Global Affairs – The American Empire of Chaos

Submitted by Pachamama

As Obama steps up his concentration on the part of government where he still holds relative influence, he and his allies are taking a beating in Ukraine. As commodity prices leap into a deflationary death spiral, American internal pressures mount on the Venezuelan government to curb its influence in the region, with a serious threat to the Maduro regime. With the ’empire of chaos’ becoming more and more unpredictable, by the day, foreign policy thinkers are seeking to make sense of what appears to be a monumental nonsense – they must come to see it as characteristic of empire’s end. With the rise of Syreza, in Greece, Europhiles are waiting for an anti-austerity backlash that could change the political landscape of the community and deliver a mixture of socialists and far right elements into the seat of several governments.

This represents but a snapshot of the global political-economic-military environment. It is an environment in which interests, not friendship nor sentimentality, inform national decision making in a largely callous manner. There is no loyalty amongst nation states as there is none amongst thieves. So the ‘peace’ president has traveled to Indian where he signed significant agreements with Narendra Modi, an ultra right wing, Hindu, zealot. Those agreements included the transfer of nuclear technology in a potentially volatile arena. The trade dimensions would suggest to observers that Indian is now being groomed to challenge or create a rift in relations with China. It is however remarkable that at the military parade, of which Obama was invited to observe, nearly 100% of the equipment on display was Russian.

Of course, Obama is also signaling, to India’s arch nemesis, Pakistan, that a deepened relationship with the neighbour is of much more importance than the intractably failed state next door. That Pakistan’s helpfulness in creating an empire of chaos using terrorism maybe be losing its cachette. Of course, India still has a long way to go. Those of us who have gone there are oftentimes put off by the levels of poverty, pollution of the cities, a level of government dysfunction as not befitting a great nation. The level of trade between Indian and the USA is unremarkable but it is next door to China and may form a forward-base for the destabilization of China by supporting the Muslims in the Xinjiang region, for example. There are 400 millions Muslims in India.

Last November he was in Myanmar. Clinton had previously made a hurried visit when ‘an opening’ appeared that would give the Americans another opportunity to surround China. When ‘Burma’ was a military dictatorship, like it still is to this day, elections are to be held sometime soon they say, there was a very different kind of narrative. There was a lot of talk about sanctions and human rights issues but an opportunity to surround China could make the ugliest of nations come in from the cold and be a close ‘friend’ to this empire of chaos. It is not to matter to those who profess to care about human rights that the majority Buddhists, Myanmar are committing genocide against the Royhindras – Muslims, presently! People who in their minds are stateless, even if they have been living there for hundreds of years. These issues are unlikely to deter Obama, the military government or Aung San Suu Kyi, the laureate who is neither noble nor peaceful. All the same we live in a world of doublespeak where reality is the opposite of what we are told, by all parties.

The Myanmar example is the model Obama would like to impose on Tehran and Havana. Thereby, showing foreign policy victories as part of some presidential ‘legacy-building’ effort. Nixon to China-like. But the Cubans are insisting that Guantanamo Bay be returned and that reparations be paid for the damage done to Cuba over the last 50 years or so. These are just demands, of course. These are what you call heavy diplomatic body blows. Obama will be unable to deliver on these but the Cubans already have him over-committed to improving relations. On the other hand, they maybe just the opening gambit in a game on the grand chest board. The Iranians are in an extremely more powerful positions. A great country with an illustrious history, possessing large reserves of natural resources, a regional super power and in a critical geo-strategic location. It is a country that has, on balance, used a near 35 year sanctions regime to developed indigenous capacities. AIPAC and their friends in Washington, nearly 100% of lawmakers,  will not want to see the success of current negotiations, unless it means total Iranian capitulation, which will never happen, or rapprochement between the empire of chaos and the Iranians. Washington knows they can’t win any war against Iran and that Iran will not fall into their traps.

