Racism Still Alive In George Bush Country~a Lesson For Barbadians

RACISM: WHAT MILLENIUM IS THIS??? I am ashamed of my people

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WHAT MILLENIUM IS THIS??? Students attend school’s first integrated prom America is so racist that some high schools are having their FIRST PROM WHERE BLACK AND WHITE STUDENTS MIX. Is this good news? Or is this bad news? I thinkit’s actually much worse BAD news that we even have to be hearnig about this in the 2000s! This is, like, so last millenium. Gag me with a spoon.

8 thoughts on “Racism Still Alive In George Bush Country~a Lesson For Barbadians

  1. It is indeed very sad. Some of the “hick” parts of America, such as Alabama, are very racist indeed. In 2004 or so, they had a referendum on banned interracial marriage. It only failed by a 4% margin.


    My apologies on behalf of those of us who are still sane.

  2. Simply amazing, but i will not waste time and energy agonizing on what was. I will celebrate what has finally occurred. Blacks are always the marginalize albeit in varying degrees in practically any society on this earth. Now what year was it that in Barbados an event on Africa, Africans, slavery, race and or racism that was sponsored by then pan African affairs director David Commissiong using Government facilities and money, either threaten expulsion, or did in fact expelled person deemed to be white or caucasian from attendance? What year was it that Goodridge and son two white Barbadians beat a young black boy about the face and is alleged to have uttered the N word?

  3. We hear ya Adrian but not sure if the comparison is fair. Is seems that this case highlighted was an institutionalized one whereas the conference at Sherbourne I think it was David leaned towards a policy position, and the Goodridge case is before the courts and you must admit drew furore from the Barbadian public.

    What do you think?

  4. you talk about rasicm against blacks in the 21st century. what about the Black American Football League ? what about the Miss Black America Pageant ? give me a break! one step forward and two steps back, thank you.

  5. crossroads ~ we are all taking part in a journey perhaps without a destination that we can see now but we must continue to soldier on. Cursory analysis support the point that blacks have advanced in most if not all white dominated societies in which they exist.

  6. agreed david, however these type of double standards will continue to hamper the progress of going towards a more unified society.

  7. About the boy that got beaten..I am sorry that he got beat like that, I am sorry that Goodridge and his son got blamed, and I am sorry that the Nation didn’t do their job and find out the details so Barabdos wouldnt have to take another step backwards with regards to racism, and mostly I am sorry because the people TRULY responsible for beating that boy can walk about with no one even aware of who they are. Beautiful country..live it up man live it up.

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