The Basic Problem With Barbados

no_pict.gifLook who is back, Bush Tea (unedited), and he is his usual provocative self!

Who dare to challenge the man who refuses to be contained in a box?

Problem solving is actually a science. The most common mistake people make in this regard is to become distracted by following symptoms of the REAL basic problem. For example, many deaths, cases of severe illness etc, occur because people take aspirin or panadol to ease headache or some other ache, or use makeup to cover up some blemish and thereby loose the opportunity to dig deeper to diagnose the REAL problem and thus the real solution to the headache and skin blemishes.

Chasing Symptoms

As a nation we are even worse at problem solving. We chase after symptoms, abandon objective analysis and allow personal bias to influence needed analysis and actions. Of course the USA presents the best case study in this regard. Here is a country with every possible thing going for it.. coming out of a record surplus on current account as recently as when George Bush took over – now clearly tethering on the very brink of collapse.


One may be tempted to suggest that their problems could be solved easily with an application of Gramoxone as a means of bush control. More seriously though you would think that some scientific analysis would be done to determine what has gone so wrong for the USA. That is a matter for another article, only to say that as a so-called ‘Christian’ nation one would think that someone there would notice the coincidence of the types of natural disasters, political chaos, military mess-ups and financial goofs that have befallen that nation in proportion to their rejection of God, banning of prayers, legalization of deviant sexual behaviours and dependence and faith in their technology –especially military… but that may just be a coincidence- or is God no longer on their side??

Barrow a blessing

In Barbados it is very different, and on a much smaller scale so a bit easier to assess. The outstanding feature for Barbados has been the quality of leaders we were fortunate to have in the mid and late 20th Century- and even further back. Errol Barrow would have been a definite blessing to ANY country in this world as a visionary, brave, committed and honest leader. NOTHING is as important to the success of an organisation in times of change or crisis as a strong, honest, visionary leader. Unfortunately, once such a skipper has established a period of calm, prosperity and success, complacency steps in (in calm seas), and any and every idiot believes that he or she can steer the ship- which of course any monkey can do until the next storm.


One of Barrow’s legacies has been the education system of Barbados. A brilliant masterstroke at the time, this has been more valuable than any oil find could have been. I suggest that the main strength of the system was its design to filter out and refine the natural leaders and outstanding talents who would be assigned the challenge of meeting the coming global competition, charting a national path and protecting the rights of us ordinary Bajans. Note that this started at the 11 plus exams, through to the exclusive six form schools and was finally narrowed down through the Barbados scholarships.

The intent was to identify and filter out the one-in-a-thousand person who will be needed to provide wise leadership, in difficult times, for the future. It was actually brilliant – and it worked – placing this island into calm seas that few even here could understand. That was until the morons who ‘know not that they know not’ got to introduce their US sponsored mentality on this country. The seas were calm so we almost listened when they wanted to scrap the 11 plus. We paid attention to jokers who went to the mock universities in the US and came back with monkey credentials encouraging us to introduce CO-ED and to dispense with discipline in the schools. They infiltrated the administration and changed up the Barbados Scholarship criteria, lowering standards so that any above average student with enough coaching can win a scholarship or exhibition, usually in some esoteric area of study that ensures that they never return to this country thus freeing up the way for those that ‘know not’ free reign.


How many Barbados scholars are they in government or opposition now?

How many in leadership position in our businesses?

How many in Barbados at all?

If our best and most brilliant minds are not leading the way, do you think we have any chance to be competitive? You understand why Trinidad will always outsmart us? Those QRC boys real tight hear? Where our HC stars?

So here is the problem.

There is a crisis of leadership in Barbados resulting from a national failure to identify, encourage, nurture and develop our best talents who can lead in these stormy times. The current drivers can’t drive and we having accidents and thievery on every road.

The Solution.

Only a national consensus to demand that only the best qualified persons are given critical leadership positions could turn the situation around. Qualified DOES NOT mean having a degree. It means having a history of success in past areas of responsibility REGARDLESS OF ACADEMIC BACKGROUND. (Jesus – ‘you have been faithful in small things, therefore I will give you charge over great things). As I have said in a previous article, ANY IDIOT with internet and free time can pass a degree as now set up at UWI so that in itself don’t mean squat.

