Chefette Restaurant Continues To Profit Because Of The Stupidity Of Successive Governments

No room for airport vendors


THE OPENING of Chefette Restaurant’s 14th fast food branch at the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) has signalled the end of a booming food-selling trade for six vendors operating out of vans.

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Ok folks BU pissed this morning!

How did Chefette get the privilege position of opening a fast food outlet at the choice location at Barney’s spanking new airport facility? Why should BU be pissed you ask? Chefette employs hundreds of Barbadians so we should be happy right?__WRONG. Chefette like BS&T and many other Barbadian companies have refused over the years to spread wings and expand into a world that encourages expansion. Damn, even Red Castle out of T&T tried to make it in Barbados. Instead they travel the easy road and in the process the “poor black man” languishes by the roadside.

Man BU  just want to scream!
Again we ask what was the process of tendering that saw Chefette being approved to operate at the GAIA? To be honest I would have preferred to see Kentucky Fried Chicken! This is another example of our government propping-up an obsolete system which is suppressing the entrepreneurs in this country.

41 thoughts on “Chefette Restaurant Continues To Profit Because Of The Stupidity Of Successive Governments

  1. It was Royal Castle that was here from T&T a couple years ago in the current location of Big John’s in Broad Street… not Red Castle.

    Thanks Watcher!!


  2. This is a perfect example of greed on a small island. You would think that the management team of Chefette would have sense enough to know when they are squeezing poor struggling entrepreneurs. After all, it is simple morality.

    And as far as the folks who gave Chefette license to open at airport, I am not even going to talk about them. Not even worth the time.

    Hopefully, I will be home (Barbados) for the holidays soon. And if you catch me in a Chefette restaurant, shoot me!


  3. Let us all understand that Haloute is a very large financial contributor to the BLP part funds do you not think he will get whatever he wants.

  4. BarbadosInFocus, am with you I to will be in Barbados for Crop Over with my wife her mom and our 3 kids and Chefette will not be getting our money just like last year when we were home and they had the soft drink issue.

  5. When the entrepreneur listens to WII-FM, s/he probably lets his/her fingas do the walking; as for the corporations, their fingas do the talking.

    On a serious note, how many of these government officials are interested in helping the poor man in someway, or want to build him up. To think about it, the government may not be looking down on them cause they have no intention of helping them up.

  6. Thistle:

    Only at the airport?

    I gave up on Cheffete from the time they gave up on Bico ice cream to bring in that Trinidadian crap.

    Then …no more coke,who drinks pepsi?

    For years Halloute has been getting out licking in this country.

    Fourteen outlets but yet still workers still working for crap.
    But then again…with no minimum wage in place what do you expect?
    NPC could not get natural gas to Charles Rowe Bridge for the people of this country but Cheffete got it in a flash for their outlet.
    Where the oulet is was once a water run off,yet still Cheffete was built there.
    In Holetown,I am convinced that the outlet there contributes to the flooding but who cares.

    I know I have done my part,however small…I just wish more of us had the balls to hurt these people where counts the most.
    Trust me ,there are many chaeper alternatives on weekends now.

  7. Chase: Like you, I gave up on Chefette years ago, for much the same reasons. Their food ain’t that hot anyhow, and as you said, there are much better food places around. (I just had some delicious chicken yesterday from Big Johns in Worthing!)

  8. I dont think Cheffete at the air port will be a threat to anyone.We here tend to like our traditional foods eg.mac pie,rice & stew cou-cou etc.
    I hope the vendors are aware and lift their game because no one looks out for them.Remember a couple years ago when Sandy Lane wanted to remove the girls?Look at them now…stepped up their game and are now bigger than ever.
    We all now how this country operates ..but in the end we have the power to make or break these unfair practices by simply boycotting these establishments.
    Thing is ….do we have the collective thinking and will to do it?

  9. Chase, read the international business news man. Pepsi has Coco Cola on the run.

    I agree that the vendors should step up their game, we are really tired of Chefette. For years they have been jucking out our eye. The rotis got smaller and smaller until Big Johns came on the horizon, then they started getting fat again.

