Someone tell me how this logic can be wrong? It is not that I do not love the BLP, it is because I realise that they do not love (or respect) us. That is why.

  6. I must admit that Mr Tony Marshall is not my favorite moderator but I would have to say that he was a master at his field today on BrassTacks his handling of Malik with teeth was second to none my only regret is that he failed to pressure him on the corrupt connection between 3 S and gov’t, he took the clown to task something that Ellis failed to do on sunday the 15 minutes Mascoll had in Marshall’s company was more revealing that the two hours he spent with Ellis.
    He choose to confront Mr marshall and to try to defend the tripling of the cost of the highway but MrMarshall hammered him hard the whole way off the show.
    Kudos to Mr Marshall very ,very well done.

  7. It is unfortunate that so much time was spent debating whether the project had doubled or trippled. This in our vire is irrelevant at this stage. More relevant are the factors which drove the decision to expand the scope of works, the approval process but more importantly was the flyover project put out to tender. We must admit that Mascoll was pressured by Marshall and was flustered from time to time.

  8. Mr Marshall did what David Ellis failed to do on Sunday he was allowed to dictate the pace and speak on the subjects that he choose but today he met head on someone that was obviously well versed and educated on the matter at hand and was not allowed to ramble as was the case on Sunday he kept being prodded and poked something he obviously dislikes because he lost him composure on more than one occassion and then we saw him and saw what we know him to be a liar and one who would sell his soul to the highest bidder as he has done to Owing.
    Score 100 % to Mr Marshall 0 % Mascoll
    I cannot wait to see if after getting wounded as he did today if he will come back tonight to go another round, what he seems not to understand that just like Mottley, Payne, Farley, Barker,Rommel Marshall, Jpoe Edghill and the rest Owing has him up front doing his nasty work and taking the blows white he Owing sits back and smile at the folly of the idiot, just when he done and Owing is done with him he will wipe his feet all over Mascoll and put him out to pasture,
    Just take a look at Mottley he has broken the back of her challenge to lead the party he has destroyed her as a politician and as a person some say that Owing choose to reveal her escapades with Jenny and TC the licks and the biting where part of his handy work to demoralise and destroy her.
    Nevetheless Mascoll is so desperate for a grab at the free money knocking around Owing and his works project he must feel ready to cash in at all cost.

  9. I am not sure that this is the wish of the radio station the verdict is still out on this issue, it appears this is the way of the moderators in recent times, they have been bombarding the call in shows for the past two weeks loading it in their favour but thankfully we have moderator like Mr Marshall and Mr Wickham who are not paid or employed by the radio station so are free to confront and halt the nonsense that they want to spew.

  10. Maxine McClean by her admission to a caller last week admitted she reads the blogs, Corbin has also admitted many of them read the blogs so they are aware of the issues. Thanks to BU and BFP they are now armed with information, it is why Marshall was so forceful today with Mascoll. Its up to these people to push the thing over the hump.

  11. Mascoll should be very careful that he does not become the sacrificial lamb in the 3S transaction. It would have been known in advance that Gline Clarke had to get a very tentative operation that would require him to take it easy for a while, protocol would have dictated that some other person be sworn in to oversee the running of the Ministry of Transportation and Works. It was insightful to hear Mascoll confirm on the call in program today that he will be sworn in as Minister of Transportation and Works tomorrow. Does this mean that the government has had an about turn on how to handle the 3S issue or is Gline Clarke struggling with fitness?

  12. Licks like peas on Brasstacks Today.

    Tony Marshall’s questioning of Clyde Mascoll – is textbook reqirement for journalists to see how it is done.

    Take note David Ellis,instead of badgering the ‘poor helpless’ callers – deal with the ‘big -ups ‘ in a firm,but fair way.

    I too am waiting to see how long the Dlp will wait before they make this an issue.

    I hope Tony Marshall know – he is now a ‘marked man’ – by the BLP.

