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As you would expect Barbadians love to read and discuss when prominent people in our society fall from their pinnacle. To write about the Roy Morris story was very difficult because of what he represented, however at BU we try to write about what we know to be factual. Our observation over the short life of BU confirms the view that people are drawn to stories which involve sex, injustice, violence or “tieffing”. Our top post for July smashed the previous record of visits and views by a single topic by over 300% and achieved top post ranking on WordPress which hosts over 1.2 million blogs.


To think that July 2007 is not finished yet!

People have been reading the story from all over the world. We have said before that people who continue to underestimate the power of the blogosphere and the Internet, as an alternative medium by which to move information will get a rude awaking very soon.

A worthy mention is the piece which recorded second most popular on BU for July 2007. It highlighted the unprofessional way in which Chefette Restaurant treated a young Barbadian when she found a worm in her purchase.


Top Posts


  1. The Demise of Roy Morris: Veteran Journalist At The Nation Newspaper
  2. Chefette Restaurant Needs To Be More Customer Friendly

5 thoughts on “BU's Top Post July 2007

  1. Continue to let the word, both good and bad, be told. It’s groups such as yours that let us, the readers, know about the hidden agendas in our society that have been and are swept under the carpet, and on the other side about positive cases that do not make it in the media.

  2. I can not for the life of me think why writing about roy morris would be “very difficult”? The jerk is a dirty lowdown predator. If you had to write about any politician you would do it with great relish. The double standards in Barbados just kills me.

  3. Anonymous~please understand what are saying. Roy Morris represents a type of journalist who are not plentiful in Barbados. His demise means that there is bound to be a vacuum. We feel that the world of journalism will be poorer when he leaves.

  4. I know nothing about Roy Morris as far as his character, morals, fidelity etc is concerned and I am not prepared to comment on anything relating the cause for his alleged removal from the Nation News.

    However I have read many of the columns Morris has written over his long career and like all of us he had his prejudices but he also had no fear of on many occasions calling it like it was. And he was a first rate journalist that gave balance to most of what he wrote about.

    I agree that the newsprint media will be a lot worse off without Morris and I really hope his skills will be allowed to shine again.

    Maybe it is time for a third major newspaper to come on line in Barbados and appropriate persons should look into this need and bring Mortris on board who would be a great asset in helping to form, organise and participate in its operation.

  5. This is to David but might be of interest to all bloggers.

    Appearing in a prominent overseas paper is a very interesting article “Blogosphere at age 10 is improving journalism” It is about Blogs their impact on the field of journalism and the lives of people.

    The article claims that on the 10th Anniversary of blogging the “blogosphere” counted more than Seventy 70 million blogs covering an unimaginable array of topics.

    Moreover every day an astounding 120,000 new blogs are created and 1.5 million new posts are published (about 17 posts per second)

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