Obama stopped off in Saudi Arabia, kissing the ring of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. He would, no doubt have taken the opportunity to express commiserations for the recent and ongoing failures, of all kinds, of the American nefarious projects in the Middle East. For it was Salman, if his Alzheimer’s or dementia, would not have prevented the host from remembering his exploits in arming DASH, ISIS, ISIL, Al-Qaeda to destroy Syria, Libya, Iraq and as many other regional countries as possible. Even their most favoured client state – Saudi Arabia seems to now feel threatened. Cutting off the American financial and military support seems to have become necessary for this snake they created was starting to bite the creators – Charlie Hebdo 2015. While the backlash is clearly with us, Obama still recklessly talks about funding and arming a ‘moderate opposition’ in Syria. Like he has been doing for 4 years now. What a royal asshole!

Obama would no doubt have already made the judgement that this new Saudi dictator will be just as supine as the last one – the ultimate American satrapy. There is no way Salman would have even gotten anywhere near to being king unless the intelligence was favourable. Saying that he will follow in his brother’s/father’s footsteps, he has now jettisoned his brother from a Black slave women, Bandar bin Sultan and his son from the intelligence-national security apparatus. In this we find a message. It says to us that the new regime, maybe acting on orders from Washington, has determined a ‘pricely prince’ must be sacrificed for the failures to remove the Syrian regime. For letting DASH get out of hand. But the wicked Americans will still settle for the runner’s up prize – continuing chaos in Syria. And their Zionist beachhead is reliably and quietly provided continued chaos next door in Syria.

And Obama would have thanked the Saudi for waging an oil war on their enemies. Creating chaos in the commodity markets. Never mind such chaos is also succeeding in bankrupting a sizable portion of the American economy, there are benefits from all sides. The Saudis will get to harm Iran, Venezuela and Russia. This serves American interests. As they cleanse the marginal players from the market, players who need oil to be above US$80 per barrel to survive. Obama would have benefited by controlling Texas oil interests, at home, who are accumulating too much of a war chest to use against the Democratic party amid talk about succession. Consumers benefit, if they have any money at all. Everybody could benefit, only if they had jobs or real wages were not at 1970’s levels or the middle classes weren’t eviscerated or the billionaires and millionaires didn’t have all the money or the real economy wasn’t dead. These criminals have brought a level of desperation the peoples of the world, hitherto-fore, have never seen.

One place in the Middle East Obama is unlikely to go before his term ends is the Zionist state. He is not known to have very friendly personal relations with Bibi. They loathe each other. But the politics of the US Senate and Congress make Israel the most favoured nation to empire, still. So Bibi could openly defy Obama and Obama can’t interfere with America’s staunchest support for that settler state. The tail wags the toothless tiger. Maybe this is a good thing. Only yesterday, the Lebanese resistance group, Hezbollah, in retaliation for the killing of five (5) high ranking military officials in Qunaytirah two weeks ago, and one (1) senior Iranian general, conducted an operation in Shebaa Farm as payback. And Israel, a dying regime, which is no stronger than a spider’s web…………… can’t do a damn thing about it.

Empire is using the Israelis just like they have used Al-Qaeda, the Maidan crowd or anybody else. This chaos of terrorism as run by empire has the Israelis hosting tens of thousand of Al-Nusra ( an offshoot of Al-Qaeda) TERRORISTS in large military bases in the Golan Heights and into Syrian territory from whence they act to destabilize the Assad regime. Their masters know they can’t and don’t want them to win. Al-Nusra has military fortifications, large depots of explosives, anti-aircraft missiles, heavy weaponry and safe havens provided by Israel. That these idiots could be used in this fashion by the enemies of all Islam to kill Muslims, Christians, Yazidis and most of all against the Resistance Axis illustrates a misguidance, at least. Especially when we consider the use of far right extremists elsewhere should tell them that the centre of empire can no longer hold and that constructive chaos will NOT birth their new world order. This is the reason Obama and Netanyahu can’t agree, it is about giving money to Israel to pay for the hordes of terrorists hosted by Israel. America is the leading terrorist state and Israel is its colony.

