Here We Go Again ~Another Case Of Barbadian Concerns Over The Guyanese Problem Being Ignored By The Directorate?


A VISITOR EXTENSION STAMP is keeping the Immigration Department on its toes. And a woman is now in the custody of immigration officials who are seeking an explanation of how she got three fraudulent extensions – one of which “expires” on July 5 – stamped into her Guyanese passport. “This is a very serious problem we’re having with people using these permits to try and deceive officers,” an immigration official told District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

“The stamp indicated is a B2 stamp class visitor as issued by the Immigration Department of Barbados,” he explained. “And we have a stamp identical to it. It was signed, but the signatures are not known to the department.” Investigations, he said, were ongoing. Chief Magistrate Clyde Nicholls, who heard the matter, noted that since not many were involved in granting permits, either of two scenarios was taking place.

Two scenarios
“It is either of two things,” he said. “Since the stamps are not leaving and the passports are not going into the office to be stamped, it’s either the stamps are fictitious or someone in your department is stamping those passport.”
Source: Nation Newspaper

It seems that whenever Barbadians expressed concern of late we are subjected to some accusation like we are xenophobic, displaced from the real world, anti-this or anti-that and it goes on. BU will not be deterred by it all and we will continue to put the perspectives of how the real people in Barbados feel about issues. It seems to us that the political directorate and other important people have become so caught-up in their own agendas that they have easily forgotten their primary objective, which is to serve the interest of the people.

BU has written extensively on the Guyanese and minority groups which enter this country under an “open door” policy at the moment. There is no doubt that the system which we have in place for managing the inflow of people into Barbados is corrupt and or inefficient. If we doubted it for a moment just cast your minds back to the Guyanese lady who was captured by the immigration officials a few months back and who was being “tossed-out” for an unprecedented seventh time. The seriousness of the hole at our ports of entry was hammered home when the lady boldly stated that she will be back in Barbados and no one could stop her. A bold indictment on our Immigration Department if ever there was one. It is good that mainstream media are starting to take-up this issue which has been discussed ad nausea in the Barbados blogosphere.

Now let us examine this statement made by the Guyanese woman:

“The seriousness of the hole at our ports of entry was hammered home when the lady boldly stated that she will be back in Barbados and no one could stop her.”

BU wish to apply simple logic to explain why any individual is able to enter the sovereign country of Barbados seven times without detection:-

  1. Inadequate systems at the Immigration Department
  2. Collusion between the Guyanese woman and the Immigration Department
  3. Fraud

BU have received several notes from anonymous sources since we have started blogging. One such note received and prompted by our piece on “the fear of Guyanese and the effect on crime” gave an alarming revelation. The note advised that the Royal Barbados Police Force is challenged by the high tech fraud which Guyanese have introduced to the landscape of Barbados. It is not only a problem with falsified passports but many other documents. For example, national registration cards and company cheques which are produced in tandem to extract money from the banking system.

Whenever we have to highlight matters like this BU is sure to hear that we are being xenophobic, paranoid or some other term. At BU we love our country to death and will not sit passive as the warning signs of break-down within critical systems appear on the horizon. We beseech the authorities to immediately make the immigration and police priority issues. These two departments will be stressed more and more as we are sucked into the vortex we commonly refer to as CSME.

A write-up on a related issue was done by Barbados Free Press a while back.

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40 thoughts on “Here We Go Again ~Another Case Of Barbadian Concerns Over The Guyanese Problem Being Ignored By The Directorate?

  1. I am so sick of these *#** guyanese.

    I am sick of the **#@* bajans who accomodate this crap.

    I believe Immigration chief Gilbert Greaves should be fired.

    The man is a bundle of incompetence.

    Why is P.M. Owen Arthur not saying a word on these immigration issues – whether the chineese or guyanese – and this is part of his ministerial portfolio.

    The other day I think it was Sunday I heard David Ellis moderating a programme on ‘dealing with criticisms as a public figure’ and a guyanese woman called in – well yuh – know Ellis wud go over board playing Mr Sympathy himself.

