Barbadians We Can Learn From the Akon Affair~The Voices Of The People Must Be Heard!

We read this morning the “tardy” apology by international R&B singer Akon. Of course for those of us who are too old to know the gentleman’s music he was recently made famous because of the “dry humping” he performed on a 15 year old at the Zen night club in Trinidad recently. At BU we have come to the conclusion that his apology is insincere and he has been forced to do it because he has been losing sponsorship and his CDs are being removed from many music shops around the world. The point which BU is pleased to note is yet again the power of the Internet and specifically the Blogosphere may have been responsible for the explosion of this story and the subsequent events. The video hit Youtube and other Internet sites and was picked up by the bloggers which created global awareness and fueled outrage at a rapid rate.

Recently BU featured a story on the influence which blogs are having on the day to day decision making around the world. Perhaps the technology aware Mia Mottley realized this when she recently called for blogs and the Internet to be regulated; after all she was the mastermind of EDUTEC! Let this be a warning to all and especially the Politicos in Barbados who feel that the “old age” behaviour of ignoring the populace and the media will continue. We already have seen the emergence of Barbados Free Press and BU is committed to idea of speaking out to protect our right to freedom of expression. Unlike the clipping of the wings of David Ellis, the Blogosphere is a living breathing “organism” which is reproducing at a frenetic pace.

Certainly looks like interesting times ahead on the eve on an upcoming General Election.

Let the games begin!

5 thoughts on “Barbadians We Can Learn From the Akon Affair~The Voices Of The People Must Be Heard!

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  2. we talk about corruption in all speheres of society. we hear the DLP lamenting that the BLP is corrupt. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    We only need to look at David Thompson’s act, when he changed the constitution of the DLP in order for there to be an election for him as leader. For decades the legacy and constitution Barrow left in tact, it was changed by Thompson and his goonsquad. I guess it explains why they have said to their member in th e DLP , that once elected they will ammend the constitution to accommodate the calling of elections every 7 years as oppose to 5. Talk about corruption and dictatorship at the highest levels.

    I pray God protects Barbados from this scourge of desperate and wicked men. DLP (Dem Love Power) will crumble for God sees all evil and malise in man’s heart.

  3. Akon probably felt that “small countries”/islands will always put up and shut up because it has been the norm for umpteen years.

    I’m glad to see the time has come when folks have decided to not only speak up and out but act on it.

    Akon should have jumped on the airwaves as soon as the incident was disclosed to the public/world and make an apology.

    Having said that, there was more than enough blame to go around — the young lady, the club and Akon, not omitting the father, even though he may have been lied to by his brazen daughter.

    Hopefully, they all will learn from this embarrassing moment.

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