    P.S. will the moderators please discuss this flyover expenditure in bajan dollars?

    Round one to a ‘fearless’ Tony Marshall.

  13. Unfortunately, none of the discussion to date provides sufficient hard information on the scope of works, and its costs, when the project began, nor at the current juncture. Despite Tony Marshall’s effort I am none the wiser in this regard. I must admit that this obfuscation fuels much suspicion.

  14. Mr Marshall grew in my estimation today by mega proportions even if he did not get the true responses as he was pushing for he ruffled Mascoll to the point that it made me aware that Mascoll tries to be a great actor and puts on the style and manner to fulfil a need or a purpose but the true Mascoll is a wounded ill tempered whimp.
    He is serving a purpose to Owing at this point in time and that purpose is to appear to be very close to he Owing to fool the public that all is well and happy within the scam called the blp in an effort to muster a few DLP votes but let me advise you Mascoll we have seen thru your scam and your ploy, you keep going as you are the next few months will seal your rambling dishonest culture your fate unlike Owing’s will be one of walking the streets looking for a job unlike Owing who has built up a happy nest egg.

  15. No doubt that Marshall in his discourse with Mascoll leaked that he was not intimidated at all. Mascoll as we have opined was thrown off centre several times during the conversation where he literally asked Marshall not to talk to him in that way. We agree with Linchh though that when we strip away the dramatics little substance was tabled for the taxpayers to feel that they were informed. Unlike the interview with Ellis on Sunday where Mascoll came away smiling he must think that after today he will need to retrieve a dented PR image somewhat. We anticipate that he will pick a softer moderator next time around, will it be Eddie Corbin? What about David Ellis?

  16. I do not think most of the others can or will have the mental strength to listen and come back with resolve to counter his utter crap.
    How does the work increase three fold but the cost only increase two fold?
    Come on give us a break from your trivial nonsense, did anyone notice how he treid his best to control the flow of the conversation and the direction it was going in but to Mr Marshall’s credit he brought him back to centre line and kept him on track and on course.

  17. If I were Mascoll I would stay far away from the call in shows they do not agree with him, his carefully rehearsed show that was allowed to happen on Sunday got badly torpedoed today he will long remember his fifteen minutes of terror he encountered with his badly bruising battle with Mr Marshall.
    Has anyone notice how Owing has paid his mouthpieces to bombard the call in shows expounding on how great thou Owing art, funny that they are stupid enough to be begging for five more years to start projects,what have they waited on for 15 years that they suddenly are now running to the people asking for time to get things done, this is an insult to the people that they ask to vote for them, they have more time than most parties would have ever had to get to work,If they have not done it in 15 years why are we to believe that it will happen now?
    The real purpose for begging the masses to give them more time is pure and simple to extend their opportunity to STEAL more multi millions from the treasury and feather their bed even more only thing time others will be looking to feed at the trough the likes of the same Mascoll who is now trying to establish his pathway to his share of the money.

  18. Based on this waste of taxpayers money I believe the BLP has earned another term… A term they truly deserve…A TERM OF IMPRISONMENT!

    No person or company will double the cost for triple the work. But you know soomething, people worldwide have always, and continually view Bajans as gullible, naive idiots. Surely we are partially to blame for this reputation because we often fail to stand up and question the crap thrown at us by some local politicians.

    The current gov’t has spent over three times in four years (2003- present) than what they spent in their first nine wasteful years (1994- 2003)

    Every time a BLP minister does foolishness, Arthur shifts them to another ministry through a ‘reshuffle’ to get them off the hook ( and Bajans start to talk about “who get promote and who get demote”) Foolishness! When instead accountibility should be demanded!

    The electorate can take the blame for allowing the BLP to get back in in 2003! If they had gotten the boot then we would have been spared the billions of wasted tax dollars in Barbados.

    So, we either wake up and learn, or vote them back in next election and watch Barbados crumble into oblivion!

