Russia Forces Mexican Standoff

The internal news feeds in recent weeks have been choked with the Ukraine/Russia conflict. The ideologues have taken positions. The pragmatists have taken positions. There are those who exist in the world devoid of interest in the geopolitical machinations being orchestrated by the global elite. The current state paints a picture of a world still polarized many years post the Cold War period.

What the Russian Ukrainian conflict has exposed to discerning observers is a continuing struggle of a few powerful countries to protect and grow strategic interests. In the Cold War period it was easy to debate geopolitical issues and conflicts which came to light in the context of communism and democracy. There was the simple conclusion to be made of the Soviet Union and the United States of America with acolytes in tow to explain matters arising. Both sides armed with nuclear weapons that secured the jobs of an active diplomatic corp. 

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Submitted by Pachamama

Within the milieu of endless propaganda projects, in the West, designed for consumption at home and abroad, Russia’s objectives have markedly slowed as Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, fastidiously follows a laughable Western dictation that the Russian Federation can be made to bleed and eventual brought to accept capitulation, as so delivered by the leading messenger boys and girls.

Those include Boris Johnson, British prime minister; Lloyd Austin, United States secretary of war; Nancy Pelosi, tenuous leader of the north American House of Representatives (HoR), when found with a level of sobriety; Mateusz Morawiecki prime minister of Poland, a nation totally committed to fascism and racism; Czech Republic prime minister, Petr Fiala and Slovenian prime minister, Janez Jansa and many more are conveying the same message.

Only during a ‘special operation’ can such a titular president be operating like this. It’s only during a Russian special operation that the internet, electricity, water, cell phones and other services could remain largely in tact, that a belligerent would be so allowed to plot the defeat of an attacker. In the real wars that NATO launched in Libya, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Mali, Yemen and others, cities are flattened with ‘shock and awe’ – starting day one. Why has Russia not done this when it has more capabilities than any other to so do?

That message means that the peoples of Ukraine are to sacrifice their lives and country for the geopolitical interests of the United States of (north) America. And this is the deal which Zelensky has accepted, in lieu of negotiation forbidden by the West, in exchange for the total destruction, annexation, partition of his ‘country’. We say ‘country’ charitably, for Ukraine was never a contiguous nation state, but instead it is an area hobbled together after the WW1 territorial loses of Poland, Romania and Hungary.

Before Crimea was returned to Russia it was gifted to Ukraine by Joseph Stalin, a Georgian. Georgia which around 2007 was similarly misled by an America president, George Bush, the younger, secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and NATO, that its Russian speaking region of Abkhazia now the Republic of Abkhazia could have been invaded and ‘de-Russianed’ like has been happening in the Donbass region since 2008. Genocide supported by America using Nazis, a word now banned on social media, as shock troops.

In the propaganda wars there are a number of claims being made which cannot be confirmed. These include but are not limited to – that the United States assisted the Ukrainian forces in the sinking of the Russian destroyer, the Moskva. That America was directly involved in the apparent deaths of twelve (12) Russian generals on the battlefield. That Russia would have used the commemorations of World War Two, or the Great Patriotic War as the Russians refer to it, to issue a general mobilization as an indication that Ukraine was somehow putting up a good fight, and more. What lunacy! This, the nature of happy talk, propaganda as not so expertly manufactured in the West.

Of course, the Russians had issued a statement a year or more ago saying that the fifty (50) year old Moskva was to be decommissioned and that its replacement was being built. That there has been no announced specific retaliation might suggest that there was really an explosion on board as the Russians claimed. Moreover, assertions emanating from Ukrainian sources, that the Admiral Makarov and a number of seamen were killed were given the lie as the admiral, in fine fettle, showed up a few weeks thereafter at a ceremony televised in Russia, receiving an award.

To the uninitiated, Russia’s culture of warfare requires that generals lead their men, from the front, into battle as opposed to the Western conception which has generals leading from behind. Certainly, and in these circumstances there is a high likelihood that comparatively more Russian generals will die in battle than Western generals. However, there has only been an announcement of a single dead Russian general. Moreover, the Pentagon, to the extent anything they may say is believable, have distanced themselves from such claims. The propaganda war continues to be stoked for it offers the best chances for a Western military victory, as slim as that remains.

And to achieve such a pyrrhic victory hundreds of billions of dollars, maybe trillions, ala Afghanistan, in weapons are committed to flood Ukraine in this desperate attempt to repeat Brzezinski’s first quagmire for the then USSR, redux! Many of these weapons are already turning up on the Dark Net. It will be unsurprising when these same weapons are deployed on those in NATO feeding the crooked beast.

This staid strategy however faces a number of not insignificant hurdles as NATO states, and America as its primary member, empty old stockpiles of varied arms essentially to fatten the arms manufacturers and their shareholders/stakeholders as demand for new objects of death take budgetary priority in Washington, ahead of human needs.

If war was, and will forever be a racket, this is it. The United States alone spends more for the military than the next ten countries combined. Russia, for example, spends about 8 percent of what America does and yet they must depend on fascist and Deash to fight their battles for them. This is a measure of the large scale corruption at the centre of imperium.

Other problems with this ‘Aghanistanization’ strategy may include – the destruction of weapons en route to the battlefield, as Russia has a right to, and she has been so doing only on Ukrainian territory thus far. There could be the targeting of military bases in bordering NATO member states which act as conduits. This could be another viable response though a clear escalation if minded that NATO members are not already belligerents in fueling this war, as under the laws of war Russia has such a right to respond.

Under the much vaunted Article four (4) of the NATO Treaty, which is not at all as determinative as popularly presumed, NATO members will then have to decide whether they will consider such an act to be in violation of said article. In addition, reports from the battlefield seem to suggest that such weapons are not easily integrated, there are logistical difficulties repairing broken armaments, that the American javelin, for example, a weapon system of the 1980s is not nearly as effective for the Ukrainians as it was for the Taliban. Ukrainian soldiers are complaining that they are missing 90% of times. The Russians have more advance countermeasures than the anti-countermeasures of the javelin can dealt with.

On the Russian side, the correlation of forces are still overwhelmingly in their favour in spite of a recent statement by Belarusian president and Russia’s supposedly staunch ally Lukashenko that the war was taking too long. Earlier on, they sustained a much larger number of loses than expected, a failure of intelligence, is the claim. Russian military chiefs seemed guided by the notion that there would have been less than heavy resistance from the defenders. In war an attacker needs a three to one numerical advantage to defeat defenders. Ukraine had about 600,000 men under arms, all told. Of these about 150,000 are well-trained to NATO standards.

Maybe as many as 50,000 are defending the capital, Kiev, and the remainder are largely long encircled in the Donbass or in the southern regions. However Russia started this operation with just 200,000 men and there appears to be no inclination to call on the millions under arms except for rotation, rest etc. Of course, there could be a similar number or more within the militias of the Russian coalition as made by the fighters from the Donbass region.

In the Donbass to the east, the defenders though fully encircled are well entrenched. Reports state that networks of tunnels as many as twenty (20) stories deep provide sanctuaries. The last standout in Mariupol is also a bee hive of underground tunnels plus human shields, a clear war crime but you’ll not know this if you’re watching propaganda media. None of the areas to the east and south where Russia has a strong presence can be resupplied by weapons or the essentials for life. In all cases, Russia’s offer is that the Ukrainian soldiers release civilians and surrender but Kiev’s constant response is ‘nyet’ as military leaders parrot the commands which the West is giving from Washington. ‘Nyet mean nyet’ as so clearly stated by William Burns the current CIA director and former American ambassador to Moscow as he tried to council his political masters that bringing Ukraine into NATO, even de-facto like it currently is and has been, was a red line for Russia.

Altogether, and as the Russians continue to bomb infrastructures which make Ukrainian forces unable to effectively wage war, no matter how many more Western supplied weapons they may actually receive, barring unusual circumstances, irrational escalation, Russia will continue to destroy Ukrainian forces on the battlefield, starve them out in their underground dungeons and deliver death to those encircled into cauldrons as they will never be able to be resupplied.

No army can last long without constant resupply. As Russian war dead represent a trickle to the deluge of Ukrainian fighters it’s sickens to see aged men in their 40s and 50s being made to marched into the buss-saw and more and more forming too high a percentage of those killed by a juggernaut, even as it refrains from turning this ‘special operation’ into a real war.

