Millennium Heights Gated Community Issue a Storm In a Teacup Says Resident


The much publicized and discussed incident which occurred recently at the Millennium Heights and which resulted in the police not being allowed into that gated community is worthy of further scrutiny. Was this a case of a security guard confronting the men in blue in what was a routine call for help from a woman suffering domestic abuse, or is there more to this story? BU called a friend who lives in that gated community and got a completely different perspective on the matter.

The BU source confirmed that in her view the incident was made to be a storm in a teacup. She opined that the situation evoked much public comment because the issue of gated communities in Barbados has always struck an emotional chord with ordinary Barbadians. In this case a call was made by a female Millennium resident who reported that she had been the victim of domestic violence. What was not discussed is the fact that not only did the Police respond the next day; but when the guard informed them that the complainant was not at home and therefore visiting the house would be a non-productive exercise, that communication was misinterpreted by the police to be resistance. My source divulged other details around this incident but BU in the interest of decency and respect for parties concerned will desist from revealing all.

Our reliable source – and we have no reason to disbelieve- prompts us to ask a few questions and to make some observations. How does this incident present Attorney General Dale Marshall, Commissioner Darwin Dottin and the Barbados media which were all very critical of the guard and the management of the Millennium Heights gated community over the handling of the incident? Our source took the opportunity to ask BU to pass on that the policemen should stop driving their girl friends through the gated community simply because they are normally allowed right of passage!

Was this a case of the Attorney General making a politically correct comment on the affair given the election gearing which is taking place?


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THE POLICE should never be barred from entering any community, household or building.

Attorney-General Dale Marshall has issued this warning in light of the recent dispute involving the Millennium Heights gated community and the alleged refusal to allow police entry.

He made the comments after receiving the keys to a new rescue tender at Fire Service Headquarters, Probyn Street, The City, yesterday.

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In the case of the beleaguered Commissioner Dottin was it a case of making a statement which pandered to public sentiment to salvage the image denting activities when his police officers were searched by “rent-a-cops” at the 3 W’s Oval earlier?


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GATED COMMUNITIES in Barbados must allow police unhindered access to their neighbourhoods.

That’s the message from Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin, who said although he was not in favour

of using force and preferred dialogue with the relevant parties, if the situation warranted, tough tactics would

be deployed.

He made the comments yesterday after police officers were prevented by security personnel from entering Millennium Heights, St Thomas, last Thursday following a request from a female resident for police assistance

in a domestic dispute.

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And in the case of the media of Barbados we have a toothless entity which can be dictated to by the political directorate at a snap of the fingers?


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COMMISSIONER OF POLICE DARWIN DOTTIN wants planning permission for all future gated communities to include the requirement that electronic gates be triggered automatically by police vehicles.

However, in the face of continued public debate over a recent stand-off between police and security guards at Millennium Heights, St Thomas, Dottin said all officers were now fully aware of how to proceed if such a situation arose in the future.

While the police will not hesitate to use force to get past locked gates, he said, the country needed to ask itself if a civilised society should operate on the premise that every time the police went to a gated community, officers should carry a battering ram with them.

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It is interesting to contrast the vehemence in the public sentiment over the handling of the Highgate affair but in the Millennium issue the public outcry in defense of the Police was so heartfelt one could puke. To BU the two affairs clearly show the hypocrisy of a nation but more scary is the gullible nature of our society which is content not to scratch below the surface.

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