  19. If Mascoll is to be the new minister of transport and works he probably knew this before his sunday interview. This shows how deceitful the man is!

    I heard a BLP spin-doctor call brasstacks and he praised the QEH claiming that ‘great service is given there’.

    So somebody please tell me why couldn’t Gline Clarke go into the QEH for medical attention? If it is SO GOOD!

    Is he too big-up, or are the issues at the QEH real? I believe both are reasons the BLP ‘kings and queens’ always fly out the country for treatment! Plus they would hate us lowly Bajan peasents knowing what ills them!

  20. Clarke maybe full of piles, hence the need to go overseas to remove them.
    However as I am sure that many of them will be used in the road expansion project and knowing him he maybe stocking them up so that he can sell them off to 3S for a million dollars per pile afterall for him to have them and be carrying them around it must be worth every cent that we pay for them !!!!
    After all he is only doing a service to the country!!

  21. I agree that the 3S story is huge. In the USA the media would be bringing all kinds of information to the public. Instead we have to listen to Mascoll bring the government spin which will be escalated when Arthur returns from his series of trips abroad. I agree that no one does it better than Arthur, it will be interesting to see how this issue unfolds politically if the DLP takes it up.

  22. It appears to me that every project undertaken in recent times in Barbados is one under a BOLT arrangement is this the case because this has now become the simplest way to extract monies from these providers to their personal bank accounts.
    I am hearing for the first time today that the Coast Gaurd Station is under this same arrangement what I would like to learn is what was the budgeted cost what was the final cost and who was awarded this contract, I hope that I am wrong but I have my ideas.
    Sooner rather that later everything in Barbados will be on least to the Barbados govt., coast guard, roads, Bridgetown developement project as this is also the plan that they have for this project, one day sooner rather than later we may find that we may have a foreigner for permission to use the ABC highway the waterfront the coast guard boats,where are therse people leading us we need to know sooner rather than later?

  23. So who will it be sent forward to malign and assault the moderator today?
    I seriously doubt that the idiot Mascoll would be so brazen to come back another time but then again if he were to encounter David Ellis after yesterdays blistering onslaught delivered to Mascoll by Mr Marshall it may give David the courage and the fortitude to put some spunk in his attitude rather than letting them ride over him as happened on Sunday.
    Today it maybe Mark Smart’s turn to cover their permanent tracks that the blp have dug into this island or will it be Sandra sounds like a man husbands, to revisit what Mr Wickham has said so long ago.
    Whatever the case we know that one of them will be extoling the wonderful things that the blp nearly did after 15 years in office, what have we got to show for this sojourn other that massive unabated corruption and dishonesty in a gov’t.
    Why would they even consider that they would want another 5 years.

  24. WiV~ “It appears to me that every project undertaken in recent times in Barbados is one under a BOLT arrangement is this the case because this has now become the simplest way to extract monies from these providers to their personal bank accounts.”

    WiV, What do you understand B.O.L.T to really mean?

  25. B.O.L.T means just what it says: The BLP thieves planning capital projects, creating cost over-runs, and BOLTing with de money!

    Bajans wake up quick hear!

  26. Gerald Browne we appreciate your enthusiasm about Barbados politics but a BOLT is nothing new and is an arrangement which according to our research is a legit means to finance i.e. government tapping into private sector funds. Let us seriously debate this issue!

  27. This is but only one of a long list of crimes commited against the Barbadian taxpayers the list is a long one indeed.
    My suggestion is as follows -:
    Fire the Minister of Heath right away.
    Ask Owing to stand up and be a man for once and repay part of his illegally gotten wealth back to the treasury.
    Launch an inquiry into the operation of the entire health care outfit with their recommendations for correcting the ills within the health care services sector.
    Strat work towards the erection of a brand new hospital and phase out this monster.
    More importantly had these vagabonds not stolen as they have done with the building of the OVAL, the OIL STORAGE FACILITY, THE PRISON, THE ROAD WORKS PROJECT if you were to extract a $ 100 Million from each of these projects that they have stolen and sent to their personal bank accounts yes I can assure you that there is this much excees in each project that this gang of crooks has undertaken.
    We would have saved enought to build a brand spanking new hospital ( providing they did not put the steal in this project to) to service the needs of every Barbadian but they need to halt the mega stealing that is so rampant in the island.

