Guyana Consulate Probe Into ‘Left Behind’ Luggage By LIAT and Other Airlines

Here is a Press Release from the the Guyanese Consulate in Barbados, Mr. Norman Faria. To summarize, he is alleging that Guyana bound flights from Grantley Adams Airport are experiencing a high level of baggage left behind. He has has called for a probe to be initiated into the affair.

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Guyana Honorary Consulate
#19 Pearl Drive,Eden terrace
St.Michael, Barbados
23 August 2007

The Guyana Consulate in Barbados is making a probe into reports that a “disturbingly high number” of Guyana-bound airline passengers are having their luggage left behind in Barbados’ airport ….

According to a news release from the Consulate, Honorary Consul Norman Faria was has been in contact with LIAT Barbados manager Mr.Oliver Harewood. He is also to raise the matter with offices of other airlines on the Guyana route. .

The aim of the probe is to determine the extent of any problem and to see how Guyana-bound passengers can always travel with their luggage as is their right..

“It appears that the number of pieces of luggage is not as great as the 240 cited by one report.. However, the Consulate will do all its can to ensure that any luggage at the Barbados airport is sent speedily on its way. If indeed the problem is caused by overbooking or other ways, this is unsatisfactory and needs to be addressed. Let us hope, in the case with LIAT, the Consulate probe doesn’t give credence to the joke that the acronym LIAT still stands for Luggage In Any Terminal,.” said the Consulate release adding that the probe compliments the work of the authorities in Guyana having dialogues with airline representatives there..

First it was discriminatory practices against Guyanese at our ports of entry, then denial that Guyanese are involved in an unacceptably high number of crimes in Barbados, then it was reluctance to confirm the number of Guyanese currently residing in Barbados, now aspirations on our airport. Why is it that issues between the Guyanese and Barbados always are played out in public? What has become of the art of negotiating behind close doors? We can feel in our bones that this Guyanese issue is close to flash point.

What does LIAT have in common with Norma Faria? Come on take a guess!

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18 thoughts on “Guyana Consulate Probe Into ‘Left Behind’ Luggage By LIAT and Other Airlines

  1. Have been told that Guyanese are guilty of bringing on board more than the stipulated luggage allowed.

    With the limited space on these small liat aircrafts – I could imagine the frustration of the airline workers being confronted with this.

    But then again guyanese are a nuisance in every caribbean country they populate:St Maarten,Antigua,Trinidad,Tobago,St Kitts,Barbados and on and on.

    Norman Faria gets air play and newspaper space with the rubbish he alleges, so he uses it as far as he can go with it.

  2. I think that if inordinate numbers of left behind baggage and as is being suggested is the case here it belongs to mainly Guyanese an investigation is appropriate. Especially if there is any reasonable cause to believe racism is behind it.

    We cannot accept any aspect of our social, political, economic and industrial cultures to get away with this repulsive conduct.

  3. Racism my fanny! Guyanese are like dogfleas. Why the hell don’t they stay home where they belong?
    Guyana should be one of the richest countries in Caricom, but what do we find, corruption at every level. As a result Guyana is a basket case.
    Norman faria is a pain in the sit down!

  4. Reporter

    How does racism get involved here?

    Remember guyanese are made up of people of varying ethnic background – afro,indo,chineese,portugeese and amerindian.

    Did it say any where that one group is being targeted ?

    Can Faria prove that if he decides to make that charge?

    I think it is time President Jagdeo have a talk with his countrymen living abroad – and urge them to live within the law – and when in Rome do as the romans do.

    So if we can find evidence that BWIA did the same to citizens of St VINCENT or Barbados who are afro descent – is it also racism – or a problem of persons not sticking to the regulations?

  5. Anonomyous come on you are a bigger person than that.

    You know as well as me if a trend shows that an airline is consistently leaving behind the baggage of people of a specific Nation what else is it but racism or discrimination or whatever the hell you want to call it but it means the same thing. Making life difficult for specific people.

    I dont care how mant different Guyanes they are and dont lose sight of the fact we in Barbados have different Bajans too but they are Bajans none the less. And if the bags of mainly Bajans were being left behind as is being “ALLEGED” then one has to assume it is being done because they are Bajans and that my friend is racism!

    This is even more justified to be called racism because it is the Guyanese who have come in for racist blows for coming to Barbados and all sorts of other things. When you read BU the BFP and even the mainstream media you know what I am saying is correct.

    However I will not get into a pi—–sing match over it with you, because like me you are entitled to your opinion!

  6. Reporter

    Bajan – like Guyanese is not a race.

    So you will have to define for me what you mean by ‘racism’.

  7. Well said, Anonymous. “Race” gets dragged into EVERYTHING.

    Next point: BU, please don’t keep me in suspense any longer – I can’t stand it! WHAT DOES LIAT HAVE IN COMMON WITH NORMAN FARIA??

  8. There would be no problem if the Guyanese would stop trying to take home everything possible for their family members.

    Norman Faria needs to shut up and our Press need to stop catering to him.

  9. I hardly think Bajans returning from Miami travel by a small turbo-prop aircraft, such as LIAT uses – they use large A300’s and Boeing 737’s etc. Vast difference.

  10. Thistle!we all know that LIAT and Faria have both outlived they usefulness. Both should make way for something new which we hope would be more effective and efficient 🙂

  11. i love the spirit of the guyanese, u bajans can blog all u want the guyanese is not taking u on those people knows what they want and they are workin hard to acheive it

  12. Bajans are not against law respecting hard working guyanese who are here legally. It is the ones who are daily in the crime section of the newspapers who are a threat to our society . One gets the impression those who commit crimes are caught and jailed or deported are only the tip of the iceberg.

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