    He asked the woman: “I hear an accent – you’re guyanese?

    How do you feel about criticism you must recieve here in Barbados?”

    That was all she needed,she went to town about how bajans were upset about the guyanese here, but how the guyanese only want to better themselves,how bajans say nasty things about them…. tra la la.

    My question:Could Barbados absorb every one who wanted to come here and make a better life for them self?

    What about the disadvantaged bajans who are feeling the impact of these people presence here,or are concerned about overcrowding and crime caused by these people?

    Shouldn’t David Ellis and others take their legitimate fears and anxiety into consideration too?

    It seems as though some of these public figures feel that they must be magnanimous – with things that don’t belong to them –

    Criticisms my foot – didn’t bajans in the 50’s and 60’s get worse treatment in England – where – they were encouraged to come and work – not like these guyanese who flooding here and hiding way – and behaving in undesirable ways?

    Weren’t they told:’No blacks, no dogs,no Jews,no Irish?’
    Like you say Barbados Underground – you will be called all sorts of things – but ‘press on’ with your head held high.

    I am certain of one thing – Bajans ain’t really got a clue as to what the fall out of this guyanese invasion will look like in time to come.

  2. Can you believe it?

    I just finished reading in the Nation on line where Guyanese President Basdeo Jagdeo got the nerve to say the media stereotyping and singling out guyanese for the ‘bad news section in de papers.’

    Look the man right yuh hear,’cause if owen and musty norman faria could talk down and insult bajans in their own country about their concerns of guyanese – well jagdeo could come here and do the same thing – after all he knows that arthur is really the prime minister for the guyanese – is just that he taking bajans resources and wealth to look after them.

  3. Anonymous, you couldn’t have said it better and I feel as strongly as you do. Barbados is gone – gone to rich foreigners, Trinidadians, Guyanese criminals and anyone who wants to come. Bajans are being stamped into the ground and eventually there will be no Bajan identity. I’m afraid my attitude has become a selfish one – I am a senior citizen and I praise the Lord I may be over the other side when the real crunch comes, but I feel sad about the younger generation who will have to face the music. Obviously the Immigration Dept. is not on the ball, coupled with the fact that Owen Arthur discourages them from doing their job properly. It is a sad time for Barbados.

  4. Anonymous/Thistle~we should advocate that our immigration system and border patrols be strengthened and a policy be clearly enunciated which factors the capacity of the country’s services to withstand the pressure of large scale immigration. I have never seen or heard a plan. Its not so much about the Guyanese but more about what is our plan.

  5. Same old, same old. It is very, very easy to blame problems on a minority – be they white, Guyanese, Chinese, or whatever. Hitler did so to great effect in Germany in the 1930’s. Minorities make a great target but are seldom the fundamental problem. Got crime ? Look to US culture and gangs and our kids skipping school and acting up on the ZRs. Got drugs ? Look to Columbia and demand in North America and Europe and boats moored off the East coast. Got social breakdown ? Look to pressures of work and high cost of land. There’s a whole series of problems in Barbados and it needs solutions but kicking the Guyanese into the sea isn’t one of them. Look at it from another perspective – what would we all say if the UK media was to publically blame crime in London on the Afro-Caribbean community and advocate expulsion. There’s plenty of stats showing that the rate of violent crime is very high, particularly for young men. But would it be justified ? Of course not. Would there be an outcry ? Of course. We all know there’s other factors at work. Think about it.

  6. David,
    My respect for you is growing every day. Right now you are number 2 behind Dick Hoad in my book.

    I do not think that even you realise how bad things are now. You check that arthur change ALL the laws in barbados over the past four years so that baing a BARBADIAN in BARBADOS is no longer any advantage for anything?