  28. Unlike popular belief, I am not a party person but my position is one that has been formed as a result of the gross mismanagement of this island affairs and the high levels of uncontrolled corruption.
    I honestly think that were this party a little less in your face with their corruption and were managing the islands affairs well, I would still be voting for them and who knows they may never have had the need for blogs such as BFP, BU and the others who have been forced to come to life to put some balance back to the affairs of this nation I say heart felt thanks to those at BFP and BU for committing their time and effort to this very worthy cause.

    With this background it sends me into a tail spin when I as citizen can witness corruption permeating all thru gov’t offices and departments as is the case at present led by none other than our PM and his cohorts, Nicholls, Bannister, Hobson, Clarke Liz Thompson, Rommel Marshall, dale Marshall they are all guilty of fraud and corruption in the 1st degree.

    Can we not follow the trend these people the blp seek out all of those with shady backgrounds because they know and understand how to do business with people like the PM who is grossly corrupt and then proceed to award them contracts at levels that as we have seen three times higher than the real cost these contractors then skim the money off to be sent to people like Bannister and Nicholls who have been acting as the go between persons to secure the money and they in turn arrange the payments to the offshore accounts.

    Nothing more nothing less a very simple operation conducted by ones who are very comfortable in deals such as these just another day at the office scamming the Barbadians taxpayers for another $ 50 or $ 100 million, why should any of us worry? it is only our money not theirs.

  29. We wish to thank Maxine McClean and Tony Marshall for taking up the challenge of asking some relevant questions about Operations Free Flow on their callin shows. BU note with interest that many of the regular BLP callers stayed away from the program yesterday evening. They seem to pick the moderators they feel more comfortable.

  30. David Ellis made me sick the way he was OBVIOUSLY pandering to the government.

    I don’t think it is in his place as moderator to force a caller to not make observations which are critical of the government unless the caller also makes positive remarks about what is happening.

    If it is supposed to be free and frank discussions,then callers should be free to express themselves.

    David Ellis seems to be missing his backbone.As one of the few genuine journalists left,it is sad to see how he cowers under this government.

    If not for the callers who are persistent in their demand for government to be accounatable – and moderators like tony marshall,wickham and maxine mcclean – insisting on not being ‘devil’s advocate – but on trying to seek out information from the ministers and other government functionaries – then the call – in programme as a voice of the people would have beeen a sham.

  31. Can we, once and for all, put this nonsense of a three fold expansion in the scope of works for the ABC project to rest and recognise that the scope of works as presently exists is not substantially different from that of april 2006 or July 22, 2006. All that has increased is the cost. Maybe this was due to an error in the costing process, a matter that an independent review would have uncovered. Please note that this independent review was recommended before the start of construction but was never carried out. Check this one out with the Ministry of Public works or any of the companies who expressed an interest in carrying out the review.

  32. David, your mis-spelling of Anonymouse led to the wrong website. I think you need to change that spelling for the correct website.

  33. Extracts from the feature Address By Hon. David Thompson M.P., Political Leader, Democratic Labour Party – Delegates Conference 2007 26th August 2007.

    So much of it is real and present it is uncanny.

    Our prices are too high. Land and housing are not accessible or affordable. Poverty still stalks far too many homes in our country.

    The domestic debt and interest payments on that debt continue to grow significantly. Rating agencies and other market participants consider high public debt to one of the key weaknesses of the Barbadian economy, and the current debt path is dangerous.

    This Conference is being held against the backdrop of widespread, national discontent – bordering on bitter anger – with the management of state resources and the direction in which our country is headed.

