The Black Race Still Playing Catch-up

Half of ALL black men in BRITAIN will be on DNA database by 2010

It is predicted that by 2010 half of the black population will be on the national DNA database. Whats worse is that 100,000 of blacks already on the DNA database are under 10 years old.

The report said:

“With half the black male population on the DNA database, this means that the authorities would be close to tracking the whole black population. Black people are already over-represented in the criminal justice system, but a Home Office report suggests than an alternate methodology reveals that black people are actually less likely to have committed a crime – only more likely to be caught.”

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This isn’t on, in my opinion I think this is terrible practice. Why is there a DNA database at all? I can understand why criminals would be on the database but why innocent people? And saying that everyone should be on the database is just asking for trouble. DNA is a new science too, mistakes have been made and will continue to be made until we learn more about it.

Like us here at the BU I am sure that any black person who reads this post of a fellow blogger, it provides great a moment of great sadness. A story like this always makes me feel that as a black race we continue to lag so far behind the other races. Any black boy growing-up in the 50s, 60s and 70’s had black men of the stature in the form of Martin Luther King, Andrew Young, Mohamed Ali and others. Certainly in the 70s as a black West Indian living in a white majority society there was the power of Bob Marley’s music whose persona hung like a heavy blanket on the globe.

Tell me, but who are the blacks to have filled the void?

History tosses up that other groups have been challenged. The Jews seems to be at the top of the list as a group which has used its scared history as a motivation to reinforced pride in their race. Why does the black race and the black male in particular continue to struggle, and to feed the growing global perception that our black men are most likely to commit crimes and be dead beat fathers. The statistics of our prisons located in many of the developed countries, reflect a disproportionate level of occupancy by blacks. Are we expecting too much given the inevitable evolution which must take place? Does it not seem that as blacks we are too fragmented in our approach scattered across the diaspora? Afro-Caribbean, Afro-American, African, African-European and the labels continue.

In Barbados we are a 90+ majority black country but why the hell are the white people still controlling the economy? The manufacturing, construction, hotel and financial sectors are all “controlled” by whites. The statement is not meant to be destructive in intent, only to paint the real picture. Why is Barbados supporting an educational system which is generating “servants” of the “masters” and not entrepreneurs? Why are our politicians succumbing to the greed of the office.

Until our black leaders stand up and show the leadership required our “blacks” will continue in the role of house-slaves.

23 thoughts on “The Black Race Still Playing Catch-up

  1. Whites have continued to overpower nations of other cultures, Native Americans, Aboriginis, South Africans and the list goes on. Has there been a case that a race other than white has successfully overpowered another country and culture and be seen as a force of good?
    But is it the colour or the state of mind? JFK had an attitude that people liked, so did Martin Luther King and both were assassinated.

  2. Whoa there. I agree that the white population is over represented in private comapnies in Barbados but to say that they’re in control is a red herring which gets repeated again and again to justify I don’t know what. It’s particularly insulting to the large segment of black professionals who are extremely successful architects, accountants, consultants, bankers, doctors and lawyers and have devoted their lives to progressing their careers and giving back to society. Look at the sort of people who are driving $300,000 SUV’s, the vast majority of them black. Do you think the managers and directors driving them were given them by white overlords ? That they’ve been held back in some way ? That they’re not well off due to their own efforts ? That simply belittles their achievements. There’s some high profile white run companies but many were built (I’m thinkin’ of Goddards not BS&T here) from a dirt poor beginning with the sort of work ethic that makes me wake up in a cold sweat. There’s imbalances still, that’s for sure, but this sort of comment just perpetuates myths that may have been true 20 years ago.

  3. James~who do you think control tourism, and the offshore sector, and the banks in Barbados? Because our black middle class earn big salaries and can afford big cars and house is that the measure of success which you use to gauge the influence which blacks have in Barbados?
    We think not!

    I liked your comments Bystander!

    We must strive to emancipate our minds from mental slavery…sound familiar?

  4. Good comment BU. In fact, I would like you to ask that question directly to Prof Hillary Beckles and let us all hear his answer.
    How can a man of his history and pedagree champion a system which is so clearly geared to producing servants?

    And James, a servant is someone who is under he control of a master somewhere. having a 300000 SUV dont mean SQUAT, except that he is a major DEBTOR as well as a servant.