The Russians are clearly giving a beating to the West as if they were errant school boys, on the economic front. The ruble is so strong that the central bank governor has had to take active measures, including increasing some interest rates, to keep its relative exchange rate within a predetermined range. People continue to ask why Russia left its USD300billion in Western banks while they knew their sanctions history and as it turns out having made all kinds of plans to protect the Russian economy from sanctions since 2014. We have reluctantly come to the view that that was mere bait for a trap. Such a seizure being considered as a Western initial default to Russia and as a purely legal matter this act will be crucial in the months to come.

On oil and gas, the NATO alliance is spitting. The Hungarians, for example, consider that their economy cannot exist without Russian oil. So too the Germans in relationship to gas. All of Europe is or will be facing stag-flationary pressures, as is the USA. The horror scenes of the past where White people in Western European countries were going hungry, traumatized by war or freezing to death cannot be underestimated. They will make pictures of deserving victims of war on television while we forget the cold shoulder these countries gave to the NATO wars in West Asia, North Afrika, Europe itself and elsewhere. NATO a belligerent warmongering force is even recruiting Columbia for membership. Watch out Caribbean as a ‘zone of peace’!

As more and more sanctions on Russian nationals continue to erode the ‘culture of rights’ it seems uneventful to the whores in media that the West, just as with Covid19, is still undeterred from violating once perceived rights going back to the Magna Carta, the so called Enlightenment ideals, notions about due process, the sanctity of private property previously presumed to be a bedrock democratic norm etc. Replacing them with the notion that a mentally disabled Joseph Biden could unilaterally announce that assets which were legal before February 24, 2022 are now illegal by his decree. Same with other NATO states, maybe all twenty-seven (27) of them, or most. These singly, but overwhelmingly together, show us that at the very root of Western liberalism resides a rooting despotism.

That Russians whose ill-gotten gain was quite legal in Westminster until recently. Indeed such oligarchs rose to peerages in the House of Lords and whose stolen wealth propped up the government of the United Kingdom for decades, can now be high-handedly taken presumably to feed this maugh of a war as the given reason. What nonsense! Like with Mu’ammar Qaddafi all of this stolen wealth by NATO will again disappear into the pockets of the kleptocratic leaders in Western countries – thieves stealing from thieves. No honour amongst crooks! This is a boondoggle for the most corrupt country in the world, Ukraine, and people like Biden, Ursula von de Leyen, Boris Johnson, Borrell etc. Shameless crooks! Free money for the boys. We trust that the peoples of the world realize that once the underlying foundations have been so removed, in broad daylight, that it is impossible to reestablish the primacy of legal process.

Given that this war is being made to go on and on. And given that Ukraine is merely a proxy serving Western or American interests. And given that there are a number of wars within a war, we estimate a number of collapses. On the actual battlefield we judge that NATO members, and particularly the USA, will have no choice but to accept a humiliating defeat as Russia, motivated by existential demands, totally destroys Ukrainian forces.

In the propaganda war, which the Russians care nothing about, larger lies will be told.

On the economic war we estimate at least a deep recession which will act to influence political equations in the West and the rest of the world. Boris Johnson may already be suffering major electoral loses. Joe Biden will by next winter will have to face large republican majorities in the HoR and the Senate as a lame duck. We should expect greater dysfunction at the centre of empire as Biden and son face impeachment and criminal charges, respectively, relating to Ukraine graft. We forecast the removal of Olaf Scholz from the chancellery, the German chancellor and little, in stature, former army corporal who has been as spineless a jellyfish, has no ability to stand up to America and is no Angela Merkel. The other political crown heads in the West shall fall like tenpins when suffering populations exact vengeance on those within proximity.


Submitted by Pachamama

The late Zbignew Brzezinski’s greatest fear, others too, was the control of Eurasia by non-Western forces. Meaning any actors other than the Atlanticists, specifically not Russia and certainly not in an alliance with China or other Eurasian actors. And they had ‘just’ cause in reaching this determination. For history has clearly shown that “she who controls Eurasia, controls the world.”

The beckoned formation may even be grander than that most feared by Brzezinski on his geo-political, geo-strategic, chessboard. Brzezinski himself always carried an abiding loathing of all things Russian, as most Poles do. Divide and rule – Slav against Slav in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere.

Our master narratives are three (3). Firstly, we have determined that White people, and we refer to Whiteness as a political construction, are highly unlikely to surrender “supremacy” or “exceptionalism” or ‘great again’ absent a cataclysmic event, or series of events. For Western forces have never seen the Slavic people as White and have signaled to the Chinese that there shall have no tolerance for the rise and fall of empires as a long cyclical phenomenon. Meaning, the West must rule forever as divined by their god.

Secondly, that the acili of the Atlanticists has always been that the total destruction of the world is preferable to Chinese or Slavic domination, as constituents of a real multi-polarity, or a world where power is equitably distributed. There is much evidence for this. We would however suggest that the rejection of Gorbachev’s entreaties to Reagan that ALL nuclear weapons be destroyed, banned, ‘disinvented’, absolutely points in that general direction.

Thirdly, there SHALL be no retreating from the actions taken by Russia on February 24, 2022. There has been an irreparable decoupling from the West by Russia. It’s clear to the Chinese that they are next on the West’s hit-list, as well. All the preparations have been painstakingly put into place over decades and now the Eurasian Bloc moves in for the kill as, Joseph Biden, bedeviled by cognitive decline, is hardly able to deal with his own and his son’s malfeasance far less the dire warnings from Vladimir Putin.

The military intervention of the Russian Federation into Ukraine has had multiple affects. The West has widened and deepened its most ‘reliable’ power projection source – economic sanctions. It has declared a heightened propaganda war on Russia. Diplomacy, which has always been war by other means sees NATO leaders/members, as satraps of empire, dutifully on the front lines, prepared to put their own survival on the line in the furtherance of an Anglo-Saxon continued domination of the world.

A calculus which means that 10 percent of the peoples of the world are to forever control the 90 percent. Then there is another war, cultural war, on all Russians, alive or dead, whether they they have links with President Putin or not, whether they own a football club, a yacht, or was a great composer, like Tchaikovsky, long dead.

We call this a ‘woke-ist’, ‘cancel culture’ war within the traditions and thinking of the much deified Winston Churchill who along with Harry Truman, even after Russia (the then USSR) in The Great Patriotic War of 1939 to 1945, had just given twenty seven million (27,000,000) lives to defeat Nazi Germany (Russia itself offering 12,000,000), bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima to send a message to the Soviets, and then sought to invade Leningrad as an expression of their hatred for the Slavic people and to gain control of Russia’s vast resources at the very time when it was at its weakest.

The West never learns from its history, someone once said. The same Nazis they have always supported like Deash, Isis, al Nusra, al Queda more recently, evinces a Churchillian wickedness. Slavs in Ukraine today, divided against themselves, again seeking to do the bidding of a dead Churchill.

The Military War
In the military war and unlike the American/NATO axis whose doctrine of warfare starts and continues with the ‘shock and awe’ of Iraq, Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Panama and many others, represents the opposite of Russian military strategy. In the last 100 years alone we’ve had more than ninety (90) Anglo-Saxon led war. What the wall-to-wall propaganda in the West continues to not even minimally inform their ‘sheeple’ about are the stark differences in military doctrines.

Russian military strategy has long been guided by the thinking of Carl Von Clausewitz. Clausewitz saw war “as the continuation of politics by other means”. And for him, in war ‘political objectives are sought when diplomacy fails.’ Clausewitz sophisticated strategy, unlike Western militarism, would prefer the surrender of the belligerent forces as opposed to their destruction and goes to great lengths to achieve this. It cares not about the capture of territory and cities, as necessarily preconditions for victory. And continues the application of diplomacy even as the military campaign rages.

An understanding of Clausewitz best explains the conduct of the Russians thus far. The cities have not been obliterated except for parts of Mariupol, Vonlnoyakna, Kharkov and few other places as minimally as possible, only in cases where the Nazis and other Ukrainian forces forwent surrender, or removal to the west of Kiev. Electricity, the internet, water and other services remain largely functioning. None of these were possible under any American/NATO war. Russians have all kinds of familial connections to Ukrainians and as such are determined on a just war even though troop loses could be higher viz a viz American/NATO military campaigns 30 days in. A comparison could be made once reliable war dead are revealed.

Russian’s main military objectives have been listed. To achieve them they have successfully surrounded, on all sides, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops in what they call cauldrons. To the west of The Donbass, 60,000 or more elite Ukrainian fighters have been surrounded by Russian and separatists fighter of the Lugansk and Donetsk newly minted republics, as recognized by Russia alone, so far. Today, it has been announced that coalition forces have reached the centre of Mariupol which was stoutly defended by a collection of Aidar, Azov, Right Sector and other Nazi battalions operating within the military of Ukraine, and as Western proxies.

