Bahamas and St. Lucia Overcame The Odds; Can Bruce Golding's JLP Overcome Portia Simpson-Miller's PNP In Jamaica? ~ The Barbados Labour Party Will Be Backing Portia


Daily Gleaner Election News, Sunday September 2

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layout1_1_puk33jamaicavlmthumbnail1.jpgJLP favourite – Golding’s party may win 32 seats or more, Portia’s PNP could force tie


The Bruce Golding-led Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) appears on course to win Jamaica’s 15th general election in which 1.3 million electors will choose 60 members to sit in the House of Representatives tomorrow.


On the eve of the Jamaican elections there will be some interested persons fixated on the results sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday. Leading the group of interested persons will be Prime Minister Arthur and his band of foot soldiers who have been absorbing much criticism of late as any party going for a fourth term might. In Jamaica, we have the ever popular and religious fanatic Portia Simpson-Miller up against the studious and sometimes waffler, Bruce Golding. Depending on which pollster we read, all indicators point to a close election result with a tie possible.



If we examine the trend of election results across the Caribbean this year, it is no secret why Prime Minister Arthur will be monitoring the Jamaica results with a keen interest. In the Bahamas, Hubert Graham turned the tables on Christie against the odds, so too did Sir John Compton in St. Lucia where he was able to beat the incumbent Kenneth Anthony. If this trend continues and Golding is able to win it would no doubt send shivers down the back of Arthur, members of parliament like Barney Lynch, Gline “Wuk Fuh Wuk” Clarke and Jerome Walcott could even break-out in cold sweat.

We will reserve comments until after the election. BU join with Barbadians to wish our Jamaican brothers and sisters a safe election.

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48 thoughts on “Bahamas and St. Lucia Overcame The Odds; Can Bruce Golding's JLP Overcome Portia Simpson-Miller's PNP In Jamaica? ~ The Barbados Labour Party Will Be Backing Portia

  1. “The Barbados Labour Party Will Be Backing Portia”

    You people are stupid LIARS.

    Elections in Jamaica have NOTHING to do with Bajan politics.


  2. Correction… that should be the BFP LIARS LOG on Barbados Free Press Exposed.

    Looks like BU is trying to get a BU LIARS LOG on BFPE too!


  3. BFPE // Sep 2nd 2007 at 3:41 pm

    “The Barbados Labour Party Will Be Backing Portia”

    You people are stupid LIARS.

    Elections in Jamaica have NOTHING to do with Bajan politics.

    Dear BFPE

    Of course the election results in Jamaica have a bearing on the voting habits of Barbadians. Are YOU stupid! It only takes a small influence to change a fraction of a percentage of the vote, and this all is takes to secure victory in a ‘first past the post’ electoral system. It is quite conceivable that when Barbadians see that nearby island states have changed their governments they will feel more secure in ousting theirs.

    Heres hoping!

    Barbados needs a change, even if the DLP are just as useless.

  4. Hurricane Felix may just have the last laugh in the Jamaican elections.At this late stage it is hard to imagine the polls can be delayed. Tomorrow will be interesting to see how people handle the weather while attempting to carry out their civic duty.

  5. YUM YUM I like it!,

    YOU SAID: “It is quite conceivable that when Barbadians see that nearby island states have changed their governments they will feel more secure in ousting theirs.”

    See if you can find some professional psychiatric help.


  6. Dear BFPE

    If you find that I am not correct please argue the point, rather than being so dismissive. I think my assertion my reasonable, personally.

    Your whole identity is based on bashing the opinions/achievements of others and being negative. Please use your time more constructively – get a proper alias and start telling us what you DO believe in and rather than what you don’t!

    Such a negative mindframe can be a sign of depression. There are some very good medications available these days you know.

    So BFPE leave of these blogs until you have started the happy pills.

    Have a happy sunny day

    Best regards


  7. Wishing in Vain:
    You are so right! When you enter into dialogue with this THING, you are putting yourself straight in the gutter alongside it.

  8. I agree with you YUM YUM. Barbadians watch the TV and there is nothing to stop people thinking that they can do the same here.

  9. David you are right as we come closer to election and people become more polarised as was the case during the Adams / Barrow years it could spell trouble.
    I think that we are all aware that Owing is on the slide and that mr David Thompson is on the rise and they maybe some nerveousness among the BLP faithfulls to create disorder and trouble but lets hope not as we have seen the evidence of it with Ms Sandiford -Garner attack, this is very sad.

  10. David, why are allowing comments like “Kill her”

    on this blog???

    Is this a desperate attempt by the BLP stoogies to scare people??

    Next they will be organizing drive-by shooting as elections approaching.

    Lets put a stop to these mongrels now

    Fixed, remember we are not monitoring the blog 24/7


  11. If they thing that these silly comments by ‘Fuk-u’

    etc is gaining them votes – well I will like to tell them that the exact opposite is happening.
    Matter of fact the BFP will expose the whole gang of ‘you know whats’ soon by ntheir IP addresses

  12. Reports coming out of Jahmaica is not good. Nuff shooting and talk about a ballot box was stolen. Hope that place dont explode.