The graphic video above shows that the Western created chaos in Ukraine is unable to bring peace to the country. Sometimes we talk about war as if it is something to play with. Especially people in the Caribbean who know not of the colour of real war. This video, with English sub-titles, shows Ukrainian soldiers with ‘brainless’ heads. The emotions of women, mothers who lost sons in this carnage, not for Ukrainian interests, but for the interests of a dying American Empire of Chaos.

This kind of chaos in the economic, political and military environments will effect the whole of Europe leading to increased destabilization, economic failure and eventually, generalized war. Any war on Russia’s borders will mean the use of nuclear weapons. Any use of nuclear weapons, anywhere in the world, will mean an end of earth event. All the officials accept these calculations but the empire of chaos, as if on auto pilot, keeps driving us to the brink. To the point of no return!

Escobar is suggesting the Saudis and the Qataris maybe starting to have second thoughts about being the paymasters for the global terrorism campaign which has supported the empire of chaos. Well, even the most belligerent of idiots have to come to a ‘Christian’ understanding sooner or later. The empire of chaos is lost. It does not know where next to turn. It seems, the more they come to recognize their fate the more reckless these people will become. We are less hopeful they could stomach a sustained challenge to dollar supremacy which will be upped this year. For that is their Achilles heel. The nuclear clock has just been judged to be at two (2) minutes to Domesday. In 1994, it was at 19 minutes to midnight. How much longer will it be before there is a triggering event?

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  1. John Hanson 1781-1782- I SERVE 1788- 1792 BARBADOES.
    January 30, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    The DLP and BLP vote buying scumbags , Who can not live by law, Soon they all will be removes so Barbados can live again ,
    Massive land Fraud , Bank Fraud , and History Fraud , re- written by the National Trust and their Scumbags liars who put up fake web sites, fake books, Fake teachings to cover up all this is wrong with Barbados today . Plantation History and what other great Bajan’s have done for Barbados like Queen Beatrice Henry and Queen Violet Beckles,

    Barbados Library, Barbados Archives , Barbados Land Registry , and even the Inland Revenue ,over 270 years of the Family Names wiped out of Barbados History.

    As these pimp title Holders so-called Knight of England piss on the Queen ranks and titles to Defraud the World of the Facts , ,, And Yet the Royal Barbados Police refuse to go after well know crooks like Sir Richard L Cheltenham QC, Phd crook, Sir C.O Williams, Crook , Sir Beckels at UWI , Sir Henry are in good Company with Sir Standford and Madoff now going massive Jail time in America,

    When will the True Crown show up and lock these Bitches up,
    Slavery maybe over , but we have some real Niggers and Niggards around here in Barbados, Now Clico and Sagicor land grabbers , Now they can not get any more land the Bitches running off the Island and the slave company Sagicor, Bye bye bitches,

    As we deal with a Speaker of the House of Rats and Mia need to be in jail for Murder and land Fraud Motley ,.

    Great Clear title of Land work done by the Inter-American Development Bank IDB to pull out of the 60 Million and now 160 Million Dollars dealing with the DLP and BLP for they have no Clear title to Land in Barbados, ,, Let the Bitches suffer until they are Both Voted out of Office and into the Hands of the Law,

  2. @ David

    That’s the nature of empire. They can’t feed everybody but don’t want others to either. It’s about influence, power!

  3. David this article is deep; it was at least 4 page-downs on my PC.

    In this case you could have asked the author to break this up into three or four articles and then you would have materials on these vexing global issues for a month or more. This thing is also absolutely very difficult to properly comprehend or digest.

    The author does himself an injustice in that regard.

    So all that said I accept the author’s apparent point that the US (and their axis of ‘bad’ -UK, France, Germany et al) are the boogey-men in every trouble spot and conflagration worldwide. However, I embrace and welcome that boogey-man role even as I recognize that with that comes lots of problems, deception and pain.

    I prefer those problems, deception and pain under the US led banner to any other banner.

    And re the closing point ‘how much longer will it be before there is a triggering event” , none of us know.