We estimate that Russia will achieve its overall objections by the end of April, Scott Ritter agrees, barring, and maybe in spite of externalities, the flooding of the battlefield with a mountains of weapons aimed at fueling an enduring conflict in Ukraine, on Russia’s borders, like in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the pending false flag attacks, or even worse, the intervention of third parties which will represent an enormous escalation. An escalation which Russia will never countenance. These tactics by America/NATO are those of weaklings. We deem America/NATO as weaker than a spider’s web.

The Russian discovery of up to thirty (30) bio-weapons laboratories in Ukraine is only a part of a wider network of three hundred and sixty-five (365) around the globe, all illegal as funded by the Pentagon through Hunter Biden.

The Economic War

Sanctions and secondary sanctions don’t work, have never worked! However, an army of professional sanctions busters are beating a path to the Kremlin but they are unlikely to find much work as the web of sanctions are boomeranging and effecting the Western economies in unprecedented ways, this will deepen. Amongst these are the proscribing of many Russian banks and the reserves of the Russian Central Bank held abroad. Such attacks on sovereign central banking institutions have never happened before to a G20 country.

For example, official monthly inflation in Atlanticist countries currently range between 7 and 10 percent, monthly. However, when measured using 1980s metrics it’s really between 16 and 20 percent. Not all due to sanctions of course, merely exacerbated by them as the pivotal nature of Russia and Ukraine as suppliers of wheat, both of them, and in the case of Russia, unique competencies in the supply of oil, gas, and a wide range of minerals irreplaceable from other sources in either the short, medium or long term.

Those who have their eyes set on the coming new world order represented by a Eurasian super-bloc are refusing to take dictation from Biden. We speak of China, India, Iran, Venezuela, the countries of Afrika, even countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE see the writing on the wall. China has very close relations with Russia. Indeed, it is fair to say that they are more than strategic allies, according to them – de-facto not yet de-jury. This is easily seen in the recent, some time in February 2022, Joint Russia-China Statement Articulating Opposition to Western Alliance.

In that statement a large part of the Eurasian architecture is on full display, not the military component though. It’s littered with organizations, some of which, few people in the West know anything about. These include but are not limited to The Belt & Road Initiative, APEC, ASEAN, Russia-India-China Format, BRICS, G20 and the Greater Eurasia Partnership. On the other hand the statement spurned the Western military alliances NATO and AUKUS with specifically projected at China for war.

In addition, we can boldly state that within a few days the Russians and the Chinese will announce, in full bloom, a holistic Eurasian financial/economic architecture to replace SWIFT, The World Bank, a new international reserve currency backed by minerals, a competitor to the IMF. They have long declared economic war via sanctions on a third of the nations of the earth. Russia February 24th well planned and timely intervention into Ukraine has heralded the demise of the West and the possible peaceful rise of the East. As the West played checkers the East played Go or in Chinese -Weiqi.

To shorten this section permit us to list a wide range of problems American/NATO sanctions are going to cause within Western financial systems as the Putin-Xi pair of martial artist absorbs American/NATO punches and as expert Judokas, in the case of Putin at least, ready themselves to deliver 10 times the force back at the West. But first, an example of the hurt coming our way.

President Putin’s announcement, a simple determination by The State Duma or the Federal Assembly, that Russian oil and gas sold to ‘unfriendly countries’ must now be paid for in rubles has set the cat amongst the Western pigeons. American/NATO responses beg the question, why would Russia continue receiving payments in Euros or USD when Western countries will simple freeze them in their banks. Are the Atlanticists silly? Or are they so self-centered that even agency is to be denied the perceived non-Europeans. If this riles them so, we need to wait and see what the coming announcement of the new Eurasian financial architecture, as if a nuclear bomb, does to them.

The problems the Western financial systems are likely to face within the short and medium terms and as a result of their own sanctions plus the Jujutsu of Putin and Xi will relate to off-the-book European market transactions for which there were Russian counter-parties; losing control over close-out arrangements; general risks associated with counter-parties for completed deals; too large systemic risksand liquidity strains.

We should expect too large and un-repayable debts within the system, debts so large that they can never be re-paid; risks associated with a possible Russian 150 billion dollar default triggering a Lehman’s Brothers 2.0 scenario; the trigger of insolvency contagion; risks as the East tries to minimize damage to itself while replacing the USD as reserve currency; an accelerated move away from the USD; an increased lack of confidence in a system which sanctions a central bank; the increased printing of money as a driver of double digit inflation; the slaughter of over-leveraged financial institutions. Add the spectre of 3 billion people within a system already built and being readied for roll out, then there will be more pain for the West. We’ve already seen UnionPay, of China, seamlessly and in association with Russia’s Mir card replaced Master Card and Visa, overnight.

The Propaganda War

We must concede that in the propaganda war of words Russia will never be able to compete. With tens of thousands of channels telling the same lies 24/7 not even the Creator Herself could compete with that. With over 150 public relations firms and tens of thousand of lobbyists sitting in Western capitals making sure elected officials adhere to the commands of the militarists, funders, we must await a nuclear weapons in Iraq moment. And that may yet take a decade or more. One half-point to the most evil entities known to man.

The Cultural Wars Against Russians

What can be said about how the Anglo-Saxons systematically create whole cadres of ignorant people ready to see President Putin as some villain, a man worthy of death. They are yet to know that Putin waited and watched for eight years as14,000 Russians in Ukraine were being slaughtered by Nazis, after a coup sponsored by the USA and NATO which violently removed a duly elected government and replaced it with a regime totally controlled Neo-Nazis.

Of which the comic Zelensky, a Jew, is currently its titular head. Even having been shown by the Pandora’s Papers to have amassed over a billion dollars from a benefactor who is the richest man in Ukraine. Zelensky as collateral damage, for all these releases really are intelligence projects trying to expose people they presume have some connection to Putin because the lie of currency is that he’s the richest man in the world.

But the ignorant peoples of the West who presume that it’s fair game to harass, harry, hate, harangue Russians, whether they are the owner of Chelsea FC; Russian restaurant owners in the West; performers of classical Russian ballet, like Swan Lake; or long dead classical composers like Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky, for there are so many; or Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, the first human to venture into outer space. Once you are Russian it is now assumed, in a West, where ‘cancel culture’ and ‘woke-ism’ reign supreme that unless you renounce President Putin you are guilty of his perceived crime. This writer sides with Vladimir Putin and Russia unreservedly while trusting that he might find it possible to stop playing around with minions in Ukraine and strive to cut off the head of the snake.


A clean break has been made from the West by The Russian Federation, and there shall be no way back. Long and hidden hatreds of Slavs have re-emerged in the most visceral manner.

In the military war the Russians have already destroys thousands of elite Ukrainian troops, encircled west of the Donbass, within the most substantial of its network of strategically located military ‘cauldrons’. Even as the propagandists in the West continue to wax poetically about Kiev, as if that was the centre of gravity, it never was. The Russians never gave Kiev any priority, as yet. Why should they, when Ukrainian best soldiers were, before the intervention, amassed along the Donbass region (Clausewitz), poised to genocide the people of Lugansk and Donetsk. Propaganda fails every time, once confronted with reality.

As the Europeans now see the pictures of thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers emerging we sense an awakening is surfacing about the orders of magnitude, the gravamen, the real meanings of the misguidance, which a cabal of Neo-cons in Washington has led them to.

Those Neo-cons which include people like Victoria Nulands, Anthony Blinken and Jake Sullivan never needed their anti-Putin dissertations to enmesh a senile Joseph Biden into a world of trouble at home and abroad. Are these people so ignorant that no lessons could be learnt from Russia-gate? And they are doubling down. For these wars are existential for the paper-tiger of an empire as globalization, especially its financialized structures, comes screeching to a halt thus threatening the world with another recession and maybe even an extended depression. But these monsters care not, once there is a slim chance Russia can be destroyed, balkanized and plundered. A project the Anglo-Saxons have long dreamed of.

Certainly, it was Obama who is on record as saying that ‘one should not underestimate the extent to which Jo Biden could mess thing up’, and he has. The Democrats will be slaughtered in the midterms and maybe, just maybe, we could be looking at another ‘Trumpesque’ presidency but with brains to do more wickedness. His speech in Poland over the weekend could only give comfort to fools. Talking about regime change when The Russian Federation is currently winning the war by a country mile.

