A Clear Danger-Where Is The Town Planner Part II

On 08 September 2007 we brought this story which was submitted by a concerned citizen about builders doing construction on The Brownes property in Hastings, Christ Church who were violating a Town Planning ordinance.

Here is a reminder:

The concerned citizen submitted a note today to give us an update:

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your prompt response in publishing the matter relating to construction at The Brownes. After a number of weeks in the state shown in the photographs, the protruding gutters have now been cut to be extensions of approximately 6 inches. While this removes most of the danger of direct physical injury, one wonders whether its is really acceptable in 2007 for run-off water to be allows to fall on to a public pavement from such a height as this will only result in pedestrians taking refuse on the carriageway with vehicular traffic, when it rains. While such situation exist elsewhere on relics of the past, in the case of new construction we need to adhere to good standard of town planning and public safety as we continue working to upgrading our mistakes of the past, as replacements and renovation takes place.

My initial complaint was in fact the last a list of a number issues neighbours has had with the construction activity there, which included:

  1. The dumping of rubble and dust form three and four storeys above ground level without the use of a shoot. As a result, several households in vicinity have had to endure an infiltration of dust, for several weeks.

  2. Construction activities including the drilling of stone work and concrete about a road way resulting in splitters of stone striking passing vehicles and posing dangers to pedestrians.

While calls were made to some government departments one saw no evidence of any action was taken to address these issues. They were in fact solved only by the conclusion of the work rather the implementation of any best practices. The foregoing left one to wonder who is responsible of administering the standards (if there are any) under which construction activity takes place on a multi-storey buildings. Is it the case, that such standards are only required in Bridgetown? In this case, there is well traverse public road in the shadow of the building.

Barbados Underground, I thank you


BU applaud this citizen.

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4 thoughts on “A Clear Danger-Where Is The Town Planner Part II

  1. As recently as this last Saturday we had another flare up of tempers with regard to these gates / chains across the road, with one of the foreign tennants hurling abuse at another resident of the area for turning their vehicle around on the road in front of his apartment the police were called but by the time they arrived the foreigner had fled the island and left on a flight to London that same evening.
    When this issue first broke there was a team from Town and Country Planning, Housing and Lands, Land Tax about 10 of these gov’t officials met with a view to acquire the land to turn this road into a public road this is a mere 10 months ago and we would be expecting too much to have moved forward in this limited time frame, however it is my belief that they need to make a serious concerted effort to deal with this issue without wasting too much more time as the tempers are flaring and I fear that someone will get seriously hurt based on what transpired on Saturday.
    The representative for the area Rawle Eastmond has not been heard, smelt or seen and despite numerous attempts to make contact with him he has skillfully ducked each one of them, we need him to at least take a telephone call to give us an update on where they were at in connection with turning this road into a public road thereby eliminating the blockage be it gates or be it chains from across the road.
    Mr Minister I fear that if you do not remove your finger from up there and get cracking on this pressing issue someone will get very badly hurt.
    You need to get moving on this sooner rather than later you have dragged your feet for 10 months already please lift them and do something meaningful for people who live in your area.
    While you are at it look at the buildings in Queens Fort Drive and tell me if these are all legally there?
    I can bet you every cent that I have that they are not legal, who gave the permissions and were these permissions granted because of the woman Sixxt close relationship with Billie ?
    If they were this is sad and they should be revoked right away!!!

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