It should have been obvious that the current lot would not cut it…where have they succeeded before?

Unfortunately, this means that BFP’s stated fear that the alternative party will be equally incapable of manning the ship is justified. Which of them have demonstrated examples of success as leaders? Their having ‘good intentions’ and ‘wanting to be a leader’ is not enough to bring to the table… not in these stormy times. The PM’s solution seems to be to import managers and leaders from abroad to fill the roles that should have been filled by our ‘real real’ Barbados Scholars.

BNB demonstrates that leadership makes a difference – but when most of our organisations are run by foreign managers will we still be able to call ourselves Barbadian? (What is to stop BNB from renaming itself TTNB and moving headquarters to Port of Spain?)

Finally, at what stage will PM Arthur support the idea of inviting more competent politicians (who may even demand smaller salaries than ours) to take over the leadership in our Parliament? Surely he will not suggest that BS&T was any worse than Glyne Clarke’s ministry.

Does the PM doubt that a BNB like revival is possible for Barbados should he replace himself with a LeHunte?

So then my only difference with Arthur’s approach is that I suggest we identify our best talents (actual PERFORMERS not paper jokers, party pimps, ‘whites only’ or Lodge brothers) to represent our team rather than be forced to bring in outside players, coaches and even prime ministers.


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42 thoughts on “The Basic Problem With Barbados

  1. Barbados like most countries including the USA have “several” problems. But here is the difference between Barbados and MOST other Nations.

    Barbados has a very small number of people “wishing” to run for public office. Hear what I am saying “a small number wishing to run for public office”. From my perspective there is no shortage of great leaders in Barbados but these are all in the public sector running successful businesses. None want to enter politics! And most especially whites want no part of it.

    Good leaders in Barbados is like finding a needle in a haystack. In the case of the USA that Bush Tea uses as a comparison there are many great leaders albeit given the performance of the present one you would never know that. And here is what is noteworthy unlike Barbados as it applies to whites there are many good and successful blacks in politics!

    Another thing that is seriously contributing to the “problems” of Barbados and other Caribbean Nations is this. Corruption and the influencing of Governments to favor special interest groups at the expense of their own people and Nation is dividing the poulace.

    There is no advocacy groups in Barbados to keep the Government on its toes and as a result the masses can be surpressed if objecting to unfair legislation and practices.

    The Press too is in the Governments pocket, the police are not held accountable for their heavy handed actions against the few that take a stand and therefore “Democracy” does not prevail.

    In other Nations people strike, march, use the press, demonstrate and the press is equally outspoken for democratic abuses, political corruption and wrongdoing. Democracy is in good shape and Governments are under the gun 24/7.

    Until things change in Barbados to enhance the fundemental principles of Democracy the majority will be little better off than they are now ten to twenty years from now. Look at how many still live in poverty in Barbados in spite of it being touted as a wealthy and close to a developed Nation.

    How can so few of one kind have found the recipe for great success in Barbados while 200,000 are still looking for it.

    Unemployment is high, the cost of living is out of sight, land and home ownership is beyond the reach of the average Bajan, crime and drugs is becoming the industry of choice for thousands. And as this happens the wealthy live behind gates, bars, are armed, have dogs, burglar alarms etc and are living in a siege mentality.

    These conditions are predictable when you allow a social structure to become so unfairly unbalanced!

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  3. In spite of the stresses, the disappointments, the frustration, the unfairness let me say we must also focus and never forget the memories of Barbados that were as sweet as a piece of freshly cut sugar cane which you meticulously peeled with the teeth to get at the succulent nector of the peth.

    We focus so often about the despair of life in Barbados in the twenty first century that we forget how sweet life really was in Bim during the 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80’s. Then it started going to hell in a tea basket!