    Do you know that it is ILLEGAL now to form any association with any advantages to bajans?
    You CANNOT advertise a job seeking to employ a bajan – it have to be open to everyone.
    You can’t form any group for bajans – it has to be open to chinese and indians too

    All this was for CSME, but only we ‘smart’ Bajans gone and change all we laws…

    …but then again Jesus had said that in the last days the first shall be last, and the last shall be first (every thing will be ‘upsided down’) so I suppose that compared to the days of Errol Barrow, Bajans have to become the idiots of the world.

  7. David, it’s all very well to have a plan, I agree. But Barbados is full of “plans”, “policies”, “laws”, “legislation”, many of which are totally ignored and not adhered to. Money talks, and those who are supposed to enforce these laws/plans, whatever – simply look the other way. “Integrity” is a bad word! It is very distressing to say the least.

  8. There’s a very good historical reason that you can’t limit membership to a particular nationality or race. Remember the old white-only clubs…?

  9. $500 a stamp per person every few months isn’t something to ignore.

    That is what we are being told the stamper is getting from the stampee. Just suppose there are 100 people being accomodated in this way. That is $50,000 every few months.

    If this is happening from the top, why sholdn’t everybody join in the tiefing?

  10. Read which can be accessed under the ‘media’ heading at BFP.

    Read the case of the 2 guyanese who plotted and killed a number of their countrymen to collect their insurance policies.

    I wonder if president basdeo jagdeo will say New York media is targetting guyanese too?

    Remember when Norman Faria wrote the commissioner of police to complain against the bajan radio stations and to suggest that the commissioner take action against these stations?

    Why is it that frank Dasilva who is also a guyanese who has contributed at the highest level sees the reality in the guyanese situation,yet we see norman faria being quoted daily and not frank dasilva?

    Things that make you go huh?

  11. David

    What is this new symbol I’m seeing next to the comments section?

    It’s the same thing at BFP.

    Please explain this sudden appearance.

  12. Anonymous~it is a recent update from the people at WordPress. WordPress bloggers can upload an avatar/picture which would display next to their recent comments. At BU we don’t like the feature so we have disabled 🙂

  13. Bush Tea~thank you for your feedback. We know that it is a struggle to articulate on an issue which evokes all the emotional chords in our people but so we must. In this regard we are somewhat disappointed that a person like Peter Wickham would find it difficult to understand that Barbados a small island nation must be concerned at the fallout which will occur if unregulated immigration goes unchecked.
    Perhaps the fact that he peddles his wares around the Caribbean might well explain his ambivalence.

  14. My question is – Who is hiding the Guyanese? Not Bajans?

    Who giving the stamp for the $500? Not Bajans.

    You see because the law is slow in acting everybody can do what they like.

    I would like to Prime Minister for two days. I would fire the entire cabinet all the Lodge men and women and all the Fat Cat senior Civil servants.

    You trying to tell me that the Chief Immigration Officer don’t know that there is a racket going on , not now but every since.

    If a Guyanese woman can wine she tail in the judiciary of Barbados face and tell them she is going to be back for CWC. What else yuh expec’ nuh?

    Let one of those Guyanese men or women horn de wrong body bout hay and you going to see how fas’ they get them from these shores.

  15. I have never cared one way or the other for Peter Wickham – I like some of the things he says, and some I don’t, but today on Brass Tacks he hit rock bottom in my estimation. Given his way, the whole population of Guyana could come and live in Barbados. Don’t mind we Bajans might end up living in the gullies, without jobs, or building houseboats and living in Carlisle Bay. Oh no, none of that matters to Peter Wickham. I cannot understand how some people cannot get it through their thick heads that this island is 21 miles long by 14 miles wide. When they carry on about Bajans going to live in U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., etc., so why can’t every Tom, Dick and Harry come here, they fail to realise that those countries could swallow up the entire population of Barbados without feeling a pinch. This island simply CANNOT absorb any more migrants, I don’t care where they come from. I don’t get into the race thing. I really don’t think I wish to listen to Peter Wickham again.
    Thistle~listen to VOB92.9 tonight from 12AM, that is when the afternoon Brasstacks is repeated

  16. Really what we heard on Today’s down to brasstacks – is just a sign of things to come.

    Today if you had any negative response or experience to report about the guyanese presence in Barbados – then you were either shouted down by peter wickham -or totally cut off by michael brown the Producer.