    I want you to know and understand that civil society in Barbados is crying out because it has had enough! Doctors, teachers, farmers, hoteliers, entertainers, retired persons, sick persons and persons in need of medical care are all exhibiting signs of frustration and despair because they cannot understand how a Government that was so popularly elected for three terms could become so indifferent and disconnected from the people it was elected to serve.
    There is no greater symbol of wastage and mismanagement of state resources than the edifice now known as Kensington Oval. It is a facility that is not functional, not easily adaptable and essentially a noose for a very long time around the necks of Barbadian taxpayers.

    I want Owen Arthur to tell the country what it is costing Barbadian taxpayers to keep that property shut up, or better still, shut down in the manner it has been, ever since April 28th. Today is four months almost to the day since that facility was last used and we still do not know who owns it, how much it cost and how much more tax-payer dollars it will take to make it functional.

    What we do know is that the figure is so astronomical that the NCF had to scrap plans to host Crop Over events there.

    All of the great brains and economic gurus are in this government but no one has to date come up with an idea of how we can put that facility to use for the benefit of Barbadians and to recoup some of the more than $400 million spent on creating it.
    Cost overruns are the order of the day for this administration. This is the strangest of situations. They hand pick the consultants for each of these projects. The Consultants are theirs. The engineers are theirs. The architects are theirs.

    The tendering process is controlled by them. The quantities are assessed and altered by them. They are the ones who come up with the outlandish quotes in the first place and yet, on every capital project in the last 10 years, they have trumped up a whopping 40 per cent or higher cost overrun.

    How in heaven’s name can you set out to build a prison for one price, increase that cost by some 125 per cent and then on the back of that say that the currency tabulation was wrong and that you must now multiply everything by two? How in heaven’s name could that be done?

    In any other country, a few persons, not just the Minister, would be sitting on a bench awaiting trial.

    And the cost overruns don’t stop there…

    I can think of Grantley Adams International Airport…a facility that functions satisfactorily only when there is no rain and the temperature is beyond 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This project went over budget by some $70 million and no one in the Government has found it fitting, up to this moment, to give an explanation.

    But, while ordinary Barbadians are being asked to repay that loan, persons not so ordinary are given all the concessions to operate thriving businesses at the facility.

    Then there are the road projects; the cost of which we do not know. We no longer hear of competitive bids and tenders. In this country today we just see heavy equipment move in and people start to build roads. No one knows the cost of the ABC expansion. No one knows the cost of the flyovers. No one knows the cost to the taxpayers of all the street widening and roundabout expansions. What we do know is that some road builders in Barbados are saying they never had it so good!

    What we do know is that somebody is benefiting from the millions and millions of dollars in heavy-duty vehicles and equipment that are being purchased by various government ministries through a lone supplier. All I would say on that score for now is that I hope these people are keeping records.

    I hope that when the time comes they will have all the documentation necessary to prove that Barbados got good value for money; because the whole issue of procurement will be the focus of an independent enquiry, whenever the Democratic Labour Party is elected.

    I estimated some months ago that it must be in excess of $750 million that has gone abegging through cost overruns. To this date, none of the three Ministers of Finance in this Government has refuted that charge.

    I want you, Ladies and Gentlemen, to stop for a moment and consider what could have been done with that $750 million, which I assure you has not washed into the sea or been donated to the International Red Cross.

    Contractors got plenty of it; suppliers got some of it and you would not be wrong if you guessed that leading Barbados Labour Party operatives got a significant slice of it as well.

    The next general elections in Barbados will be the first elections in the history of Barbados in which the finger of corruption can reasonably and correctly be pointed at senior members of an incumbent administration.

    The Prime Minister makes it a point to say to the nation at every turn how I made my money as a lawyer and the clients for whom I work.

    I want him now to tell the nation how he amassed his fortunes on a lowly Prime Ministerial salary.

    We all knew he was stone broke in 1994. He said he could not make ends meet and was leaving politics. Today, analysts place him in the top ten in Barbados!