    A moonlight truck drive to the Crane beach, a trip to a sugar cane factory to get a little sip of the nector, a swim, beach cricket, a gutterperk, a roast corn, marble cricket, and who still remember a ride in the bus where the conductor walked on the outside of the bus while it was driving to collect change and few if any conductors died doing it. And when the rain came they lowered canvas covers on each side of the bus. Then there were the sweet sugar cakes, peppermint sticks, comfort balls etc in the Green as it was known by Nelson Statue. Tossing a net or shooting a wave. Skulling a moses, getting a jam puff from a bread cart, or a red traveller. Enjoying a glorious game of regional or Test cricket at Kensington Oval when our Great Nations dominated the sport. Lord you were good to me and my brothers and sisters in those days! I wish they had never changed!

  4. Bush Tea said:”There is a crisis of leadership in Barbados…..” – Buddy that’s it right there.

    There is a great difference between Managers and Leaders.
    Here in Barbados we don’t even have good managers,far less leaders.

    Take this Owen Arthur joker as an example – can any one tell me what is his vision for Barbados? – I mean seriously now – and not some joker telling me about ‘assets fetching the highest price’.

    Has he articulated his philosophy to his people – the Nation?

    No one knows where Barbados is at,or where we are going.Everyone is looking for a leader – someone – anyone who can take us to the Promised Land.

    A vision or a guiding philosophy that is not articulated and succesfully communicated to the rank and file – cannot be fully embraced and will have limited success.

    Incorporated in this vision – must be an identity – a sense of shared beliefs and goals,for example – when Mr Errol Barrow decided he wanted to take bajans down the unknown path of political independence – despite the fearmongerings of the BLP and Grantley Adams – the citzenry were fully convinced of the vision that Mr Barrow and those around had for their nation and which they would have articulated over a period of time.

    Thus when he Barrow boldly declared:”I will not be found hanging around the colonial doorsteps – longer than necessary’ – he was able to get a resounding amen from Bottoms bay to River bay.

    Basically speaking there is a sense that Barbados is adrift – heading fast towards the rocks and to treacherous waters – and we quickly need someone with a level head,a deep and abiding love for those on board his vessel,and more importantly the capacity to take hold of the helm and steer the ship once more into safe,calm waters.


  5. Bush Tea

    An interesting article, and thank you for taking the time to write one of the most inflammatory articles that I have ever read on this site!

    Amongst the MANY points I disagree with:
    “…only to say that as a so-called ‘Christian’ nation one would think that someone there would notice the coincidence of ………..blah…blah…..rejection of God, banning of prayers, legalization (*American spelling*) of deviant sexual behaviours and dependence and faith in their technology –especially military… but that may just be a coincidence- or is God no longer on their side??”

    Bringing christianity into this article is to engage ‘the faithful’ in your arguments and actually has NO relevance to your points and should have been omitted.

    Let me ask you this question. If America lacks godliness then Barbados certainly does not, as it has a far higher ‘church-going’ percentage than the US. Then how come ‘god is not on our side’!!? AND how come god seems to be on the side of China, as EVERYTHING is going right for them and they have a tiny christian community??

    Keep religion out of politics please!

    This particular excerpt is offensive in so many ways, and maybe deliberately so. For instance do you not think that if god was to blame for ‘natural distasters’ he would have organised a massive earthquake to strike San Fransisco (known to have a thriving gay community) and not a hurricane to kill & misplace thousands of poor black people in Louisiana!!

    And exactly what deviant sexual activity are you referring to? If you are referring to homosexuality, then again you are dropping this in to court popularity for your main argument. It is well known that Barbadians are not accepting of gay people. However, there are many gay people here, most of whom contribute their tax dollars and keep their heads down (no pun intended). So don’t infer that homosexuals are responsible for our struggling developed/ing country! Most proper ‘developed’ countries have a tolerant attitude to their gay communities (they don’t go away by being horrible to them) and this is called progress my friend whether you like it or not!