  5. Wealth and material goods, like it or not, are an indication of success. The argument normally goes that economic power and therefore influence lies in the hands of a tiny white elite and I’m framing the debate in the same terms. I’m not saying that the white minority isn’t over represented but I have a serious issue with what I see as people continuously belittling the success of the majority of Bajans, many of whom have worked hard to get an excellent education, are now very successful, correspondingly wealthy, often influential and are not at all happy about being told that they’re effectively still enslaved. Next you’ll be telling me that everything’s controlled by the Freemasons and a couple of secret societies. Oh hang on, maybe it is. Now there’s a nice topic for the next discussion…

  6. ‘Wealth and material goods, like it or not, are an indication of success’
    I completely disagree – this is indicative of the attitude of someone who is enslaved. Wealth doesn’t mean success by any means. If I can live completely self -sufficiently and provide for my family off my own back, including recycling and reusing my waste – growing my own food and not having the need for money doesn’t this make me completely unsuccessful. NO WAY! It not only makes me successful but free.

  7. James – you are completely wrong about wealth being a serious indicator of ‘success’. ( the question of “what is success?” is a complex issue – you see it all depends on what the ultimate purpose of life is… now THAT is a serious discussion)
    I can tell you that a REAL man is one that oldskychaos described… that is why Richard Hoad is one of my all time favourite people – (I can’t believe he white…) and to me SUCCESS is about being a real man – your own man – FREE and independent of another man’s directions and whims.
    A servant who sells his freedom can easily become rich – but he aint a real man and to me that aint success.

    Anyhow with respect to your side remark about blaming it all on the Freemasons…. You just hit the nail on the head.. and I suspect that you know it..

  8. Nobody in their right mind believes that wealth is the only, or even a particularly good, benchmark for success but it’s how everyone seems to demonstrate that the white minority is still in control. Hence it’s the focus of my comments.

  9. Don’t get tied up James.
    Actually, people think that the white minority is in control because they call the shots.
    -They are the directors – even when blacks own most of the shares
    -They are the managers – even when they don’t know head nor tail what is going on
    -Borrowing millions is no problem- and what security what?!
    -They get to bring deals to the Ministers who are so overwhelmed by their presence that Government don’t even bother with tendering (ask Bizzy how he got the flyover contract)
    -If three of them are employees in a company then the highest ranking black is number 4
    Why you think BS&T dead? That organisation was limited to being run by the best available white. Blacks run around saying ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’
    Even if you are paid $30,000 per month and you are constrained to saying ‘yes sir’, ‘no sir’ to some other man, and not free to express your own ideas and dreams… YOU ARE A SERVANT.
    Obviously those who have control get to control the money too (and land, and anything else they want…). But, as Solomon said, a fool and his money are soon parted, which explains why more and more, this country’s assets will end up in foreign hands…
    I like Richard Hoad’s philosophy

  10. Hello James … my humble house servant. I do like you spending the money I give you on buying my SUV or even a Black Man’s Wheels (BMW), as I am sure it makes you feel equal to the white man, and better off then the field slaves. After all you are my house slave, my buffer against the ignorant and violent masses.

    Anyway, get your useless scrools from obsolete “education” and shuffle those papers in makework. The “negrocrats” in government and business will ensure that the white man will get the breaks,, the same white man who hardly finished high school. But get your “Doctorate” if it makes you feel like a man or woman.

    Our “brothers” sold us into slavery … that is why we are here, caught and sold by our own “African” family. Now the real Africans call us “Slave Babies”. Now our local ” brothers” are selling us daily into mental, cultural, social and economic slavery while posturing about “Independence” vs “Globalization? They get personally rich. They fool everyone that that should be their goal as well,.. so that is why there is wholesale stealing and corruption and a lack of standards and values. As 50Cent says in his CD title – “Get Rich or Die”.!

    White people just laff at we as we strut around on TV and radio and in parliament believing that we are running things. Reality is that we are Mickey Mouse “leaders” taking orders. Once again we are selling our brothers into slavery…..

    Enjoy the feeling of that SUV… until the bubble bursts … soon.. or at least by 2012…. check the Internet re December 2012… and what is being talked about.

  11. All too often the measure of the success of the black Barbadian is in what he is able to show outwardly … as James put it $300,000 SUVs and million dollar homes. Is that a real show of success when these individuals are EMPLOYEES rather than EMPLOYERS? Folks, let’s not lose sight of the simple fact that while blacks are more visible and prominent, the board room decisions are still made by the landed gentry. Who owns the companies that these $300,000 SUVs are purchased from? Who owns the companies that sell the products used to build the million dollar homes?

    I will never begrudge anyone their success, whether black, white or whatever race. That said, I believe we as blacks should stop puffing up our chests at the temporary material gains, and seek to empower, uplift and support our own. This is the only way we could truly become the ones who are running this country.

    Don’t believe for a minute that the politicians are the ones running Barbados. If anything these blogs show us that their percieved power and authority are being used by the ruling class to acheive more, at the expense of the people they were elected to protect.