    The doomsday clock does its intended job of keeping public awareness on the real threat of nuclear Armageddon.

    It’s an interesting timepiece, however, as it’s not a continuous measurement to the doomsday hour. It’s symbolism does have room to reflect improvements in world affairs.

    Looks quite difficult at the moment but does ISIS want to get their swath of those hard-won lands made into a bombed-out waste-land by deploying ‘dirty bombs’.

    Does IRAN really want nuclear (or other) destruction of Israel when the absolute direct result is nuclear (or other) destruction of IRAN.

    It’s very difficult to employ rational thinking with irrational people; so any day could be a harbinger of actual devastation started by an irrational act.

    But also it could not.

    So I choose to believe that the 2 minutes to doomsday can be enough time to see Rhianna’s daughter/son win a Grammy.

    • @Pacha

      With mid and long and mid range ballistic missiles available to the U.S.A and friends who do you see a need for the geopolicy to crowd China as necessary ?

      On Saturday, 31 January 2015, Barbados Underground wrote:


  4. It’s A Set Up: World War To Blame For The Coming Economic Collapse. By Gregory Mannarino

    “War is the game; war is the plan, and all of this is leading towards, unfortunately, a collapse of the monetary system which is going to be blamed on this war.”

  5. @ David

    Simply put, it is about having forwarding bases. Not only for hot wars but for destabilization campaigns from within. Remember, the USA has 1000 military bases in countries. When you can use diplomacy to get nearer to your persevered enemies there are a wider range of levers available.

    Wars can’t be won with missiles alone. In any events powers have other preferences. They would prefer that perceived enemies acquiesce (diplomacy), that others fight their wars for them (ISIS, DASH, Israel), that these wars are always fought in somebody else’s lands. Missiles alone or even hot wars are never the preferred options.

  6. What’s up with that recent bizarro, weird-ass pic of world leaders on the cover of The Economist mag anyway?

    Look at French President, François Hollande, who is standing in the second row of world leaders. Just to his left is a woman with a strange, winged headdress, looking fixedly at him.

    Bingo! That is the Rothschilds’ calling card, their weird way of telling Hollande that they have plans for France and that he had better watch out.

    Let me explain. Please click this link and look at the headdresses and masks from a Rothschild family sponsored soirée, or Illuminati party, as it were, that was held in 1972 at the Château de Ferrières just outside of Paris. I don’t even want to know what some of the photos mean.

    If you have seen the 1999 film, Eyes Wide Shut, by Stanley Kubrick, then you will understand that his film was very likely alluding to the sort of 1972 “party” at the Rothschilds’ French mansion that you can see in the link above.

    The woman with the winged headdress who is staring at President Hollande could have stepped right out of the 1972 Rothschild “party.”

    The occult, hidden, shadowy, stealthy movers and shakers and backstabbers and cut-throat billionaires and so-called “ruling elites” that are dragging the world down to ruin are the very people who frequent these Illuminati “parties.”

    It is with this subtext that French President Hollande remarked a few days afterward that the so-called “terror” attacks in Paris were carried out by the “Illuminés” (French for the Illuminati).


    The ever faithful CIA is now being said, in US mainstream media, to have been responsible for the assassination of Imad Mughniyah. Who was he? Was the commander from Hezbollah who conducted and won the 2006 war with Israel.

    In addition, his son was one of the senior Hezbollah officials killed by Israel, two weeks ago, in the Golan. Thereby the Resistance response.

    All kinds of wars are everywhere, everyday!

    • @bookworm

      Your response confirmed the obvious.


      Another example of the irony is the foreign policy by the US towards Cuba shaped by a group of mainly Republican Hispanics of Cuban descent. Does not make since dies it.

  8. @ David

    You must remember that empire needs a raison detre. The Jews give the root for American exceptionalism. ‘Western civilization,’ as it is.

    Its just like marketing, you try to associate an emotion, an invisible notion to product in order to ultimately control the most important real estate – the human mind.