    Progress brings me onto my next point of objection: the 11-plus exam. You seem to contend that this archaic system will secure the future success of a strong and educated peoples with the ability to lead. I would say ‘nonsense’. This system is inherently unfair and puts too much pressure on children at such an early age. Even in Trinidad they have abandonned this system for a fairer process which involves continuous assesment. (My nephew in Trinidad did better under this new system, as he failed the 11plus and had to repeat the year – he gets nervous in exams!). The current 11plus system favours early achievers, especially girls who develop quicker. I agree with a system of small class based assesments to see where kids are at, such as is practised in the UK, but this ‘all or nothing’ approach does not work and has been rejected in UK (ages ago!), most of Europe, Australia, NZ and N. Am. Education in a developed nation should be inclusive and should NOT ‘fail’ such large sectors of pupils who may be slow to bloom or not as academic. Good leaders after all are NOT those who are most academic, they are those men and women who have highly developed inter-personal and communication skills and are able to be even handed and compassionate. The popular kids at school were never in the top 5% academically!

    You contradict youself numerous times in your whole education rant, one minute asking ” What happened to our HC stars?” and the next minute contending “Regardless of academic success”. It appears that you have written the whole piece with your heart and not your head.

    The issue is NOT whether Barbados can produce great, noble leaders, it is whether Barbados can produce good, principled politicians to make up a government with integrity. The central issue has to be transparency in government and this is the only way that ‘good’ people will enter politics.

    One of the ‘Basic Problems with Barbados’, I would contend is people like YOU, using old fashioned prejudices to stir up intolerance and hinder progress which will inevitably roll on regardless!

  6. I find some of these rebuttals amusing to say the least.

    Here is one commentator who has written an “epistle” accusing another of going on a “rant”.

    I read the submission of “Bush Tea” and maybe I do not agree with some of what he/she says but to suggest the comments were inflammatory because God and Homosexuals were a part of the submission is rubbish! Who is being old fashined here if God and homsosexuals or prostitutes are off-limits to a debate and considered inflammatory? Give me a break!

    Suppose Prostitution and Jaj was used would that too be inflammatory?

    And to end by insulting the man/woman by saying “people like YOU using old fashioned prejudices to stir up intolerance and hinder progress” where did all of that come from? Are these comments not intolerant? Are elders prohibited from expressing opinions based on their morals, principles and values?

    Experience and wisdom of elders if in deed this contributor is an elder is a quality that is revered, appreciated and respected in the European communities and the various Indian Tribes in North America to name a few. Obviously some Barbadians believe their heritage of yesteryear that made Barbados what it is does not deserve being told as they know it all!

    I have seen progress but what I have seen is that with progress we are seeing far more intolerance from it, marriages that do not last, dishonesty, moral values decaying, products that are sub standard, people living little better off than they did 50 years ago in Barbados, crime, drugs, wars, natural disasters etc.

    Diseases in Barbados being endured by a people who live the same decadent lifestyle they love to emulate from North America. And which has turned what was once one of the most healthy lifestyles in the world to a mass of obese peoples dying from cancer, diabetes, heart and stroke disease, skin cancer, you name it the Bajan has it. And in great numbers.

    I think what a FEW ignorant people on these blogs should consider is this. Read what people have to say and respectfully and sensibly think about and then respond instead of being self rigteous and suggesting God is not a part of our lives who believe in him. And those who dont believe that is both their right and business. But I see few saying that!

    Now you can p—-ss all over me.

  7. Why is it that Bush Tea gets so much front page time around here? Do we really need another self righteous bible thumper telling us all that’s wrong and that it can only be fixed by Christianity?

    If Bush Tea is the commenter you identify with the most and hence feel the need to thrust his opinion forward, I will have to rethink the endorsements I have making of this blog to the people who ask my opinion on these matters. I shall have to say instead, “Barbados Underground is worth reading if you can only get past the bible thumping.”

    Pity, I had such high hopes.

    ndelamiko~this is our blog with our opinions but if a commenter wants the opportunity to highlight a view we will exercise our judgment to do so in the same you can exercise your judgment and move smartly on to another article 🙂


  8. Me and another fellow was in Mongoose bar last night when he come from the back cackling out loud. He got a PC and he just come from checking Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground and tell us how this one man writing under two different names and congratulating himself and them like they dont’ know what going on. Mongoose say he must be got several different IPs that he could do that. Then I check this morning and see that the same one fellow writing under different names, Green Monkey and Reporter congratulating himself on something about birds. So I decide that if he can do that, everybody else could do it too. But now listen for this, he saying that it have a few ignorant people on these blogs. You mean he ain’t the most ignorant of the whole lot? And he scamming people too. Looka ma crosses.