    This is normal behaviour for michael brown – this new producer on Brasstacks – who seems not to use the yardstick of ‘libel or defamation’ – but if he thinks what you are saying offends him.

    Barbadians are being censored in their own homeland for expressing their concerns about what is happening in their own land – imagine that – bajans are being muzzled.

    Today when I heard that Brasstacks programme – I didnot know if to cry,if to scream,if to pull my hair out – or what.

    Then in comes Peter Simmons,chief justice -david simmon’s brother – talking down to us and telling us about the english experience for west indians early on in Britain etc

    Who the hell these people think they are anyway?

    A set of old farts – pompasetting and spouting crap – while ‘Rome burns’.

    However the worst for me was Leroy McClean – MY GOODNESS – the haste with which that man called back to say he was not part of any xenphobic reaction – and he is totally against any bashing of guyanese.


    DLP – if that’s how your leadership feels -like this Leroy McClean – then you will not have my support there – AT ALL.

    It seems to me in Barbados there is no one standing up for bajans – no one allowing them to speak their minds about their concerns.

    All the academics,the talk show hosts,the BLP politicians and of course some greedy employers and greedy bajans – are on the side of the guyanese.

    But ‘one day coming soon …..’

    When you try to stifle or cap steam in a container sooner than later it blows its top.

    Those who got ears to hear – let them hear.

  17. Peter Wickham is best ignored. He is from a long line of theseUWI people who seek to attract attention to themselves by taking up controversial positions on everything in their effort to ‘make a name’ for themselves.
    After they become Professors you won’t hear a single word from them.
    He is just suited to blabber on brass tacks with the likes of Tony Marshall the “great cricket administrator” and management expert Maxine, to write his simple minded article and ask survey questions for a living.
    (I only judge people by their fruit so you will understand my contempt.)

    Anyone who does not understand the tragedy that is currently occurring in Barbados is a fool.
    Of all the countries in the whole world, Barbados is probably among the top 20 placed to excel in a world under Globalization. There are many reasons for this;
    Compact size; (previously) sensible population; history of sound management of resources (before this BLP gang); Sound Infrastructure; good utilities; good reputation; normally sensible and intelligent people etc.
    These are actually ideal characteristics for success in this new world. Unfortunately some uninformed idiots have allowed themselves to be convinced that we need to become bigger to succeed and hence we should expend valuable time and resources to form CSME. Can you imagine the folly? In the middle of an imminent attack on our very existence these fools think that the solution is to go around picking up all the dead and injured we can find so we can ‘face the enemy together’

    Old time Bajan commonsense suggest that it makes more sense to arm for the battle, focus on success AND THEN embrace our wounded friends and neighbours in the victorious aftermath of that battle.

    Who will be helped when we all limp to defeat ‘together’?
    Peter Wickham is a fool. But then again- we all know that it is a fool who saith in his heart ‘There is no God….’

  18. Bush Tea~please explain! If we follow the theory globalization is a free world concept of which Barbados is known to adhere. It follows that if Barbados does not want to participate in globalization that our government would have to follow some Nationalist approach which many of the S.American countries now follow and they have the shattered economies to show for it. Maybe this is something we can explore? Any political scientists reading BU?

  19. David,
    What political scientist what?!?
    That is a term used for someone who can only pass an easy degree. Those people don’t know squat.

    ‘Globalization is NOT a concept followed by the free world’. It IS an INEVITABLE way of life caused by exponential advances in technology, and driven by the universal belief that material accumulation equals success. THERE IS NO HIDING FROM THIS REALITY.