Indeed, it must be the absolute highest moral failing for Biden and the Neo-cons who wrote his Poland speak to allow this slaughter to continue in circumstances, when he has all the satellite and other communications intelligence which are showing that this war will descend into a bloodbath for Ukrainian soldiers when a diplomatic settlement on Russia’s terms is available.

The longer the military war, and this is the real war, goes on Russia may well increase its demands, this is standard in warfare, and instead of asking that the Donbass be recognized as independent states, that NATO membership will never be possible, the ‘denazification’ of and demilitarization of Ukraine, all these are currently being achieved in all theatres that matter, it may complete its total conquest, as it already has, what’s currently left of Ukraine, totally landlocked and entirely cut off from the Black Sea, as Russia has constructed a land bridge from its border in the north-east to the east to the south to the south east to the west, joining up with Crimea, all Russian territory.

Lastly, it may be well nigh for astute readers of global events to come to see that that river of blood which runs through everything given us by the West as evil and should therefore be utterly and totally rejected. Those structures carrying the mark of blood must include, but not limited to – Christianity, capitalism, Neo-capitalism, chattel slavery, colonialism, Neo-colonialism, globalization, exceptionalism, White supremacy and democracy. Unfortunately it has taken Vladimir Putin thirty (30) years to find out that the Slavic people with never be considered Europeans, will never be including in the artificiality of Whiteness. That once a Slav, always a slave, in their minds!

Unholy Wars

Submitted by Terence M. Blackett

(Un)holy Race Wars: “His Blood Be Upon Us And Our Children” – Russia Lights The Flame That Brings The Nations To Jerusalem For The Final Battle

They sow the wind, and (shall) reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8.7)

The tessellation of Europe is indeed a fascinating study endeavour. Paleobiologic and Paleogenetic science is unearthing revisionist paradigms of the 19th & 20th century narrative of who came first – whether the Neanderthal, African or the Caucasoid man (all with their morphological DNA imprints) and truthfully, the simple answer can be found in these ‘Divine Words’ – “In the beginning, GOD CREATED both male and female”. Make of that what you will!

In their ongoing conquest of Europe during the Middle Ages – “Race Wars” broke out. The ominous list of (un)holy race wars cloaked & daggered as Civil Wars in England were nothing more than reLIEgious wars” on and off the continent. The ‘Thirty Years War’ was a conflict fought largely within the (un)Holy Roman Empire from 1618 – 1648 and was considered one of the bloodiest and most destructive wars in European history given the worship of the “Black Madonna” (something few relish) by European (Catholics) and bloodline royalty verses the insurgent Asian Albinos (Germanics & Slavs) under the banner of their newly created “PROTEST MOVEMENT” or better yet, the Lutheran “Protestant Reformation” religious affiliations (i.e.) Anglican, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Amish, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Quakers, Seventh-Day Adventism, et al.

As the ‘Protest’ gained momentum, the Catholic Church was dealt a “deadly wound” and by 1798, Pope Pius VI was arrested by Berthier (Bonaparte’s General) on 10th February, 1798 and was hauled off to France where he would die in exile. However, the Slav’s in the East (AKA the Rus or Russians), chose not to completely overhaul the Eastern Orthodox Church that they took from the Byzantines, so as a result, their (un)Holy Images still have “Dark Skin”. Similarly, as the Constantinople Turkish hordes over-ran the Asiatic and North African regions they took the Black Arabs newly created religion of Islam and made it their own. So with the near conquest of Europe complete, the Caucasoids went on to conquer the entire world, and each place they settled brought them the original biological problem of sunburn & skin cancer – as they don’t belong in hot climates as their genetic predisposition is best suited to Central Asia.

The majority of Western liberal commentators and academic talking heads refuse to construct a sound monolithic picture of how the world got to this mesmerizing current impasse, and many continue to ask the asinine question – “what is going on in Vladimir Putin’s mind” given that he has thrown open to the world the ominous gates of a hellish vision of #WW3! Clare Daly in a beautiful parliamentary rant sums up the zero-sum-game being played out on all of us while those in power are completely impotent.

A cogent search and an analytical dissection of Russian history should help us to connect the ‘dots’ but most do not want to dig deep enough for the religious coinage that posits the 3-sides of any discourse or narrative: for 2-sides allow for ‘your truth’ and ‘their truth’ and the 3rd side posits the ‘real truth’! This will be the hubris of this discourse.

In an eye-opening piece by UnHerd entitled “Putin’s Spiritual Destiny – The Religious President Wants To Rebuild Christendom” by Giles Fraser, opens some revelatory catchments for most to explore the Messianic zeal of Russia’s 22-year leader. What was remarkable in that piece is the citation – “Soviet Communism tried to crush all this – but failed. And in the post-Soviet period, thousands of churches have been built and re-built. Though the West thinks of Christianity as something enfeebled and declining, in the East it is thriving. Back in 2019, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, boasted that they were building three churches a day. Last year, they opened a Cathedral to the Armed Forces an hour outside Moscow…

Let us be clear, this war in Ukraine is not being reported on honestly by the 24-hour lame-stream news media pundits or on its president who is a puppet of a billionaire oligarch called Igor Kolomoisky (an ultra-nationalist- Israeli-Ukrainian-Cypriot). The Lame-Stream Media Humpty-Dumpties’ are completely given over to Bernaysian propaganda on all sides of the conflict, and the virulent commentary to garner one-sided views by the amoral news police whose job it is to stoke negative sentiments, ill-will and wanton bias, by using psychological operations akin to mass formation psychosis. For the Russian President this is more than just a land grab – this is about the soul of Ukraine, as stated by the Religious News Service.

Let us be in no doubt that this is a religious war! The lame-stream media will not tell you that Russia’s war with the Ukraine runs deeper than the sociological tenets being espoused by so-called academics, commentators and empty talking heads. This is not about the serpentine fire of the billionaire class or the gesticulation polyTRICKS of authoritarian rule by totalitarian figure heads. This war is not even about the “Great Reset” (whatever the hell that means), given that Putin has thrown a major monkey-wrench into the globalist handiworks. COVID-19 proved our utter stupidity in the light of current revelations and this war simply proves that we can be led around with an awl in our noses like dumb cattle. This war is about Putin & Purim! Ukraine was in the Pale of Settlement during Tzarist rule long before #WorldWarI and the time for major realignment has finally come.

This war is about Russian orthodoxy verses Khazarian Crypto Jewry and the Zionists underbelly of an ancient mercantile beast system that has morphed over 1900+ years since the “MURDER” of Jesus Christ by the reLIEgious Sanhedrin in cahoots with the Roman rulers of His day (all of whom still exist today in a myriad of forms – an exegesis for another day). They swore before heaven and earth that the “Precious Blood of the Innocent Lamb of God” was to be upon them and their children. Thankfully, God will resist the “PROUD” & “FOOLS” & “MURDERERS” for a season until their iniquitous cups are full, so they are forced to drink from their saucers. The ‘Hidden Hand’ of Ultra-Zionism is gloved in ancient rituals, blood oaths and cryptic cabalistic secrecy. It is a Sabbatean death cult with its Neo-Eugenics Movement at its heart, alongside the neo-Nazis death-squads who are in positions of power and global influence, especially in the Ukraine.

Ukraine is Khazaria! With some half a million Jews still on its shores – this war involves them and their ancient sophistries and their rule by subterfuge, subversion & sagacious sapience. The religio-historical antecedents are based on the “ADOPTION” of Jewish/Babylonian reLIEgion and idolatrous customs (cue the apologists, religious scholars who claim knowledge of the house of Judah having emerged from Babylonian/Persian captivity) given the 70 year prophecy of Jeremiah and in the post Middle Ages period (though little known) Khazaria was one of the largest political Jewish formations of its time. Its power, wealth, trade & influence made the Khazarian Jews very rich. When the royal family “converted” to Judaism in the 800’s several noble families and commoners did exactly the same thing – although certain schools of thought seek to debunk this historical fact. The Khazars adopted several tenets of ancient Jewish life notably, the study of the Torah & the Babylonian Talmudic Kabbalah, Judeo-Babylonian holidays & holy days along with Jewish script.

To fully understand the crisis in the Ukraine, calls for intellectual, socio-religious and historical honesty. The research is there but human mass formation psychosis provides every opportunity for plausible denial. In an upside-down world, the dissonance is palpable as most stand on their heads instead of on their feet making it difficult to determine which orifice is really speaking (no dramatic imagery intended).