    • @DeeWord

      Do you think the foreign policy of the great US superpower should be shaped by those who have money, in this case the Jewish lobby? What about what is just? This is a hashed subject, no need to posit a thesis to make the point.

  9. @ David
    As I have no idea what that pseudo intelectual left wing claptrap is all about I find it impossible to have any views. I will leave you and him to discuss it to death, him with his diatribes and you with your one liners.

  10. David, as Bookworm suggests, your one-liners are a bit too mystical sometimes.

    I miss the point with “some discuss the US as a superpower yet ignore the vice like lobby and influence of the Jews. The irony”.

    Anyone who ignores the impact of the Jewish lobby in US politics is a neophyte and obviously not competent enough to be pontificating on geo-political matters.

    So I am really not sure what point you are trying to make there.

    The hatred between the Israelis and their Palestinians brothers and sisters is not going to be affected by Obama and Netanyahu dislike for each other or this petty slight between the Speaker and the President. That is boys being boys in the most public sandlot possible. They will get over the tiff.

    Just as unfortunately it was not truly soothed during the fleeting cumbaya moment under Pres. Carter with the leaders of Israel and Egypt.

    We saw how that worked out.

    Presidents come and Presidents go but that lobby remains. It is what it is.

  11. @ Green Monkey January 31, 2015 at 10:36 AM
    The Economist cover seems to have created a bit of a stir in conspiracy theory circles. While it is possible for any of us to fabricate our own stories about what it means, the truth could only be found by asking someone involved in producing it. Well someone did exactly that and phoned the Editor of the magazine to ask what it all meant. I am afraid it is all a bit more pedestrian than the conspiracy theorists would like:

  12. David January 31, 2015 at 1:48 PM #


    Do you think the foreign policy of the great US superpower should be shaped by those who have money, in this case the Jewish lobby? What about what is just? This is a hashed subject, no need to posit a thesis to make the point.
    Spain seems to leaning towards that Jewish Dollar.


  13. We have read Pachamama’s post a few times now. We suppose the theme is meant to be how America is controlling things around the world, just for the hell of it.
    You can, of course, take that view but we don’t. You need a far greater dose of paranoia than we have to pull all of those separate strands together and see it all as a giant conspiracy.
    By the way, we have decided to go plural now, like Pachamama.

  14. LOL @ St George Dragon

    By the way, we have decided to go plural now, like Pachamama.
    You know what they say about imitation…. ha ha ha

    @ Pacha
    Funny how you get the same response as Bushie …although you are attempting to put an intellectual and academic spin on topics that Bushie prefers to explain spiritually…

    See why Bushie cuts the high level intellectual claptrap now and just stick with the whacker…?

    The project called “life on earth” as we know it is coming to its end….as all physical living things do…. no surprises there…….towards the end-of-life period, shit happens…. organs fail, memory and habits fail and chaos reigns …..

    Added to all this, there is a MAJOR spiritual battle under way, of which almost everyone is blissfully unaware…this battle is for control of the minds of human beings, and it routinely generates the most illogical, disruptive and catastrophic consequences for human societies imaginable….

    As Bushie has said before, there is NOTHING IN EXISTENCE with more potential value than the mind of a righteous man….
    Perhaps it may be best that we remain blissfully unaware….

    Excellent attempt to rationalize the status quo by Pacha….especially given that you do so without the benefit of the ultimate underlying conceptual framework that drives the whole epistemology of the situation…..

    The long and short of it…..
    Jesus is coming again – REAL soon…. 🙂
    wuh loss….

  15. @ Bushie

    We agree on ALL the fundamental issues, all. There is no space between your views and ours.


    The only thing we disagree about is the BBE thing.

    Sometime we are afraid when you come too near to convincing us. So when you see us recoil it has more to do with us than you. LOL

    In other words, you could preach like Simon Peter, we will not be moved. LOL

    However, it would be a good thing if your conclusions are correct. At least, it would save a lot of mental energy trying to understand certain phenomena and at the same time will destroy these demons that we’re tired fighting against. LOL

  16. “…you could preach like Simon Peter, we will not be moved.”
    Bushie understands that feeling Pacha.
    That is why it is easier for a camel to negotiate the Needle’s eye than it is for a rich man (…and even more so for an extremely intelligent one) to access the key to understanding BBE.