    The question of Barbados ‘wanting to participate’ therefore does NOT arise. The ONLY question is How will be manage this onslaught? and there are only two options

    1 Change our way of operating so we can survive and maybe even thrive under the rules of Globalization, or
    2 Ignore the imminent threat and wait to be changed by circumstances outside of our control.

    It is like this. There is going to be a WAR. (it started over 15 years ago actually) we can either change our country and be prepared to fight and win this war or we can wait and see whose prisoners we will be.

    What really annoys me is that with enemy tanks already on our soil we get idiots trying to argue that there is no real danger, it is all in the game etc. The first casualties (as you would expect in any ‘war’,) have been the Country’s leaders and the ‘so called’ press. These are clearly in enemy hands already.

    This country’s ONLY hope lies in BU and BFP and similar ‘underground resistance movements’ where intelligent discussion remains possible so that we can awake the Barbadian population.
    Do you deny David, that the level of INTELLIGENT discussion outside of these Blogs is exactly ZERO?
    Do you deny that the MOST STUPID analysis comes from those who frequented Cave Hill?
    You see that Professor Beckles, Minister WOOD – none of these great academics can respond to a simple logical attack on their so-called ‘Education System’ as I put forward a few weeks ago? (and that was only the tip of my iceberg)

    David – Help Barbados…

  20. Bush Tea

    I have to agree with you on most of what you have said above.

    I too believe that Peter Wickam is grossly over rated and his newspaper’s offerings are sadly lacking in depth and sensible analysis.

    Nothing personal about the man – but I believe the above was proven last year when the dean at law faculty – Simeon Mckintosh -tore apart the puerile stuff written by wickham on the impeachment charges of the TnT Chief Justice.

    I have also heard George Belle give a convincing counter to wickham’s analysis on political interpretations re Barbados.

    I just wish we had a real newspaper and a real radio and T.V stations – where we have real journalists and broadcasters and not the pretenders we have now.

  21. Bush Tea ~ your provocative wordings always prove to be a stimulant, especially so early in the morn.

    BU can wrap its mind around much of what you say regarding the advances in technology which continue to blur national boundaries. Perhaps a factor is the developed world also using globalization to deepened lesser world dependence by way of the uni-directional flow of goods and services. It seems to BU that our island leaders will have to exercise a vigorous out of the box thinking to sustain our traditional high standard of living. The disappointment to date has been the Caribbean’s continued dependence on the traditional revenue streams. By traditional we mean tax revenues whether direct or indirect. As Bush Tea correctly pointed out technology is a key underpinning to how globalization is being transported. The rise of the digital economy i.e. new economy, therefore means that our island governments will see their traditional tax revenues streams shifting out of their beady control.
    BU wonder if Minister Lynette Eastmond is cognizant of this fact given that she has been a vocal proponent of the need to transition to the new economy! Bush Tea and all we have digressed we know but this discussion is relevant because at the end of it all the dots do connect.

  22. Heart-rending comments about the state of Bim. I’ve said many times that Arthur is a replica of Blair and I doubt that he’ll know what to do now that Blair has gone. However, in my view, Blair has ruined Britain and Arthur will do the same for Bim, if he has n’t already. I won’t elaborate because I tend to get a lot of silly, argument when I make my comments in relation to many subjects but I feel sure that, time will prove me right!

  23. However, by then it’ll probably be too late for Bim. Your only recourse is to kick him out at the next election and hope for a more Bim-centric new leader!

  24. Bimbro~the truth is that the pundits all agree that Blair in association with Gordon Brown before he was elevated to PM has left a stronger Britain on the domestic side; it is in foreign policy matters that he has often been criticized.

  25. I guess it depends on from whose perspective one is commenting. From mine, the entire Blair era has been a disappointment, in fact, I don’t even like to think of the man the thought of whom sends shivers down my spine. I find something very, creppy about him! As for his policies – OMG!!!!

    Anyway, if it’s true that he has been a success then, perhaps, there’s hope for Bim! Let’s hope so! Mind you, Arthur seems to be looking towards China now and their record, in certain respects, is n’t too wonderful!