The Russian president is fighting on so many fronts. It’s more than just broken Western promises; bio labs in Ukraine based on President Biden’s son Hunter involvement in Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners; Zionist-NATO nukes on Russia’s border in Deveselu Air Base in Romania. The city of Caracal is 150 km west of Bucharest Deveselu which is the home of the US Missile Defense Shield that has angered Russia, notwithstanding, a whole sleuth of other socio-political infractions that has resulted in the first major war in Europe in 77 years. So when the Russian Ambassador to the UN spoke of labs in Ukraine – it was met with disdain and rancour and now it is being purported that there is no evidence of labs yet the overwhelming evidence and receipts prove that they are there and Russia will no longer tolerate them on their doorstep, in the event of another global PlanDEMIC as was seen in 2020.

The polarization we now see in our world is endemic of what Samuel Huntingdon cited in the theory of the clash of civilizations. Moreover, we see the world hurtling towards the fulfilment of Revelation 13:16-18 and the “Mark of the Beast Crisis” which will affect the entire planet. Western powers have levelled crippling sanctions upon the Russian people while knowing that the ‘elites’ will continue to thrive irrespective of all that the media purports. This will end badly, as we witness in our lifetime a complete implosion of the world’s economic system, where the “Black Horse” will be followed by the “Pale Horse” of Rev 6 with apocalyptic ramification!

In conclusion, by 1970, Israel and the Soviet Union were virtually at war, although neither side would openly admit to it. This would have been the beginning of #WW3 – however, “Divine Intervention” made the conflict “Stand Down”. Although the land of Israel has been a harbinger for endless wars and the blood of warring factions including the “Blood of Christ” that has run the height of a horses bridle – Zechariah, the prophet in chapter 14 verse 2 paints a cataclysmic picture of the ‘war to end all wars’, where Jerusalem will be encompassed by the armies of the entire world and will see its ultimate destruction and desolation (once and for all). The Gentiles who have trodden down the land for millennia according to Daniel, the prophet, will finally come to their end, with the Neo-Assyrian yoke finally broken off the necks of the “True Israel” (144,000) – 12,000 of each of the 12 Tribes as cited in (Rev 7:4-8; 14:1-5).

From this prophetic scenario will emerge the “Kingdom Of God” on the earth, in the sight of men, where Christ’s servants will be carved out as kings & priests to Him making up that number that John, the Apostle heard. Then will be fulfilled, the prophetic Lord’s Prayer of Christ Jesus: “Let Thy kingdom come, let Thy will be done on the earth as it is done in heaven…

Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Semper Fidelis

Pick a Side

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

Last week (18 March 2022), the US President reportedly told the Chinese President that he needed to pick a side in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The Chinese President was reportedly told that there would be severe consequences for the Chinese people, if he chose the wrong side. This is the world in which we live, and it shows how leaders make decisions that can harm their citizens.

Last week, the New York Times reported that the abandoned computer laptop did, in fact, belong to US President Biden’s son – who is currently under Federal investigation. A federal grand jury is currently examining evidence that implicates the President’s son in corruption in Ukraine. We should remember that Transparency International ranks Ukraine as the most corrupt country in Europe – by far. For context, Russia is ranked as slightly more corrupt than Ukraine.


In 2020, before the US presidential election, there was credible evidence to prove that the laptop’s files were authentic. However, CNN and other major US news agencies claimed, without evidence, that it was “Russian disinformation”. Twitter and other social media sites actively suppressed information about the laptop. Many media houses worldwide repeated the “Russian disinformation” mantra – because they believed, without question, the US news media.

The laptop story is relevant, not only because of the reported damming evidence of corruption in Ukraine. But because major news and social media companies were willing to sacrifice their journalistic integrity, and intentionally deceive the public, with their end-justifies-the-means philosophy to pursue an agenda – in that case, to get Mr Biden elected President at any and all costs.


Last week, Russia finally used their new hypersonic missile in Ukraine. It reportedly travels at 10 times the speed of sound and cannot be stopped with current technology. We also learnt that NATO was able to track the weapon in real time – the first step in designing a weapon to intercept it.

All of this new evidence represents additional pieces of the puzzle, that continues to support the previous explanation of this conflict. The NATO military alliance exists to deter Russian aggression. If Russia attacks a member of the alliance, all countries are obligated to attack Russia – which will start World War 3, and ensure mutual destruction of all but neutral countries.


Ukraine was publicly insisting on joining NATO, which would likely have placed NATO missiles at the Russian border. Such missiles could strike Russia’s capital city, Moscow, with insufficient warning for Russia to intercept. Russia attacked Ukraine before it joined NATO, which avoided the risk of fighting NATO, and starting World War 3 at this time.

NATO could have prevented the current conflict, by agreeing not to admit Ukraine as a member for the next decade. Ukraine could have avoided the conflict by declaring itself a neutral country. Instead, Russia’s concerns were dismissed by both Ukraine and NATO – they were badly advised to figuratively ‘poke the bear’.


Unlike in Afghanistan, where the leaders of cities surrendered to the Taliban to save their buildings and people from being destroyed, leaders of Ukraine’s cities have vowed to fight until the last civilian. The Ukrainian Government armed its civilians with conventional weapons and taught them warfare. Most men are not allowed to leave Ukraine, and are expected to actively support the war. Therefore, this war will be unnecessarily messy for civilians.

NATO members have armed Ukrainians with advanced weapons, which are working remarkably well against Russia’s conventional weapons. The reported Russian military deaths are astonishing – approximately 14,000 to Ukraine’s 2,000. Russia has now resorted to using its advanced weapons, and NATO finally got what it wanted – the opportunity to study them in a theatre of war before they were used against NATO.


There are two wars being fought. One on the ground, and one by the news media. Depending on where one lives: one side is telling the truth and the other is spreading disinformation, one side is good and the other is evil, one side is doing righteous killing and the other is doing war crimes. The truth is that this is an unnecessary conflict, that just needed an independent and honest mediator.

Where were the blessed peacemakers? Why were only warmongers, who arrogantly and insultingly dismissed Russia’s security concerns, allowed on the US media? Every action seemed too perfectly aligned – like a movie script where Barbados was chosen to play the lead role. Barbados was being promoted positively internationally. We just had to take our place on the world’s stage and play the role written for us.


Russia has thousands of nuclear missiles that are maintained to be launched at perceived enemy nations. As an indirect member of NATO, we attracted at least one of those missiles. The only public benefit of cancelling our military alliance with the UK, is that we had the rare opportunity to avoid attracting a nuclear missile – from either side.

To protect all Barbadian residents from a nuclear attack, and be a credible and trusted mediator, we simply had to declare Barbados to be a neutral country. That would have forced us to actively demonstrate that we were indeed friends of all and satellites of none. The Russia-Ukraine conflict presented an opportunity for us to do just that. Instead, we picked a side – perhaps we got a call.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at

Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and the Caribbean Scumarama

Submitted by Nathan Green, SVG, 2022

The unfortunate thing about the US is that its current government are cowardly actors for the greater part. The previous president was a strong man and was hated for being a strong man. Cowards hate men of strength; because they frighten them.

Today the US has the weakest and most cowardly president of all time. He is a man that has spent years telling lies and making false statements to the American people. The cause of today’s most awful problems with Russia invading Ukraine comes from Bidens most apparent weakness. The World sees him as an old man battling senility. Perhaps he is not knowingly a coward because he is not fully complementus.

The other problem is that Biden is surrounded by left-wing jerks who support Russia, therefore Biden is fed mal advice; what is worse, he takes it. Today, the US Generals appear as third rate actors, and one must wonder what would happen if they had to fight a war.

Who advised Biden to pull out of Afghanistan? Who told him to allow the US troops to be pulled out before the Americans living there were evacuated. There were also many Afghan interpreters, US supporters, and employees of the US who would indeed be targeted and killed if left in situ. Low and behold, they were dumped as well; I suppose if they were willing to dump their citizens, they surely would not think twice about dumping the Afghans. When they left, they abandoned more than $80 billion worth of equipment — including 22,174 Humvees and 33 Black Hawk helicopters — in the hands of the Taliban. Most of the equipment was brand new and unused.

Today, some excellent people in the US military ranks are willing to give their lives for their country. The present war in Ukraine is a direct threat to the US because Putin will never be satisfied with taking just the Ukraine. He wants to rule the World. He has threatened the west with atomic weapon retaliation unless they accept he has the right to own Ukraine.

