Rihanna~A Classy Barbadian Lady!

It is the penultimate weekend of our Crop Over Festival 2007 and it seems only fitting that we should feature our own chart topping DIVA. Recently while performing in Canada she showed her Barbadian pedigree and threatened to shut the show down if some people who were fighting in the audience did not stop immediately!


4 thoughts on “Rihanna~A Classy Barbadian Lady!

  1. Yeah Rihanna…. Now dat— is peer pressure… I remember when Edwin Yearwood and Krosfyah was playing in New York for labour day carnival one set of chupidies start their nonsense. He tell them the same thing. We not playing until dem fools right dey cut it out…. That’s when all eyes turn on the fools fighting and the cops rush towards them…. When artists stop their show like that it works… And it makes people behave themselves.

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