    All that greasy food for what. I am concerned that ppl seem not to cook anymore on Sundays but instead can be seen at Chefette’s drive throught windows.

    We are going to pay a serious price for this fast food and sedantary lifestyle.

  10. Of the 14 Chefette outlets, how many came into existence within the last 13 years since this party was in power? It will be interesting to know.
    They seem to get whatever they want. Ppl living along the gas line route from Haggatt Hall to Charles Rowe Bridge are not allowed to tap that line. I am sure that ppl living in Rouens Park which is just up the road from CRB would like natural gas, but as we say, crappo smoke dem pipe.
    I have long abandoned Chefette of how they treat their staff. At nights those women have to get home however they could. And the wages are piss poor to say the least.
    Drugs and food and gambling. What a combination.

  11. It’s strange how all other counries are concerned about the correlation between fast food and obesity. Many are trying to educate their people on more healthy eating habits. And here we go putting out people that are actually cooking proper home cooked food. That taste real good too !

    It’s a sad case.

    Even the Golden Arches has had to change their menu to more healthy choices. Why is there not more pressure on Chefete to do the same.

  12. There might be a billie goat somewhere in there butting so they seem to be able to do whatever they like.

    Meanwhile we get busier and busier trying to keep our electricity and telephone and cell phone and pay the mortgage that we buying all of this fast food. Even the salads fattening.

    No healthy alternative yet they continue to crop up like mushrooms.

    If we keep we money in we pocket they would have to do change the way they operate.

  13. I hope that the vendors of Barbados realize that the BLP does not care two hoots about them!!!
    Remember what they did years ago with the beach vendors?
    Then they moved in on the street vendors…Rockers Alley was cleared “for the public to be able to have clear passage”…but soon after a caucasion couple opened a restaurant there.
    Owen and his crowd are like crabs in a bucket;but we will have the last say.
    Haloute & company must be reeled in.
    If this kind of pressure is continually placed on the backs of the poor they will rise up.MARK MY WORDS!!!

  14. Warrior ..I did some research on Pepsi and Coke,my good friend Bimbro may or may not like this but Coke is a no-no in some Muslim countries.Kind of explains the leverage Pepsi has then.After all we talking of millions of people.
    Maybe that is why Pepsi is such a huge sponsor of sports on the sub-continent.

    On a more serious note ,corruption in this country is so rampant it just makes you sick.
    Now that we are on the Cheffete topic and all this is coming out,what can we do other than boycott?

    I keep hearing names associated with corruption like Bannister,Nicholls etc.

    Have anybody ever heard or payed attention to the Naime,Nadur (Nadu) or the Elias families?Now there is a can of worms.

  15. Adrian2~wasn’t this the much publicized “faux pas” by Thompson in the queens park when he waved a paper purporting that it was a secret IMF document? When his bluff was called by the BLP he was never able to produce and many pundits agree that it was his darkest hour.

    It is an ignominy which haunts him to this day 😐

  16. I remember that. Thompson was young and listened to the wrong people. He was purposely given wrong information by someone he trusted (a Judas who only wanted to shoot him down) and unfortunately he swallowed it. I think he has learnt his lesson now!

  17. Chefette is doing a lot of community sponsorship in an effort to distract bajans from the fact that there are constantly unfairing the small man.

  18. What I found most startling about the whole food vendor affair was the fact that these are small BLACK people who are being marginalised. Wasn’t it Lynch who accused Ellis of not wanting to see small black people ‘get through’? What a paradox! The small black people who happen to see the money waved by Haloute, and forget all about the other small black people who are trying to make an honest dollar. Next I’m sure you’ll hear someone like Elizabeth Thompson decimating the small black people for not bidding for contracts in the new airport … another slap in the face of the working class in Barbados … we really need to do something, and I don’t mean at election time either.

