Questions For The Barbados Government About Two Strange Transactions

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We have been out and about all day and we are tired, however our commitment is strong to the cause so before we hit the sack can someone out there in government answer two questions which are troubling John Citizens? All we ask is for at BU is a little more accountability in government. We are getting tired at the lack of a response so far to many concerns tabled by Barbadians – GEMS, Edutec, Republic/Referendum, Integrity Legislation, Greenland, Immigration, CSME, Rising Cost of Living and the list continues. Any way before we fall asleep at the computer here are the two questions – we did say two didn’t we!


Question One


Why was the contract to insure the Transport Board fleet awarded to Consumers Guarantee Insurance (CGI) a few years back?

Rommel Marshall is not the Minister any longer but the unanswered question still remains outstanding for the government. Our recollection is that there was a differential of nearly $500, 000 dollars in the tender to provide insurance coverage. We note that David Shorey is a director of CGI, also David Jean-Marie the former General Manager of the Transport Board is a good and close friend of Peter Harris the GM of CGI.



Who authorized the severance payments to several employees at the BTA a few years back, including a well known former broadcaster?

I am sorry if our memory is hazy so pardon the musing of an aged couple. A few years back did the Auditor General not questioned these payments which were made to a few people at the BTA? Did he not conclude that the BTA functioned “ultra vires”, and was this not under the stewardship of Barney Lynch? Why has it been business as usual at the BTA ever since then?

2 thoughts on “Questions For The Barbados Government About Two Strange Transactions

  1. These folks in the ruling party are as dishonest as you can get the list of wrong doings is enormous had I not know better I would have been led to believe that these guys invented and masterminded stealing, but what irks me the most you now see them with their puffed out chest strutting around like a sitting hen as if they have done nothing wrong and all is fine Lynch, Mottley Duguid and Owing are fine examples of this manner meanwhile we have CWC killing us, the JAWS disaster, the land deal in Holders, the cheque that Owing put into his account for small sum of $ 750,000.00, the slot machine deal for 1000 machines, the overbudgeted Jail only by a $ 100 mill, the West coast sewage treatment plant that Owing ,Nicholls and Bannister wants a share of, Glyne Clarke living in dishonesty on public lands, believe me this list is not even a quarter complete.

  2. Are you talking about the thief in Owings party who Owing descibed as the hardest working minister in his cabinet then he fired him???

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