    It is really very simple….
    Rich people find it very difficult to ask…..since they usually just BUY…
    Very bright people don’t have to ask…since they usually know…(more than most)

    Unfortunately, in order to understand BBE one NEEDS to ASK…
    Ask …it will be given
    SEEK…you will find
    KNOCK…and BBE’s door will be opened….
    LOL….this was right up a bushman’s street….

    …and BTW Pacha, you CANNOT win against those demons. They are way outta even your league…..special armor is needed skippa…
    LOL …and Bushie can’t even lend you his breastplate…and certainly not his whacker… haha

  17. @ Exclaimer

    People like Bryan Stevenson are seldom valued in Barbados, the Caribbean or the third world for that matter.

    He could have made millions serving high-priced clients at the most prestigious law firms, being a Harvard graduate and all. instead, he chose to defend the poor, and the worst of the poor, prisoners. The least of these.

    You know prisoners are the new slaves in the American system.

    Thanks, but he’s much better person than we could ever be.

    • @Pacha

      Whether one agrees with you or not it forces anyone thirsty for information to research and open their minds to other viewpoints. This is what BU is about.

  18. @Exclaimer February 1, 2015 at 6:00 AM #, Excellent Link…Great story————–

    Maybe some 20+ years ago there was the start of a vigorous debate in US re the prison system; principally the discourse centered on the growing privatization and corporate money making focus on the backs of predominately Afro Americans.

    Reviewing the facts as quoted by Stevenson in this article brings that insidious plan clearly into focus.

    “In 1970 America imprisoned 300,000 of its citizens. Now it imprisons 2.3 million people.

    “A quarter of a million children have been sent to adult American jails in that time…

    “One in every three black male babies born today can expect to be incarcerated (for the white population it is one in 15).”

    Mind boggling. Simply, mind numbingly boggling

    Of course there are deep social questions to be answered but if prisons are privatized there surely will be a biased prosecution system to supply the inmates to these income generating ventures.

    A call to work harder for those who know if there was ever any doubt.

    • @DeeWord

      Do you remember what the ‘great’ American Vice President of patatoe fame stated the root cause for societal problems?

      Hope this one liner is not too mystical for you.

  19. @ David February 1, 2015 at 8:40 AM …Whether one agrees …it forces anyone thirsty … to research and open their minds… This is what BU is about.——

    David, point well made. What I also expect from person’s like this author who is clearly very well read and intelligent is a purposeful and clear distillation of the facts according to him and some new insight or perspective. That’s what columnists do, after all.

    As I mentioned previously this article was absolutely too rambling.

    Take your question to the author: “With mid and long and mid range ballistic missiles available to the U.S.A … to crowd China as necessary ? ”

    The response in part: “Simply put, it is about having forwarding bases…
    Wars can’t be won with missiles alone. In any events powers have other preferences.”

    That’s nonsensical to me.

    If they have other preferences why highlight the bases then, as you rightly pointed out; and based on the current interface between China and US: the amount of US Fed debt held by China, the astronomical amounts of trade between the two countries, how does war make any practical sense.

    What exactly does destabilization even mean as he details it?

    Everyday, China is conducting PC intelligence attacks in the US to get data on new designs, new formulas etc etc. Is that destabilization too?

    Explain to me perhaps how well placed PC attacks are far more likely to get us closer to midnight on that doomsday clock rather than the same old tired, ad nauseum talk of an Israeli assassination attack followed by a Hezbollah rocket barrage as an indication that ” … Israel, a dying regime, which is no stronger than a spider’s web…”.

    That would suggest the Arab states, Hezbolla and Hamas are less that grains of dust then, as this web is holding them efficiently these many years.

    David, I welcome the author’s ability to strong opinions and I read all his articles because I know that I can learn something.

