New York Journalist Sends Out An SOS

Greetings from New York. I’ll be in Barbados July 1-8 and have been reading your blog, which is excellent by the way. I am interested in the story (and the backlash) about Indo-Guyanese immigration to the island and would like to do some research when I arrive.

  • Do you know of any Guyanese community leaders in Barbados I might contact?
  • Are there communities where Guyanese in particular (and Indians in general) tend to live?

I appreciate any advice you might be able to offer.

With best wishes,

Preston Merchant

BU received the note quoted above which is self-explanatory. We hope that by publishing it Mr.Merchant can get all the information he requires to pursue his research successfully. Hopefully he would want to share his research with the BU family when completed.

5 thoughts on “New York Journalist Sends Out An SOS

  1. I dont know who thwe leaders are but u can find nuff Guyanese in town on Friday evenings after pay day. I mean nuff. The resident spokes man seem to be Norman Faria who is the Ambassador for Guyana. I think that when you doing your study you have to separate the blacks and the indians and the long stay arrivals with the suppose to be short tern who end up here long.JMO

  2. Sorry to tell you, but you’ll only get a bundle of lies from Norman Faria. The best person to contact concerning the Guyanese community is Frank daSilva. I don’t honestly know why he is not the High Commissioner for Guyana. He is the best person suited for that job.

  3. The first place he should look is up St. Lucy near River Bay, Trents and those far out places, then try Bank Hall and Clapham, Black Rock, Bush Hall Yard Gap, by the Stadium.

    Next he should try St. John and St. Phillip. Check all the Construction sites around the island.

    Stand on the ABC highway any evening and wait for the open back flatbeds to pass full of Guyanese workers to interview them.

    Check with all the slumlords (really should be landlords) that are renting a three bedroom house to 200 Guyanese and charging each of them per night per room.

    Check the sidewalk vendors in Swan Street, James Street and the surrounding alleys.

    Finally call Government Headquarters and try to secure an appointment with the goodly Mr. Owen Arthur, as he had no problem with inviting them in here.

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