  9. ndelamiko you truly are pathetic. Focus my friend on the facts and clear your mind of distortion. I think Yum Yum got equally gennerous coverage. It does not matter where the coverage appears. This Blog is constructed in such a manner that we are all equal!

    I also have a problem with your comment “this is our blog”. Are you an owner? did you start this blog” or are you a BLP who thinks you own BU and the BFP like you own the mainstream press?

    Get real my friend you are no different to us all AND GOD REIGNS SUPREME and I have the right to say that! or will that be the next right Barbadians will be denied by the corrupt BLP Government who follows the teachings of the devil!

  10. Wait what happen Ndelamiko? you jealous or what? My man – all you have to do is skip my posts – or you is one of those people who only happy when people say the same things that you do?
    I sure david only accomodate me so that he could share out some hot licks… Why you don’t write down some of your thoughts and let us see if you have anything to offer?

  11. Leaders elected are bestowed with the title, “The Right Hon”.

    This is our problem in a word. If the leader gets the title, then they must live up to it.

    Where is the honesty, the honour, where is the integrity?

    Bring back the “Hon” in our politicicians. If you don’t think it’s “Hon”, don’t vote for it.

    Bring back the honesty! And if you agree, let me hear you say, “Right hon”.

  12. Anonymous here is a funny thing. A fellow tell me last night on Bat Street that “The basic problem with Barbados” are people like you and Mongoose who are waiting for the medical profession to perfect a “brain” transplant that will permit you both to talk sense!

  13. No prob, PATporter. We knew it wouldn’t take you long to start with the insults, the vulgarity will follow.

  14. Reporter

    I agree, my contribution this morning WAS a rant!

    The difference being that mine was in the comments section and not in the editorial!!!!

    The last line of my comment was not an insult, it was an opinion which I will NOT apologise for. I was criticise the opinions and possibly actions of the said Bush Tea and NOT the person, who I am sure is very affable.

    You seemed to have distorted what I was objecting to. I was not saying that it was off limits to discuss homosexuality or God (I wrote it in small case, is that wrong?) All I was saying that these were irrelevant to the argument and therefore used in a way which was to garner support for points which otherwise would not hold credence (or even hold anyone’s attention!).

    Do you get it, or do you disagree with this?

    I have to agree with ‘ndelamiko’ that if Bush Tea is to be in the editorial section of BU very regularly then I for one will be fast-forwarding if not switching off completely. Please don’t think that this is the baby throwing his toys out of the pram and saying ‘I’m not playing!’ I just think that this type of post should either come with a health warning “These are not the opinions of BU” or should be reserved for comments. I can read this sort of tripe in the Nation!!

    I actually like tripe, but only with onions.

  15. Now- my man YUM YUM, i like you approach and appreciate your feedback. But wait !You ever hear me say that I know everything? (well actually i do, but i never said it) I am just trying to test out some of my theories…

    See if you can follow this logic…
    If a country believes in God, and thinks that they are God’s children- and they noticed that they were hit by record Hurricanes, (including Katrina) in a few years. That their bank account moved from a record high to a record low in seven years, that a man in a cave halfway around the world could terrorize them for years… then my man, if I were them, I would look for all possible reasons why my God was allowing this to happen. AND If that God had a book that condemned certain things – I would also be looking for possible connections…

    But Not you, right? You feel that since ‘most developed countries have these things surely God would not be upset that it is happening to ‘his people too…’
    You lost me there Yum yum. This is just commonsense – I was not preaching (on the contrary..)

    Since I do not go to ANY church it is funny that you accuse me of trying to promote Christianity. If that is how it appears – forgive me. My churchgoing friends think that I am a major heretic, so I really do not know what will become of me. I see myself as a philosopher and scientist, and it is abundantly clear to me that there is a real God out there. If that is not clear to you, I respect that… but I can only write from my perspective.