    But realistically, we (BU fam) would rather read a properly articulated piece that we disagree with vehemently than read about how well he knows the names of various terror groups world-wide and other simplistic comments, like: ” … Obama …signaling, to India’s arch nemesis, Pakistan, that …relationship with the neighbour is of much more importance than the intractably failed state next door”

    This strong relationship the Pakistanis didn’t know of for the last 15+ years of drone strikes and incursions and the well entrenched India-US call centers!

    As I said previously, he did himself an injustice with this one. His overall point is clear but it’s the same one he makes all the time with no new insights.

    Bushie or Pieces can define the quote better, but I paraphrase: for whomever much knowledge is bestowed then is expected much in return.

    The author owes us on this one. He has much knowledge.

    • @DeeWord

      Unlike you we do not get caught up in format, whether thesis statement is clear, grammar etc. BU has been dubbed a virtual rumshop and the BU household has no problem carrying this label. It is a place where the intelligent and the dullard can lock horns without fear of the weight of peer review or some other academic rigour.

      China is busy committing economic hegemony on the world while the US continues to use the conventional approach of wars and rumours of wars. China has a vested interest in the good performance of the US economy but it is mindful that it has to diversify or die given the US domestic market has become saturated and its big companies need to go global to satisfy Wall Street forecast and share price expectations . At the same time low cost production by US companies relocating to China and its environs is bringing its problems to the US economy.

      China has refused to allow the market to grab the renabi and instead has manipulate the price points to its advantage. There is a lot we mere ordinary citizens do not know. Here is what we know, the Barbados Speaker authorizing the distributions of Chinese laptops to parliamentarians.

  20. @David February 1, 2015 at 9:28 AM ..Do you remember what the ‘great’ American Vice President of patatoe fame stated the root cause for societal problems? Hope this one liner is not too mystical for you…………….

    LOL. No, This one is clear.

    And, actually no I don’t so will review.

    I’ll hazard a guess though that it might have been along the lines of family values and the out-of-wedlock pregnancies in the Afro community.

    That’s a favorite mantra of the Republican right, thus the guess.

    BTW that’s an interesting discourse itself or as you would say, an already hashed debate.

  21. @ David February 1, 2015 at 11:42 AM…Unlike you we do not get caught up in format …. BU has been dubbed a virtual rumshop … where the intelligent and the dullard can lock horns without fear of the weight of peer review or some other academic rigour. ====================

    Sorry David, I can’t allow you to get away with this misrepresentation.

    I do not and will never call out a blogger on grammar etc. If I can understand what he is saying then I cool.

    Even in the most rowdy rum-shops, the real discussions (not the ones where people want to fight) but when they want do discuss boisterously and practically on a position are rooted in reason and logic. This bar should be no different.

    People like Pacha, Bushie, Pieces, GP, Money B and so on are good.

    They are like the professor who comes into the rum shop for a drink with the boys to shoot the breeze. Rum shop or class room or peer conference, they gotta lay out his facts properly.

    That’s all I am saying sir. I don’t want no fancy format, nor pretty grammar, no academic rigour. Not in the least. I just need practical and reasoned words of wisdom from the Professors. Don’t need to agree either.

    No rambling. Talk first, drink the rum after.

    re: “There is a lot we mere ordinary citizens do not know.” Absolutely right sir.

    We know as much as we want to know.

    I know that you know for example that the concept of US companies mfg’ng in China is so ‘yesterday’ that some have started to revisit that model and are trying to redevelop manufacturing back stateside (for various reasons).

    I know that you know for example that Chinese companies only need to “to satisfy Wall Street forecast …” (1) if they have investment $$ from US venture capitalists and then more importantly (2) are traded on US stock exchanges.

    And I know that you know that the China US business interface is now well along the path where one can describe it as ‘mature’: where US companies are finally getting the Chinese to crack down on knock-offs; where those companies are ready to blow their financials through the roof as they invade the domestic Chinese market. Where Apple increased their revenue qt over qt by 70% on Iphones sales. Where Ford is selling lots of cars there and are projecting to increase significantly.