    We all wish Bim, ‘good luck’!

  26. “A stronger Britain on the domestic side “? David what is that ?!?
    Some new buildings? new stadia? and lots of allegations of corruption at government level? Crooked multi million dollar arms deals? Selling Peerships?
    What stronger what ?!?
    David that man is just another dishonest thief who exploited gullible English people for the past ten years.
    Worst than that, he took them into an illegal, no-win, stupid war, against all evidence that it was wrong to do so,
    Worst of ALL, he degraded a whole country, with years of proud (though questionable) history by behaving in front of the entire world like George Bush’s little puppy.

    Unfortunately for us, he also seem to have become Owen’s mentor which I guess was inevitable if we continue to see ourselves al ‘little England’.

    Davis you see the parallels?

    New expensive buildings, Flyovers, Prisons, etc – all engulfed in cost overruns and accusations of bribery and kickbacks.

    Huge resources committed to forming a useless and ill-conceived CSME so we could appear to be like the European Union

    Cricket World Cup … well that speaks for itself

    Open borders policy so we could end up with the urban problems that England acquired for itself over the past 20 years.

    I have to agree with Bimbro, and I think that you do too…. you just being provocative as usual…

  27. David, chew on this one… How to become poor

    You know why ‘ a fool and his money is soon parted…” (dat somewhere in the bible)

    We build a new highway from Spring Gardens to the Airport (good move)

    Some Idiots insist on installing TRAFFIC LIGHTS at some points on the said highway. (Somebody important got the agency contract for traffic lights)

    At each point where there are lights there is daily traffic chaos (99% of us can see that traffic flows well when the light dont work)

    Bizzy Williams (he sells steel) suggest to a Minister (who also has interest in steal) that the solution is to put in flyovers.

    We are now spending $150M to create operation ‘FREEFLOW’ for those who want to travel between Graham Hall and Warrens.

    but wait…

    during construction the traffic lights are off …

    where the highway traffic jams gone?

    Seems that the country wasteed $200M to find out one fact


    ‘a fool and his money is soon parted.’

  28. Well, there you have it folks. Apart from his view of the war in Iraq, Bush Tea and I are in agreement over Blair!

    As I said before, now that Arthur’s mentor has gone I’m not sure what he’ll do – I don’t think he is either! However, Peking seems to be his first speculative move!

    We send Bim all our best wishes for the future and all the luck it can muster! Maybe, he’ll start copying Brown now! I dunno!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  29. On the question of Iraq, David, I find it difficult to imagine that if we lived under a similarly, murderous and tortuous regime as the Iraqis did under Sadam that you would n’t be begging the US, Russia anybody to come and rescue us, so why do you find it so difficult to comprehend the US’s invasion of Iraq, weapons of mass destruction, or not!

  30. Bimbro~where have we written that we don’t comprehend the Iraqi invasion? We do just that we don’t agree thats all. We are not aware that the Iraqis asked to be invaded. We know that some countries in Africa would like a similar invasion to happen over there but why is it that we know that will only happen in our dreams.

  31. Do you think that Sadam gave the Iraqis the opportunity to ASK the Americans to invade them? It’s probably partly, because of criticism like yours that the US would n’t also, invade these African countries to which you refer, however, much they’d like them to!

    You need to learn to have the courage of your convictions and stop being so equivocal. Have the guts to declare your opinion, openly and publicly. You’re on the net. Nobody knows who is who and no harm will come to you – should make it even easier for you!

  32. Bimbro~where have we written that we don’t comprehend the Iraqi invasion? We do just that we don’t agree thats all.


    Forgive me, BFP, perhaps I’m not Bajan enough but, for one, that quote of yours above, does n’t quite make sense to me!

    Plus, I don’t think that Sadam ALLOWED, his people to ask for American assistance, do you????