    I want him to explain how his ministers made their fortunes on ministerial salaries lower than those of middle level wage earners in the private sector.

    Owen Arthur is constantly pointing fingers at persons in this party. I want Owen Arthur to subject himself and his ministers to an independent financial audit. I challenge them today to declare their assets of 1994 and their assets of 2007 and let the public determine if what they smell in Barbados today is fish offal from the Bridgetown Market.

    Notwithstanding glaring evidence of the foregoing, some people in this country say to me – “don’t just tell us about them…tell us what you guys are going to do about it’.

    Well, my answer to that is simple!

    Any minister in a Democratic Labour Party administration who oversees a project costing taxpayers nearly three times the budgeted estimate will be fired from the cabinet and will not run again as a candidate of the Democratic Labour Party!

    We shall review the system of awarding contracts on mega projects to ensure built-in safeguards against taxpayers having to foot the bill for incompetence, inefficiency and downright thieving.

    We shall return accountability and transparency to the procurement of products and services and shall ensure that the tendering process on mega projects in particular, is structured and transparent.

    Simply put…a Democratic Labour Party Government under my watch will not chalk up $750 million in cost overruns. That $750 million will be put towards the erection of houses, the upgrade of hospital services and the creation of high paying, sustainable jobs for Barbadians

  34. It appears as if the story on the flyovers project is dying, I hope not. Will anyone seriously investigate the issues raised by “Anonymous” who obviously seems to know what he/she is talking about. Persistent calls to the Ministry’s project manager or former (original) project manager should bear fruit.

  35. Anonymous~you are right the story is dying and who do we blame? We have the media in Barbados who does nothing by way of investigative journalism. They have the resources to speak to people around the case but they do nothing. We have David Thompson and the Opposition who say nothing. We have citizens and civil servants who visit the blogs and contribute nothing. BU have written prolifically on the matter as well as BFP but we can only do so much. The people with the information must be prepared to put it in the public domain.

  36. I’m dissapointed with the direction the discussion on the “Flyovers” project is taking. It seems as though everyone is focused on the increases in the scope of works resulting in significant cost increases. Everyone has taken the word of George Sidall that there has been a significant increase in the scope of works. I have pointed out on several occasions that the scope of works for the widening section of the contract has not increased significantly as shown on the April 2006 drawings. The increase in cost is as a result either of the increase in cost of the flyovers or an error in the original cost. A significant increase in cost for the flyovers will call into question the feasibility of constructing these structures. Can these stand up to a rigorous cost/benefit analysis. We should soon know the true cost of the flyovers.

  37. Anonymous~we are reading you loud and clear. We have used all methods available to us to extract the information around the April 2006 Drawings with little success. We have also appealed to parties who are in the know to send us the information. The media practicioners who read the blogs must have “sources” to assist as well.

  38. The level of corruption is at an all time high with just about everyone in cabinet with an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands.
    What I am eager to hear from you lot of blp supporters is what level of commission in the BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT did you lot settled for with DANOS, HOBSON, NICHOLLS,BANNISTER and ARTHUR?

  39. David if I were a betting man I would say that Anonymous ismuch more educated and informed as to the truth of this project than Mascoll was two Sundays ago on the call in show.
    I would not be surprised if he produced the evidence in black and white to prove his statements, this person has more than a passing idea about the entire project , maybe a gov’t employed person with a fear to speak out for fear of evil and trouble it may bring to the person.
    I have felt this way from the very first post, it is there and the person wants to reveal it but the fear is greater than the good it will bring so uncertainity steps in.

  40. WIV~if anonymous has information he should put it on the table now because it might save the tax payers millions of dollars. Thats is part of what we are trying to do by exposing this issue.