  19. Lef out Chefette, Coke & Pepsi. I preferred to lime by Cuz and drink a Carenagge any day.
    Wunna too young to know who Cuz was!!!

  20. Seems to us that Haloute has used the tried and trusted approach of crowding out the competition by populating little Barbados with many of the yellow buildings.

  21. Chefette pay their workers crap and also throw away all the food instead of giving it to their underpaid workers or others less fortunate. I think this is food wastage considering so many starving people living on the streets. The government should step in to make sure the workers are paid properly and working conditions are up to standard. It is such a shame what goes on on the Island. Most of them are very racist and have no respect for blacks. They smile with you, you give them the contracts, then they laugh at you behind you backs saying how stupid you are. They treat their workers like they are doing them a favor . Wake up and smell the coffee.

  22. Isn’t Billie Millar a partner of Haloute’s.

    If so the Government in that already. That is why they would do as they like.

  23. Englishman, staff at Chefette are unionised. Haloute probably makes substantial contributions to BWU, BLP, DLP. Politics of inclusion.

  24. Friedchicken~I suspect that you are correct. If I am correct Chefette Fairchild Street occupies floor space rented by the BWU. My recollection is based on some information which is very old but maybe a BU reader can update us.

  25. I love Chefette food, i live abroad and I prefer it to Mickey D’s and BK anyday. I think the gov’t should establish a minimum wage that is sufficient for people to live. Maybe Barbados wouldn’t have such an underprivileged lower class. It is sad for real 🙁

  26. BU source has confirmed that the rent at the airport is not cheap but Haloute was able to acquire a healthy long term lease to compensate.

    Long live fast food!

  27. On the lighter side, I took my nephew to KFC for an evening out and he told me that his school buds tell him that KFC means Keep From Chefette.

    Leave the little ones to figure it out.

  28. There is a report that a letter was sent to Chefette Restaurant after a pregnant woman encountered a nasty episode at the restaurant. BU wish to stress on the reaction of the Chefette management and not the problem with the food because what happened here can happen at any restaurant. The BU household encountered the same problem as reported while visiting a top restaurant in the USA.

    Here is a snippet of the letter:

    Dear Reader,

    I would like to inform you of an incident that occurred Monday, July 16,
    2007 at the Chefette Warrens branch. One of my colleagues at work (who is by the way pregnant) had just purchased one order of macaroni pie, a macaroni salad and a small mauby and subsequently brought it back to her workstation to eat. However, on opening the container with the macaroni pie and taking her fork and rummaging through it, as is her custom with anything she eats (Thank God!), she was horrified to find a worm in her food and had to stifle the urge to vomit.

    If readers are interested we can post the full letter. It is very long.

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  31. If you think that a worm in the salad was bad, you should hear what happened to me with the same Cheffette. I ended up at the Queen Elizabeth Hopspital, had to be taken by ambulance, with my stomach swollen as big as a 7-month pregnant woman and had to be placed on drips and given medication upon discharge, all from eating a cheffette roti!!!!! I puked like a … and had diarrhea until I was sore. Could hardly stand up and had to stay four days at my sister’s home to recover. What was worse and extremely humiliating was that the doctor in A&E was persisting that I was pregnant and a nurse came to me suggesting that I should allow a vaginal examination.

    And Cheffette had the gall to offer me food in return!!!!

    I could not prove it. I went and paid the lab on Culloden Road to examine a piece of the roti skin to check for bacteria but they said the smear of roti filling on the skin was insufficient to grow a culture/test.

    I ended up seeing a private doctor subsequently but again could not prove anything because by then everything was washed out of my system.

    The ridiculous thing is that every time I told my story someone would tell me of an experience with Cheffette. Food poisoning. Plastic in roti. Bite already taken out of a roti. Sour salad.

    And Chefffette continues to grow.

  32. cant say too much here peoples but i eat cheffette often and have hever had any bad experiences yet i also eat kentucky and big johns it just depends on my mood sometimes i look for a food van instead or go home if i am in the area where i live

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