    See if you can find where I suggested that God is responsible for natural disasters…
    Do not attempt to build straw men that you can knock down when arguing with me – I have the copyright to that tactic – and asking me to keep religion( ‘things related to God and morality and the whole purpose of life’) out of politics (or anything else I discuss) is akin to asking Rhyanna to stop singing. You want me to hush up too??! like ndelamiko?

    Now to the 11-plus. I recall arguing that the system devised in the mid 20th century had the effect of identifying our rare talents for specialized training and preparation for leadership roles in critical national areas. As an example, in modern sports, many countries now identify special talents in children even before age 10 and channel the gifted ones into special programs with the aim of developing Olympians in 15 -20 years time. Which part of this argument you don’t understand? You may want to spend scarce resources on your late-developing cousin and you should, but as a NATIONAL POLICY, with limited resources, does that make a lot of sense to you? You know how many people does develop ‘late late?’ (read up on Gline Clarke and Noel Lynch)

    I won’t respond to the last three paragraphs now – I feel that you may be able to self critique after the above…
    But thanks for the feedback – you caused me to review a number of issues.

  16. Yum Yum I hear you and maybe I did pull the trigger too fast on your comment.

    I guess I am just getting bored or fed up with some commentators whose object on this blog seems to focus on picking fights rather than trying to add sensible dialogue to a discussion.

    Your explanation is accepted!

  17. I am pathetic you say Reporter? Well…. ok Papa, since you say it, then it MUST be true. Never let it be said–anywhere–that you cannot read. Yet, for those of us with eyes to see, will have noticed that my comment was appended by the owner of the blog. His comment begins by addressing me.

    I represent no political parties, and in fact think the political process in this country is a joke. What I find interesting is that if I question the veracity of Bush Tea’s comments, I am immediately a BLP supporter. This, I think, says more about you than it does about me. How deep your hate must be, that anyone who questions something you agree with is a BLP supporter. So wait, if I comment that the religious overtones in this blog are choking the life out of any message it hopes to deliver, I am a BLP supporter and an atheist.

    Ok, Reporter. You said it. It MUST be true.

    Now on to Bush Tea himself. Bush Tea, how can I be jealous of someone who cannot spell and doesn’t make friends with punctuation? How can I be jealous of someone who purports to think for himself, and yet somehow proves to yet another brainwashed Black man?

    I might be jealous if you actually had something to say and could say it with style. You lack both.

    I also have to point out that YUM YUM’s writings have NEVER made it to the front page of this blog that I have read, and she has made some extremely important comments in this and other discourse found here. But alas, she is a woman, and she does not have a ring in her nose to be led about.

    So it leaves me to remain suspicious. Very, very suspicious of Bush Tea’s motivations, and the motivations of this blog’s owner in allowing him to proselytize as and when he feels like on his front page.

    I thought this blog was attempting something akin to real journalism… real reportage…. real original thought. Like I said, I had high hopes that have been dashed.

    But hark this: “…tell us how this one man writing under two different names and congratulating himself and them like they dont’ know what going on.”

    Makes me go, “Hmmmmm……”

    Oh and one last thing: I possess two X chromosomes.

  18. Anonymous man I done with you. I thought at one time your contributions were useful, but you slip into periods where you just want to be miserable and argumentative for no good reason and this is counter productive to what most on these blogs are trying to accomplish.

    Take your last comment. First and foremost I do not care who you or anyone else is in real life because it is none of my business. I read and think about what people SAY then decide if to respond. That is what it is all about.

    I do not have to tell you this nor do you have to believe me but I do not lie. YOU ARE BARMING UP THE WRONG TREE.


    But here is another bimbo right after you suggesting you have fingered this Porter without one shred of hard evidence. Who is the monkey?

    Last night for instance during the discussion with Brooks about the swamp birds what is the relevancy Sir of how many guns he has? You can only use one gun at a time, but suppose Brooks had a hundred what was the relevancy of the question other than to move the discussion into a meaningless direction.