    A reasoned, practical rum-shop chat Dave. Down to earth stuff that speaks to some hard realities. Show me how these relate to the high level stuff of planned wars with a superpower. Not high sounding platitudes. That’s what we all want.

    We do indeed know as much as we choose to know.

  22. People like Pacha, Bushie, Pieces, GP, Money B and so on are good.

    You are a sycophant like that Money B fraud
    You really do seem like Money B is disguise
    psychometrically speaking

    • @DeeWord

      Subjectivity, what a thing. What Pacha wrote was lengthy by blog standard and hit multiple points. Understood his opinion without issue and David in the BU household is not the sharpest led in the case.

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    Forget about the Evil Trinity of Wars
    and their filthy Psy Ops scum plans

  24. Only if Barbados had the balls to confront the global free marketeers like how the current (new) government of Greece – Syriza – The Coalition for the Radical left is. We don’t even have the scrotum to name a party like this in these times, in the first place.

    We remember well 5 years ago there were discussions within the advisory of this DLP about forgetting about credit ratings and so on. Of course, the ultra conservative decision was made when the trajectory of what was to happen was crystal clear.

    5 years hence we are to be attacked by these same agencies, when we could have taken aggressive action a long time ago. This should have been seen as economic warfare and war should have been declared by Barbados!

    Our country is peopled by ‘bullshiters’, cowards, who will never see a need for RADICAL transformation from within.

    We guess it will now take 40 years before these idiots in charge will try to copy Syriza, But then there will be little benefit in this strategy.

  25. Yes, David!

    We must thank the leading Europeans, NATO, the Americans and their friends in the region for this. Much more to follow.

    Despite their public utterances they are still supporting their terrorist armies.

    Do you hear anybody speak about Libya these days? This is the kind of chaos they want everywhere, even Barbados, economically.

  26. Now that the American Aid Worker Kayla Mueller (Miller) previously held hostage by IS has been confirmed dead what is the lame duck President going to do about this obvious act of brazen cowardice? When will that IS (Islamic swine) group of cowards and school-ground bullies up their game and go after the big fish in the so-called war against Western civilization?

    Mr. President, you need to put American boots on the ground once again. Your drones are not enough. I am sure white America would support you on this one with the killing of one of their own. Or is the Ukrainian front more of a concern at this stage?

  27. @Pachamama February 3, 2015 at 8:45 AM #…Only if Barbados had the balls to confront the global free marketeers like how the current (new) government of Greece – Syriza – . …We remember well 5 years ago there were discussions within the advisory of this DLP about forgetting about credit ratings and so on. … This should have been seen as economic warfare and war should have been declared by Barbados”——-

    Pachamama, I do not understand the geo-political operations as you do so if possible please clarify a few subjects coming out of your above comments.

    Now that Syriza are locked in talks with the Euro powers re their debt and are intent on either getting significant reductions on the terms or cancelling debt burden completely; how do you recommend they proceed and still remain a viable part of the community long term?

    Or is that even necessary? Can they just dismiss the loan requirements and go it alone?

    This is a country that basically refused to enforce effective tax policies and had extremely generous programs for their citizens that often did not place a work mentality as a priority. They created many of their ills by living above their means and with some very poor political management some have argued.

    Barbados has grown economically comparatively well over the years.

    How did you recommend during those discussions 5 years ago for the country to declare economic warfare on the global lenders but still remain as part of the financial network that is an important part of its economic growth?

    Was this a ‘scorched earth’ war policy where we refuse to repay all loans or some variant of that where we ensured that the loan conditions where more to our satisfaction?

    What leverage were we to use to affect these demands?


  28. “US statement says of UK membership that it is ‘worried about a trend of constant accommodation’ of China, in a rare public breach in the special relationship”–/q-95/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2015/3/13/1426228163396/c2eb53d6-9c4e-429d-ad4a-d42af6a66330-620×372.jpeg

    Here is the link:

    Bravo China!

    • The Bear appears to be creating consternation in the Western community. What does it portend for world peace?

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