    Wake up people…

  12. I listened to a recent Brass Tacks Sunday discussion about the merits of studying overseas versus studying here … subject to correction, I cannot recall any of the panel, nor anyone calling in to the program; mentioning the fact that we need to start educating our University graduates to be entrepreneurs rather than highly paid employees. It is only then that we will begin to see a shift from percieved to potential to real ownership of this country.

  13. FamilyB~totally agree! Remember how as children and even young adults we viewed the coollie men as second class citizens while we had the belief that those wearing “collin tie” were super cool and successful. A society of servants no doubt about it!

    Gotta change it around fast!

  14. Some of us are finally getting it. It is so easy to being caught in the trap, when the white man is giving us a company car and a fat salary, so we can then go and spend it and make them even richer. In the mean time we say “yes master – no master” to everything they say, just to keep our status. Especially after we worked so hard. It’s time to step up people to the next level. We need to be entrepreneaurs and not worker ants. As the ad says…”B all u can B”!

  15. Large scale entrpreneurship isn’t necessarily the answer. I worked for a large company for 8 years and a couple of years ago set up a small business which has been reasonably successful. What I didn’t count on is that you never really work for yourself – it simply doesn’t happen except, perhaps, for the very, very rich. You simply transfer your working relationship from a corporate manager to the bank or shareholders. And the latter are much less forgiving than the former. It’s been extremely stressful, very risky and much less financially rewarding than my old career. Sure, I was at the mercy of management then but now I’m at the mercy of customers, bankers and suppliers. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t do anything differently, it can be enormously satisfying and I won’t be going back any time soon, but it certainly isn’t for everyone and I’d think twice before doing it again. Also, I have a nice collection of grey hairs to show for it…

  16. Nuff Sir Grantley’s

    What’s wrong with money? Material assets are a very good indication of professional success. The problem with some people is that they throw money away on depreciating assets, i.e. SUV’s. Investing in bajan real estate is the best investment you can make, so the people buying big houses are making an investment that is a hundred times more lucrative than treasure bills but just as safe. Successful Coloured businesses have been operating in Bridgetown since the 1700’s, so blacks are not averse to operating their own businesses. The question is how do we get local businesses to grow nationally, regionally, and finally globally, and how do we get vendors off the streets into their own establishments?

  17. James // Jun 4th 2007 at 3:22 pm

    Whoa there. I agree that the white population is over represented in private companies in Barbados but to say that they’re in control is a red herring which gets repeated again and again to justify I don’t know what. It’s particularly insulting to the large segment of black professionals who are extremely successful architects, accountants, consultants, bankers, doctors and lawyers and have devoted their lives to progressing their careers and giving back to society. Look at the sort of people who are driving $300,000 SUV’s, the vast majority of them black. Do you think the managers and directors driving them were given them by white overlords ?

    What are these ppl doing for their race, more often than not the attitude of “nuh body help to get up, I ain’ helpin’ nuh body get up”.

    And so the cycle goes on, how is it that Chinese can come in here and set up big businesses in less of the time that black ppl can set up theirs.

    What is the Small Business Assoc. doing to help small business, they don’t even have a directory that one can go to if it is necessary to source reputable suppliers.

    As black business ppl we withhold information from each other in who to contact and where. Black loans officers purposely put a spoke in the wheels of some of the same black ppl but would open the bank’s resources to people of other races, colour and creed. Check and see who all the homes on auction are being sold to and lands on auction are being sold to. Certainly not black people, and from what I see in Pine Gardens, I get the impression that white people can’t bear the thought of a black person owning a home that they previously owned as , quite a few “Indians” and whites are purchasing those properties.

    One mortgage officer was heard to remark that, if he had to do anything to help a black person he would not do. A couple months later the bank caught him with his hand in the safe.

    Not to say that all black business men understand commerce and business, they equate success with symbols of success like fancy cars, big homes, plenty women and extravagant lifestyle.

    Check Chefette Warrens and you will see the “white boys” networking.

    How come we can’t do that as black men. Perhaps it is a residual trait from the fact that we have been enslaved. Maybe not.

  18. Ecoanalyst:
    I keep hearing that tired ‘cop out’ from blacks that the ‘africans’ sold us into slavery and they now call us ‘slave babies’. Can you please point me to the source of your information. And even if this was true which I seriously doubt what??? Does it mean that we isolate or punish Africa because of it, while we wine and dine our former owners?????
    We in the cbean have been fed HIS STORY (europes version of the story) for so long the ‘story’ is now self propagating. Can you name and back up with facts any African country that sold their citizens to the europeans, or find a reference to africans calling us ‘slave babies’.
    We are already fragmented as a people with a shared history and this sort of regurgitation of propoganda and half truths only serves to further weaken our cause. I must commend the europeans on their divide and rule strategy set in motion 200 years ago. Who would have thought that the effects would be still evident today and being propagated by the ‘slave babies’ themselves.

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