No country has the right to attack another unless that other country attacks them first. There can be no right to go to war because you disagree with the other countries’ policies or leadership.

Russia and Putin commit war crimes in Ukraine, killing and murdering innocent people. Bombing schools, hospitals, and apartment blocks. There is an ongoing attempt to kill every Ukrainian man, woman and child; it is a genocide.

The problem is that the sanctions being used by Europe and the US do not go far enough. If harming one’s economy is a by-product of sanctioning Russia, so be it. Apply every possible sanction right now cut off oil and gas sales. If China backs Russia, tell them they will have the same sanctions applied. If Chinese companies supply Russia, blacklist them and apply sanctions to them.

Is the World able to trust the US to do the right thing over Ukraine? There have to be some serious doubts in that department. The recent record of the US is not good; they are hardly seen as trustworthy with regards to their allies.

Putin’s undeclared palatial mansion in Spain

The US has been faced with an actual situation with an enemy growing in strength for the last twenty years. A state that wants to be the revived all-mighty USSR once again. Yes, I am talking about Russia, Vladimir Putin to be exact. The US government have always known Putin is a scumbag. He became president when almost penniless. Within a very short time, Putin became the richest man in the World with as much as a trillion US dollars tucked away all over the World. The US know Putin is a thief and yet have done business with him for the longest time. Putin only earned $133,763.63 in 2015, which is $18,676.91 more than he made the year before, according to his declaration published by the Kremlin. Yet he has accumulated so much wealth and power that he believes invincible.

The problem with extreme wealth is that those with it lose reality; they believe there is nothing they cannot do, and no one can stop them from doing anything they want. You can see that reflected in some of nuevo riche in the US the owners of high technology, media, and internet companies, people that can control the present US coward class government. They can say to Biden jump, and instead of saying how high, he goes and sits in his basement room for a week or two and tries to figure out what they meant. He can then ask his son what do they mean? Who after a visit to them, for who knows what. Perhaps even selling one or two million dollar paintings on the way home. Then he goes back to daddy and says, jump this high pop.

It may even be that Putin has become mentally deranged. A man like Putin understands and respects very few things, paying people off, sending his secret service to murder people, a man capable of showing equal strength. If you are a senile US leader or a coward, all is lost, and in the present case, the World as we knew it might already be lost. I say that because Putin smelling the US leadership cowardice, even the stench from the streaks in their underpants has made veiled threats of using atomic weapons. That only caused more streaks and a stink rolling around the World.

There may be real dangers for the US from Venezuela and Cuba. Because for years, there have been whispers of atomic missiles once more secretly located in the Caribbean and Venezuela.

People in the Caribbean, like Ralph E Gonsalves, the PM of SVG, support Venezuela and Cuba. Some people have even described the US as evil etc.; in a speech in Cuba, Gonsalves said, “It never amazes me the hypocrisy of the empire.”

The US has allowed communism to flourish in the Caribbean, and spending a little money closer to the home could have nipped it all in the bud.

There are a few past things to read:-

Make sure you read the comments

In this Cuban News Paper, he said the following:-

“Ralph Gonsalves, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, highlighted today the need to defend the revolutionary processes in Cuba and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and coordinate alliances among progressive movements in the interest of guaranteeing the necessary unity to succeed.

Gonsalves, Cuba – “When speaking at the panel *Desafios para una articulacion solidaria de nuestras luchas*, he ratified the absolute solidarity of his country with movements focusing on a better future against the imperialist wave and pointed out the right of nations to develop freely without foreign pressure.”

Gonsalves, Cuba – “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines stand against those who want to impose a non-democratic solution to countries and use different methods that include violence.”

The people of the Caribbean are waiting for Gonsalves to make a statement about Russia invading Ukraine. After all, he did say the above about Cuba and Venezuela, “the right of nations to develop freely without foreign pressure”, “stands against those who want to impose a non-democratic solution to countries and use different methods that include violence.”

So let us see what he says about Ukraine!

Putin is today as Hitler was yesterday; those countries and leaders who want to collaborate with Putin should be punished.

PS does anyone have a reinforced heavy-duty static gymnasium exercise bike with three wheels and truck tyres?

Feeling Sorry

Last week (24 Feb 2022) Russia invaded Ukraine. The reported images and videos of the war are distressing. The reports of deaths are heart-breaking. At this time, we should be reminded of the historical lesson that the first casualty of war is normally truth.

We should not ignore history, and naively believe that this is the first war where truth is not the first casualty. Wisdom requires that evidence supporting and opposing our preferred views be rigorously scrutinised – to reduce the risk of making a hasty decision that we may later regret.


People will be exposed to different views of this conflict depending on where they live. Each country’s politically compromised media will only publish views preferred by their political leaders. Contrary views will likely be ignored, or distorted and ridiculed.

When contrary evidence is suppressed, the public may not know that they are being manipulated to be angry at whatever target the media directs them – to suit an agenda that is rarely in their best interests.

When I heard the reported deaths of all of the Ukrainian soldiers on Snake island, simply for defying a Russian warship, I was angry with Russia. When I later heard that they had surrendered and are all alive as prisoners, I did not know what to believe – but I know that I do not want to be manipulated.


One relevant aspect of this conflict for Barbados, is that trade alliances are not military alliances. Ukraine has many trading partners in Europe and around the world. Eighty-one countries signed a letter at the United Nations condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But despite that overwhelming show of support, none of those countries sent their armies to fight with Ukraine.

Ukrainians now understand that obtaining and maintaining a good military alliance with a dependable military power, is a critical responsibility of any Government. A military alliance is insurance against aggressor nations. Every Ukrainian fighting against Russia desperately wishes that Ukraine was a member of the 30-nation NATO military alliance.


When we became Independent in 1966, Barbados had a military alliance with the United Kingdom (UK). The UK is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, with enough nuclear weapons to deter any other alliance and nation. The UK is also a member of the NATO military alliance, which obligates all NATO members to respond if one member is attacked.

In our Constitutional association, the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) was a part of Her Majesty’s forces [1]. It is during a time of war that the Queen may fully exercise her Constitutional executive authority over Barbados [2]. The BDF were responsible for defending Barbados [3] until the nearest available of Her Majesty’s forces arrived.

Barbados was not in Ukraine’s current uninsured position. Barbados was under the umbrella of NATO by its Constitutional association with the UK. Any nation that attacked the UK in its defence of Barbados, had to contend with all 30 NATO members. That was our insurance against aggressor nations.


Every five years, Barbadian politicians raise their hands and offer to drive Barbados’ bus. If the bus gets a flat tyre, they are supposed to repair it and keep driving safely. If they get too arrogant and start to drive recklessly, then we, the passengers, elect other drivers.

Our drivers were never elected to cancel our bus insurance, and they have no Constitutional authority to unilaterally do so. Tragically, that did not stop them from doing so in direct violation of Section 49 of the Constitution of Barbados, and then challenging any dissenter to go to court – I am the only one who did.

The legality of Parliament’s act to unilaterally cancel our military alliance with the UK, and by extension, with NATO, is currently being decided by the Barbados courts – as our politicians have directed. However, our current uninsured state presents us with a rare opportunity.


Both Russia and Ukraine had legitimate security and economic concerns, that needed an honest evidence-based discussion to prevent war. As an independent nation with no real military alliances, Barbados was well positioned to mediate the dispute, with a neutral rigorous scrutiny of the evidence of both sides.

The main issues seem to be that: (a) NATO was formed to fight Russia, (b) Russia does not want NATO forces on its border, (c) Ukraine shares a long border with Russia, (d) Ukraine fears Russia and wants to join NATO, which would put NATO forces on Russia’s border, (e) Russia requested NATO not to admit Ukraine as a member, but NATO declined that request, (f) Russia invaded Ukraine before it joined NATO – to avoid fighting NATO.


While the first casualty of war is truth, the second is civilian and military personnel. Every death is tragic, and every story associated with each death is emotionally traumatic. Making an emotional decision does not require any effort. We can simply decide that the side we do not support is bad and must be punished. Mediating this matter requires listening to both sides.

Currently, neither side is listening to the other. Those supporting Ukraine are told to believe that Putin is mentally sick. Those who support Russia are told to believe that Zelenskyy is a genocidal Nazi. The world is waiting for an adult to enter the room. Barbados, as a country growing in prominence and with no real military alliances, was in a trusted position to fill that glaring void.


nstead of offering to mediate the dispute as a neutral country, Barbados chose a side and joined Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Jamaica, and Bahamas in signing the letter publicly condemning Russia. Those Caribbean countries’ open defiance will cost them nothing, because they are insured. We seem to have forgotten that we no longer are.