  19. One other thing to think about because you seem to lack the quality to think.

    You and many others on this and the BFP blog are as guilty as most in firing off insults and vulgarities. My suggestion is before sitting in judgment on anyone about these matters clean your act up too!

  20. BU confirm that the IP of Bush Tea is from Barbados while Reporter is originating out of Canada. We do not intend to get into a comments war (We are aware of some commenters who use multiple names, some have written for permission and others do it for unexplained reasons but we know who they are and have taken steps as required). We believe that BFP have explained that managing a blog that is growing at a rapid rate is a full time job and therefore timeframes to respond to issues raised may not correspond with the expectations of BU readers, keep sending us your emails with your thoughts.

    Bush Tea has submitted articles like Adrian Loveridge, The Chairman and others who we have given a voice. The hallmark of a democracy is our people’s ability to listen and be tolerant to disagreeing views. It is a quality which is diminishing at a rapid rate in todays fast food world.

    We are committing to bringing the alternatives views of which we possess several but at the same time we recognize the flip side. We suggest to to readers that our article database is now sufficiently wide that to click on “I feel Lucky” at the top of the page should select an article to satisfy most.

  21. Plenty “Anonymouses” on here! BU David, thank you for the clarification. Ndelamiko and another “Anonymous” have been able to pick up on the vibes coming from this Canadian “Reporter” (with a string of other aliases) who has a long history of making good and relevant points on these blogs, and then, all of a sudden – wham! – he starts insulting people and becoming crude and using dirty language. When he is admonished he flies into a rage and says he “done with that”. (As if anyone cares). He sulks for a while, then back he comes with a different name! He can fool some, but definitely not all. While we may not be bothered about the aliases – most of us use them – we do become concerned when he hurls insults, and starts to congratulate himself (Reporter/Idealist, Reporter/Green Monkey) on “eloquent” comments! I mean, this really goes beyond the pale. He invites other bloggers to open dialog with him and then when they don’t agree with him, he insults them. What is this guy’s problem? If only he would stick to his relevant points, I’m sure there would be far less squabbling on here.

  22. Ndelamiko, it is no wonder that you can’t get any articles published. Your strength seems to be in attacking other people’s personalities… That won’t cut it, may be you should try politics.
    I don’t get the point bout my spelling. I already said that I can’t spell – I am a philosopher not a clerk, (I actually have a number of experts at that who work for me…)
    Congrats, your spelling and punctuation are perfect but do you actually have any ideas worth sharing?

  23. David

    Thank you for this eloquent response to the issue of Bush Tea’s posting. I always relish reading prose containing strong opinions, particularly when I disagree with them. Nothing gets me fired up like that! I would contend that it should be made obvious that such articles are not the view of BU. This is very important in maintaining the integrity of the blog. After all (as I have said before) you only need to look as far as the Nation/Advocate to see bad journalism – lets not make a habit of that here! I was starting to prefer BU to BFP.


    It is funny how we make assumptions about things.

    Such as chromosomes and stuff…….

    Personally my cells contain X’s and Y’s. I thought for a while whether to tell you this. However, life as a woman just was not working out!

    I am a little intrigued at what made you think I was female. (?)

    As far as arguments go it makes zero difference.

    I think Reporter may well have two Y’s though!

  24. HAHAHA… well people always seem to assume I am male. So forgive me for making an assumption about your Y! LOL…

  25. Explain please the meaning of “I think reporter may have two Y’s though” you have lost me on that one!

  26. Reporter I am more interested to find out the meaning of ‘barming’. And how does the tree figure into it..

  27. Its a joke!

    Actually Superman had two Y chromosomes and was incredibly strong and heroic. His political acumen is however questionable.

    Your in good company (smile)

  28. Thank you Yum all of it is above my head but I get the picture a little clearer. I think I must have lost one and half of these Y chromsomes somewhere a long the way because I am neither incredibly strong or heroic.

    Anyway bo enjoy your day

  29. ndelamiko man/woman you now got my head spinning because I dont even know what you talking bout far less could explain barming and the tree.

    I out of this discussion bo

  30. Oh, but hold on there a minute Reporter…..

    …..I am just hearing that your anonimity may have been breached!