  41. If the good people of this island had spoken up earlier we would not have the fiascos like we are having in the Prison, Flyovers, the Oval and CWC.
    We all need to speak with a loud clear voice that enough is enough no longer are we going to allow this corruption to continue to feaster and grow.
    What you doing about the situation with hardwood holdings and the going ons there?
    Taxpayers monies being channelled to arty loyals as they are doing with Trotman, remember Trotman ran Owings campaign when he got elected in St.Peter and was involved in nasty politics at the time, so obviously he is now getting his payback for holding his secrets about Owing and company.
    The corruption never cease with this band of crooks and criminals, I wonder ifMottley had the decency to open her mouth in cabinet and say this should be happening or she to is so under the Owing spell and control that she has sold her soul like the rest of them.

  42. Minister of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports, Anthony Wood (left), cuts the ribbon to the Learning Centre’s new play park with Children’s Trust Chairperson, Susan Sangster.
    In this caption in the Advocate News I believe that in this same space the scamp Michael Pemberton is featured but not named , have they willfully left him out of the loop because of his ploy to hire Chinese labourers and rape the coast line at Batts Rock and eventually to restrict access to the beach at Batts Rock?
    The need for money makes our leader the most corrupt leader this country has ever had cast on it.

  43. ‘the good people of this island had spoken up earlier we would not have the fiascos like we are having in the Prison, Flyovers, the Oval and CWC.’

    Then you would have nothing you do need a prison dont you ? You need flyovers unless you want to fry in the heat for the next decade.Its this a criket nation or what?

  44. Clyde mascoll told it how it is. An increase in the scope of works. To put it simply if you want to build a house you get your builder and tell him what you want. He says I can build that for x amount.
    If you then decide on major changes want marble floors and the living room made 20 feet longer etc etc everything changes. the builder will say I can do this but it will cost you more.
    Its no use wailing and crying but you said the cost was going to be so much.
    Builders build what they are asked to build.

  45. bashy~you are obviously not reading between the lines. There is a view by some people who seem to know more about the project that the cost has not increased because of any increase in the scope of project. Even if the scope has increased for legit or illegit reasons we are asking that details be made available to taxpayers.

  46. For some the blp are beyond question, I really cannot believe that a project can be conceived and tendered for but the scope of works according to Mascoll has tripled but the cost has only doubled, how in heavens name can something in the size of this project can grow to the extent that this project has multiplied and someone is not held responsible for this extreme poor management.
    In any other business setup the board of directors would have lost their jobs and fired we are not talking a couple thousand dollars here we are talking multi millions but to you blp yardfowl supporters all is well because you do not want it ventilated in the public forum for people to ask the question into who’s pocket has this $ 240 million being deposited.
    For you lot it could reach a billion dollars and that would be fine with you because you are a loyal blp supporter and your party did the scam,at least they are those with a level honest head willing to ask the questions of our leaders.
    As for the prison project we could have made Harrison’s Point more serviceable and return Glendairy to service for those that are serving time for lesser crimes, but seeing they built the prison at three times the budgeted cost and here to where has the excess money dissappeared to $ 200 million gone astray and to who’s account these monies have been paid, bearing in mind that the trial of Kott just finished in Alaska and has been found guilty on 3 of the 4 charges of fraud and bribery paid for by the same scamps VECO that paid Kott his bribe money, think any bribe money was paid at this prison project.

  47. bashy~you are obviously not reading between the lines. There is a view by some people who seem to know more about the project that the cost has not increased because of any increase in the scope of project.

    It is possible that some people have their own agenda and wish to make milage on this. Builders build what they are asked to build. A contractor makes no profit on building extras for the fun of it.

    As CM stated the original scope of works did not include so much road widening .The difficulties concerning the relaying of the utility cables cannot be laid at the contractors door.These are government departments that are supposed to have these things in the correct place.You dont get your builder in to build your house give him a map of the ultilies and then later on when he finds out that they are not in the correct place say ‘thats your problem mate’.

    ‘Even if the scope has increased for legit or illegit reasons we are asking that details be made available to taxpayers.’

    This is a fair and reasonable request and should be directed to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

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