  13. Comment addressed in the direction of BFPE

    Since you seem reticent to accept that outside influences might affect the Barbados election, try this on for size:

    The recent horrendous events, which have struck Bim SHOULD have galvanised support behind the existing government and should have prompted an early election.

    It is a well known phenomenon that in times of tragedy or conflict, a nation will rally behind those currently in power. Look at the last US election! (which was won by a solitary, but conveniently timed Osama Bin-Laden video!)

    The fact that the election has not been called (and there are no signs of it coming along soon) is strong evidence that the BLP are in deep doodoo!

    The only hope for the BLP may be to arrange some more tragedy or conflict pretty sharpish to keep peoples mind off the real issues.

    In fact, it could be that only a direct hit from a really big hurricane would save the BLP.

    So Mr Prime Minister, give up having your photo taken with orphaned babies and all the other stuff you’ll think of to save your bacon, and start checking the NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTRE and start praying!

  14. Was that not a stupid picture in the front page the mother of the deceased is looking weary and hurt and Owing and Gabby ( certainly Gabby ) with a stupid smile on his silly face.
    Where is the sincerity and the compassion for their fellow man?

  15. WIV

    A trust fund fund for that poor child is all very well, but did not the father have two children other who were not involved in the tragedy. Is their fatherlessness worth nothing?

  16. OH I whole heartily support the call for it to a trust for them as well, I certainly do after all he would have provided for them during his life time and they certainly are to be taken care of.
    Election results coming JLP 11 and 365,271 votes
    PNP 12 and 364,991 this one is running very close see again where we have more seats but fewer people wanting that party that holds the higher number of seats.

  17. PNP
    Popular Vote: 385,028
    2002 Results: 34(seats)
    2002 Votes: 383,887

    Popular Vote: 387,988
    2002 Results: 26(seats)
    2002 Votes: 346,860

  18. 1.3 million people could have voted today and by 10.00 we know the result I wish this were the case in Barbados!!!!

  19. Does any of this rings bells in our heads???

    But Scott suggested that the JLP could well snag the victory, owing not only to the advertising war it has waged against the PNP but also to the extensive ground work it has undertaken in the close to two years the party spent on the campaign trail. According to Scott, while the PNP was contending with its internal politics following Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s ascension to the leadership of the party, the JLP “was concerned with getting their people on the voters list on the ground”.

    At the end of the day, he said the elections were bound to prove interesting since the reverification of the voters list, for example, had displaced several hundred voters across various constituencies where the parties traditionally had safe seats.

    “The election is going to be an interesting election. It is the first election that so many seats outside the garrisons are in play to be won by one party or the other,” he told the Observer. “A part of what has happened is not just the political realignment that is taking place in the country going in varying degrees, but the work of the EOJ in cleaning up the electoral system and in particular, cleaning up the voters list has resulted in a number of seats that normally would be considered a check for the PNP or a check for the JLP, have been put in the ‘not safe’ column.

  20. Not too fast I am seeing now on my site that the JLP now holding 29 seats and PNP 26 seats and the check mark has dissappeared from over the JLP

  21. If we judge from the speech of Portia Simpson just now she has refused to concede and referenced that she will be challenging the results. She said she has evidence of wrong doings by the JLP. This maybe messy! The race is close so Portia wants to make sure.

  22. David,

    All the results are not in yet.

    Golding is an idiot to declare victory before the final count of the remaining seats. Could be a strategy to incite his supporters to violence. What IF the PNP wins most of the remaining seats?

    Now those idiots will do what they like best… KILL each other.

    Stupid idiots.

  23. Power is a very hard thing to give up and she has not held it for that long and I am sure she wants more of it.
    Yes I agree it could get nasty but it will be a bad example to set to the supporters that are already a trigger happy bunch.
    Does this give us any insight into Owings need to control and hold the reins of office if for no other reason to avoid being exposed for their corruption and dishonesty.

  24. In a country reknown for election violence, and with an unprecedented election still too close to call, it was a very foolish blunder for the JLP to declare themselves winners.

    Even the media reporters in Jamaica are questioning why he did that and the latest comment from the radio announcers following Simpson’s response is that they are beginning to feel “uncomfortable” with the way the situation is unfolding.

    Such irresponsible statements from power-hungry politicians are what cause bloodbaths in countries where people are… shall we say… LESS CIVILISED.

    Of course, no Bajan is ever going to kill anybody else over politics in Barbados… not even the BFP vermin who are waiting to get…

    F.O.U.R _ L.O.V.E _ I.N _ W.U.N.N.A. _ B.A.C.K.S.I.D.E.



  25. BFPE Your comments lack creditability ” the shooting has already started ” what nonsense you put out there, furthermore your rants as per your last line does nothing to sway or encourage people to vote for you and the BLP give that style a rest.Peace.

  26. Any Bajans in Jamaica should evacuate or go into hiding NOW!!!

    Keep off the streets!!!

    Bajan UWI students at Mona please secure yourselves!!!

    Please allow the Jamaicans to kill themselves.


  27. It is annoying nasty piece of something, like most from within that party not sure if to call it a man or a woman it is of uncertain gender.

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