Ukraine accepts that they must fight Russia alone, and are arming civilians to defend their country. They are aware of Barbados’ public condemnation of Russia. But when they learn that our politicians despised our military alliances with the UK and NATO, and harmed all Barbadians by cancelling what they desperately wished they now had, they may pause in their current distress – and feel sorry for us.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at

[1] Defence Act, Section 4.
[2] Constitution, Section 63.
[3] Defence Act, Section 5.

A People Insensitive to War

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

I could not sleep last night. Watching the news casts about the war in Ukraine and Putin’s orders placed to put Russian Nuclear Weapons on high alert just took my breath away.  It’s like a time warp where we have returned to the 1960’s cold war. 

Have you noticed that we are desensitized to what is happening right now on the other side of the planet?

I will go to work later this morning worrying about things that really do not mean anything when you think about it, compared to the threat we are reliving. Possible nuclear war. Nuclear war. Mind blowing. We have not thought about nuclear weapons for decades, believing that those who control them are sane and wise stewards of the most demanding responsible job on the planet. Several nations have these devises of mass destruction including Russia, America, Pakistan, India, China and Israel who believes in Gods mercy but just in case got themselves a bomb too. Sure we worried about rouge nations like North Korea and possible terrorists attacks using these devises, but possible all out world war.

Humans have the ability to disassociate themselves from reality and create their own, satisfying their needs and beliefs. I have been interested in how a outwardly good family man can do all the things you and I would do in our associations with the family and community, and then go to a concentrations camp or prison camp in the gulag and torture and murder innocent people. This method of doing ones job and also being socially normal is particularly had to understand. Our need as human beings to survive and live our lives safely, mentally protects us allowing thoughts and beliefs that can be contrary to logic and reality to fool us into believing we are doing what’s personally and socially right. 

Today, some lunatic or nationalistic fanatic in the military could launch a nuclear missile at the NATO Nations, followed by a response that will assuredly wipe humanity out of existence. How about nuclear powered climate change. Horrible thought, and I am going to work today. Instead of joining many thousands who are protesting Russian aggression, militarism, the existence of horrid dictatorships through out this world I will go to an office and do my job. Am I so set in my routine and my disbelief that others will protect us no matter what? Can we put our trust in our elected officials to observe, assess and then act in the most logical way? Should I gather my family together and live a week of happiness, a vacation that will surely be transformed by what is happening, by what will happen in the present and future?

I am a man of self control, but honestly I am frightened for my family, children, community and really the whole world. Driving to do groceries yesterday I had to pull over because I began to weep at the wheel for some reason. Well with all the stresses we have all felt these past few years and now this to can make us quake in our winter boots. I wish I were in the Ukraine with a sniper rifle defending a people I truly know, a people who wish to live like us in a peaceful democratic nation, far away from Russian Oligarchy’s and nationalistic opportunism. 

I do not like how I feel right now. Helpless, fearful for others I love and people I don’t even know.  

Hear I was worried the Russians would hack into our power grid and make life truly difficult. What Putin has done is far more sinister, THREATENING POSSIBLE NUCLEAR WAR. He also said he had the talent and means to punish those who oppose him using new technologies we have never seen. Surprising that the great powers spend their wealth not on helping humanity, but developing horrible destructive weapons of mass destruction. The dictator of Iraqi was destroyed because of imaginary W.O.M.Destruction. Why are the evil nationalists of the world holding all the cards? Will the Free Worlds embargo of Russia be enough to calm the Russian Bear ? Questions galore with no answers. Anther thing to worry about. Guess we will all have to wait and see. 

Huge your loved ones and appreciate every day.

Russia/Ukraine Conflict

In this part of the world there is the misconception by many that because we are located thousands of miles from Russia and the Ukraine, we will be unaffected by events unfolding. This is far from the truth given the interdependence of the global economy and how unrest fueled by war and rumours of war will further disrupt supply chains and cause volatility in financial markets. Also important is how East West tensions may erase the gains achieved at détente since the Cold War period.

Whether we believe Putin is a warmonger given his paideia that the attempt by former Soviet Union States – now sovereign states – pose a threat to Mother Russia because of potential membership in NATO, fear of growing democracies on Russia’s border or how it may influence the totalitarian system practiced by Russia – these are not exhaustive concerns, these are legitimate concerns.

What we know if Newton’s third law is loosely applied – “for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We have awakened to the news of EU and US in discussions to apply unprecedented sanctions on Russia. Russia is no stranger to suffering sanctions from the West. The annexation of Crimea by Russia is well documented. It is being reported Russia has accumulated 600 billions in reserves to mitigate economic sanctions. This will be a long fight with potential significant fallout for the global economy at the current rate of escalation.

So far the other other major economic power in the world has been reluctant to throw the bear to the wolves. Pundits have been opining that China has formed an alliance with Russia which maybe the comfort President of Russia Vladimir Putin needed to pursue his objectives by invading Ukraine. 

What is amusing to the blogmaster is to listen to commentators using the sovereignty argument to criticize Putin. Others have invoked violation of UN Charters. Where were the same commentators when the USA and friendlies invaded Iraq on the pretext Saddam Hussein had amassed weapons of mass destruction (WMD)? The blogmaster is not intending to endorse policies of either side in the conflict only to respond to positions being taken based on ignorance.

In this part of the world we have to be concerned if military conflict continues to ramp up. In recent days Minister Kerri Symmonds alluded to an urgency for Barbados to increase local production of crude to 200 a barrels by ‘milking’ old wells. Bare in mind we continue to negotiate a pandemic and Barbados along with other economies in the region – defined as open economies – will buffet with the potential to capsize in a global economic storm. 

In the world of geopolitics small islands in the Caribbean have no real voice or influence in the sphere of geopolitics. With the UN Security Council polarized the region must be very careful how we shape a position on the conflict. There is the saying when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

Difficult Conversations – Start Planting

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

If Russia goes to war with Ukraine, the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have promised to inflict punishing sanctions on Russia.

NATO is a military alliance of 26 European continent countries, plus the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Essentially, it is an agreement to defend any member that is attacked. Since Ukraine is not a member of NATO, sanctions is the option NATO chose.

There will likely be a United Nations General Assembly resolution to condemn any Russian aggression. China will likely side with Russia, and will expect its satellites to either vote with them or abstain. Given the satellites’ economic dependence on China, they will feel compelled to fall in line.


Barbados is now in an entirely new situation. Previously, we were insured against aggressor nations by the British military. As a sovereign and independent nation since 1966, that was the only formal relationship we kept with Britain. Over time, we discounted the deterrent value of that insurance, until we shockingly declared in our Parliament that it was worthless.

Last year, we cancelled that invaluable insurance, because our extreme radicals successfully convinced the Government that this was necessary to end colonialism. That was lunatic-level reasoning. But it was generally accepted by our: politicians, lawyers, journalists, moderators, writers, poets, artists, musicians, and singers, who actively promoted that lunacy as truth.


The historical record is littered with leaders who cannot tolerate dissent. They eventually view dissenters as somehow sub-human, and not deserving of any rights – only persecution, torture and death. Previously, we were protected from such tyrants – but now that we are uninsured and exposed, each of us must decide whether our integrity has any value.

In March 2020, the news priority for many was COVID-19. Therefore, the judgement of “The Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China”, rendered on 1 March 2020, went largely unnoticed. In our now unprotected state, it is now relevant to us.


In the early 1990s, a new religion was formed in China, where adherents were to seek enlightenment through doing good deeds and suffering. It was a combination of Buddhist and Taoist traditions. It was called Falun Gong. By 1999, there were approximately 70 million adherents in China, and the Government decided that it threatened China’s social stability.

The Tribunal determined that forced organ harvesting happened since at least the year 2000. “The Tribunal assesses as credible numbers of operations between 60,000 and 90,000 per annum in the years 2000-2014. This, when compared to the number of eligible registered donors, which, by 2017, had risen to 5,146, leaves an incomprehensible gap.”


The Tribunal concluded: “In the long-term practice in the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) of forced organ harvesting it was indeed Falun Gong practitioners who were used as a source – probably the principal source – of organs for forced organ harvesting.”

The Tribunal explained why. “Since 1999 the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) and the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) regarded practitioners of Falun Gong as unworthy of any of those universal rights that attach to human beings by reason of their humanity”.