    Someone has reported seeing a gentleman strolling through Bridgetown with his underpants on top of his trousers!!

  31. Yum Yum dat ent me because in addition I es wear brassieres and a top hat! My anonimity unlike my virginity is still intact.

    The rumors to the contrary have been greatly exaggerated. I wonder why my identity is so important because I might just go on the public record and announce it!

    I would hate my nick name to give anyone a nervous brek down!

    Have fun!

  32. At this time with all the tragic accidents that we in Barbados have experienced during the months of july and august we need to turn to God for his forgiveness and help. We need to get on our knees and humble ourselves and pray like we never have prayed before. I too am praying for a miracle for the Codrington family because GOD is a miracle working GOD. He said in His word that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can say to this mountain be removed and cast in to the sea and do not doubt in our hearts that it will be done, this is faith. And at this time we really need to exercise ours. i pay that God will strengthen and comfort the families of those involved. May God grant us all his grace at this time.

  33. At this time with all the tragic accidents that we in Barbados have experienced during the months of july and august we need to turn to God for his forgiveness and help. We need to get on our knees and humble ourselves and pray like we never have prayed before. I too am praying for a miracle for the Codrington family because GOD is a miracle working GOD. He said in His word that if we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can say to this mountain be removed and cast in to the sea and do not doubt in our hearts that it will be done, this is faith. And at this time we really need to exercise ours. I pray that God will strengthen and comfort the families of those involved. May God grant us all his grace at this time.

  34. Mary

    You are obviously a good compassionate person and I share with you in hoping for a miracle at this sad time.

    Let all people of faith pray to their respective Gods.

    For those who don’t follow organised religion please do whatever it takes to focus your positive energy, cross your fingers and…etc….

    These people are innocent and are purely victims of circumstance: of being in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    Here’s hoping.

  35. I would like to add a bit to what was said about Barbados’ problem. We have lost our spirituality. Education cannot be defined on paper. The ‘wisdom’ of this world is folly to our Creator/Creatrix. The purpose of knowledge was NEVER to make money… money is part of the beast system that Satan has installed on our planet. The purpose of knowledge and wisdom is for spiritual growth… and it is only through that that you will survive in the truly natural/spirtual sense… we DON’T need money to survive… we need wisdom.. THAT is what has Bim in a tizzy because we are too busy following what the ‘developed’ cities are doing.. like copycats. We need to really start educating ourselves spiritually.. a degree does not been SQUAT! and that is the truth. Why can’t they teach us about natural spirtual laws? Why are we destroying our beautiful natural paradise to build a manufactured prison civilisation? and WHY are we STILL under the British Government System??? What is wrong with having a civilisation governed by Nature?? Like we as Black ppl used to do? Like the Red man that USED to live here (and got KILLED by the very ppl that we are looking up to now). WHY dont they want us to think and rule ourselves???? Barbados.. of a truth i am telling you… the Goddess of Creation is not pleased.. we have forgotten about her… and note.. she WONT be found in a church.

  36. Ocean~agree we must that the level of spirituality in our people of late has been waning. Black civilization from time and memorial has been built on the transfer of knowledge from generation to the next. Even though approaches might change there was always a body of knowledge transmitted between generations which ensured that norms, customs and the core values of the community remained intact. Funny enough it seems that it revolved alot around the family. We understand where the Bush man is coming from with his thesis:-)

  37. Want to know whats funny about education? People spend so many time studying and pushing to get back good results some pass some fail but some of those who fail give up because they believe they aren’t good enough. Loads of the millionaires in the world came from nothing and most of them didn’t have the education. I think its drive and ambition that gets you forward. I’m not the smartest lol but I decided I will push to learn this webdesigning stuff and made my own site [ ] I didn’t go to no school for it nothing. I Don’t see allot of people webdesigning or promoting products via online at all and I find it pretty sad. Online marketing is a big way to promote. We’ll thats my piece on education. 1 of my favorite quotes would be “Hope for the best, Plan for the worst” So all those peeps out there who fail remember keep moving forward. Peace.

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