  33. i am a born trini and like myself and many more trini WE DON’T LIKE BAJANS the don’t have manners ,the are lazy as it is know all over, the always making a issue about indian trini and gt but we are all indians and don’t matter which country we are from we are one , as we know the black people that have nutting and always blaming some body for the down fall ,why is it all you always coming to trinidad if you in like trini stay in your own country we don’t want you ,you all got to depend on the white people cause barbados does not belong to bajans but trinidad is to trini as guyana is to guyanese ,i wonder when all you half white prime minister bring he whites to take over where all you will run and go you see he in the paper with bush well soon all you black will get put out ,all you selling all you land to the whites and the whites beating on all you children and gone back to the uk cause all you judge can’t lock them up ,when the whites living in a area i telling you all you black got to move so which is bad the indians or white i visit barbados to have a laught so in the supermarket the cashier greet the white lady so nice tell her thank you and have a nice day so when the black bajan lady like herself reach the counter she say good evening the cashier in ever smile as much not even thank you so tell me which is bad hahahaha

  34. to all my high and mighty big and tall get yuh bottle an spoon an come bajan friends and family. a couple basic questions

    – who hiring Guyanese in Barbados and paying them under the table?
    – who was that i see with a flying fish flag and a big BARBADOS sign at GUYEXPO talking about a shortage of labour in flying fish country?
    – who wukkin’ at the airport letting Guyanese in your flying fish land?
    – and most of all, who died and decreed that Guyanese can’t go where ever they please in CARICOM and the world?

    p.s. we might need political asylum soon so don’t close the door yet. the govt trackin’ bloggers now and we hear a lot uh yall ladies got vacancies

  35. Guyanese coming to Barbados now are a different breed . Iremember black Guyanese who were decent , law abiding and brought their knowledge about making sugar to Barbados.These Guyanese of indian origin are a dangerous lot They murder , commit suicide and their intellectual ability is almost non-existent. I should know,Ihave taught their children. They will dilute the intellect of bajans who are some of the smartest people in the world. Ask some teachers if standards haven’t been dropping with the influx of Guyanese children in primary schools.

  36. I am pretty sure that the city of Georgetown alone has a larger population than the entire island of Barbados.

    These Guyanese have totally invaded the bajan country villages and the black Guyanese especially, look like us and can only be identified if they open their mouths to speak. What has not been mentioned here is that there are numerous bajan pimps who travel to Georgetown practically every monthe to recruit young and pretty whores to take back to Barbados to perform in the strip clubs and private brothels. A lot of these whore eventually escape and seek refuge with some of the “JOHNS”B they befriend, then proceed to send for their families as soon as they get “settled”.

    I am the Truthseeker, Temophab.

  37. Seems like according to the writers on this website that only Guyanese are committing crimes in Barbados. If that is so then the Bajans are a perfect people. What if Americans should start sending Bajans back home for some cause or the other. Or, if America send all West Indians back home. The islands will be filled to the brim and the over excess population will have to depend on the good wishes from other nations to taken them in. Now, that is only a scenario. So Bajans be careful what you wish for. Bajans have been living in Guyana for ages and never once was there any discrimination against them. But nowadays as one would say , culture, customs, religion and a host of other such things are used by groups of people to foment discontent among peoples of different nationalities. One of these days I will say what one of these things are. Bye

  38. ” David // July 5, 2007 at 1:19 pm

    Bimbro~the truth is that the pundits all agree that Blair in association with Gordon Brown before he was elevated to PM has left a stronger Britain on the domestic side; it is in foreign policy matters that he has often been criticized.”

    Aren’t old comments great for recognising how fast perceptions change?

    They are a gold mine for future historians and social scientists.

  39. Juven Bachan
    What about is the USA would start sending back ALL illegals and start with the biggest offenders, the nasty ones, the tricksters etc, Indo-guyanese would be able to have millions of their residents back home. Why do you think that it is so hard for a guyanese to get a USA visa and most of the time of they do it is for a very short period. Even though there are illegal bajans in the USA, it is still relatively easy for a bajan to get a USA visa, not so for a guyanese.

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