As an uninsured country, we must be careful not to let our disagreements permanently divide us. Tragically, we have been brought to the brink of permanent division by political operatives, who try to destroy the personal and professional reputations of those who dare to disagree with their political party. That is who we have become, but it is not who we should be.

We should accept the right of all people to discuss their opinions, whether we agree with them – or find them utterly disgusting. So, whether they: choose to worship God or satan, are monogamous or promiscuous, are of our race or another race, choose to have sex with those of the opposite sex or the same sex, are sexually attracted to adults or minors, it does not matter – they are all part of this humanity.


Once we make exceptions on who is allowed to discuss and defend their opinions, we will cross that boundary of justifying evil. Regardless of someone’s beliefs, behaviours, or opinions, we must love them enough to engage in honest evidence-based discussion. Where their actions have broken the law by measurably harming another, then they can argue their case in court. But even if they are convicted, they are still part of our humanity.

We must value our integrity enough to plead the cause of all persecuted persons – especially to leaders of countries with whom we trade. That means that Barbados should, at the very least, ask China to reconsider their persecution of the Buddhist/Taoist Fulan Gong, the Muslim Uyghurs, and the Christians. Or we can consent to their oppression, and accept whatever liabilities come with that consent, by our silence.


We should prepare for war. Our grand parents explained that during the last European war, there were limited imports to Barbados. The planned NATO sanctions are foreseen to harm all nations, which may result in import shortages. Therefore, plant a fruit tree and sweet potatoes on whatever land you have. The soil has already been enriched with the volcanic ash, so our harvest should be bountiful.

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Is Russia Ukraine Conflict a Concern?

It is not surprising to hear anti-Russia sentiment being spouted in the Barbados space. Individuals will form opinions based on how they have been indoctrinated. In this part of the world our people are bombarded with western news streams particularly from USA and UK sources. Again, it is not surprising the anti-Eastern sentiment baked into our world view.

In previous blogs the relationship between superpower USA and Israel has been exhaustively discussed. It is no secret the conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for too long with no resolution in sight. It may surprise many under a Black President Barack Obama, US aid to Israel increased to compare with previous administrations. In this space we also discussed the perceived threat by the USA of a Russian presence in the Caribbean or South America. The point is: foreign policy positions of countries is based on geopolitical factors i.e. geographic, demographic, economic, political, defense-security, regional, global and scientific programs ( Countries like the USA, UK, Russia, Germany, Iran including small countries pursue foreign policy positions in the narrow interest. What is being interpreted as Russia’s military aggression on Ukraine’s border must therefore be contextualized.

The Ukraine was part of the former Soviet Union and is strategically located in Europe if one factors that former Soviet republics Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and a few others became full members of the National Alliance Treaty Organization (NATO). A key concern for Russia’s President Putin is- if Ukraine were to become a full member of NATO it will represent a military threat to Russia because the USA via its alliance with NATO will be too close for comfort. There is also legacy concerns which Russia still harbors from the Cold War period of being one people; one language, heritage etc. 

Does Russia have valid concerns? NATO’s policy is that independent European states are eligible to join NATO. On the other side of the issue for Putin, it is in the geopolitical interest of Russia to block NATO’s expansion in Europe especially on its border. The NATO alliance of which USA is a member, guarantees that if any member is militarily attacked, NATO will be forced to respond. To complicate matters there is the Warsaw Pact created before the breakup of the Soviet Union intended to balance power in that region in response to NATO. The spirit of that agreement in the opinion of the blogmaster is alive and well in the Kremlin.

There is also a view President Biden is perceived as weak by world leaders. China has adopted an aggressive posture to Hong Kong and Taiwan, North Korea recently fired two ballistic missiles to force the USA back to the negotiating table. After years of military build up in Afghanistan and thousands of lifes loss that country has reverted to Taliban rule after Biden honoured a commitment to withdraw US troops. How can Biden justify deploying troops to the Russian border? How will Americans respond to Biden administration with midterm elections coming up?

There is also the economic considerations. One example is US threatening to prevent opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which took years and billions to build with prominent players from the West. If sanctions were to be imposed by the US it will negatively impact Russia but also Western players. There is also evidence since the Crimean episode, Russia has developed alternative systems to buffer the imposition of sanctions.

The blogmaster is not taking sides, just asking for a fair representation of the issues at play which are complicated and should not be dismissed based on inflated rhetoric influenced by propaganda shaped by one sided geopolitical interest. Russia and Ukraine have been exchanging ‘fire’ since 2015. In simple a view Ukraine is at the centre of Putin’s ‘sphere of interest’, this matter will not go away anytime soon.

Global Affairs – The American Empire of Chaos

Submitted by Pachamama

As Obama steps up his concentration on the part of government where he still holds relative influence, he and his allies are taking a beating in Ukraine. As commodity prices leap into a deflationary death spiral, American internal pressures mount on the Venezuelan government to curb its influence in the region, with a serious threat to the Maduro regime. With the ’empire of chaos’ becoming more and more unpredictable, by the day, foreign policy thinkers are seeking to make sense of what appears to be a monumental nonsense – they must come to see it as characteristic of empire’s end. With the rise of Syreza, in Greece, Europhiles are waiting for an anti-austerity backlash that could change the political landscape of the community and deliver a mixture of socialists and far right elements into the seat of several governments.

This represents but a snapshot of the global political-economic-military environment. It is an environment in which interests, not friendship nor sentimentality, inform national decision making in a largely callous manner. There is no loyalty amongst nation states as there is none amongst thieves. So the ‘peace’ president has traveled to Indian where he signed significant agreements with Narendra Modi, an ultra right wing, Hindu, zealot. Those agreements included the transfer of nuclear technology in a potentially volatile arena. The trade dimensions would suggest to observers that Indian is now being groomed to challenge or create a rift in relations with China. It is however remarkable that at the military parade, of which Obama was invited to observe, nearly 100% of the equipment on display was Russian.

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Putin – The Theory of the Big Lie

Submitted by Pachamama

Vladímir Putin - President of Russia

Vladímir Putin – President of Russia

Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it – Lysander Spooner

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act  – George Orwell

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truthJoseph Goebbels

All warfare is based on deceptionSun Tzu

Our central point of departure rests on the truism that we live within a tapestry of lies. But when it comes to Geo-politics, the theory of the big lie was always necessary in the maintenance of empire. Notwithstanding this centuries old adage, the big lie remains a potent weapon in the quiver of the powers as they seek to conduct war, by any means necessary, against their foes. In recent years we’ve had big lies serving to instigate illegal wars against Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Gaza, Yugoslavia and others. However, the recent war propaganda against Putin’s Russia take the big lie to new and staggering levels of acceptability. Indeed, the very existence of the Anglo-American Empire has come to rest on the acceptance of these big lies as truisms.

We have never been persuaded that any country commands any high level of innocence. Indeed, we see countries as impersonal entities without any enduring friendships but with perennial interests. These national interests guide countries and blocks as they tussle for advantage and ascendancy. In this pursuit countries may try a combination of diplomacy, politics and other cultural and economic levers to change the balance of power, gain strategic advantage. In the event where there is a failure, militarism, including sanctions, maybe employed by belligerents to achieve, through violence, that which could not be so done by ‘peaceful’ means.

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Dateline Ukraine – The NEW Cold War, The Grand Chess Board

Submitted by Pachamama

Photo Credit: 4 News

Photo Credit: 4 News

The schizophrenia of Western leaders and policymakers reminds us of their ‘illustrious’ forebears in Ancient Rome, particularly Nero and Caligula. For it was Caligula (37AD – 41AD) who named his horse as pro-counsel and Nero (54AD – 68AD) whose location of extreme madness at the centre of world governance remains infamous, even after nearly 2000 years. The proximity of this culture of insanity is not unlike the normalization of the madness of Bush (the younger) and Reagan, in more recent times. If we wanted to be charitable to Obama and then proceeded to draw parallels to the Libyan Roman Emperor, Alexander Serverus (222AD – 235AD), based solely on their supposedly mixed racial characteristics, a straight line of insanity to high office could be drawn directly to Barack Obama. Indeed, all Presidents of the USA were, are and must be, mad dogs of war.

At the end of the ‘last’ Cold War, Bush, the father, Reagan and Clinton promised Gorbachev of the former USSR that they will not bring NATO to Russia’s borders. However, as soon as there were sure about the formal dismantlement of the Soviet Empire they proceeded to do exactly that, with a number of states of the former USSR either joining NATO or becoming members of the European Union (EU) or both.

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